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Smashboards Creates: Pop Culture Clash

Should Godzilla and King Kong be swapped for MechaGodzilla and MechaniKong as bosses?

  • Yes

    Votes: 8 57.1%
  • No

    Votes: 4 28.6%
  • Only Godzilla/MechaGodzilla

    Votes: 2 14.3%
  • Only King Kong/MechaniKong

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
Aug 14, 2021
Bloodsauce Dungeon, Pizza Tower, ???
Alien song submissions:
1. Main theme - Alien
2. Face Hugger - Alien
3. Break Away - Alien
4. End Title - Alien
5. Going after newt - Aliens
6. Main Theme - Aliens
7. Ripley's Rescue - Aliens
8. LV 426 - Aliens (Deluxe Soundtrack)
9. Agnus Dei - Alien 3
10. Adagio - Alien 3
11. The First Attack - Alien 3
12. Death Dance - Alien 3
13. Alien's Lair - Alien 3 (2018 Soundtrack)
14. It's started - Alien 3 (CD 2)
15. Main Theme - Alien Resurrection
16. Ripley's Theme - Alien Resurrection
17. The Aliens Escape - Alien Resurrection
18. A Planet - Promotheus
19. Infected - Promotheus
20. Earth - Promotheus
21. Incubation - Alien Covenation
22. Planet 4 - Alien covenantion
23. Spores - Alien Covenations
24. Main Theme - Alien Colonial Marines
25. Title theme - Aliens (Konami Arcade)
26. Main Theme - Alien 3 (Sega Mega Drive/Genesis)
27.Title Screen - Alien Isolatioon
28. Predator Theme
29. Main theme - Predator vs. Alien
30. Main theme - Halo [Subject can be changed if Master Chief gets in]
31. Main Theme - Mass Effect
32. Title theme - Dead Space

Moon Songs:
1. Fly me the moon - Frank Sinatra

Christmas songs:
1. Let it snow - Frank Sinatra

Also for others Songs submission:
1. Eminem - Godzilla
2. Speed Racer theme

It is OK to put sci-fi game songs in Alien song category, right?


Smash Lord
Sep 12, 2012
The Doctor: 24
Spock: 16
ALF: 3
Space Invaders: 12
Predator: 5
Ben 10: 6
Stitch: 3
E.T.: 16
Yoda: 2
Chewbacca: 3
Grey Alien: Zip

We’re gonna add @Darkonedagger ’s submission of the Doctor to the roster!

Job #61: Discuss the Cat in the Hat, Popeye, and Sherlock Holmes's movesets.
Been putting this off for a bit, you can somewhat tell. Give ideas for one, two, or even all three of these characters!
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Smash Hero
May 27, 2019
Waiting for Latias and Latios to get a theme
Switch FC
Sherlock Holmes should be easy to write a moveset for because isn't he canonically a great wrestler? Gonna be hilarious to see him put the Cat in the Hat in a chokehold.
I'm not too much of an avid Sherlock Holmes reader, but perhaps he could also use various items involved in previous investigations he was in? Dunno what specifically, that's more to the Holmes readers here.


Smash Lord
Sep 26, 2021
Job 61:Popeye,Cat In The Hat and Sherlock Holmes Moveset

Popeye Moveset

Neutral Special: Twister Punch-Popeye prepares to punch,he twists his arm while prepares to punch and then Popeye punches,this attack is a mix of Donkey Kong's and Little Mac's neutral special
Side Special: Anchor Chain- from a exclusive SNES game in japan called Popeye: Ijiwaru Majo Seahag no Maki,Popeye tosses forward an anchor with a chain and a an anchor with a chain goes back at the same direction at the Popeye threw it
Up Special: Sailor's Cyclone-Popeye Spins around with the extended arms,this attack is similar to Donkey Kong's up special
Down Special: Earthquake Punch-Popeye punches in the ground which makes an earthquake around him,again,this attack is similar to Donkey Kong's down special
Shield Special: Spinach-Popeye squeezes the iconic can of spinach,the spinach comes out of the can and goes straight into the Popeye's mouth and Popeye eat it,Popeye gains more strength and heals him 50% of damage after eating the spinach
Level 1 Super: Flaming Pipe-Popeye splits fire through his smoking pipe
Level 2 Super: All Aboard!-Popeye punches a boat and the boat is pushed really hard,the boat can traps the opponents
level 3 Super: Spinach Rush-Popeye squeezes two can of spinaches in both hands,the spinaches comes out of both cans and goes straight into Popeye's mouth and he rushes forward for catch the opponent,if Popeye successfully captures the opponent,he leads a flurry of punches and finalizes with a uppercut

