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Post your Grunty Rhymes

Venus of the Desert Bloom

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Jul 30, 2007
We don’t have any confirmation that Gruntilda will provide comedic commentary on our beloved fighters but she does appear in some capacity on the Spiral Mountain stage. Bearing that in mind, let’s post our own Grunty rhymes for the entire cast!
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Sep 3, 2018
Houston, Texas
Here are some of my old Gruntilda rhymes I have posted in the past on this site.

Gruntilda: Will it be now, or will be be never, or will it be another year until the stupid bear and bird knocks on the door?

Gruntilda: You stole my line, now how about you have a spell of mine.

Gruntilda: You mean the king with a merry old soul? Well I think he has no soul.


Here are some new ones.

Gruntilda: Look at the stupid bear and bird go! See how they play, they will kick your butt, as they climb up the tier list each day.

Gruntilda: Watch me fly above your head, as I'm about to drop a Whomp on your head.

Gruntilda: This time the bear and bird shines, next time I shine.
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Aug 17, 2018
Mario: You're fighting skills are such a bummer, if I were you, I'd stay a plumber!
Pikachu: Egads! Look, it's a filthy rat! Let me go and find my bat!
Sonic: How annoying is that blue hedgehog? Stop talking or I'll stuff your mouth with a chili dog!

(Disclaimer: these will never happen)

Bayonetta's would certainly be interesting... Though, when it comes to finding a rhyme, there's only one I can think of. :chuckle:
I am curious if they do Grunty's rhymes, how they would do it. What rhymes in one language won't carry over to the next. Perhaps Sakurai would ask NOA and the Treehouse to come up with English ones? The translation issue, alone, I think makes this one more difficult, and I'm not expecting it (though, I'd really love it).
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Sep 7, 2018
:ultmario: I don't much like that a little plumber, but the bear and bird are still much dumber.

:ultpit: try this pit, it will be fun, use your wings to reach the Sun.

:ultdiddy: do you remember banjo, from that N64 race? I'll slip you a banana if you scratch up his face.

:ultlucas:Run along boy, you're not meant for Brawling, I think I hear your mother calling.

:ultdk:He's the leader of the bunch, you know him well, I must hold my nose because of his smell.

:ultsonic: Youre too fast for the naked eye, but you vant outrun the egg shaped guy?

:ultpokemontrainer: You want to be the very best. Like no one ever was? If that's your team, then give it up, you're just a lost cause.

:ultlittlemac:Hey mac baby, theres no rules in this fight. So hit under the belt with all of your might.


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Jun 27, 2014
:ultridley: A couplet for Ridley? Two lines won’t do-
A chap this large needs a sonnet or two!
Apr 4, 2015
Rareware Winners Lounge
Some of these are on the harsh side, but they fit incredibly well and ooze that classic Grunty sass, great work there Zoologist! Copied from the social thread:

Glad you asked, friend-o! I actually took the liberty of coming up with some a few weeks before E3 to hype people up! I'm so glad it's a possibility now and hope we get something similar to Snake's Codec, Fox, Falco, and Wolf's communications, and Palutena's Guidance! And now's also the perfect time to add the Dragon Quest Hero to the list!

