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Should the Mario series get an echo fighter?

  • Yes

    Votes: 15 75.0%
  • No

    Votes: 5 25.0%

  • Total voters

Champion of Hyrule

Smash Master
Sep 15, 2018
*doxxes myself*
I thought it would be fun to do a creation thread on some DLC that, instead of adding new franchises and games to Smash, was just for expanding previous series already in smash! So what we’ll do for this is go through each series playable in Smash Ultimate and expand it with an all new stage, up to five mii costumes, some new music, an assist trophy, an item, and potentially an echo fighter. Just so everyone knows we will not spirits and characters.
We will also include series like R.O.B., Ice Climber, Duck Hunt and Game & Watch in this. Plus Xenoblade, Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy will also be done even though they technically did get “expanded” with DLC.

So with that, if you’re interested in this idea of expanding the series in Smash Ultimate, then please feel free to participate in this thread! Job #1 will start soon. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

Stage: Bowser’s Castle

Would look kind of like the above, but larger and with two to three extra platforms. And it would take place inside the castle, with the statue in the back and various pictures. Some caged Toads would appear. Lava will rise up the stage, those little fire enemies jumping out, and Thomps will fall down, braking the platforms.

Additional stage: Rainbow Road (returning from Super Smash Bros. for 3DS)

Item: Double Cherry
When you touch it, it will create a copy of your fighter.

Assist Trophy: Lakitu & Spinies
Works the same way he used to in Brawl

1. Underground (Super Mario Bros.)
2. The Evil King Bowser (Super Mario World)
3. Mysterious (Mario Paint)
Game Select (Tetris & Dr. Mario)
5. Beware The Forest’s Mushrooms (Super Mario RPG)
6. Dire Dire Docks (Super Mario 64)
7. Tropical Island (Mario Party)
Come On! (Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga)
9. Mini Game Selection (Super Mario 64 DS)
10. Castle Theme (New Super Mario Bros.)
11. Coconut Mall (Mario Kart Wii)
12. Maple Treeway (Mario Kart Wii)
13. Mushroom Mayhem (Mario Vs. Donkey Kong 2)
14. Hisstocrat (Super Mario 3D World)
15. World Bowser (Super Mario 3D World)
16. Phantom of the Bwapera (Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle)
Bowser’s Fury (Bowser’s Fury)
18. Scamper Shores (Bowser’s Fury)
19. Ninja Hideaway (Mario Kart 8 Deluxe)

Mii Costumes:
1. Dimentio (Gunner)
2. Satellaview Suit (Gunner)
3. Goomba Hat
4. Mallo Hat
5. Prince Peasley (Swordfighter)
6. Gold Block Hat

Echo Fighter:
Dry Bowser (Echo of Bowser)

Strollin' Stu

Song: Ricco Harbor
Stage: Delfino Plaza (island segment)
Opponents: Tartan Pac-Man x 5, giant tartan Pac-Man x 1
Rules: No-frills battle

Referee Lakitu

Stage: Mario Circuit U
Opponent: Morton
Allies: Isabelle
Song: Rainbow Road (Double Dash)
Rules: Team attack is on, ally favours side B and uses it to protect you. Opponent also favours their side B


Opponent: Two Donkey Kongs
Stage: Gerudo Valley
Rules: They start the battle with the killer eye. They mostly attack with punches and grabs.


Opponent: Team of Little Macs
Stage: Luigi's Mansion
Rules: First they attack the mansion, then they attack you.

Gold Mario

Opponent: Mario (Gold)
Stage: Golden Plains
Song: Athletic Theme - New Super Mario Bros.
Rules: The enemy has super armor, the enemy’s special moves have increased power, the enemy will suddenly have a final smash

Cat Peach

Opponent: Peach (Tail)
Stage: 3D Land
Song: Super Bell Hill
Rules: The enemy can deal damage by falling, the enemy loves to jump, only Meowth appears from pokeballs


Stage: Mushroom Kingdom U (Inside the tower section)
Opponent: White Donkey Kong (4)
Song: Fortress Boss - Super Mario World
Rules: The screen will occasionally flip, the opponents breathe fire

Buzzy Beetle


Stage: Mushroom Kingdom
Opponents: Small Bowser (x4, blue alt)
Song: Underground
Rules: The opponents are faster
Stage: Gang Plank Galleon
It will take place on the ship, and cannonballs will rain down onto the fighters

Item: Barrel Cannon
Functions as it did in Melee

Assist Trophy: Rambi
Moves back and forth ramming any obstacle in his path, damaging any opponent he hits. All players can stand on Rambi's back to hitch a ride.

1. Showdown At The Tower (Donkey Kong ‘94)
2. Fear Factory (Donkey Kong Country)
Swanky’s Swing (Donkey Kong Country 2)
4. Stickerbrush Symphony (Donkey Kong Country 2)
5. Rockface Rumble (Donkey Kong Country 3)
6. Bonus Time (Donkey Kong Country 3)
Jangle Bells (Donkey Kong Country 3)
8. DK Rap (Donkey Kong 64)
9. The Mole Train (Donkey Kong Country Returns)
10. Grassland Groove (Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze)
Big Top Bop (Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze)

Mii Costumes:
1. Stanley (Gunner)
2. Banana
3. Funky Kong (Brawler)
4. Kritter (Brawler)
5. Cranky Kong (Swordfighter)

Ace Class Support - Automatic teching

Song: Stickerbush Symphony (Original)
Stage: Reset Bomb Forest (Second form)
Rules: Super Launch Stars spawn frequently, Uniras occasionally spawn in batch
Opponents: Diddy Kong, Pink Diddy Kong

Donkey Kong series
Advanced class support - strong throw

Stage: Reset Bomb Forest (Battlefield)
Song: Snake Eater (Instrumental)
Opponents: Cloud (blue long-sleved AC) x 6
Rules: Each Cloud spawns with Villager's wood


Stage: Kongo Falls (Final Destination)
Song: Gear Getaway
Opponents: Pikachu (large), red hat Pikachu (large)
Rules: The second fighter will appear after the first is defeated, both enemies start the battle with unira

Enhances into Mugly (Angry)


Stage: Reset Bomb Forest (Final Destination)
Song: Crocodile Cacophony
Opponents: King K Rool (large
Rules: Opponent is hard to make flinch, opponent starts the battle with an ore club


Class: Primary Attack (Ability: Speed Up)
Stage: Mario Circuit
Song: Gangplank Galleon
Opponents: Ganondorf
Rules: The floor is slippery, The enemy will have sudden final smashes


Class:Support (Ability: Metal Killer)
Stage: Kongo Falls
Song: Boss 2 - DK: Jungle Climber
Opponent:Giant Metal Donkey Kong
Rules: Take your strongest in this no-frills battle!

Tiki Tong

Primary Grab
Stage: Norfair
Song: Jungle Level Tribal style
Opponents: Giant Yellow Kirby and 2 Yellow DKs
Rules: Hostile Nightmare ATs will appear and defeat the main fighter to win.
Stage: Tal Tal Heights

In the very first handheld Zelda title, Link's Awakening, Link is out at sea but a storm sends him to the weird and wondrous world of Koholint Island. As Link journeys this island, he finds magical instruments, and then learns the truth of the island's origins: it being the dreams of the slumbering Wind Fish. In order to escape, he must play all seven instruments near the Wind Fish's egg and defeat its nightmare to escape. The Wind Fish's egg is the most prominent landmark on Koholint Island, and serves as a constant reminder to the player of their goal.

This is an 8-player designed stage, but with the sensibilities of stages like Temple. At the base are three dirt platforms: the one to the left can be passed through the bottom and is a walkoff but the other two are on the lightest-colored blocks, which serve as walls that can be wall jumped on to safety. Above the one to the left is one long platform that can be jumped up into, as does every other platform not the middle and right bottom ones. In the middle are three platforms hovering above, getting progressively shorter as they lead up to the Wind Fish's egg. The yellow stairs are entirely cosmetic, and cannot be climbed on. The area to the right has the more scattered platform layout: with three dirt platforms near each other and three sections of a broken bridge, the rightmost section having a walkoff. There are no damaging hazards on this stage, making for a fair fighting ground for a large amount of players, or a great place to practice a character's movement abilities.

Seagulls will often be seen flying in the background, as will Moblins and Octorocks in the distant mountaintops. Bat eyes will sometimes glare through the caves, and even Bowwow might be running around in the back!

Item: Ice Rod

An ice-type item, if you use it you can shoot out ice projectiles at opponents, freezing them to the bones. Also if you swing it, then it makes an icy hit that deals huge damage.

Assist Trophy: Guardian

This big dude would primarily be in the background, shooting horrifyingly powerful lasers at opponents. However, you can break one of its legs to topple it over, making it easier to K.O

1. Title (Zelda II: The Adventure of Link)
Shop (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
3. Clock Town (The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask)
4. Vaati’s Theme (The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
Oinker Chief (Freshly Picked Tingle’s Rost Rupeeland)
6. Malo Mart (The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)
7. Eclipse of the Moon (Hyrule Warriors)
8. Hyrule Circuit (Mario Kart 8)
9. Molduga Battle (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild)
10. Combat 1-1 (Cadence of Hyrule)
11. Octavo Boss Battle (Cadence of Hyrule)
12. The Battle of Hyrule Field (Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity)
13. The Battle of Kakariko Village (Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity)

Mii Costumes:
1. Tingle (Gunner)
2. Korok (Mask)
3. Old Man (Swordfighter)
4. Midna (Brawler)
5. Barbarian Armour (Brawler)

Echo Fighter: Demise (Ganondorf's Echo)

Demise would be very similar to Ganondorf with the exception of the Final Smash and some specials who works like old Custom Variations of Ganondorf's special moves.

Neutral Special: Works more like Warlock Thrust, being a huge explosion of dark magic.
Up Special: Works more like Dark Fist, dealing more damage instead of grabbing the opponent.
Final Smash - The Imprisoned: Demise goes back to his sealed, more monstrous form, charging against the opponents in similar fashion to Beast Ganon.

Seven Sages (A Link Between Worlds)

Stage: Hyrule Castle
Song: Yuga Battle
Opponents: Robin (female), Daisy (blue), Young Link, Robin (white, male), Squirtle (green), Donkey Kong, Sheik (pink)
Rules: Defeat all fighters to win

Stone Talus

Stage: Great Plateau Tower
Song: Breath of the Wild Presentation 2017 theme
Opponents: Kirby (grey, large)
Rules: The enemy has super armour and is hard to make flinch, the enemy likes to use his down B

Enhances into Igneo Talus


Majora’s Mask (The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask)

Class: ★★★
Type: Support (Attack)
Cost: ⬡
Effect: Trade-Off Ability ↑

  • Puppet Fighter: Mii Brawler (Skull Kid)
  • Reinforcements:
    • Giant Bunny Sonic (Color 2)
    • Giant Simon (Color 8)
  • Stage: Fountain of Dreams
  • Music: Calamity Ganon Battle - Second Form
  • Match: Stamina (100HP each)
  • Conditions:
    • Stamina battle
    • Reinforcements appear after the enemy is defeated
    • Hostile Assist Trophies (Skull Kid)
Moon (The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask)

Class: ★★★
Type: Support (Attack)
Cost: ⬡⬡
Effect: Giant

  • Puppet Fighter: Mii Brawler (Skull Kid)
  • Stage: Umbra Clock Tower
  • Music: Fated Battle
  • Match: Timed (1:00)
  • Assist Trophy Enemies:
    • Skull Kid
    • Moon
  • Conditions:
    • Timed battle
    • Hostile Assist Trophies will appear
    • Bob-ombs will rain down from the sky after a while

Iron Knuckle (Artwork: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
Category: Primary
Type: Attack
Class: Advanced ★★
Ability: Unflinched Smash Attack

  • Puppet Fighter: Metal Ganondorf
  • Stage: Gerudo Valley
  • Music Track: Gerudo Valley
  • Match: Stamina [180 HP]
  • Conditions:
    • Stamina Battle.
    • The enemy favors Smash Attacks.

Ganondorf (Wind Waker) (The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker)
Category: Primary
Type: Neutral
Class: Ace ★★★
Ability: Sword Attack +

  • Puppet Fighter: Ganondorf and Giant Falcon (red)
  • Stage: Dragon Root Island
  • Music Track: The Great Sea
  • Match: Stocks (1)
  • Conditions:
    • The enemy's sword attacks are powered-up.
    • The enemy (Ganondorf) starts the battle with an enhanced Killing Edge.

The Legend of Zelda series
Advanced class support - Strong Throw

Song: Song of Storms
Stage: Castle Siege (second stage)
Opponents: Orange Kirby x7
Rules: Both you and foes have 1HP, foes constantly shield and have unlimited shield time. Hostile Hammer Bro. ATs will spawn.

Tingle series
Ace class support - RNG Luck Up

Song: Shotgun Kiss
Stage: Skyworld
Opponents: ZSS (Orange swimsuit)
Rules: Fog will cover the stage
Stage: SR-388

SR-388 is the place where the events of Metroid II Return of Samus and the remake Metroid Samus Returns takes place, you will be moving between the different areas of the planet with ocassional encounters with the hostile predator of the planet, the Metroids, most of the Metroids will only do a small attack and leave but the Omega Metroid would appear has a stage boss like Metal Face or Yellow Devil. The layout would change between each area most of the time being bottomless but having some platforms to move around.

Item: Energy Tank
Is a healing item but instead of heal a fixed amount it would heal a 50% of your actual damage (meaning that if you have 80% damage it would heal 40%, if you have 150% it would heal 75% and so on).