Sherlock Holmes Moveset
Neutral Special: Detective Handgun-Sherlock shoots at the opponent with a Revolver,Sherlock just can shoot 6 times,but he can reload the gun
Side Special: Chemist Bottle Toss-Sherlock throws a chemistry bottle with a green liquid
Up Special: Jumping Uppercut-Sherlock gives an uppercut while jumping,similar to Ryu's up special
Down Special: Magnifying Glass Direction-Sherlock raises his magnifying glass to refract a line of sunlight,it's possible control the line of sunlight changing of directions
Shield Special: Cup of Coffee-Sherlock takes a sip of a cup of coffee that heals 10% damage
Level 1 Super: Dr. Watson's Help-Dr. Watson appears on stage to help Sherlock,Dr. Watson shoots at the opponent with a Winchester rifle
Level 2 Super: En Cane!-Sherlock holds a walking stick and stabs and swings twice with the walking stick as a sword
Level 3 Super: Another Night of Crime-shows a cutscene from Sherlock Holmes smoking on a london city at night in the 1800s and the screen is in black and white similar to silent movies and referencing the noir movies,after the cutscene is over,the game itself has the screen in black and white and Sherlock Holmes have one attack,he can shoots at the opponents with a revolver that KO them in one hit,this Level 3 Super is a mix from Big Daddy's and Nathan Drake's Level 3 Supers on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

The Cat in The Hat Moveset
Neutral Special: What's Inside in The Hat?-Cat in The Hat takes off his hat,puts his arm inside the hat and picks up and takes a random item out of the hat
Side Special: Ball Walking-holding the special button,Cat in The Hat walks on top of a ball,it's possible to control Cat in The Hat on a ball forward and backward, and releasing the special button,Cat in The Hat kicks the ball forward with his tail
Up Special: Umbrella-Cat in The Hat leaps up into the air with a umbrella and then he opens the umbrella and falls slowly,similar to Peach's up special
Down Special: Thing One & Thing Two-The Cat in The Hat puts a red box in the ground,and inside the box come out Thing One and Thing Two,the Things runs with a kite on the stage per 30 seconds and the Things go into the box and the box disappears
Shield Special: Shield-Brella- Cat in The Hat opens the umbrella,aims the umbrella forward and closes the umbrella,this attack is just a defense attack and it's similar to old Pit's down special from Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Level 1 Super: Once-Leer's Sound-Cat in The Hat once plays the Once-Leer's guitar from the Illumination's Lorax movie and a circular sound wave around the Cat,this circular sound wave deals damage at the opponents
Level 2 Super: Free Gifts-a white bag tied with a writing saying "this bag "doesn't belong" to the Grinch" appears near the Cat in The Hat,the Cat unties the bag and the gifts are shot out of the bag,the gifts deal damage
Level 3 Super: The Thinga-ma-jigger-The Cat in The Hat hops on a Thinga-ma-jigger,a vehicle that he uses on The Cat in The Hat Knows Alot About That!,the thinga-ma-jigger comes flying on the stage four times,one side to the other,this Level 3 Super is similar to Tails' final smash on Super Smash Flash 2
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Aug 14, 2021
Bloodsauce Dungeon, Pizza Tower, ???
Song submissions:
1. Kid Cudi - Stars in the sky
2. Marble Zone - Sonic (1991)
3. Neo Green Hill Zone - Sonic Advance
4. Final Zone - Sonic (1991)
5. Knuckles' theme (Mashup of Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles version)
6. Stardust Speedway Medley (Past, Present, Good Future and Bad Future) (Sonic CD)

1. Warioware, Inc - WarioWare: Mege Microgames
2. Tomorrow's Hill - Warioware: Smooth Moves
3. Introducing Wario Deluxe - Wario Ware gold
4. Donkey Kong Country (Cartoon) opening theme.
5. Charlie XCX - We are born to play

Obstacle Course:
1. Main theme - Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout!