Mario: So, you're the famous video game hero, eh Mario? I hear you're a plumber and I need a fix for Loggo!
Donkey Kong: That tie looks so silly on your furry hide! When I get through with the bear and bird, you'll fry!
Link: A champion like you may have bested a calamity but when I'm through with you, you'll have earned my pity!
Samus: That suit and that gun arm look sleek and divine! I wonder how I'd look in such a suit so fine!
Yoshi: You foolish green lizard with that tongue and those eggs! You try to eat me and I'll break your legs!
Kirby: You're cute and you're pink and round as a ball! I'll destroy you and your friends once and for all!
Fox: A fancy gun and speed you may possess. But you'll make a fine fur coat to go with my dress!
Pikachu: An electric rat? Now I've seen everything! Oh what has become of video-gaming?
Jigglypuff: Those songs you sing are tone deaf and bland! I'll blow your ears out with my band!
Luigi: I hear you fight ghosts but you're a cowardly bro! Nowhere near as tough as Mario!
Captain Falcon: You should've stayed in your fancy blue car! My spells shall send you flying fast and far!
Ness: You have some toys and some powers of the mind. Let's see how they fare against spells of my kind!
Peach: I'll kidnap you like that lizardy lout, then I'll be pretty and thin and you'll be ugly and stout!
Bowser: The King of the Koopas but you're beat by a pair of plumbers! Can a villain possibly be any dumber?
Ice Climbers: You two are a frostbitten pair! At Freezeezy Peak, you'll fit right at home there!
Zelda: The Princess of Hyrule so fair and so true, I can't wait to use my spells on you!
Sheik: Whoever you are, with your mask and your skills, I'll catch up to you and beat you, I will!
Dr. Mario: So the plumber is a doctor now, how quaint! Better prepare to fix yourself when you faint!
Pichu: You hurt yourself with every jolt you unleash! Your chances of winning are about to decrease!
Falco: No doubt you're friends with that foolish flying fox! I'll send you back to them in a pine box!
Marth: Your sword is quite sharp and you are quite quick, but can you dodge my spells and deal with my tricks?
Young Link: Isn't that sword a bit big for you, boy? Why not run along home and go play with your toys!
Ganondorf: The King of Evil but you just now got your sword! You'd best hurry up, I'm getting bored!
Mewtwo: A powerful monster that can read minds you may be, but I dare you to try such a stunt with me!
Roy: You look quite regal with your sword and your flare! I'll fix you good and give you a scare!
Mr. Game & Watch: You're flat and you're black, how strange! To make you go flying can easily be arranged!
Meta Knight: You're handy with a blade and you fly like a bat! I'll have to do something about that!
Pit: An angel from the heavens, but you can barely even fly! I'll hurt you so bad I'll make your goddess cry!
Zero Suit Samus: So you've taken off your suit and shown me your beauty! I'll take from you what I'll take from Tooty!
Wario: The smell of your farts fills me with unbridled joy! Too bad for your fat butt I'll have to destroy!
Snake: You're stealthy and tough, I'll give you that! But my spells and rhymes will stomp you flat!
Ike: That sword of yours is far too big! Let old Grunty turn it into a twig!
Pokemon Trainer: Those creatures you command are quite queer! But Gruntilda the Witch has nothing to fear!
Diddy Kong: You filthy little chimp in your red Nintendo hat! Gruntilda will defeat you, I have no fear of that!
Lucas: You little crybaby with your psychic power! When I'm through with you, your tears will become a torrential shower!
Sonic the Hedgehog: A little blue rat that moves at the speed of sound? In for a penny, in for a pound!
King Dedede: You're big with that hammer as the King of Dream Land! But try dealing with a spell from Grunty's hand!
Olimar: You're a gardener of sorts but you hail from space! Those colored creatures won't help you win first place!
Lucario: You glow with some aura the more that you hurt! So Gruntilda will just have to pound you into the dirt!
R.O.B.: A mechanical relic, that's all that you are! I'll smash you to a million little pieces and send them far!
Toon Link: A cartoon version of that green clad brat? This game is ridiculous, I'm sure of that!
Wolf: At Mad Monster Mansion, you'd fit right at home! Especially in the graveyard with all of the bones!

Villager: You collect items like that fool bear and bird! You'll collect your own death, you have my word!
Mega Man: You've bested robotic villains, that's true! But this witch is gonna turn you black and blue!
Wii Fit Trainer: You wish to make me trim but I'm far too fat! I'll sit on you and squish you flat!
Rosalina & Luma: A galactic princess who hails from the stars. Gruntilda will launch you just as far!
Little Mac: A feisty little fighter you may be, but I'll stay well and far above your reach!
Greninja: A ninja who's a frog? How neat! Grunty will boil your tongue for a tasty treat!
Palutena: A beautiful goddess with gorgeous green locks! Grunty will steal your beauty and wear your socks!