Assist Trophy: Raven Beak

He would use some of his attacks of the first phase of his boss fight like his beams and lunges

1. Item Acquired (Metroid)
Item Room Ambience (Super Metroid)
3. SR-388 Surface (Metroid II: Return of Samus)
Space Pirate Battle (Metroid Prime)
5. Phendrana Drifts (Metroid Prime)
6. Vs. Metroid Prime (Metroid Prime)
7. Vs. Nightmare (Metroid Fusion)
8. Vs. Serris/Yakuza (Metroid Fusion)
9. Record of Samus (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption)
10. E.M.M.I. Search Ambience (Metroid Dread)
11. Cataris (Metroid Dread)

Mii Costumes:
1. Metroid (Hat)
2. Raven Beak (Gunner)
3. Varia Suit (Gunner)
4. Chozo Warrior (Any)
5. Sylux (Gunner)

Raven Beak

Stage: Frigate Orpheon (Final Destination)
Song: Vs. Meta Ridley
Opponent: Falco (Purple, Metal)
Rules: The enemy starts the battle with a ray gun, the enemy is hard to make flinch)

Energy Tank

Stage: Norfair
Song: Item Room Ambience
Opponents: Samus x5
Rules: Defeat each fighter to win, energy tank items will appear

Metroid Suit (Metroid Dread)
Type: Grab
Class: Legend ★★★★
Ability: Life Steal +

  • Puppet Fighter: Metal Ganondorf
  • Stage: SR-388
  • Music Track: Theme of Samus, Space Warrior
  • Match: Stamina [Samus: 100 HP You: 200 HP]
  • Conditions:
    • Stamina Battle.
    • The enemy's stats are increased
    • The enemy heals when attacks
Metroid Prime(Metroid Prime)
Category: Primary
Type: Neutral
Class: Ace ★★★
Ability: Giant

  • Puppet Fighter: Giant Dark Samus
  • Stage: Fragate Orpheon
  • Music Track: Vs. Metroid Prime
  • Match: Stocks (1)
  • Conditions:
    • The enemy is Giant
    • The enemy is made of metal
    • The enemy has super armor but its slow.
Stage: Descent

This is a downwards scrolling stage based on the sky portions of Yoshi Touch & Go. The platforms are all clouds, with the occasional cloud trail being drawn. Gusties and Briers serve as hazards, with balloons flying in that can be popped to get an item - though you have to make sure they're above a platform when popped or else no item. After a while, you will land on a Yoshi boat - which resembles Ship Yoshi from Universal Gravitation but is a wooden boat themed on Yoshi rather than a transformed Yoshi - sailing above swimmable water with Gusty and Brier hazards still flying by, and cloud platforms and balloons still popping by. islands that resemble the Yoshi's Island Brawl, Yoshi's Island Melee, and now-absent Yoshi's Story Melee stages can be seen in the background but aren't interactable. After the night turns to day, the Yoshi Boat quickly gets caught up in a tornado and flies up to the sky for a brief time a la Pirate Ship with no balloons, clouds, or hazards. The sky version of the Yoshi Boat is this stage's hazards off form.

Item: Fuzzy

Pick it up to force all foes into reversed controls, like the timer but with the effect of the ramblin' evil mushroom. A psychedelic pattern is also added to the background.

Assist Trophy: Ukiki

He runs around the stage and a bunch of watermelons appear on the stage as well which can’t be eaten but can be destroyed. If he gets to a watermelon he’ll eat it and start spitting seeds at opponents

Additional Assist Trophy: Kamek
Flies around while using it's magic to alter the match

Underground (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island)
2. Yoshi’s Theme (Tetris Attack - Gameboy)
3. Yo Yoshi (Yoshi’s Story)
4. Sky Area (Yoshi Touch & Go)
Lip’s Theme - Panel de Pon (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)
6. Yoshi’s Island Stage Clear Theme (Sonic Lost World)

Mii Costumes:
1. Poochy (Hat)
2. Kamek (Swordfighter)
3. Bandit (Brawler)
4. Yoshi Egg (Hat)
5. Blargg (Hat)

Prince Froggy

Stage: Brinstar
Song: Pandemonium
Opponents: Mii Brawler (Shy Guy mask) x infinite
Rules: Survive 2 minutes

Star Yoshi
Mario & Yoshi
Novice class

Song: Yoshi's Theme (Game Boy)
Stage: Dream Land GB (Castle Lololo)
Opponents: white Kirby, light blue Inkling, Piranha Plant, orange Kirby, giant Yoshi
Rules: Defeat the first 4 foes to progress to Yoshi, Yoshi favours Neutral B


Stage: Kongo Jungle
Song: Obstacle Course
Opponents: Diddy Kong (x4)
Rules: Ukiki assist trophy spawns, the enemy favors grabs

Yoshi’s Cookies

Stage: Mushroom Kingdom U (Final Destination)
Song: Lip’s Theme - Panel de Pon
Opponents: Mario (Tuxedo), Yoshi
Rules: The enemies are giant, the enemies are hard to make flinch, the enemy’s heal over time, cake items spawn in frequently
Stage: Wondaria Remains

The Black Platform is a static platform that has no hazards

The Pink Area is where floats from the Wondaria Dream Parade pass through it is constantly moving and if you jump in front of a float you may get KO'd

The Orange area is some Rollercoaster Track, If you stand on the Track you may get hit by a rollercoaster car

Item: Wings

An item you wear that gives you an extra jump and changes the jab to shoot feathers for a limited time until the item disappears

Assist Trophy: Tarzana
When Taranza is summoned, he control large flowers that grow to ram the players

Castle Lololo (Kirby’s Dream Land)
2. Egg Catcher (Kirby’s Adventure)
3. The Tricky Stuff (Kirby’s Dream Course)
Hyper Zone 1 (Kirby’s Dream Land 3)
5. Minigame (Kirby’s Dream Land 3)
Rock Star (Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards)
7. Dark Star (Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards)
8. Miracle Matter (Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards)
9. Through the Forest (Kirby’s Return to Dream Land)
10. Theme of Taranza (Kirby: Triple Deluxe)
11. Mt. Dedede (Dedede’s Drum Dash Deluxe)
12. PROGRAM (Kirby: Planet Robobot)
13. Welcome to the New World! (Kirby and the Forgotten Land)
14. The Wondaria Dream Parade (Kirby and the Forgotten Land)
15. Faded Dream of a Psychomeddler (Kirby and the Forgotten Land)
16. Masked and Wild: D.D.D. (Kirby and the Forgotten Land)

Mii Costumes:
1. Dark Matter (Swordfighter)
2. Adeline (Swordfighter)
3. Gorimondo (Brawler)
4. Heavy Lobster (Gunner)
5. Daroach (Brawler)

Echo Fighter: Galacta Knight (Echo fighter of Meta Knight)


Stage: Tortimer Island
Song: Welcome to the New World! (Kirby and the Forgotten Land)
Opponents: King K. Rool (Black Alt.)
- The enemy is giant
The enemy prefers up specials

Star Block

Song: Green Greens (Game Boy)
Stage: Green Greens
Opponent: Kirby (Yellow, Steve hat) x 15
Rules: Stamina, all foes have 1 HP, Bomb crates spawn often

Dashing Super Guy

Opponent: Captain Falcon
Stage: Omega Mementos (Persona 3)
Ally: Kirby (White)
Song: Gangplank Galleon (Brawl)
Rules: Both foe and ally like to taunt, ally doesn't digest the foe when using inhale.

Enhances to Dashing Super Guy (Regurgitated)

Name: Taranza

Song: Taranza, Master of Puppetry
Stage: Green Greens
Opponent: Bayonetta and Robin(Male)
Rules: Defeat the main opponent to win(Bayonetta), Hostile Assist Trophies will appear(Taranza)

Fatty Whale

Stage: Pirate Ship (Final Destination)
Song: The Great Cave Offensive
Opponent: King Dedede (Blue)
Rules: The enemy is giant

Computer Virus

Stage: Great Cave Offensive (Final Destination)
Song: The Great Cave Offensive
Opponents: Robin, Black Knight Mii, Red Ridley
Rules: Defeat each fighter individually, stamina battle, the enemies are hard to make flinch
Stage: FX Cruise

Based on the original Starwing and rendered in flickery Super FX glory, you fight upon 4 Arwings.

Red: soft platforms, black: hard platforms

The arwings tilt slightly and the top arwing likes to occasionally "do a barrel roll!", which sends fighters on that platform down to the bottom platform. The arwings will occasionally change formation either clockwise or counter-clockwise by exactly one. Occasionally either the left, right, or top Arwing will drift off-screen, but will return before the next formation shift. The bottom Arwing will always have a hard base. Hazards appear in the background, but are purley cosmetic - if they go to the foreground they will always hit the Arwings, which makes them red and shake but does not deal damage, however the Arwings will usually shoot them down.

Somewhat similarly to Minecraft World, the background is randomly chosen at the beginning of the match, being either Corneria, Fortuna Sea, Asteroid Belt Route 3, Venom 2, Venom Lightning, Titania Storm, Sector X, or Out of This Dimension - the backgrounds will then change at random times in random orders, split up by a wavy effect, a corridor, and the ships activating hyperspeed boosters

You can occasionally see Stunt Race FX cars race across the ground (1 out of 1000 chance) - but they don't serve as hazards and clould easily evade view

The Star Fox Smash taunt can be activated, and is rendered with SNES graphics

The Omega and Battlefield forms are based on the gates you have to pass through in the original game as opposed to the arwings, but you can see them fly and fight in a non-circle formation in the background.

Item: Cluster Bomb
It acts the same as a smart bomb only it explodes into a cluster of three slightly weaker smart bombs.
See the source image

Assist Trophy: Aparoid
When summoned, it goes into background and shoots a green beam onto stage that it similar to Metal face's laser attack.
To make him different from Andross AT, he can fly into foreground to latch on opponent, reversing it's controls and disabling opponent's ability to attack for while. After latching on opponent, it flies away, ending his role.

Aparoid can be KOed when it appears on foreground but when he is in background, you can't kill it.

Music Tracks:
1. Corneria (Starfox)
Macbeth (Starfox)
3. Venom (Starfox)
4. Space Armada (Starfox)
5. Opening (Starfox 2)
6. Eladrad (Starfox 2)
7. Menu (Starfox 64)
8. Krystal Theme (Starfox Command)

Mii Costumes:
1. General Pepper (Gunner)
2. Slippy (Gunner)
3. Krystal (Gunner)
4. Super FX Android (Hat)
5. Starfox Outfit (Gunner)


Stage: Lylat Cruise
Song: Opening (Starfox 2)
Opponent: Fox
Rules: Krystal assist trophy will appear


Stage: FX Cruise
Song: Opening (Starfox 2)
Opponent: Fox
Stage: Poké Floats (Returning from Super Smash Bros. Melee)

Item: Choice Band
become the only attack you can use for a few seconds! This literally replaces every single input with that special. However, to compensate, that special will be buffed significantly. This cannot be used to lock you into a special that can’t attack, such as Duck Hunt’s up special or Steve’s Mining/Crafting/Block Placing.

New Pokéball Summon: Aegislash
It would use Sacred Sword, a move that breaks shields, but if changes to Shield form it would use King's Shield that would work like Sephiroth's Down B.

Tutorial (Pokémon Trozei!)
2. Route 228 (Pokémon Diamond and Pearl)
3. Game Corner (Pokémon Diamond and Pearl)
4. Low HP (Pokémon Black and White)
5. Driftveil City (Pokémon Black and White)
6. Battle! Getchis (Pokémon Black and White)
7. Boss (Learn With Pokémon: Typing Adventure)
8. Battle! Coleress (Pokémon Black 2 and White 2)
9. Magikarp Festival (Pokkén Tournament)
10. Battle! Ultra Necrozma (Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon)
11. Battle! Marnie (Pokémon Sword and Shield)
12. Battle! Gym Leader (Pokémon Sword and Shield)
13. Battle Tower (Pokémon Sword and Shield)
14. Main Menu (Pokémon Home)
15. Main Theme (Pokémon Unite)
16. Battle! Koga (Pokémon Masters EX)
17. Battle! Pokémon Wielder (Pokémon Legends: Arceus)
18. Cobalt Coastlands (Pokémon Legends: Arceus)

Mii Costumes:
1. Ball Guy (Brawler)
2. Team Skull Grunt (Brawler)
3. Zacian/Zamazenta Armour (Swordfighter)
4. Galarian Slowbro (Gunner)
5. Pokémainiac (Brawler)

Echo Fighter: Blaziken (Echo fighter of Captain Falcon)


Class: Novice
Stage: Saffron City
Song: Pokemon Gold/Silver Medley
Opponents: Pichu x3
Rules: The enemies are small, the enemies are fast, Togepi will come from pokeballs


Class: Novice
Stage: Luigi’s Mansion
Song: N’s Castle Medley
Opponents: Kirby
Rules: The enemy is invisible, the staff item will appear, Mimikyunwill appear from pokeballs
Stage: Winters
As for how the stage itself would work, I imagine it taking place right at the edge of Lake Tess, although the stage would be angled so the lake is on the right side of the screen.
View attachment 344393
You could stand on a tent on the left side, or swim in the chilly waters on the right. But after a while, the wind starts blowing (symbolized by leaves blowing in the wind, as in most media) and Tessie rises from the water. Tessie serves as a platform for a while, and you can stand on her head or back with her neck serving as a wall. She swims away after a bit, which may take you offscreen with her if you're not careful.

The Battlefield and Final Destination forms of the stage are instead located in the sky, with the background showing roughly the same view the player has of the area in EarthBound, and Jeff's boarding school can be seen in the distance.

Item: Super Orange Machine
Represented as a big orange trash can with speakers attatched and the word "Suporma" crudely painted on it, hit it to interrupt the background music with an off-tune general MIDI version of "Ode to Joy". It then explodes, albeit in a harmless, whimpering fashion like a bad RNG Electrode

Assist Trophy: Duster
Throws staples that trap fighters in place, then rushes at them with a swift boot kick.

Pollyanna [I Believe In You] Vocal Ver. (Earthbound)
2. The Paradise Line Vocal Ver. (Earthbound)
3. Your Name, Please (Earthbound)
4. Sanctuary Guardians (Earthbound)
5. Get on the Bus (Earthbound)
6. Runaway Five on the Move! (Earthbound)
7. Kraken of the Sea (Earthbound)
8. You’ve Come Far, Ness (Earthbound)
9. F-F-Fire (Mother 3)
10. Monkey Delivery Service (Mother 3)
11. Strong One (Mother 3)

Mii Costumes:
1. Duster (Brawler)
2. Pigmask Soldier (Gunner)
3. Starman (Gunner)
4. Dungeon Man (Brawler)
5. Insane Cultist (Swordfighter)
6. New Age Retro Hippie (Swordfighter)

Echo Fighter: Paula (Echo of Ness)

Sesame Seed

Stage: Omega Gerudo Valley
Song: Get on the Bus
Opponents: Tiny Mr. Game & Watch, tiny white Mr. Game & Watch
Rules: Stamina, foes have 10HP each, foes are extremely fast

Ace class
Support, Zap Floor immunity

Stage: Great Plateau Tower
Opponents: Wario (pink plumber) Wario (yellow plumber)
Music: Unfounded Revenge
Allies: Diddy Kong (blue)
Match: Stamina (150% for you and yellow Wario, 70% for Diddy, 20% for pink Wario)
Rules: Lightning and banana peels spawn often, keep Diddy alive while fighting Wario, Wario becomes metal at 50% HP, defeat pink Wario then Diddy and yellow Wario will spawn

Mad Taxi

Class: Ace
Stage: Fourside (Final Destination)
Song: Runaway Five On The Move!
Opponent: Giant Wario
Rules: Enemy has super armour, kapp’n assist trophy will appear, the enemy prefers using dash attack


Class: Advanced
Stage: New Pork City
Song: Mother 3 Love Theme
Opponent: Giant Yoshi
Rules: The enemy will turn metal after a certain amount of time
Stage: Outer Space
The stage would take place on the aforementioned course. The players fight on F-zero cars and it would be similar to Mute City SNES, but with Mute city melee physics. Also the meteorites can hit the track, damaging cars and players. Each meteorite deals 10% damage.

Item: Champion’s Belt
During the time limit, your power is increased. But if you don't get to first place in points by the end of the time, you yourself are dealt 50% damage.

Assist Trophy: Pico

He'll run around with his blaster and shoot, firing out classic sci-fi style beams.