Smash Lord
Sep 12, 2012
Are we allowed to add misc DC/Marvel content or is it just limited to Superman/Spider-Man?
For now, sticking to them (with some minor content bits related to Thanos/Infinity War/Endgame), but if/when we get second reps for both, we can go further with that.

I’ll work on adding stuff when I get home, but I’m also wondering about something else: should I hold a poll to replace Godzilla and King Kong as bosses with their Mecha versions? (Mostly so they’re safe for the main roster again.)


Smash Lord
Oct 22, 2020
Who Knows Where?
For now, sticking to them (with some minor content bits related to Thanos/Infinity War/Endgame), but if/when we get second reps for both, we can go further with that.
Ok, I just thought it was weird considering other characters have content from their parent companies when the Marvel and DC characters are more connected
I’ll work on adding stuff when I get home, but I’m also wondering about something else: should I hold a poll to replace Godzilla and King Kong as bosses with their Mecha versions? (Mostly so they’re safe for the main roster again.)
I think you should, because they would make sense to be playable. Only thing is that it would be weird to have the mecha versions as bosses if the main versions don’t become playable so you may want to just have them automatically added if the mecha versions become bosses


Smash Lord
Sep 26, 2021
can i submit a stage entrance on movesets? well,i made a list

Popeye: Popeye falls out of the sky holding a open can of spinach,he eats the spinach and throws the can away
Superman: Superman lands on the ground doing a superhero landing
Spider-Man: Spider-Man lowers himself down into the stage with a webbing rope and spidey jumps off the webbing rope,similar to Spider-Man's entrance on Marvel Vs. Capcom games
Mickey Mouse: Mickey walks whistling on the stage
Bugs Bunny: Bugs jumps out of a hole on the ground and lands on the ground while the hole closes
Goku: Goku flies on the Kinto'un and then he jumps to the stage, the Kinto'un disappears and Goku says "i'm ready for this fight!"
Sailor Moon: Usagi walks on the stage, transforms into Sailor Moon and she says "i'm Sailor Moon, i'll defeat you in the name of the moon"
Mario: Mario jumps out of a green Warp Pipe punching his right fist in the air while he says "let's-a go!",similar to Mario's entrance on Super Smash Bros. games
Sonic: Sonic flies holding Tails' hands while Tails flies,Sonic lets go of Tails' hands while Sonic says "all right,bring it on!" and Tails leaves the stage,similar from Sonic's entrance on Smash Remix
Kermit: Kermit walks playing his banjo and throws the banjo away
The Doctor: a TARDIS warps on to the stage, The Doctor comes out of the TARDIS and TARDIS disappears
Darth Vader: a TIE fighter flies in to the stage whiles Darth Vader comes out of his TIE fighter and he says "i'll kill you for the dark side"
Xenomorph: Xenomorph falls out of the sky and he roars
Freddy Krueger: Freddy appears laughing on the stage while he is surrounded of flames,referencing Freddy's entrance on Mortal Kombat 9
Robocop: a police car appears on the stage and Robocop comes out of the police car and the police car disappears
Sherlock Holmes: Sherlock walks looking at the ground with a magnifying glass,looks forward (or backward,depending which direction he is facing),stands straight,throws the magnifying glass away and Sherlock says "you're probably the culprit"
Dracula: a black bat flies on the stage and the bat transforms into Dracula
Cat in The Hat: The Cat in The Hat appears falling slowly with a umbrella, The Cat closes the umbrella and says "i didn't know i'm in a fight"
Santa Claus: Santa's flying sleigh flies in to the stage and Santa comes out of his flying sleigh
Ronald McDonald: Ronald appears flying holding three red balloons with McDonald's symbol,the balloons burst and Ronald is landed on the stage
Optimus Prime: Optimus stops on the stage in truck form and he transforms on his robot form
LEGO fighter: LEGO fighter assembles piece by piece as his body parts drops from the sky,first the legs,then the body with arms and the lastly the head,similar to R.O.B.'s entrance on Super Smash Bros. games
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Smash Lord
Sep 12, 2012
I have not updated this thread in a bit, dang.
I'll get to adding a few things but a few important things first:
1. Mecha-Godzilla and MechaniKong will replace Godzilla and King Kong in their boss roles, meaning that Godzilla and King Kong are eligible as submissions to the roster again.
2. I think I'll be picking DragonRobotKing26 DragonRobotKing26 's movesets for the characters, unless there are any objections.
3. We gotta get a new job going to pick back up activity!