Pac-Man: You look like a sliced pizza pie, you dumb ball! Gruntilda's spells will make you fall!
Lucina: You're just a pale imitation of that fop with the sword! You and your kind are making me bored!
Robin: Are you a boy or a girl? Who cares? Your spells won't stop Grunty from kicking your derriere!
Shulk: You change your physical stats with that sword? With all these people wielding toothpicks, Grunty's getting bored!
Bowser Jr.: In that goofy clown car you're mischievous and small! To your father, Grunty will send you to bawl!
Dark Pit: Another angel, but your hair is all black! Gruntilda will show you how much power you lack!
Duck Hunt: A dog and a duck?! How absurd! That's even sillier than that foolish bear and bird!
Ryu: A powerful warrior you look to be, but you'll be sorry you ever came messing with me!
Cloud Strife: That sword looks as sharp and spiky as your hair! I'll blast you away, so you better beware!
Corrin: You turn into a dragon and you're quick with a blade! But you're all washed up and about to be slayed!
Bayonetta: You can't be a witch, you're not ugly enough! Grunty will make good and sure this fight of yours is tough!
Inkling: Are you a kid or a squid?! It doesn't matter! You best hide in your ink before you splatter!
Daisy: Aren't you cute in that little frock? Grunty's got just the spell to knock you out of your socks!
Ridley: A purple dragon like you is too big to fit in here! I'll cut you down to size and give you something to fear!
Simon Belmont: So! You deal with monsters, eh? I bet you've never dealt with such a powerful witch in your day!
Richter Belmont: You have some fancy moves with that whip! All Grunty can do is wiggle her hips!
Chrom: The father of that pale imitation, that's all that you are! Gruntilda and her spells with send you flying far!
Dark Samus: A shadowy version of that girl with the suit! Personally I think you're much more cute!
King K. Rool: You look in need of some eye drops, you dope! Against Gruntilda and her spells, you'll lose all hope!
Isabelle: Like Tooty, you're too cute and too sweet! This fight of yours will be difficult to beat!
Ken: You have fancy moves like that other Street Fighter! Time to see if Grunty's even mightier!
Incineroar: Another one of these infernal Pokemon? Gruntilda's getting annoyed! C'mon!
Piranha Plant: What a fine looking plant you are! Grunty will take you home and put you in her jar!
Joker: So you like to steal and be cool? Gruntilda will end you easily, you fool!
Hero (Dragon Quest): The sword and shield that you fools wield will look good on your grave out in the field!

Mii Fighter: So, you've joined the ranks of the Smash Bros. crew? I bet you're a nerd in the real world! Aren't you?

And, of course, a special one to complete!
Banjo-Kazooie: The bear and bird, you've returned at long last! You should've stayed home in Nintendo's forgotten past!


Smash Ace
Mar 29, 2018
Some of these are on the harsh side, but they fit incredibly well and ooze that classic Grunty sass, great work there Zoologist! Copied from the social thread:
Thank you good sir! I figured Gruntilda needed to have a bit of edge in these particular rhymes for Smash, hence the harshness, although the Yoshi one and a few others might’ve taken it a bit too far lmfao my favorite one though is the Mii Fighter one if that’s not in a Grunty rhyme I don’t know why they’d even bother!
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Jun 15, 2019
These are so much fun! I found a list I made pre-release:

Mario: “You came up short on dating Peach! I guess the princess’s out of reach!”
Donkey Kong: “I thought the bear extremely dim, but you’re much stupider than him!”
Link: “I haven’t heard you talk all day! I guess you don’t have much to say!”
Samus: “So you’re a woman and not a man? Proving it would please the fans!”
Dark Samus: “Copying Samus is pretty lazy and your dark powers just don’t faze me!”
Yoshi: “Stop that now! Don’t make me beg! I don’t want to watch you lay an egg!”
Kirby: Don’t eat your foes! That’s so obscene! And you don’t know where they have been!
Fox: “Is this a fox dressed like a man? I have to say, I’m not a fan!”
Pikachu: “Your lightning’s fast, your speed astounds, but you can’t hit me in the ground!”
Luigi: “Fighters come from near and far, but none of them know who you are!”
Ness: “This little boy like bats and steak, his psychic powers sure seem fake!”
Captain Falcon: “Your fist-fighting is barely up to par. Did you just forget your car?”
Jigglypuff: “I wouldn’t buy tickets to your show! I think I’ll snooze, your song’s too slow!”

Peach: “There’s nothing much that you can do, without your man to rescue you!”
Daisy: “Yes. I get it. ‘Hi, you’re Daisy.’ You won't shut up! I think you're crazy!”
Bowser: “You’re not too bright, you’re quite a jerk. Your stupid schemes have never worked!”
Ice Climbers: “Vegetables? I’ve had my fill. I think that you two need to chill.”
Sheik: “You were quite a twist in ’98, spoilers to those arriving late!”
Zelda: “You think you’re smart, and if that’s true, I’ve got a quiz made just for you!”
Dr. Mario: “This doctor getup can’t fool me. I bet you don’t have a degree!”
Pichu: “You hurt yourself with every hit! I think it’s time to call it quits!”
Falco: “As a bird I find it jarring, that to fly you need your Arwing!”
Marth: “His hair is blue, he wields a sword. Guys like these make me so bored!”
Lucina: “You’re a her and Marth’s a him, but the differences are very slim!”
Young Link: “You’re not in the right place at all. Finger-painting’s across the hall!”
Ganondorf: “You thought you’d bring Hyrule’s demise ‘til an elf cut you down to size!”
Mewtwo: “You’re striking back? Who would have known? I thought the fan base hated clones!”
Roy: “Another swordsman’s just too much! At least this one has flames and such!”
Chrom: “Another swordsman comes to play, but you won’t get your chance today!”
Mr. Game & Watch: “You’re the oldest in the game: congrats. But as a character, you seem flat!”