Title (F-Zero: Maximum Velocity)
2. The Meaning of Truth (F-Zero: GP Legend)
3. Captain Falcon's Theme (F-Zero GX)
4. Phoenix's Theme (F-Zero GX)
5. Digi-Boy's Theme (F-Zero GX)
6. Paper Engine (F-Zero GX)
7. Mute City (Mario Kart 8)
8. Big Blue (Mario Kart 8)

Mii Costumes:
1. Samurai Goroh (Swordfighter)
2. Bio Rex (Brawler)
3. Pico (Gunner)
4. Black Shadow (Brawler)
5. Jody Summer (Brawler)
6. Mr. EAD (Brawler)

Echo Fighter: Jody Summer (Echo of Zero Suit Samus)

Dash Zone

Song: Big Blue (SNES)
Stage: Omega Port Town Aero Dive
Opponent: Morton
Rules: You have uncontrollable speed, foe has 1HP, defeat within 3 seconds.

See the source image

Stage: Port Town Aero Dive
Song: Digi-Boy's Theme
Opponent: Pit
Rules: Enemy has ray gun, enemy is faster

See the source image

Stage: Outer Space
Song: Paper Engine
Opponent: Diddy Kong
Rules: Enemy is faster, enemy is giant
Note: includes all other black box NES titles

Stage: Clu Clu Land

Players fight inside the game, with the coin things acting as platforms. They'll appear and dissappear as Bubbles does her thing. The Unira are stage hazards.

Item: Volleyball
The ball falls from the sky and if you hit it it flies towards the opponent. If the opponent hits it it’ll fly back to you way faster, hit it back and it’ll go faster and so on. It deals damage if someone can’t hit it fast enough and it deals more damage depending on how fast it is.

Assist Trophy: Excitebikes
Returns from Brawl. Acts the same

NES Sports Medley
2. Clu Clu Land (Clu Clu Land)
3. Kung Fu (Kung Fu)
4. Slalom (Slalom)
5. Pro Wrestling (Pro Wrestling)
6. Pencilvania (Balloon Kid)
7. Famicom Medley (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

Echo fighter: Amazon (echo of Incineroar)

Mii Costumes:
1. Pixel Urban Champion (Brawler)
2. Mach Rider (Gunner)
3. Slalom Skiier (Swordfighter)
4. Bubbles (Hat)
5. Excitebiker (Brawler)

Topi (JP)
Ice Climber
Novice class support - Ice and Water attack up

Song: Icicle Mountain
Stage: Battlefield Summit
Opponents: Dalmatian Duck Hunt
Rule: foe has a Freezie.

Topi (US)
Ice Climber
Novice class support - Ice and Water attack up

Song: Icicle Mountain
Stage: Battlefield Summit
Opponents: White DK
Rule: foe has a Freezie.

See the source image

Stage: Boxing Arena
Song: Pro Wrestling
Opponent: Captain Falcon (pink)
Rules: Opponent tends to use grabs
Stage: Abyss

The area is mostly flat but quite narrow, with a high ceiling. A few tables act as destructible platforms.

Item: Rescue Staff

A team battle exclusive item that one uses to teleport their ally to them, potentially saving them from any danger

Assist Trophy:

She walks around as Monica and then if she happens to get behind someone she’ll turn into Kronya and stab them in the back.

1. Vs. Arvis (Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War)
Together We Ride (Fire Emblem: Heroes)
3. God Shattering Star (Fire Emblem: Three Houses)

Mii Costumes:
1. Gatekeeper (Swordfighter)
2. Edelgard (Swordfighter)
3. Demitri (Swordfighter)
4. Shez (Swordfighter)
5. Claude (Gunner)


Stage: Garreg Mach Monastery
Song: Fire Emblem Three Houses Main Theme
Opponents: Shez mii costume
Rules: The enemy starts the battle with a killing edge

See the source image

Stage: Arena Ferox
Song: God Shattering Star
Opponents: Marth(x10), Ganondorf
Rules: The enemy has super armour, the enemy will have increased damage after a while (Ganondorf) Enemies are easy to launch (Marth)

Bernadetta Von Barley

Stage: Garreg Mach Monastery (Reception Hall)
Song: Fodlan Winds
Opponents: 1x Inkling (Purple Alt)
Rules: The enemy favors projectile attacks, The enemy tends to avoid close range combat

Enhances into Bernadetta (5 Years Later)
Stage: Mario's Flat Zone

This includes forms based on
1. Donkey Kong Jr.
2. Mario's Cement Factory
3. Mario Bros. (Composite of both screens)
4. Donkey Kong (Bottom screen)
5. Super Mario Bros. (Brief scrolling section)
6. Greenhouse (Top screen)

The external shell and background of all games is based on Mario the Juggler, although it isn't included in the game lineup, due to the differences in form for some of these games' terrain they rise up like a stage morph instead of a seamless transformation.

Item: Bridge Turtle

Throw it and it'll serve as a platform, lowering a little every time it's stepped on.

Assist Trophy: Dragon

It flies in one place in the sky and breathes fireballs down on the stage which (obviously) move in a very simple pattern

Manhole (Manhole)
2. Octopus (Octopus)
3. Game Select (Game Boy Gallery)
Parachute (Game & Watch Gallery 2)
5. Boxing (Game & Watch Gallery 4)
6. Game & Watch DSi Theme (Game & Watch)
7. Flat Zone Deluxe

Mii Costumes:
1. Oiram Repus (Brawler)
2. Diver (Brawler)
3. Juggler Mario (Gunner)
4. Flagman (Swordfighter)
5. Octopus (Hat)


Class: Novice
Stage: Flat Zone X (Final Destination)
Song: Flat Zone 2
Opponent: Blue Kirby
Rules: Devil assist trophy will appear


Class: Advanced
Stage: Wuhu Island (boat section)
Song: Flat Zone
Opponent: Mr Game and Watch x3
Rules: Enemies breathe fire, you can’t swim

Mario's Cement Factory
Game & Watch series
Ace class primary - jump down, 3 slots, attack

Stage: Kongo Jungle 64
Song: Octopus
Opponent: black overalls Mario
Rules: No-frills battle

Egg (Game & Watch)
Game & Watch series
Novice class support - Beastball equipped

Stage: Omega Flat Zone 2
Song: Floral Fury
Opponents: Mii Gunner (Cuphead outfit, no hat), Wolf
Rules: Defeat one to progress to the next, empty egg items spawn
Stage: Underworld

Art by Hyrule64
The stage scrolls upwards. It's layed out pretty much like it was in the original game. There will be enimies to avoid.

Item: Viridi Claws

Those are claws from Kid Icarus: Uprising and they can be equipped by Fighters.
They would work similarly to sword-type items, but those are claws instead and you can scratch an enemy like a cat or Wolverine from Marvel comics.
Those claws are rapid-damage type weapon and they're semi-spammable, which they have 4.5 second cooldown (I try to balance the Item, so I won't be OP).
Using neutral A button attack would activate the claws to fight.


He returns from Smash 4. Acts the same.

1. Sky World Tower (Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters)
Fortress (Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters)
3. Underworld Tower (Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters)
4. Kid Icarus (WarioWare DIY)
5. That First Town (Kid Icarus: Uprising)
6. Lunar Sanctum (Kid Icarus: Uprising)

Mii Costumes:
1. Three Sacred Treasures (Gunner)
2. Amazon Pandora (Brawler)
3. Dark Fighter/Light Fighter (Gunner)
4. Magnus (Swordfighter)
5. Centurion (Gunner)

Echo Fighter: Medusa (Echo of Palutena)

See the source image

Class: Novice
Stage: Underworld
Song: Underworld
Opponent: Donkey Kong (Red)
Rules: The enemy breathes fire

See the source image

Class: Advanced
Stage: Skyworld
Song: Hades Infernal Theme
Opponent: Captain Falcon (Red)
Rules: The enemy is super fast, the enemy breathes fire

Kid Icarus (Captain N)

Stagicus: Coliseum
Songicus: Underworld (Brawl)
Opponenticus: tiny blonde Pit, invisible Duck Hunt
Rulicuses: Duck Hunt favours Smash attacks, Pit favours Neutral B
Stage: Diamond City
It could start in Wario's House, move to outside the Mona Pizza restaurant, then Club Sugar, wherever Kat and Ana train, Ashley's Mansion, Dr Crygor's Lab, 9-Volts room, and then maybe back to the start, with the odd cameo appearance of Orbulon and Dribble/Spitz.

Item: Syrup's Lamp
Throwable item that creates a floating platform every time it lands, if it hits an enemy the platform stays out longer.

Assist Trophy: Dangerous Duck
He walks around and simply throws a boomerang forward which then goes back to him.

Mii Costumes:
1. Young Cricket (Brawler)
2. Penny (Gunner)
3. Bull Hat (Hat)
4. Skiier Jimmy T (Swordfighter)
5. Black Jewel (Hat)

Main Theme (Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land)
2. Hall of Hieroglyphs (Wario Land 4)
3. Toy Block Tower (Wario Land 4)
4. Hurry Up! (Wario Land 4)
5. Run! Men In Tights (WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$)
6. Greenhorn Forest (Wario World)
7. Rainbow Juice (WarioWare: Touched!)
8. Glittertown (Wario Land: Shake It!)
9. Just Plains (Wario Land: Shake It!)
10. Windbreak Bay (Wario Land: Shake It!)
11. Body Rock JP (WarioWare: D.I.Y.)
12. Body Rock EN (WarioWare: D.I.Y.)
13. Penny’s Song JP (WarioWare: Get It Together!)
14. Penny’s Song EN (WarioWare: Get It Together!)

Echo Fighter: Vampire Wario (Echo of Wario)


  • Generally speaking, Vampire Wario is quicker and stronger than Wario, but is also considerably lighter.
  • Vampire Wario has two midair jumps.
  • When using Chomp, Vampire Wario can only bite once. However, said bite gives the opponent a poison effect.
  • Wario Bike is entirely replaced by Bat Rush, where Vampire Wario turns into a bat and zooms forwards.
  • Vampire Wario's Corkscrew carries him higher, but can only hit once.
  • Wario Waft deals poison damage.
  • Vampire Wario's Final Smash is identical to Wario-Man Rush, but Vampire Wario doesn't actually transform to use it.

Stage: Omega Yoshi's Story
Allies: Tiny default Falco
Opponents: None
Song: Charge (Wii Play)
Rules: Stamina, team attack is on, hostile Thwomp ATs will spawn, protect Falco

Wario's Nose

Song: WarioWare Inc. Medley
Stage: Brinstar
Opponents: invisible green Inkling x Infinite
Rules: hostile Arcade Bunny ATs will spawn often. Survive 2 minutes. Foes favour down B, foes are invincible

Black Jewel

Stage: Final Destination
Song: Greenhorn Forest
Opponent: Kirby (black)
Rules: Enemy is giant, enemy likes to use down B

Rudy the Clown

Stage: Wondaria Remains
Song: Hall of Hieroglyphs
Opponent: Kirby (giant, red), Kirby (giant, yellow x2)
Rules: The yellow Kirby’s tend to use down B, red Kirby is hard to KO
Stage: Big Shell
See the source image

Ignore the fact that this is from a GTA mod, couldn't find a better image lol. Anyways it's a small stage that starts you off in the beginning area of the big shell from Metal Gear Solid 2. The boxes on each side act as platforms and are breakable. There are also two elevators on either side of the big platform you can stand on. Also because why not, occasionally birds will poop on the stage which stays there for a few seconds and can trip opponents Brawl style.

Item: M9 Tranquilizer Pistol
Similar in function to the Ray Gun. Only has three shots before being discarded. The shots are about as noticeable as Sheik’s needles and will induce sleep in the enemy about five seconds after impact. If they get shot in their upper area (read: head), it’ll be instantaneous sleep.

Assist Trophy: Psycho Mantis

When summoned, Mantis will float into the air and laugh as gas pours into the stage, andwill preform one of a few actions:

  • He will turn the stage upside down or backwards
  • He will briefly invert the controls.He will cause characters to briefly switch places
  • He will create a static effect, making it hard to see
  • He will read the players system, and a large textbox will appear saying things like "So I see you like Mario Kart." "I see you like Pokémon.
Red Alert MSX (Metal Gear)
2. Red Alert NES (Metal Gear)
3. Red Alert 20th Anniversary (Metal Gear)
4. Red Alert New Remix (Metal Gear)
5. Main Theme (Metal Gear Solid)
5. Snake Eater (Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater)
6. Old Snake (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots)
7. Love Deterrence (Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker)
8. Heavens Divide (Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker)
9. Rules of Nature (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance)
10. Red Sun (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance)
11. Stranger I Remain (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance)
12. The Only Thing I Know For Real (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance)
13. The Stains of Time (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance)
14. Collective Consiousness (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance)
15. It Has To Be This Way (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance)
16. A Phantom Pain (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain)
17. Sins of the Father (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain)

Echo Fighter: Liquid Snake (Echo fighter of Solid Snake)
See the source image

Two changes to his moveset:

  • His jab is a two-hit punch based on his MGS1 fight
  • His final smash has him go into a Metal Gear Rex and can launch missiles and walk for a short time

Mii costumes:
1. Raiden (Swordfighter)
2. Gray Fox (Swordfighter)
3. Revolver Ocelot (Gunner)
4. The Pain (Gunner)
5. Monsoon (Swordfighter)

Senator Armstrong
See the source image

Stage: New Donk City Hall
Song: It Has To Be This Way
Opponent: Dr. Mario
Rules: The enemy is hard to make flinch, the enemy is metal

See the source image

Stage: Distant Planet (Battlefield)
Song: Battle in the Base
Opponent: Ken (Green)
Rules: The floor is electrified, the enemy starts with a bullet bill
Stage: Casino Night Zone (Sonic 2)

Item: Barrel of Doom

Throw it and it'll turn big and start moving left and right, becoming a large hard platform. Press up or down when stood on it to stomp down and crush foes. While you can't tap jump, you can jump off with any other button that may be assigned to it. Foes can stand on it, but can't control it.

Assist Trophy: Bomb

A ring gets attached to your opponent and Bomb holds a ring that’s tethered to it. He’ll follow you around and sometimes he’ll jump at opponents if they’re close enough, potentially dealing damage by hitting them. He explodes before disappearing.

