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  • Gonna take a break from Smashboards. It hasn't been fun and there hasn't been a Nintendo Direct announced anyway so people are talking in circles as always.

    I should also focus harder on my classes, especially since I'm taking 5 of them and also working a job.

    I'll hop back on when a Direct is announced.
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    Just got on Smashboards a few minutes ago (busy day today), but thank you! I actually already filled out the questionnaire earlier today.

    It unfortunately didn't occur to me to ask for more female protagonists in Dragon Quest games, but I did ask for explicitly LGBT heroic characters. Sylvando isn't explicitly gay, he's just very flamboyant (his orientation is actually never explored at all), so I cited him as an example of someone who could fit that criteria if they had an actual gay relationship in the game. Not that my headcanon that he and Dave are a thing is going anywhere anytime soon.
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