Meta Knight: “Your sword and cape and voice won’t curb me, I know that you look just like Kirby!
Pit: “Your legs are short, your wings are wax! Your goddess friend won’t like you back!”
Dark Pit: “Are you a palette swap of Pit? I can’t believe you got away with it!”
Zero Suit Samus: “If bear and bird had lost their game, then you and I would look the same!”
Wario: “You look disgusting and smell quite funny. You’ll give Grunty a run for her money!”
Snake: “Looks like Snake has snuck back in! Let’s make sure to welcome him!”
Ike: “Your sword is big, you’re rather hunky. I’m sure you won’t say no to Grunty!”
Pokémon Trainer: “Team attacks are not quite fair, just like when I fought the bear!”
Squirtle: “Did you leave your squad or disband it? If you left I’ll have you reprimanded!”
Ivysaur: “You mustn’t squirm, you must be still! You’d look nice on my window sill!”
Charizard: “I never thought I’d see the day when Charizard chose to obey!”
Diddy Kong: “You raced the bear in days of yore but he doesn’t like cars anymore!”
Lucas: “What’s wrong, kid? You’re looking glum. Maybe you should see your mum!”
Sonic: “A speedy hedgehog’s not my pick, especially after 2006!”
King Dedede: “March along, King Dedede! There’s no food here, as you can see!”
Olimar: “While your motives seem suspicious, I’ll always find your troops delicious!”
Lucario: “My aura reading’s off the charts! It says I’m beautiful and smart!”
R.O.B.: “You’re not a character, you’re a toy! I think you’re gonna get destroyed!”
Toon Link: “Your boots are small, your head is huge! With those proportions, I’m sure you’ll lose!”
Wolf: “It’s Fox again, this time in gray! I don’t have much else to say!”

Villager: “While you don’t fight, I’d like to bet, you’ll do what you must to pay your debt!”
Mega Man: “You’ve got a wide array of moves, but cross me and you’ll soon feel blue!”
Wii Fit Trainer: “I’m not stepping on the scale! It always lies, it never fails!”
Rosalina & Luma: “You’re very calm, there is no doubt. But maybe you’re just spacing out!”
Little Mac: “If you win, which I doubt, please remember to punch out!”
Greninja: “You wear your tongue like a scarf. It’s pretty gross! I’m gonna barf!”
Mii Fighters: “With so many fighters in the game, playing as yourself is lame!”
Palutena: “After your reboot, I don’t like how, you acted holier than thou!”
Pac-Man: “While it’s true I eat a lot, I’ve never tried to eat a dot!”
Robin: “To win the fight, you have to look, at your foe, not in your book!”
Shulk: “I’ll give to you this failing mission, stop the ‘Grunty’s winning’ vision!”
Bowser Jr.: “Someone kick this screaming brat, I think it’s time he had his nap!”
Duck Hunt: “A dog and duck who fight together? I’m flashing back to eggs and feathers!”

Ryu: “What do you get from fighting streets? If the asphalt’s hard, you’ll break your feet!”
Ken: “A blond Ryu takes the stage. Are you having much more fun this way?”
Cloud: “You think you’re great, but you’re no prize. Your resume is filled with lies!”
Corrin: “The bird becomes a dragon too, but for a longer time than you!”
Bayonetta: “All right, sister, here’s the sitch: Grunty is the alpha witch!”

Inkling: “I had an inkling you’d be in. Get ready now, the game begins!”
Ridley: “How’d you get your Smash Bros. gig? I always thought you were too big!”
Simon: “Dracula was nice and tame, but now you’re playing Grunty’s game!”
Richter: “You’re rather strong, you’ve got nice hair, but your dumbness’s one huge cross to bear!”
K. Rool: “Your votes were heard, here comes the king! Who’d like someone so fat and green?”
Isabelle: “Get those papers on my desk! Grunty’s tired, she needs a rest!”
Incineroar: “You’re a mean one, Incineroar: you really are a heel! You’re not as cuddly as the owl or as charming as the seal!”