1. Bridge Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog)
Hill Top Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog 2)
3. Stardust Speedway Bad Future JP (Sonic the Hedgehog CD)
4. File Select (Sonic the Hedgehog 3)
5. Hydrocity Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog 3)
6. Door Into Summer (Knuckles Chaotix)
7. Sonic vs. Knuckles North Wind (Sonic the Fighters)
Living In The City (Sonic R)
9. Back In Time (Sonic R)
10. It Doesn’t Matter (Sonic Adventure 2)
11. What I’m Made Of (Sonic Heroes)
12. Grand Metropolis (Sonic Heroes)
13. Final Fortress (Sonic Heroes)
14. I Am… All of Me (Shadow the Hedgehog)
15. Dreams of an Absolution (Sonic the Hedgehog 2006)
16. Solaris (Sonic the Hedgehog 2006)
17. Wrapped In Black (Sonic Rush)
18. Perfect Dark Gaia (Sonic Unleashed)
19. Aquarium Park (Sonic Colors)
20. Asteroid Coaster (Sonic Colors)
21. Casino Night Zone Act 2 (Sonic Generations)
22. Beyond the Speed Of… (Sonic Runners)
23. Chemical Plant Zone (Sonic Mania)
24. Flying Battery Zone (Sonic Mania)
25. Egg Reverie (Sonic Mania)
26. Ruby Delusions (Sonic Mania)
27. Frozen Junkyard (Team Sonic Racing)

Echo Fighter: Classic Sonic

Obviously there'd be a size difference, but i think it could work. He'd have classic sound effects and references

Mii Costumes:
1. Amy (Swordfighter)
2. Fang (Gunner)
3. Excalibur Sonic (Swordfighter)
4. Shadow (Gunner)

Fang, Bean, and Bark

Song: Sonic vs. Knuckles (North Wind)
Stage: Boxing Ring
Opponents: polar Banjo, Toon Link, pink Wolf
Rules: Free for all, Hotocate Bombs spawn often


Stage: Green Hill Zone
Opponent: Metal Ivysaur x 4
Allies: Tiny Duck Hunt x 3
Song: Emerald Hill Zone
Rules: Each Ivysaur KO'd will spawn a Duck Hunt, Stamina.

Enhances to Flicky, Ace

Bio Lizard

Class: Legend
Stage: Shadow Moses Island (Final Destination)
Song: Live and Learn
Opponent: Orange Giant King K Rool
Rules: The enemy starts the battle with a ray gun, the enemy is hard to make flinch

Enhances into Final Hazard

Stage: Caves

This stage would have fighters battling underground through many sublevels going deeper and deeper, each with their own layouts and hazards.

I might as well go in order:
Sublevel 1: Emergence Cave
The layout is simple having snow and Snow Bulbords wandering around, not much.

Sublevel 2: Hole of Beasts
A dirt floor with the Empress Bublax who sends her children to fight and roll around to crush you underneath her largeness.

Sublevel 3: White Flower Garden
A floor with White Rosebuds and a sinkhole in the middle, a giant Snagret burrows out and bites at the fighters and burrows around the stage

Sublevel 4: Subterranean Complex
A metallic floor with two covers jutting out. The main stage hazard is Man-of-Legs who rises up and scuttles around before firing with its machine gun.

Sublevel 5: Glutton's Kitchen
A floor looking like a child's playroom with Breadbugs wandering around grabbing treasures and Bulbears invade to attack.

Sublevel 6: Submerged Castle
Everything looks normal until a whistling noise with two stone cylinders crashing down as the Waterwraith appears to run over and drive around crushing.

Sublevel 7: Cavern of Chaos
Some of the bosses are stage hazards, those being Empeor Bublax, Ranging Bloyster, Beady Long Legs, Pileated Snagret and lastly, Raging Long Legs.

Sublevel 8: Dream Den
The final floor, after a while, the ground rumbles with four legs coming out to reveal the Titan Dweevil itself, the stage boss with Louie on top.

It'll attack using its treasures which can be damaged to disarm the king of bugs:
- Flare Cannon = Blasts out fire
- When this weapon is damaged, it will spray further than before, and in a 210-degree motion.
- Shock Therapist = Eight electrical "nodes" that will activate and form multiple arcs of electricity
- When this weapon is damaged, the nodes will activate the moment they are released and may move while activated.
- Hydro Pump = Spits out blasts of water that will get latched onto the fighter's heads

  • When the weapon is damaged, it will spit out water at a faster speed.Comedy Bomb = Sprays three streams of poisonous gas
  • When it is damaged, it will spray four streams that may change direction spontaneously and randomly.
As well using its legs and pincers to stomp and slash.
With its armour gone, it'll go berserk and attack more ruthlessly.

Upon defeat. it stumbles around struggling to stand and crashes down bubbling up before melting away as the ship's research pod beams up Louie.

Item: Battery

See the source image

The battery is just bigger than a human and can be thrown like a barrel. If damaged it will do an electricity explosion which stays in the same spot for a few seconds.

Assist Trophy: Swooping Snitchbug
This guy will go around the stage calmly, but if he sees one of your opponents, he will swoop down and grab them. If your opponent can't shake out in time, the Swooping Snitchbug will spike your opponent down with a throw, whether that be down onto the stage or down and out of the arena.

Ai no Uta (Pikmin)
2. Tane no Uta (Pikmin)
3. Ai no Uta French (Pikmin)
4. Live as a Pikmin (Pikmin)

Echo Fighter: Louie (Echo of Dr. Mario)

- His neutral special has him throw Pikmin instead of pills but is functionally the same
  • His side special has him throw pikpik carrots as a projectile
  • His final smash has a Titan Dweevil appear and walk across the screen, dealing damage if it steps on anyone

Mii Costumes:
1. Pikmin (Brawler)
2. Fiery Blowhog (Gunner)
3. Peckish Aristocrab (Hat)


Stage: Distant Planet
Song: Forest of Hope
Opponent: Invisible Olimar x 14, tiny red Kirby, red Kirby, giant Kirby.
Rules: The Pikmin are not invisible, foe favours grabs. First fight tiny Kirby, then 2 Olimars, followed by regular Kirby, then 5 Olimars, then giant Kirby, then 7 Olimars.

Pikmin Sprouts

Summon with 10 Pellet spirits

Enhances to Army of 100 Pikmin

Olimar’s Wife

Stage: Tomodachi Life
Song: Ai no Uta French
Opponent: Olimar, Olimar Red
Rules: Olimar tends to avoid conflict

Hocotate President
See the source image

Class: Ace
Stage: Distant Planet
Song: Environmental Noises
Opponent: Louie, Olimar
Rules: The enemy starts the battle with a hocotate bomb
Note: includes other Nintendo hardware

Stage: Gyromite

It's finally time to give ROB a home stage. Players fight on the platforms in the middle. The red and blue pillers will move up and down, giving you more movement options. Enimies from the game act as hazards.

Item: amiibo

A summoning item that functions like Ditto - you can tell what character will be spawned from the item, it is never a fighter who is in the current match, from the item itself, and the spawned fighter has flatter textures as to appear plastic. Their CPU level from 1 to 9 is random, and will appear above them when spawned.

Assist Trophy: Virtual Boy

Puts a red & black filter over the screen.

Credits (Super Game Boy)
2. Dancing Miyamoto (Game Boy Camera)
3. Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disc Version 9
4. e-Reader Theme
5. Slideshow: Whistle (Nintendo DSi Camera)
6. Title (Face Pilot)
7. Graffiti (AR Games)
8. Elegance (Hanafuda Menu Theme)

Mii Costumes:
1. Who Are You Running From Tattoos (Hat)
2. GameCube (Brawler)
3. Virtual Boy (Hat)
4. AR Games Box (Hat)
5. Face Raider (Hat)


Stage: Pictochat
Song: WarioWare, Inc.
Opponent: Falco (green)
Rules: Ditto will appear from pokeballs

Super FX Chip
Ace support - Slow Super Armour

Stage: FX Cruise
Song: Yoshi's Island (Brawl)
Opponents: Fox, Morton, Yoshi, Mii Gunner (Doomguy)
Rules: Andross ATs spawn often, the battle will slow down.

Game Boy Advance Video

Stage: Battlefield Mario Circuit U
Ally: Tiny green plumber Wario
Song: Split and Splat
Rules: Wario can't attack you, nor can you attack back. Watch for 4 minutes. A Nightmare AT will spawn at a random point
Stage: Toy Day

At long last, a snow stage! The layout of this stage is extremely simple, it takes place outside a Villager's house with trees (represented in yellow) that, while not tangible, cover the foreground. A soft platform (represented in red) passes through the trees, and goes off-stage before returning.

A giant present box will fall from the sky right in the middle of a match (based on stock for stock battles and time for timed battles or stage morph) to unveil an item, causing all items and assists already present to disappear and the item shown to appear in every player's hands at once. Items like Stars and Hammers that'd make the game unplayable in mass are not included. In 1v1s Assist Trophies can appear, and with 3 players it can be Pokéball Pokémon! The timing of this hazard makes it, like Toy Day itself, a rare but predictable event worth being excited for. This event also makes the platform go in the opposite direction.

Item: Fortune Cookie

Interacting with this item gives you a random item or effect. ranging from being shrunk to gaining a final smash

Assist Trophy: Mr Resetti
Returns from Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Animal Crossing Theme (Animal Crossing)
2. Toy Day (Animal Crossing)
3. Hypno KK (Animal Crossing: City Folk)
4. Shampoodle (Animal Crossing: New Leaf)
5. Board Game (Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival)

Echo Fighter: Pietro (Pac-Man)

Welcome to clown town! All of Pac-Man's ball attacks have this sheep squeeze into a tiny clown car. The fire hydrant is a water flower, modeled off of the clown floweras a visual gag - it's smaller but it's water is bigger and always active, going in a sprinkler like arch instead of shooting both ways at the same time. His side special goes further than Pac-Man's and is quicker to cancel - it has him collect clown-themed Loids in the car, with an explosion coming out that is bigger depending on how many Loids were collected. The trampoline remains intact, but is modeled instead of being taken from Mappy

His Bonus Fruit projectiles are (almost) all traps instead of projectiles and all of them can damage Pietro.
1. Cream Pie - the only conventional projectile of the set
2. Whoopee Cushion - place down like a landmine for an explosion
3. Balloon - functions like the bumper, dealing almost no damage but sending far
4. Seal - Place down and it'll bounce back any projectile thrown at it. Non-anthropomorphic
5. Juggling Balls - spin in the air, deals a lot of damage but little knockback
6. Clown Bowling Pin - trips over foes, and doesn't disappear (until after 3 trips) but rather slides away.
7. Cotton Candy - heals if eaten
8. Fire Ring - the biggest trap, but also has the smallest hitboxes as you can pass through the fire
All of them (sans the pie) will be pushed by the water flower and can damage Pietro himself - it can also make the cotton candy bigger and extinguish the fire ring to be used as regular if short soft platforms. The Smash attacks create Clown Loids and the grab is with a sleevehankie.

Mii Costumes:
1. Nook Cranny Uniform (Swordfighter)
2. Mr. Resetti (Swordfighter)
3. Booker (Swordfighter)
4. Gyroid (Hat)
5. Daisy Mae (Hat)

Ganon (Animal Crossing)

Song: Shop (OOT)
Stage: Omega Smashville
Opponent: Ganondorf (blue)
Rules: Foe is passive, but his moves are more powerful. Foe spawns with a Lip's Stick


Stage: Omega Toy Day
Song: Brewster's Roost
Opponent: Purple Yoshi
Rules: Foe favours neutral special, Beehives spawn often.
Stage: Energy Mine Ruins

All fighters start placed upon a red minecart that is considerably larger than the one in the original stage. It will then start to roll slowly, but gains speed at the first incline, and after that the stage turns into all of the fighters duking it out on top of the minecart while it goes through the entire mine. Falling on the ground behind the minecart results in a basically instant KO unless you're Sonic or someone comparable, and falling on the ground in front of it runs you into the spike (which does not insta KO unlike most Mega Man spikes, but hits you upwards). Rocky ramps are placed where the minecart originally could not scale certain parts of the level. When the minecart reaches the boss door at the very end, it will bust through, and then the level will loop instead of going to Armored Armadillo's fight.

Cameos include all enemies from the original stage, except for the Classic series bats and the mini-boss. though if hazards are on, enemies will come into the foreground to attack (though you're moving so fast that only the Flammingles are much of an issue, towards the end).

Item: Yashichi


This item only appears in a match whenever a character is compatible with it. What it does is automatically fill up a character’s charge, if they have one. For example, this could simply automatically max charge DK’s Giant Punch or Samus’s Charge Shot. It could fill Game & Watch’s Bucket. It could automatically give Arsene to Joker. It could put Kazuya in Rage Mode. It could max out Steve’s materials. and all you have to do is just be the first to pick it up.

Assist Trophy: Elec Man

as he appears in 3DS/Wii U

Game Over (Mega Man 3)
2. Mode Select (Wily & Light’s RockBoard)
3. Sports News (Mega Man Soccer)
4. Super Fighting Robot (Mega Man cartoon)
5. Chill Penguin Stage (Mega Man X)
6. Armored Armadillo Stage (Mega Man X)
7. Storm Eagle Stage (Mega Man X)
8. Clown Man Stage (Mega Man 8)
9. Kaze yo Tsutaete (Mega Man: Battle & Chase)
10. Where the Wind Blows (Mega Man: Battle & Chase)
11. Abandoned Memory (Mega Man 10)
12. Fuse Man Stage (Mega Man 11)

Echo Fighter: Mega Man X (Mii Gunner's Echo)

X has a taller frame and is lighter than Gunner. His air mobility is greatly improved from Gunner, and his initial dash is one of the best in the game (though his run is abysmally slow). His loadout for the specials is as follows (and has the following adjustments):

-Charge Blast (reskinned into his own Charged Shot)
-Flame Pillar (adjusted to be his fully charged Fire Wave from X1, which knocks opponents back in a multihit wave of fire instead of keeping them in place)
-Canon Jump Kick (reskinned into Wind Storm from X6)
-Echo Reflector (reskinned into his fully charged Bubble Splash from X2)

And here are the other reskinned/adjusted moves:

-Up Air is reskinned into Storm Tornado from X1
-Grab is now a (about Yink's hookshot's range) tether, the Strike Chain from X2. Cannot be used in the air.
-Up Smash now has the effect of Shining Ray from X8 rather than explosion effects.
-Forward Air is reskinned into a lemon
-Forward Tilt is reskinned into a quick swing of Zero's Z-Saber
-Neutral Air is reskinned into a circular swing of the Z-Saber
-Forward Smash is reskinned into Ray Splasher from X8
-Dash attack is now a shoulder bash
-Up Tilt now has ice effects similar to X4's Frost Tower
-Down Smash now has pink electricity effects a la Electric Spark from X1
-For his down throw, he drills the opponent into the ground with X3's Tornado Fang
-Down Tilt is reskinned into his fully charged Triad Thunder from X3, which has some purple electricity effects

Final Smash - Reploid Rushdown
X jumps up as the Ultimate Armor flies into him, and as soon as they fuse, Ultimate Armor X flies forward with an electrically-induced Nova Strike, launching caught opponents into a cutscene. In Central Highway, Ultimate Armor X poses with Zero and Axl (as they shout in unison "Maverick Hunters, reporting for duty!") before all three launch their separate attacks - X firing the fully charged laser from X8, Zero throwing out a ton of Z-Saber slashes, and Axl laying down a steady stream of bullets from his twin pistols. The opponent is left spinning dizzily for a moment, and the three reploids are nowhere in sight for a moment - before the opponent turns around to see the trio riding their hover cycles, and running them right over like it's nothing.