Job #62: Submit assists for playable series that don’t have any yet.
Popeye, Superman/DC, Spider-Man/Marvel, Mickey Mouse/Disney, Looney Tunes, Dragon Ball, Mario/Nintendo, Sonic/SEGA, the Muppets/Sesame Street, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Alien, Nightmare on Elm Street, Dracula/Castlevania/Universal Monsters, Dr. Seuss, McDonald’s/fast food in general, and the Transformers/Hasbro are all eligible here.

You’ll notice that some of these series are a bit broadened. You can go a more straightforward route with this, but I’ll give you an example of what is possible through stretching.

My submission

Kevin Keene, more famously known as Captain N, is the epitome of an 80’s gamer. When summoned as an Assist, he will take one of a few actions at random via pressing the buttons on his belt controller.
Start: Captain N presses Start and pauses. What this means is that everyone aside from him and his summoner will be frozen in place for about five seconds, during which the player is free to wreak havoc, though it will not send their foes flying away. They will stay in position until the game unpauses, regardless of damage.
Select: Captain N presses Select and several video game related items will spawn.
A: Captain N presses the A button and everybody else forcibly jumps, sending them flying higher.
B: Captain N presses B and he just unleashed shots from his Zapper everywhere, which shock foes and sends them flying backwards.

Captain N is mostly picked as a representation of retro Nintendo broadly, but also their relationship with other, non-video-gaming media, given he is originally from a cartoon (or, very technically, Nintendo Power magazine), and his only other adventures were in comics.
Aug 14, 2021
Bloodsauce Dungeon, Pizza Tower, ???
I'll resubmit Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog.
Assist form represented series:
Tails (Sonic the Hedgehog)


Miles "Tails" Prower is one of iconic Sonic characters and Sonic's trusty sidekick throughout the series. Nuff said about him, since you guys know him from the game.

His purpose?
When summoned, he would fly around the stage like in the games and summoner can use him as helicopter device to fly around the stage as he carries you. Also he could damage opponents in the air when used as Assist Character.

(Picture shows an example how the assist can work. Sonic = Summoner and Tails = Tails (Assist Card))
He can be KOed.
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Deleted member


Weaping Angel (Doctor Who)
Will spawn on the stage in the above pose, seemginly doing nothing. That's if the opponents are looking at it. If turned away from, it will move towards the fighter (you don't see it move, it will vanish and reappear, getting closer to the player untill it strikes and sucks their health away by grabbing them. This can KO at low health.


Smash Lord
Sep 26, 2021
Job 62:Kirby

Kirby is the eponymous protagonist from a platform game series created by Nintendo, Kirby lives on a star-shaped star called Popstar and he fought against various eldritch monsters,Kirby may look like an innocent and cute creature,but he's very powerful

when summoned, Kirby walks and takes a deep breath that sucks at the opponent in like a vacuum and then Kirby walks again and spits the opponent off the stage
(this submit is inspired on Tankman From Newgrounds' idea on Pop Culture Clash discord server)


Smash Lord
Oct 1, 2016

The Tazmanian Devil.

The Tazmanian Devil (or "Taz") appears on the screen and begins spinning across the ground in a tornado. Any character or item close to him will be slowly drawn towards him. Any item or destroy-able object in a level that he touch will be destroyed. He Taz spins over an explosive, he will cause it to explosed, after which he will burp and be temporarily stunned.

Any character sucked up with by hit several times before being thrown far away.


Smash Lord
Sep 12, 2012
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