As a special bonus, if the opponent is above 100% after the initial Nova Strike, Zero and Axl will have their Black and White armors respectively.

Misc. Content
-Ice Shotgun
-Sonic Slicer
-Gravity Well
-Rising Fire
-Dark Hold
-Meteor Rain
-Shining Ray

Up Taunt: X strikes his fist to the air in celebration, as the red light on his head shines. Zero teleports in and flashes a thumbs up.
Down Taunt: X looks down at his fist thoughtfully, then clenches it and looks determinedly back at the fight at hand. Axel teleports in to brandish his pistols.
Side Taunt: X presses a few buttons on his buster, and a holographic screen appears above it showing Alia who says (in a textbox) "Stay alert, X!" He nods and closes the screen.

Mii Costumes:
1. Roll (Swordfighter)
2. Met (Hat)
3. Vile (Gunner)
4. ServBot (Hat)
5. Heat Man (Brawler)

Tundra Man

Advanced Support
Ice Man Stage
Zelda (Blue Alt)
The opponent wields a freezy at the start of the match

Bad Box Art Mega Man


Legend Attack
Pac-Land (Omega Form)
Mega Man 2 Medley
Captain Falcon (Default Alt)
The opponent has a Ray Gun

Boomerang Kuwanger

Song: Opening Stage
Stage: Omega Cloud Sea
Opponent: Red Link
Rules: Foe can teleport, foe favours side B

Chill Penguin

Song: Chill Penguin Stage
Stage: Summit (Final Destination)
Opponent: Falco
Rules: Opponent starts the battle with a freezie

Block Man

Song: Fuse Man Stage
Stage: Mushroom Kingdom
(Final Destination)
Opponent: Kirby
Rules: Enemy uses down B frequently, enemy starts the battle with a POW block
Note: includes all Wii series games

Stage: Laser Hockey

This stage is basically just Smashville but with two vertically stacked platforms that go in opposite directions. When there's only 2 players or teams, the puck out jingles from the game will play upon KO

Item: Virtual Console
Virtual Console

A box that turns from a game's title screen to it's console logo like the VC Wii channels - pick it up to transform into the character from the game featured, playing and appearing 1-to-1 like they did in that game and extremely powerful. You don't take any percentage damage in this form, and only take knockback if it was part of the original game mechanics. You can release from the transformation with taunt, and it'll end automatically if you use it for over 25 seconds or die the same way you would in the game (for example, Sonic losing rings) - if you go out the latter way it'll count as being KO'd. This is an extremely rare item, but it's appearance is quite notable thanks to the iconic jingle. Grabs are considered as regular hits.
There are 12 VC characters, all of whom (with one technical exception in Tails) are also playable as regular fighters

1. Mario (Super Mario Bros. 3) - Starts with fire flower
2. Mario and Yoshi (Super Mario World) - Starts with cape
3. Yoshi (Yoshi's Story)
4. Donkey and Diddy Kong (Donkey Kong Country)
5. Sonic and Tails (Sonic the Hedgehog 2) - Starts with 20 rings
6. Mega Man X (Mega Man X) - No power swapping
7. Pac-Man (Pac-Man) - Has two lives, and respawns in the middle of the stage when KO'd the first time. Has power pellet but can still be hit
8. Pac-Man (Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures) - No access to Super Pac-Man. Basically just a joke inclusion
9. Wario (Wario Land 4) - No transformations
10. Ryu (Street Fighter 2)
11. Terry (Fatal Fury 1)
12. Kirby (Kirby's Dream Land)

1. Wii Menu Ambience
2. Slideshow Fun (Photo Channel)
Submission Plaza (Check Mii Out Channel)
4. Ordering Other Food (Food Delivery Channel)
5. Title (Wii Chess)
6. Settings (Wii Chess)

Assist Trophies:
I’m submitting Tanks from Wii Play

They both roll across the stage and will occasionally fire at enemies

Mii Costumes:
1. Classic Mii (Any)
2. Party Phil (Brawler)
3. Sebastian Tute (Swordfighter)
4. Wii Tank (Hat)
5. Dog (Hat)

Wii Motion Sensor Bar

Stage: PictoChat 2 (Hazards off)
Song: Wii Menu Ambience
Opponent: Enderman
Rules: You are invisible

Wii Remote Plus

Buy from Sheldon's Place.

Enhances into Wii Remote Plus - Pink


Wii Would Like To Play
Stage: Living Room
Song: Wii Shop Channel [Original]
Opponents: Dr. Mario x2 (black suit alt)
Rules: Star wands spawn around the stage

Wii Chess

Stage: Pictochat 2 (Final Destination)
Song: Wii Chess Title
Opponents: Peach, King K Rool, Marth x4
Rules: Defeat King K Rool to win, Stamina battle
Stage: NYC Training

This stage could be best described as the Final Destination of scrolling stages. It has no platforms; gaps; or hazards, and moves very slow for a scrolling stage - basically, a scrolling stage for people who hate scrolling stages. The background has a timelapse season cycle, going from spring to summer to autumn to winter like a training montage. It is not 8-bit

Item: Glass Joe’s Protective Headgear

Shields you from damage but not knockback, will be broken off at a certain point and give an extra 10% on top of the damage from the move that broke it. Adorned with a French flag to signify that it's Glass Joe's, but the flag will turn into a white flag when it falls off. When it falls off, an edible baguette also falls out

Assist Trophy: Bald Bull
Bald Bull charges towards opponents with his Bull Rush attack.

1. Minor Circuit (Super Punch-Out!!)
Boxing Ring Ambience
3. Gilette Look Sharp Be Sharp Jingle

Echo Fighter: King Hippo (King K. Rool)

This is pretty loose admittedly. There would obviously have to be some moves and animations moved around. He'd take a little from Mac too. But stuff like the belly Armor, thr punching move, and the ground pounds would stay.

Mii Costumes:
1. Training Hoodie (Brawler)
2. Glass Joe (Brawler)
3. King Hippo (Brawler)
4. Von Kaiser (Brawler)
5. Bald Bull (Brawler)

Mad Clown
Punch-Out!! series

Stage: Omega Wondaria Remains
Song: Minor Circuit (Super Punch-Out!!)
Opponents: giant blue K. Rool (swap for King Hippo if he wins echo voting), Invisible Pietro x 2
Rules: Pietro is invincible and favours neutral B, K. Rool prefers grabs, stamina, beat K. Rool to win

Alice and Ape 3
Arm Wrestling

Stage: Pokémon Stadium 1 (Hazards off)
Song: Title (Punch-Out Wii)
Opponents: Paula, giant metal DK
Rules: DK favours grabs, Paula is invincible, defeat DK to win
Stage: Pac-Maze

The Power Pellet/ghost mechanic is still present, but a fighter with an active Power Pellet will glow golden, with ghosts only gaining their TURN-TO-BLUE appearance when they get close.

Item: Trick Pellet

Turns the stage invisible.

Assist Trophy: Dig Dug
Dig Dug

He hops onto the screen by burrowing out of the ground, poses triumphantly, then immediately gets to work. Taizo chases after players with surprising speed,trying to grab them. He attempts to get a hold on them by extending his pump at full-length, as he did in Dig-Dug, and causing it to attach. If he makes a connection, the player is then pumped full of air with three insertions by Hori. They don’t inflate much (that’d be a modeling nightmare), but they’d be affected enough to be launched, as Taizo would then release them from his pump and send them flying in a random direction (either straight up, straight forward, or at 75-degree inclines). Because of the sudden release of air, they’d be launched quickly, and rather far. The lighter the character, the more susceptible they’d be to being KO’d entirely. After completing this task once, Taizo leaves.

1. Ms. Pac-Man (Ms. Pac-Man)
Pac & Pal (Pac & Pal)
3. Main Theme (Toy Pop)
4. Wait A Second, Mappy Is A Boy (Namco Music Graffiti)
5. Main Theme (Pac-Attack)
6. We Are Pac-Man (Pac-Attack)
7. Mischief (Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures)
8. World 1 (Pac-In-Time)
9. Toy Box (Pac-Man Arrangement)
10. Dig Dug Game Room (Namco Museum Vol. 3)
11. Buccaneer Beach (Pac-Man World)
12. Ghostly Garden (Pac-Man World)
13. Cleopactra (Ms. Pac-Man: Maze Madness)
14. Title Theme (Namco Museum)
15. Clyde in the Caldera (Pac-Man World 2)
16. Classic Mode Menu (Pac-Man Party)

Mii Costumes:
1. Gyaraga (Hat)
2. Taizo Hori (Gunner)
3. Wonder Momo (Brawler)
4. Bravoman (Gunner)
5. Rick Taylor (Swordfighter)


View attachment 344540Valkyrie (Valkyrie no Bōken)
(Artwork: Valkyrie no Densetsu)

Class: ★★★
Type: Support (Shield)
Cost: ⬡⬡
Effect: Giant

  • Puppet Fighter: Reflect :ultzelda: (Color 5)
  • Minion:
    • :ultdk: (Color 5)
  • Stage: Temple (Battlefield)
  • Music: Namco Arcade 80’s Retro Medley 2
  • Match: Stock (1)
  • Conditions:
    • Defeat the main fighter to win
    • The enemy (Zelda) starts the battle with a Killing Edge
    • The enemy turns giant after a while

Blinky (Naked)

Stage: Omega Pac-Maze
Opponent: Jigglypuff
Song: Pac-Man (Club Mix)
Rules: Foe begins invisible, foe spawns with Villager's tree plank.

Taizo Hori

Song: Tutorial (Pokémon Trozei!)
Stage: Spear Pillar (Hazards off, Dialga blue)
Opponent: Blue Captain Falcon
Rules: You will grow giant and slow at random points, earthquakes will occur, blue shells spawn often.

See the source image

Class: Advanced
Stage: Pac-Land
Opponent: Ms. Pac-Man (Pac-Mom)
Rules: No-frills battle

Rick Taylor
See the source image

Class: Advanced
Stage: Luigi's Mansion
Song: Luigi's Mansion Theme
Opponent: Rick Taylor (Home Run Bat)
Rules: Dracula assist trophy appears
Stage: Eagus Wilderness

The layout would be a copy of Smash 3DS' shrunken, boss and spring-less Gaur Plains layout.

Item: Shiny-Briny Lobster Boil

A very powerful healing item that can be bitten 3 times before fully disappearing - however, once you've taken a bite you can't eat it again until you've fully healed, which is a lot slower for this item than other healing items.

Assist Trophy: Nia

She uses "Healing Halo" on someone who summons her, healing their percentage rate

Uncontrollable (Xenoblade Chronicles X)
2. Don’t Worry (Xenoblade Chronicles X)
3. Black Tar (Xenoblade Chronicles X)
4. Counterattack (Original) (Xenoblade Chronicles X)
5. Melencholia (Xenoblade Chronicles X)
6. Immediate Threat (Xenoblade Chronicles 3)
7. Eagus Wilderness (Xenoblade Chronicles 3)
8. Moebius Battle (Xenoblade Chronicles 3)

Echo Fighter: Dunban
Dunban (Echo of Shulk)

He wields the Monado and has increased agility but takes slight damage after each attack using it. His neutral special is replaced by Blossom Dance, a move where he takes a katana and slices forward at the opponent. If it lands he can then slice twice again if the first hit was successful. Final smash is also chain attack but this time it’s from his perspective. Shulk still appears to activate it.

Mii Costumes:
1. Elma (Brawler)
2. Mecha Fiora (Swordfighter)
3. Captain Paidrag (Gunner)
4. Dunban (Swordfighter)
5. Reyn (Swordfighter)

Rarity Indicator 1/3

Summon with 15 Pidgey spirits

enhances to Rarity Indicator 3/3 - Ace
Note: Includes other Nintendo light gun games

Stage: Hogan’s Alley


Another 8-Bit stage just like Duck Hunt. It looks just like the screenshot, and cutouts will slide in from any of the four corners over time. Attack a cutout to destroy it. Attacking “bad guys” has a chance of dropping an item, while attacking “good guys” penalizes you with a stun and 10% of damage.

Item: Mole

The mole walks around and you can pick it up and throw it. If you throw it it burries into the ground and will stay in that spot. Sometimes it will jump out and deal damage to whatever it hits but it can be knocked away if hit three times.

Assist Trophy: Gangster, Lady, and Policeman
View attachment 365132
Attacking the lady or policeman damages opponents, while attacking the gangster heals them.

Stage 1 (Gumshoe)
2. Blastris A (Super Scope 6)
3. Artemis (Battle Clash)
4. Title (Tin Star)
5. Goin’ Around Town (Tin Star)
6. Out in the West (Tin Star)
7. Cleanin’ Up The Town (Tin Star)

Mii Costumes:
1. Wild Gunman (Gunner)
2. Mr. Stevenson (Brawler)
3. Mike Anderson (Gunner)
4. Tin Star (Gunner)
5. Duck (Hat)
6. Dog (Hat)

Clay Shooting

Stage: Duck Hunt
Song: Duck Hunt Medley
Opponent: Duck Hunt x3
Rules: Opponent tends to use side special

Tin Star

Song: Title (Tin Star)
Stage: Spirit Train
Opponent: Blue metal Incineroar with Super Scope
Allies: metal Wario x 6
Rules: You are metal, Incineroar is extremely fast, your allies are weak, Super Scopes spawn often

Wild Gunman (Live Action)

Enhance from the Wild Gunman spirit included in vanilla SSBU
Stage: Ayutthaya Ruins

The statue acts as a big platform in a really long flat stage. Big enough to be an “8 player stage.”

Item: Bonus Stage Car

A big car spawns that can be destroyed to reveal another item

Assist Trophy: Blanka

He'll roll up to a fighter and preform his iconic shocking move, stunning anyone who gets close to him

1. Geki’s Theme (Street Fighter)
2. Capcom Logo/Title (Street Fighter II)
Street Fighter II Medley (Street Fighter II)
4. Akuma Theme (Super Street Fighter II Turbo)
5. Sakura Theme (Street Fighter Alpha 2)
6. Dan Theme (Street Fighter Alpha 2)
7. Arabesque (Street Fighter EX)
8. Theme of Q (Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike)
9. Jazzy NYC ‘99 (Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike)
10. Volcanic Rim (Street Fighter IV)
11. Guy Theme (Super Street Fighter IV)
12. Juri Theme (Super Street Fighter IV)
13. Main Theme (Street Fighter V)
14. Rashid Theme (Street Fighter V)
14. Karin Theme (Street Fighter V)
15. Viator (Street Fighter 6)
16. Mr. Top Player (Street Fighter 6)

Echo Fighter: Sakura (Echo of Ryu)

She'd be a Ryu echo but would be more of a chrom case where she's more of her own character. Honestly closer to an Isabelle if anything. Shed be quicker but wouldn't hit quite as hard. She'd be the classic school girl verison but with a SFV alt.

Mii Costumes:
1. Chun-Li (Brawler)
2. Sakura (Brawler)
3. Guile (Brawler)
4. Rolento (Swordfighter)
5. Blanka (Brawler)
6. Gen (Brawler)

C. Viper
See the source image

Class: Advanced
Stage: Fourside (Omega)
Song: Juri Theme
Opponent: Pyra (black alt)
Rules: The earth occasionally shakes, the opponent tends to use her side special, stamina battle

See the source image

Class: Ace
Stage: New Donk City Hall (Omega)
Song: Jazzy NYC 99
Opponent: Little Mac (White alt)
Rules: The opponent occasionally has super armour, the opponent tends to use side special

Scott and Max

Stage: New Donk City Hall (Base)
Song: Capcom Logo/SF2 Title Remix
Opponents: SNES Little Mac, dark-skinned Ken
Rules: Stamina

Bonus Car

Opponent: Giant Dark Meta Knight
Song: Ken's Theme Type A
Stage: Delfino Plaza (area where the statue should be but isn't) what else am I supposed to call it?
Rules: Opponent doesn't move or attack, stamina, opponent has super armour, defeat within 20 seconds

View attachment 332055Dhalsim (Street Fighter II: The World Warrior)
(Artwork: Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers)

Class: ★★★
Type: Support (Attack)
Cost: ⬡⬡
Effect: Lava-Floor Immunity

  • Puppet Fighter: :ultwiifittrainerm:(Color 8)
  • Stage: Kalos Pokemon League Ω
  • Music Track: Dhalsim Stage Type A
  • Match: Stamina (100HP)
  • Conditions:
    • Stamina battle
    • The floor is lava
    • All fighter have reduced jump power
View attachment 332056E. Honda (Street Fighter II: The World Warrior)
(Artwork: Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers)

Class: ★★
Type: Support (Grab)
Cost: ⬡
Effect: Strong Throw

  • Puppet Fighter: :ultkrool:(Color 8)
  • Stage: Wii Fit Studio Ω
  • Music Track: E. Honda Stage Type A
  • Match: Stamina (100HP)
  • Conditions:
    • Stamina battle
    • The enemy favors grabs and throws
    • All fighters have reduced jump power


Class: Ace
Stage: Saffron City
Song: Mr. Top Player
Opponent(s): Ken
Rules: The enemies attack speed is increased, The enemy likes to taunt, 100% Stamina
Ability: all attack power up

Class: Novice
Stage: Fourside
Song: Theme of Q
Opponent(s): Grey ROB
Rules: Punches and throws have increased power, Stamina Battle
Ability: all attack power up

d7lh3u4-0e3570d5-3b53-4a6b-b01d-4507e781461e (1).png

Guy & Cody
Class: Advanced
Stage: New Donk City
Song: Guy Theme
Opponent(s): Ken, Greninja
Rules: Stamina Battle
Ability: Critical Hit ↑

Class: Advanced Neutral Support
Stage: Pictochat
Opponent(s): Giant White Kirby
Rules: Pokeballs only containing ditto will appear, Super Mushrooms and Poison Mushrooms will appear frequently

Class: Ace Primary Attack
Stage: New Donk City
Opponent(s): Little Mac (Yellow)
Rules: The opponents fisical attacks deal more damage
Stage: Opera House
See the source image

You can play on a flat stage with platforms above the stage you can also stand on. Ultros will sometimes appear as an obstacle.

Item: Megalixir


Restores 100% damage taken and temporarily boosts your special moves.

Assist Trophy: Tifa

Uses her Limit Breaks in order:

  • Beat Rush
  • Somersault
  • Waterkick
  • Meteodrive
  • Dolphin Blow
  • Meteor Strike
  • Final Heaven

Main Theme (Final Fantasy)
2. Battle Scene (Final Fantasy)
3. The Dreadful Fight (Final Fantasy IV)
4. The Final Battle (Final Fantasy IV)
5. Battle at the Big Bridge (Final Fantasy V)
6. Battle Theme (Final Fantasy VI)
7. Terra's Theme (Final Fantasy VI)
8. Dancing Mad (Final Fantasy VI)
9. Prelude (Final Fantasy VII)
10. The Man With The Machine Gun (Final Fantasy VIII)
11. Dark Messenger (Final Fantasy IX)
12. Battle Theme (Final Fantasy X)
13. The Price Of Freedom (Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII)
14. Blinded By Light (Final Fantasy XIII)
15. Safe Haven (Final Fantasy XV)
16. Crystalline Chill (Final Fantasy XV)
17. Bros On The Road (Final Fantasy XV)
18. Altissia (Final Fantasy XV)
19. To The Edge (Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers)
20. Shadows Rising (Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin)

Echo Fighter: Zack (Echo of Zack)

He'd be an echo of Cloud. He'd be pretty similar, but with his moves being slightly changed to fit Zack's moves in Crisis Core. These include cross slash being changed to chain slash and his down b shooting a metaor. Limit charge works the same but he uses Apocalyose. He doesn't hit as hard as Cloud but is a lot faster.

Mii Costumes:
1. Black Mage (Swordfighter)
2. Terra (Swordfighter)
3. Squall (Swordfighter)
4. Tidus (Swordfighter)
5. Noctis (Swordfighter)


View attachment 318378Noctis Lucis Caelum (FINAL FANTASY XV)

Class: ★★★★
Type: Primary (Shield)
Slots: ⬡⬡⬡
Effect: Sword Attack ↑

  • Puppet Fighter: :ultcloud: (Color 4)
  • Minions:
    • :ultike: (Color 8)
    • :ultken: (Color 2; starts the battle with a Ray Gun)
  • Stage: Prism Tower
  • Music: Bros on the Road
  • Match: Stock (1)
  • Items:
    • Swords
    • Shooting Weapons
  • Conditions:
    • Defeat the main fighter to win
    • Hostile Assist Trophies (Chef Kawasaki)
    • The enemy (:ultcloud:) will suddenly have a Final Smash


Terra Brandford
Class: Ace
Stage: Skyloft
Song: Terra's Theme (Final Fantasy VI)
Opponent(s): Green Lucina
Rules: The enemy's sword attacks are increased, the enemy has increased attack power when the enemy's at high damage.
Ability: Can Be Enhanced at Lv. 99


Esper Terra
Ability: Magic Attack ↑


Kefka Palazzo
Class: Legend
Stage: Umbra Clock Tower
Song: Dancing Mad (Final Fantasy VI)
Opponent(s): Red Robin
Rules: The enemy's magic attacks have increased power, Stamina battle.
Ability: Can Be Enhanced at Lv. 99


God Kefka
Ability: Magic Attack ↑


Class: Ace
Stage: Wuhu Island
Song: Battle Theme (Final Fantasy X)
Opponent(s): Swim Trunks Shulk
Rules: The enemy starts the battle with a Beastball equipped.
Ability: Giant Killer


Squall Leonhart
Class: Ace
Stage: Midgar
Song: The Man With The Machine Gun (Final Fantasy VIII)
Opponent(s): Black Roy
Rules: The enemy's fire attacks have increased power, the enemy will suddenly have a Final Smash, the enemy favors Neutral Specials
Ability: Shooting Power Increased
Stage: Gates of Paradiso

Stage takes place in the air. There are a few (two to four) of floating little islands with buildings like the ones on top, that act as platforms. These have platforms and pillers that can be destroyed. Three flying enimies like the one in the image above will fly in and can be used as platforms to get higher. The large golden gates are in the background and golden light will sometimes fill the stage

Item: Odette


When used, the fighter gains increased movement speed but will be only able to dash instead of walking, this will lower their traction as they'll slide when turning, but will leave ice behind that will freeze foes

Assist Trophy: Enzo


Bayonetta's go to informat. Once summoned he'll run around the stage and try to avoid being hit. He'll reach into a present box and pull out a helpful item, which he'll fling to his summoner. If hit he'll roll and knock into any fighters in his path

1. Splash a Wave Climax Mix (Bayonetta)
Space Harrier Climax Mix (Bayonetta)
3. The Greatest Jubilee (Bayonetta)
4. Fly Me To The Moon (Bayonetta)
5. Moon River (Bayonetta 2)
6. Al Fine (Bayonetta 3)
7. Gh()st (Bayonetta 3)
8. Moonlight Serenade (Bayonetta 3)

Echo Fighter: Jeanne

She'd be lighter than Bayo but a bit slower She has stronger wicked weaves but requires a bit more precision with to use, especially with Witch Time.

Mii Costumes:
1. Balder (Swordfighter)
2. Enzo (Brawler)
3. Luka (Brawler)
4. Bayonetta 3 Bayonetta (Gunner)
5. Viola (Swordfighter)


Viola(Render) (1).png

Class: Ace
Stage: Umbra Clock Tower
Song: Gh( )st
Opponent(s): Lucina, Incineroar
Rules: The enemy's sword attacks are increased, Defeat the main enemy (Lucina) to win
Ability: Weapon Attack ↑


Class: Novice
Stage: New Donk City
Song: Moon River
Opponent(s): Wario, Bayonetta, Jeanne
Rules: Defeat the main fighter (Wario) to win, the enemy avoids attacking, assist trophies (Enzo) will spawn.
Ability: Item Gravitation

Cereza (Bayonetta Origins)
1024x500 Bayonetta Origins Cereza and the Lost Demon HD 1024x500 ...

Class: Advanced
Stage: Distant Planet (Final Destination)
Song: Let's Hit The Climax!
Opponents: Bayonetta (Tiny, super armour), Wolf (pink)
Rules: Defeat the main opponent to win


Song: Red and Black
Stage: Omega Brinstar
Opponents: NES Ridley x 9
Rules: 3 Ridleys have Death's Scythe, 3 have Beam Swords, and 3 have Super Scopes.



Opponent: B&W Dedede x 3, metal Dedede
Stage: Gareg Mach Monestary (first form)
Song: Friendship
Rules: The first Dedede is regular, the second is big, and the third is big with an Ore Club, Metal Dedede has a Rage Blaster and is giant. Defeat one to progress to the next.

Bayonetta (Bayonetta 3)

Class: Ace
Stage: Umbra Clock Tower
Song: Al Fine
Opponent(s): Bayonetta (X6)
Rules: Defeat all opponents to win
Stage: Gone Fission Hydroplant

This stage takes place over the length of the map.

In terms of hazards The tide can change from low tide turning the stage into a walkoff into hightide where only the tallet platforms aren't covered in water

In the background many salmon can be seen roaming around and a few bosses can even interact with the stage

Flyfish - Will appear and launch several missiles at the stage
Slammin' Lid - Will appear and act as a floating platform until someone walks underneath it and slams down on them or if someone KOs the salmon piloting the lid
Stinger - Will appear far in the background and shoot out a beam very similar to ZSS' Final Smash
Maws - Will swim around the stage and eat players that don't move from it's buoy
Big Shot - Will fire damaging explosives from the background.

Item: Fizzy Bomb

This is a grenade type weapon, Picking it up and throwing it leads to 1 quick explosion, dash dancing while holding it charges it up, once fully charged it can explode 3 times

Assist Trophy: Off the Hook

A sister AT to the Squid Sisters. Rather than zooming in the stage, green and pink lights and fog make all areas except where they stand hard to see and slow to walk in. They play Colour Pulse

Lobby (Splatoon)
2. Online Waiting Room (Splatoon)
2. Nasty Majesty (Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion)
3. Fly Octo Fly (Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion)
4. Sea Me Now (Splatoon 3)
5. Til Depth Do Us Part (Splatoon 3)
6. Anarchy Rainbow (Splatoon 3)

Echo Fighter: Octoling (Inkling)

Their moveset would not be that different, but their ink-related moves would cover you in more ink than the Inkling's move, but the Octoling's moves would use up around a half more ink than the Inkling.

Mii Costumes: Big Man (Hat), Marina (Swordfighter, uses Splat Brella), Pearl (Gunner, uses Splat Dualie), Octoling Octopus (Hat), Annie (Brawler)


Stage: Omega Hanenbow
Opponents: Inkling (default) x 4
Rules: You are slow, stamina, foes are fast, foes favour neutral special, your speed increases with every foe KO'd
Song: Splattack (Remix)

Pineapple on Pizza is Delicious


Stage: Dracula's Castle
Song: One Winged Angel (Advent Children)
Opponents: Ridley x 13
Ally: Isabelle
Rules: All foes have Ore Clubs, Isabelle is set to stamina; has 0 HP; and faints immediately at the start of the match.
Stage: Clock Tower

Players fight in the gears. There's a large gear jn the middle thay acts as the main platform which some gears on the top and bottom that you can throw your opponent into for combo potential.

Item: Medusa Head


After being picked up and thrown, it will fly back and forth and will hit opponents that happen to be in its path.

Assist Trophy: Sypha Belnades

She'll appear and cast a protective spell around her summoner that will create a ring of blue fire around them that will protect them and damage anyone who gets near.

1. Basement Melodies (Haunted Castle)
Go Go In The Castle! (Kid Dracula)
3. Theme of Simon Belmont (Castlevania Chronicles)
4. Bloody Tears (Castlevania Legends)
5. Marble Gallery (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night)
6. Dance Hall (Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow)

Echo Fighter: Kid Dracula (Olimar)

Jab, tilts, and nair are unchanged. All Pikmin melee moves have the effect of the Red Pikmin and are just Kid Dracula manipulating fire. Side B is a fire projectile that does more damage than an initial Pikmin throw but not more overall damage. Side B also has more range with Kid Drac. For Up B he turns into a bat (same function as Olimar with no Pikmin), for Down B, the dots that normally come out of the whistle are replaced by Seeker shots that do damage, the move is kind of like a Melee shine in that it does very little damage but is a great close range combo tool. Neutral B is a weaker, slightly faster Falcon Punch.

Mii Costumes:
1. Alucard (Swordfighter)
2. Soma Cruz (Swordfighter)
3. Shanoa (Swordfighter)
4. Medusa Head (Hat)
5. Maria Renard (Gunner)

Simon (Captain N)

Stage: Luigi's Mansion
Opponent: Simon (Purple), Zero Suit Samus (Blue bikini)
Song: Famicom Medley
Rules: Simon likes to taunt, Simon is passive, an item tidal wave of containers will spawn, Samus avoids items while Simon is distracted by them

Alucard (Captain N)

Opponent: Ness, white Mr. Game & Watch x 3
Stage: Omega Luigi's Mansion
Song: Multi-Man Melee 1
Rules: Ness is lightning fast, defeat Ness to win


Stage: Dracula’s Castle
Song: Dance Hall
Opponent: Robin (bunny ears)
Rules: The enemy tends to avoid combat, items gravitate towards the enemy, clock items will spawn


Stage: Dracula’s Castle (Final Destination)
Song: The Tragic Prince
Opponents: Kirby (red), Mii Brawler x6
Rules: Defeat the main enemy to win, Kirby tends to avoid conflict, Kirby prefers his down special

Eric Lecarde

Stage: Dracula's Castle
Opponent: Blue Corrin
Song: Iron-Blue Intention
Rules: Enemy mainly uses Smash attacks.

Saint Germain

Stage: Umbrella Clock Tower
Opponent: Red Joker
Song: Out of Time
Rules: Timers will spawn. Match is timed.
Stage: Junes

In the centre is a foodcourt with an open area. On the left are two areas with breakable ceilings: an electronics store and a grocery store:

The electronics store has breakable TV’s and the grocery store has food.

Item: Calling Card

Throw it at a foe and a bounty will be placed on them. KOing them gives you an extra point in time battles, and restores a stock in stock mode. Only appears in free-for-alls

Assist Trophy: Futaba Sakura

She'll summon her Persona and will heal her summoner and boost their stats.

Satomi Tadashi Pharmacy (Revelations: Persona)
2. Unbreakable Tie (Persona 2: Innocent Sin)
3. Burn My Dread (Persona 3)
4. P3 FES (Persona 3 FES)
5. Dream of Butterfly (Persona)
6. Break Out Of… (Persona 4 Arena Ultimax)
7. Maze of Life (Persona Q)
8. SNOWFLAKES -NARASAKI REMIX- (Persona 4: Dancing All Night)
9. Junes Theme (Persona 4: Dancing All Night)
10. Life Will Change (Persona 5)
11. The Days When My Mother Was There (Persona 5)
12. Light The Fire Up In The Night “KAGEJIKAN” + “MAYONAKA” (Persona 3: Dancing In Moonlight)
13. I Believe (Persona 5 Royal)
14. Throw Away Your Mask (Persona 5 Royal)
15. You Are Stronger (Persona 5 Strikers)
16. Welcome to the Jail - Another Version - (Persona 5 Strikers)
17. Daredevil (Persona 5 Strikers)
18. Counter Strike (Persona 5 Strikers)

Echo Fighter: Margaret (Zelda)

She would be a bit faster and all of the magic attacks are renamed/rethemed and each one also has her summon a persona to cast the magic. Margaret also wields her tome of personas.

The phantom is replaced with Yo****sune, Neutral Special takes on the effects she had in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax and the final smash is similar but has the opponents being pulled towards her book and casts Megidolaon

Mii Costumes:
1. Maya Amano (Brawler)
2. Chie (Brawler)
3. Aigis (Gunner)
4. Jack Frost (Hat)
5. Gag Glasses (Hat)

Yu Narukami

Class: Ace
Stage: Mementos
Song: I'll Face Myself
Opponent(s): Robin, Meta Knight (White)
Rules: Defeat the Main Fighter to Win


Class: Ace
Stage: Mementos
Song: Reach out to the Truth
Opponent(s): Red Kirby
Rules: Floor is Freeze inducing, bomb-abombs spawn


Stage: Junes
Song: Satomi Tadashi Pharmacy
Opponent: Joker (Shujin academy)
Rules: The enemy tends to avoid conflict, items spawn frequently


Stage: Garreg Mach Monastery
Song: Life Will Change
Opponents: Zelda (brown hair alt), King Dedede, Marth (gold alt) x2, Black Knight mii brawler x2
Rules: Defeat Zelda or Dedede to win
Stage: Vs. Malroth

A flat walkoff with 16-bit graphics and a ceiling (the stats of the party members). Every 30 seconds, either Malroth or the one of party members will do will an attack, obviously being turn based (albiet going dragon-party-dragon-party, not party-party-party-dragon-party-party-party-dragon, with which party member gets to attack also being random). Malroth's attacks can damage fighters, the princess' magic will heal fighters, the prince's magic will power down Malroth, and the hero's attacks damages Malroth, which makes him mad and therefore more powerful. Neither Malroth nor the party members ever get killed.

Item: Faeire Flute

Using it will cuase an effect that will make fighters fall asleep, like hero's snooze or Jigglypuff's sing.

Assist Trophy: Stella

Stella would fly around and casting various sizzle spells before flying up to the screen and taking a photo of herself and the battlefield that damages opponents and blocks the screen

Overture (Dragon Quest)
2. Intermezzo (Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation)
3. Violent Enemies (Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride)
4. Great Battle in the Vast Sky (Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King)
5. Evil One (Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Sky)
6. Are You A Loser? (Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Sky)

Echo Fighter: Anlucia (Hero)

She would be the same as hero but instead of the Crit mechanic she has a tipper

Mii Costumes:
1. Madason (Gunner)
2. Dai (Swordfighter)
3. Dragon Quest IX Hero (Swordfighter)
4. Sylvando (Swordfighter)
5. Jade (Swordfighter)


Stage: Vs Malroth
Song: War Cry
Opponent: Robin (blue), Ridley (giant)
Rules: Ridley is hard to make flinch

Enhances into Dragonlord (Dragon)
Stage: Clanker’s Cavern

Players fight on a stage made of old junk and covered in grime. The stage will eventually fill up with dirty water and Clanker will swim through the background. There are large vents on the stage, and at certain points a wanrning will play and clanker will stick his head through and try to chomp down on fighters.

Item: Springy Step Shoes

Fighter will jump higher when equiped

Assist Trophy: Mumbo Jumbo


He would cast a spell that affects every fighter on the stage, and each fighter would undergo a different random transformation or status effect.

Gruntilda’s Lair Medley (Banjo-Kazooie)
2. Clanker’s Cavern (Banjo-Kazooie)
3. Rusty Bucket Bay (Banjo-Kazooie)
4. Spiral Mountain Re-Jiggyed (Banjo-Kazooie: Re-Jiggyed)
5. Nutty Acres Jiggy Challenge (Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts)
6. Showdown Town (Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts)
7. Logbox 720 Night (Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts)
8. The Final Fight (Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts)

Mii Costumes:
1. Rare Eyes (Hat)
2. Mumbo Jumbo (Swordfighter)
3. Gruntilda (Gunner)
4. Jinjo (Hat)
5. Bottles (Hat)


Stage: Spiral Mountain
Song: Gruntilda’s Lair Medley
Opponent: Peach
Rules: The opponent starts the battle with a star rod, the opponent is lighter

Banjo & Kazooie (Nuts & Bolts)

Song: Showdown Town
Stage: Corneria
Opponents: Banjo & Kazooie, giant dark blue Harry
Rules: Banjo doesn't use his special moves, Banjo has a Star Rod equipped

Trophy Thomas

Song: Logbox 720 (Night)
Opponent: Blue coat Fox
Stage: Yoshi's Story
Rules: Foe is extremely fast, foe avoids conflict, foe likes to taunt, defeat within a minute and a half


Class: Legend
Stage: Luigi's Mansion
Song: Vs. Klungo
Opponent(s): King K. Rool
Rules: Enemy will grow giant, enemy will turn invisible, two other K. Rools will spawn.
Note: Includes other SNK titles

Stage: Geese Tower


The home of the big bad of South Town. Players fight inside the tower, which is a closed space with two windows to the side. Players must deal damage in order too throw their opponents through the window and into the city streets. Geese sits in the middle of the stage, along with other FF baddies like Billy Kane, Yamazaki and Hein.

Item: Flame Shot

It lets you shoot clouds of fire while it’s active. Unlike the fire flower item these are more like explosions and have a lot of knock back.

Assist Trophy: Tizoc

He would first run around using a few of his neutral moves

And then Tizoc has a few special moves

Justice Hurricane: Tizoc would grab the opponent go in the air and slam them on the ground

Poseidon Wave: A Powerful Clothesline move similar to incineroars

Olympus Over: Tizoc Jumps and lands dealing big damage

Icarus Crash: Tizoc grabs an opponent in mid air and slams them into the ground

And finally before leaving he will use

Big Fall Griffon: Tizoc grabs the opponent shoves them upwards and stands on them

After Big Fall Griffon Tizoc taunts and leaves

London March (The King of Fighters ‘97)
2. Akari’s Song (The Last Blade)
3. The Origin of Mind (The King of Fighters ‘98)
4. Sie Kensou Theme (Athena: Awakening From The Ordinary Life)
5. Encounter (Athena: Awakening From The Ordinary Life)
6. Spread The Wings (Garou: Mark of the Wolves)
7. Goodbye Esaka (The King of Fighters 2000)
8. This Is True Love Makin’ (Capcom vs. SNK 2)
9. Barracks (Metal Slug XX)
10. Smoking Hot (Samurai Shodown)
11. Now or Never (The King of Fighters XV)
12. Under The Control Of… (The King of Fighters XV)
13. Fictitious or Real (The King of Fighters XV)
14. Slushy Road (The King of Fighters XV)
15. Time For Revolution It’s Our Generation (The King of Fighters XV)
16. Like A Queen (The King of Fighters XV)

Echo Fighter: Fio (Echo of Snake)

Fio would be a lighter snake with less physical attacks and more disjoints

Up Special is replaced with
picking Fio up

Down special is replaced with Zantetsu Sword

Fio would also have a costume for Marco, Tarma and Eri

Mii Costumes:
1. Isla (Gunner)
2. K’ (Brawler)
3. Marco Rossi (Gunner)
4. Athena Asamiya (Brawler)
5. Sylvie Paula Paula (Brawler)

Mai Shiranui.png
Mai Shiranui (Fatal Fury 2)
(Artwork: Real Bout Fatal Fury Special)

Class: ★★★
Type: Primary (Attack)
Slots: ⬡⬡⬡
Effect: Fire Attack ↑

  • Puppet Fighter: :ultbayonetta1:(Color 6)
  • Stage: Kongo Falls Ω
  • Music: This is True Love Makin'
  • Match: Stamina (140HP)
  • Hazard: Lava Floor
  • Conditions:
    • Stamina battle
    • All fighters have reduced jump power
    • The floor is lava

Yuri Sakazaki.png
Yuri Sakazaki (Art of Fighting)
(Artwork: The King of FIghters '98)

Class: ★
Type: Support (Neutral)
Cost: ⬡
Effect: Transformation Duration ↑

  • Puppet Fighter: :ultdaisy:(Color 7)
  • Stage: Tomodachi Life Ω
  • Music: Like a Queen
  • Match: Stamina (120HP)
  • Conditions:
    • Stamina battle
    • The enemy favors side specials
    • The enemy loves to taunt


Stage: Arena Ferox (Final Destination)
Song: KD-0079
Opponents: Captain Falcon, Donkey Kong (metal), Zero Suit Samus
Rules: Jump power down, stamina battle, Captain Falcon can breathe fire


Stage: King of Fighters Stadium
Song: Ne!
Opponent: Peach x3 (white)
Rules: Jump power down, stamina battle, The enemy will occasionally be invincible
Stage: Sky Arena

This stage would basically be FD in the middle of the air in front of the Max Brass head and audience. With the ropes from Boxing Ring and some platforms that appear on the side and occasionally shoot fire out of

Item: Test Tube


It’s difficult to destroy but if you do by dealing enough damage to it it will release harmful chemicals capable of damaging opponents but it can also release items for you to pick up.


He acts the same as the Spring Man assist trophy only slower and heavier.

Party Crash (Arms)

Mii Costumes:
1. Lola Pop (Brawler)
2. Mechanica (Brawler)
3. Mintendo Noodle Bowl (Hat)
4. Master Mummy (Brawler)

Echo Fighter: Ninjara (Echo of Min Min)

Some differences:
  • ARMS
    • Chakram
    • Ice Dragon (freezes opponents)
    • Megaton
  • Up B: Ninja Vanish
    • Ninjara vanishes into a puff of smoke, then reappears in the direction tilted.
  • Unlike Min Min, Ninjara can’t reflect projectiles with his Up Smash
  • Much faster than Min Min and has a slightly better jump
Stage: Temple (Final Destination)
Song: Temple Grounds
Opponent: Captain Falcon (Gold)
Rules: The enemy has increased jump power, the enemy has increased power to punch attacks

Dr. Coyle

Stage: Frigate Orpheon (Battlefield)
Opponent: Peach (Green)
Rules: The floor is electrified, the enemy has increased jump power, the enemy has increased damage to punch moves, test tube item will spawn
Stage: The Nether

The stage takes place on a large Nether Fortress, providing a good analogue to Hyrule Temple. However, background Ghasts will occasionally fire into the foreground, temporarily destroying some bridges like on Bridge of Eldin.

Item: Potions

Potions would come in 3 variations and then each variation would have many effects
The 3 variations are Potion, Splash Potion and Lingering Potion
Potions are used immediately when picked up, Splash Potions can be thrown, Lingering potions leave a patch of the potion on the ground for a few seconds
The potion effects are as follows
-Instant Health (Heals 30%)
-Regeneration (Heals 50% over a few seconds)
-Instant Damage (Instantly take 20% damage)
-Strength (Increases Damage)
-Resistance (Gain Super Armor)
-Leaping (Increases Jump Height)
-Poison (Take 40% Damage over a few seconds)
-Slow Falling (Decreases Air Speed)
-Weakness (Decreases damage)
-Luck (Increases KO Power)
-Speed (Increases Speed)
-Slowness (Decreases Speed)
-Water Bottle (Does Nothing)

Assist Trophy: Creeper


Creeper as an assist trophy,it approaches the opponent and explodes itself

Sweden (Minecraft)
2. Music Disc Medley (Minecraft)
3. Double Time (Minecraft)
4. Pigstep (Minecraft)
5. Otherside (Minecraft)
6. Klyka (Minecraft Dungeons)
7. Squall (Minecraft Dungeons)
8. Tom Acinder (Minecraft Dungeons)

Mii Costumes:
1. Vindicator (Swordfighter)
2. Cow (Brawler)
3. Ender Dragon (Hat)
4. Mushroom (Hat)


Stage: Minecraft World
Song: Sweden
Opponents: Mii Brawler (Pig) x3
Rules: The enemies try to avoid conflict, one enemy is small


Stage: Nether
Song: Pigstep
Opponents: Orange Kirby x5
Rules: The enemies breathe fire, the enemies have increased jump power


Stage: Luigi's Mansion
Song: The Arch Illager
Opponent: 1 Blue Robin and 3 Tiny Dark pits
Rules: The enemies magical attacks are more powerful


Minecraft World
Song: Sweden
Opponent(s): 3 Tiny Blue Pits
Rules: The enemy tends to avoid combat
Stage: Mishima HQ

The stage takes place on a platform that rises up through the building in a large elevator shaft. Eventually it will rise up to the roof of the building, where it sill settle. Jacks fly around in the background and characters like Jin, Nina, Lars and Alisa make cameos.

Item: Tekken Ball

The ball floats in the air after every attack and if it hits the ground it pops and deals damage to the closest player. If you hit it into someone it can also do damage to them.

Assist Trophy: Kuma

He walks slowly across the stage, slapping anyone who gets close to him. He also occasionally does dash attacks. He ends with pulling out a huge salmon and swinging it forward.

Fiji (Tekken)
2. Angkor Wat (Tekken)
3. Morning Field (Tekken 2)
4. Yoshimitsu Stage (Tekken Tag Tournament)
5. Hwoarang Stage (Tekken Tag Tournament)
6. Touch and Go (Tekken 4)
7. Desert Wasteland (Tekken 3D: Prime Edition)
8. Knocc ‘em Down (Tekken Tag Tournament 2)
9. High School Love (Tekken Tag Tournament 2)
10. Atrocity 1st (Tekken 7)
11. Cave of Enlightenment (Tekken 7)
12. Fist Meets Fate (Tekken 8)

Echo Fighter: Devil Jin (Echo of Kazuya)

Devil Jin fights closely to his father’s fighting style, with some differences, of course.

Mii Costumes:
1. King (Brawler)
2. Alisa (Swordfighter)
3. Paul Phoenix (Brawler)
4. Xiaoyu (Brawler)
5. Yoshimitsu (Swordfighter)


View attachment 343224Jun Kazama (Tekken 2)
(Artwork: Tekken Tag Tournament 2)

Class: ★★★★
Type: Support (Grab)
Cost: ⬡⬡
Effect: Critical Healing & Metal

  • Puppet Fighter: :ultkazuya: (Color 7)
  • Minion:
    • :ultwolf: (Color 8)
  • Stage: Yoshi's Island (Brawl)
  • Music: Emotionless Passion
  • Match: Stock (1)
  • Hazard: Poison Floor
  • Conditions:
    • The floor is poisonous
    • The enemy turns metal when badly damaged
    • The enemy heals over time

Bob Richards

Class: Advanced
Stage: Wii Fit Studio
Song: Yodeling in Meadow Hill
Opponent(s): Red K. Rool
Rule: Enemy loves to Tilt and use Smash attacks. Food will spawn.

Alisa Bosconovitch

Class: Advanced
Stage: Mishima HQ
Song: Heat Haze Shadow
Opponent(s): Pyra, Dr. Mario
Rule: Enemy is more powerful at low health, defeat the man fighter to win

Emilie de Rochefort

Class: Advanced
Stage: Mishima HQ
Song: High School Love
Opponents: Zelda (white alt), Dr Mario (black alt)
Rules: Defeat the main enemy to win


Class: Ace
Stage: Temple (Final Destination)
Song: Hwoarang Stage
Opponents: Roy, Chrom (black alt)
Rules: The enemy has increased jump, the enemy tends to use aerial attacks
Stage: Keyblade Graveyard

The stage takes place on some cliffs in the Keyblade Graveyard with countless keyblades in the background, The layout is Kalos with an extra platform on each end. Occasionally a large pillar of Keyblades may attack the stage.


Once interacted with, you can skate around and you will be much faster but also slippery with a damaging jump, Your down air is replaced with an attack similar to Jake's Down air in Multiversus.

Assist Trophy: Meow Wow

Will bounce around the stage, and will send out a healing effect to its summoner

Simple and Clean (Kingdom Hearts)
2. Deep Jungle (Kingdom Hearts)
3. Pirate’s Gigue (Kingdom Hearts)
4. Forze del Male (Kingdom Hearts)
5. Simple & Clean Planitb Mix (Kingdom Hearts)
6. Timeless River (Kingdom Hearts II)
7. Sanctuary (Kingdom Hearts II)
8. The 13th Struggle (Kingdom Hearts II)
9. The 13th Dilemma (Kingdom Hearts II)
10. Darkness of the Unknown (Kingdom Hearts II)
11. The Other Promise (Kingdom Hearts II)
12. Lord of the Castle (Kingdom Hearts re:Chain of Memories)
13. Vector to the Heavens (Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days)
14. Face My Fears (Kingdom Hearts III)
15. Forza Finale (Kingdom Hearts III)

Mii Costumes:
1. Organization XIII Outfit (Brawler)
2. Aqua (Swordfighter)
3. Mage Outfit (Gunner)
4. Terra (Swordfighter)
5. Vanitas (Swordfighter)


Donald Duck & Goofy (TOP SECRET)
(Artwork: KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.5 ReMix)

Class: ★★★
Type: Support (Shield)
Cost: ⬡⬡
Effect: Autoheal

  • Puppet Fighter: :ultsora: (default)
    • Minion: :ultduckhunt: (Color 2)
  • Stage: Hollow Bastion
  • Music: Hand in Hand
  • Match: Stock (1)
  • Conditions:
    • Defeat the main fighter to win
    • The enemy heals over time
    • The enemy has incr


Support 3-slots
Gain an extra stock
Keyblade Graveyard
Forza Finale (Kingdom Hearts III)
Wolf, Mewtwo, Robin, Snake, Ganondorf
Stamina Battle, Deep Fog, Each opponents special attacks are more powerful, you must defeat each opponent to win.

King Mickey
Class: Legend
Stage: Flat Zone
Song: Timeless River
Opponent(s): Mr. Game and Watch, Duck Hunt, Sora (Timeless River)
Rules: Defeat the main opponent to win

Princesses of Heart
Class: Ace
Stage: Hollow Bastion
Song: Destati
Opponent(s): Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, Zelda, Female Corrin, Female Villager, Pyra
Rules: Enemies avoid combat. Defeat all enemies to win


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Ed Bighead for NASB 2
ok we know a bowsers castle will win but

Dire Dire Bay

This stage is somewhat of a combination of Jolly Roger Bay and Dire Dire Docks, mostly the prior. You begin on the Jolly Roger Bay ship pre-capsize as it floats across - the water in swimmable in this portion and it faces sideways, meaning there is a wall. Eventually it will capsize and all fighters will fall to the bottom of the sea as the ship shifts to face forwards. When underwater, gravity is reduced and there is land below the ship that can be walked on. Unagi lurks underwater and will peek out of his signature hole to warn you before biting, which 1HKOs. Eventually, a geyser will send the ship shooting back upwards and back on land, making it face the opposite direction as before (so if the wall was to the left at first, it'll be to the right now) and switching from the peaceful shores to the dire, dire metalic tunnel of Dire Dire Bay - both direction and location rotate.


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Apr 4, 2020
Job 1

Rainbow Road

It would be a port of the 3DS stage

Job 2

Goomba Shoe

You would be able to ride in it and it functions like how it does in the games, you can jump very high and stomp on opponents to deal damage.

Deleted member


Bowser's Castle

Would look kind of like the above, but larger and with two to three extra platforms. And it would take place inside the castle, with the statue in the back and various pictures. Some caged Toads would appear. Lava will rise up the stage, those little fire enemies jumping out, and Thomps will fall down, braking the platforms.

Sort of like this:

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images (7) (11).jpeg

Bowser Express
The stage itself takes place on the Bowser Express from Mario 3D World being similar to the Spirit Train stage. The layout would be like the level itself, falling onto the tracks will damage you.

Not only that, but a stage hazard being none other than the Bullet Bill Express which appears in the background on a second bridge and starts firing Bullet Bills and Banzai Bills as well the red homing Bull's-Eye Bill at the train and fighters before speeding off.


Ice Flower
Using a Ice Flower will let you shoot ice balls at opponents slowing them down as well freezing them into a sliding block of ice which can be picked up and thrown.


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JOB 2:
Assuming they are okay with it, I'd like to resubmit Baysha's Werid Mushroom from the Super Mario Smash Bros thread.
Item #1: Weird Mushroom

Similar to how it acts in Mario Maker. When someone touches it, they become skinny and have their jump height increased, their weight decreased become and floatier. Along with their jump sound effect sounding funkier. Normal mushrooms have a 1% chance to have their effect.

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Sep 15, 2018
*doxxes myself*
I’ll submit some things now and then finish this job in a few hours.

Stage: Choco Mountain

Based on the Mario Kart track of the same name, this one has you in a completely flat area with two slopes on either side, it’s difficult to go up the slopes meaning it’s also sometimes difficult to KO opponents. There are two platforms above the ground. There are two hazards that can sometimes appear: falling rocks and racers. Falling rocks come from the slopes and you have to go under the platforms to avoid them. Other times racers will go over the track (the racers are different colored Yoshi’s) and the most effective way to avoid them is to stand on the platforms.

Item: Red Koopa Shell

Same way it formerly worked in the previous smash games.
Aug 14, 2021
Bloodsauce Dungeon, Pizza Tower, ???
Job 1:
Super Bell Hill (SM3DW)

The first level from Super Mario 3D World and it's one of most memorable levels from this game and it should be in the game due to lack of SM3DW stages in SSBU.
The layout would be taken from the first part of the level, which it has bumpy hills and the layout also consists of 2 square hills on each side of the map.
This stage has cameos of mooks like Cat Goombas or Pipsqueaks for example. Occasionally, the sprixie princesses would fly in background, smiling at fighters.

Job 2:
Cape Feather (Super Mario World)

It's a power-up originating from Super Mario World on SNES that gives you an ability to glide and attack opponents.
Well, if you activate it, you get Mario's cape and your side B gets replace by Mario's side B - Cape. You could deflect projectiles and hit opponents with Cape.

You can also Glide with Cape like in Mario games.
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Sep 26, 2021
Job 1:Bob-Omb Battlefield

Bob-Omb Battlefield is the first and most famous level of Super Mario 64. the level design is the mountain of the level and appears black balls as stage hazards,kinda similar as Spiral Mountain

Job 2:Super Horn

Super Horn is a Mario Kart item,the Super Horn emits a large blast of sound around the character that deals damage,the player attacks with Super Horn pressing a normal attack button

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Sep 15, 2018
*doxxes myself*
Here are your options for stages:
Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Dire Dire Bay
cashregister9 cashregister9 Rainbow Road
@Darkonedagger Bowser's Castle
Northsouthmap Northsouthmap Dr. Mario
Mamboo07 Mamboo07 Bowser Expresss
Champion of Hyrule Champion of Hyrule Choco Mountain
Tankman from Newgrounds Tankman from Newgrounds Super Bell Hill
DragonRobotKing26 DragonRobotKing26 Bob-Omb Battlefield

And your options for items:
cashregister9 cashregister9 Goomba Shoe
Northsouthmap Northsouthmap Double Cherry
Mamboo07 Mamboo07 Ice Flower
Janx_uwu Janx_uwu Weird Mushroom
Champion of Hyrule Champion of Hyrule Red Koopa Shell
Tankman from Newgrounds Tankman from Newgrounds Cape Feather
DragonRobotKing26 DragonRobotKing26 Super Horn

Please vote for your top three most wanted for both in order. You can only put your own submission in second or third place.
My votes:
1. Bowser Express
2. Bowser Castle
3. Choco Mountain

1. Ice Flower
2. Weird Mushroom
3. Super Horn

Additionally, here's the next job:

Job #3: Discussion - How Should Echo Fighters Be Handled?
We might to do echo fighters but how should they be handled within our system? Should there be a job portion for echo fighter voting, or should people just be able to submit them whenever and we'll vote at the end? Is there any other way we could do it? If you don't think we should do echo fighters at all that's fine too. Wanna know some feedback on how this part of the thread could potentially be handled.


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May 17, 2020
Faraway Avalon
1. Rainbow Road
2. Choco Mountain
3. Bowser's Castle

1. Double Cherry
2. Cape Feather
3. Red Shell

I think we should have a set number at the beginning that will be our maximum, but we'll decide which series get echoes and how many they get as we go along.

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1. Rainbow Road
2. Bowser's Castle
3. Dr. Mario

1. Double Cherry
2. Cape Feather
3. Red Shell

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Sep 15, 2018
*doxxes myself*
Here are the results of the Job #1 and 2 voting:

Dire Dire Bay 0
Rainbow Road 9
Bowser’s Castle 11
Dr. Mario 5
Bowser Express 6
Choco Mountain 3
Super Bell Hill
Bob-omb Battlefield 0

Goomba Shoe 0
Double Cherry 15
Ice Flower 4
Weird Mushroom 3
Red Koopa Shell 4
Cape Feather 8
Super Horn 2

And so our two new bits of content will be: (to no one’s surprise but still exciting) Bowser’s Castle and Double Cherry!

Job #3 will remain open until tomorrow after which we will likely do a vote for the options people suggested. Whatever we choose, the Mario series will probably have an echo though lol.

Here is our next job:
Job #4: Submit An Assist Trophy From The Mario Series
Pretty much just what the title says, submit an idea for an assist trophy from the Mario series. DK, Yoshi and Wario series characters aren’t eligible. Please submit the character… or entity and explain how it would assist you in the battle.
Aug 14, 2021
Bloodsauce Dungeon, Pizza Tower, ???
Job 4:
Tatanga (Super Mario)

View attachment 349639View attachment 349640
(Official artwork (Left) and screenshot of how Tatanga works (Right))
Villainous role: Super Mario Land as Final Boss and Super Mario Land 2 as Boss.
Traits: Spaceship Control and Mischevious planning.

When Summoned via Ally Phone, he floats over stage and shoots the Bullets from sides to sides like in Original Super Mario Land. He even can dash at opponents with high speed that knock players to Blast Zone or stun sometimes.
He can be harmed or KOed by ranged Attacks like projectiles.
His Assist Incarnation is based on OG Super Mario Land game (His design is taken from artwork).

Inclusion of this assist is actually about revival of most forgotten character in Mario series, Tatanga would be cool if he was in Smash again, but as assist. He doesn't do so much, so we can include him as assist character. He could fun assist for the game like if you play with your friends on 8-player Smash with items and you can let anybody don't evade his bullets or his painful airdash. He could even represent SML in assist form.
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Captian Toad
He'll walk around much like his home game, swinging his pick axe at anyone who gets in his way.


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Apr 11, 2022
Cappy (Mario Odyssey)
He would capture a nearby opponent and cause status effects on them before releasing them.

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Sep 15, 2018
*doxxes myself*
...just gonna casually update this thread again even though it was like a week since I last did.
Anyways for echo fighters, we're going to do a vote at the start of content for each series to determine if it will get an echo fighter. We'll do this with Mario as well right now. Keep in mind though, you should only vote yes for each series if you think there are some ideas for echo fighters. This is not a measure of each series's importance, it's a measure of if they have potential for an echo fighter.
Should Mario get an echo? - Online Poll - StrawPoll.com

Anyways, Job #4 is closed now so please vote for your top three or two out of these options in order. You can only put your own submission in second or third place.
Tankman from Newgrounds Tankman from Newgrounds Tatanga
@Darkonedagger Captain Toad
Northsouthmap Northsouthmap Cappy
Perkilator Perkilator Lakitu & Spinies

My votes:
1. Tatanga
2. Toad
3. Spinies

Additionally, here's Job #5:
Job #5: Submit Music For The Mario Series
Submit a new music track from the Mario series to be put in this game. There's gonna be a limit of 25 music tracks that can be added in here and music will be handled the same way as the smash infinite thread where you can submit up to three music tracks. Original versions of tracks that are only in via remixes are allowed. Music from "meme games" (I hate that term but couldn't find any better one) like mario is missing, mario's time machine, hotel mario, etc. will be eligible but heavily restricted and only a few will be allowed. Please try to include links for each song.
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Sep 15, 2018
*doxxes myself*
Here are the results of the Job #4 voting:
Tatanga 11
Captain Toad 8
Cappy 5
Lakitu & Spinies 18

And so Lakitu & Spinies will be our assist trophy. Next job will start soon but for now I’ll change it so that people can submit four instead of three music tracks henceforth. So if anyone submitted three music tracks you can submit some more.
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