Piranha Plant: “A potted plant who spits and bites; I guess anyone can join the fight!”
Joker: “I am thou, thou art I. This joker’s 'lame' personified!”
Hero: “O father of the RPG, why must you dress so stupidly?”
Banjo & Kazooie: “The bear and bird are here at last! But Grunty should’ve been in Smash!”


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Aug 28, 2018
:ultsonic:-you might be quite fast, but of any fight you finish last.
:ultlucas:-they let children join the fight? Did your mommy let you out of sight?
:ultlittlemac:-it’s no wonder you look so sad, it’s probably because your recovery is so bad!
:ultpit:-Looking at you make me want to cry, you’re an angel who can’t fly!
:ultjoker:-for the coolest character in the game, you sure do have a fitting name!
:ultwario:-smell, personality, all that I see is almost a split copy of me!
:ultfalcon:-why is any other fighter still here? All that styling’s already ended their career!


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Mar 24, 2014
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:ultfox:- A fox does not belong in space- just look at Zero for that case.
:ultmetaknight:- Are you a friend or are you a foe? You were much better two games ago.
:ultpikachu:- When I met you, you were nice and fat. What happened to make you skinny, rat?
:ultsonic:- Rolling around at the speed of light? Good! Soon you'll be out of sight.
:ultjigglypuff:- A pink balloon with many a leap? Too bad your voice puts all to sleep.
:ultpacman:-You eat your dots for all the day, but then the ghosts chase you away.
:ultmario:- All the world may be your fan- Hop down the pipe you stout red man.


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Jun 29, 2012
link uses a slate for power?
too bad theres no map atop my tower

kirby sure can really eat all
no wonder he's fat for a ball

ness may use the power of mind
but i could still beat him blind

fish puns who has the time
you inklings should learn to rhyme


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Jan 22, 2019
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Everyone's covered most of the characters, so I'll mix it up and tackle the bosses instead! Don't ask how or why any of these bosses would appear in Spiral Mountain of all places...

Giga Bowser
A hulking beast, who moves too slow to scare me in the least!

Being beat twice wasn't enough? Your edges look more than rough!

The fire-breathing dragon and Grunty, whose beauty shines! Now where's the knight for which I pine~?

A stubby jester that tells no jokes? Send him to the dungeon, before my sense of humor croaks!

For the king of all that's wretched, I can't count how many times you've been ended!

Among the living walks the undead, yet with this performance, I'd rather be back in bed!

I shine brighter than the stars, your light is just a candle. I'm not a spirit, because this is one witch you couldn't handle!

This is what baddies look like these days? I met nastier villains during the good ol' 3D platformer craze!

Galeem & Dharkon
Forces of light and forces of dark, working together to save the day? They simply don't mix, all you'll get is a messy grey!


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Jun 29, 2012
smart mouth birds ive had my fill
falco better write his will

the hero doesnt even have a name
who let him in this game?

ganonodrf can give up his humanity
here he's a different kind of calamity

zelda's wisdom may maker a wiz
but she wouldnt last long in my quiz

oh great another animal pair
duck hunt smell worse than the bear

sonic can run at the speed of sound
but his brain is nowhere to be found

what do you mean he's not a dragon
I'm getting off charizard's bandwagon

joker acts like he's so cool
but this clown is just a fool
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Sep 17, 2017
:ultdk:: You fret too much over your banana hoard, to the point that your plotlines make me bored!
:ultpikachu:: As Grunty swoops down from the sky, she’ll send you flying like a little butterfly!
:ultluigi:: Green Mario, you’re fresh out of luck! With or without the Poltergust, you suck!
:ultmarth:: The first of an archetype hated by many. You’ll be put to an end by this granny!
:ultcloud:: You want to know why you’ve little love and care? I’ll give you a hint: it’s shaped like a Square!
:ultridley:: You won’t trick me over your size! So what if you got in? You get no prize!
:ultkrool:: Everyone knows that Grunty rules! But you, on the other hand, just King K. Drool!
:ultincineroar:: Such a showoff, this Pokemon heel! What a bad banana with a greasy black peel!
:ultjoker:: Is ‘joke’ the emphasis in your codename? Because you’re making me laugh, you’re so lame!


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Oct 29, 2013
I figure in Smash, Grunty would make fun of how they fight.

:ultmario: "Who brings a water gun to fight? You really can't be all that bright."
:ultkirby: "You steal the moves of those sucked in, because you lack the skills to win."
:ultinkling:"You're not as strong as you might think, just try to fight when out of ink!"
:ultrosalina:"You fight behind a baby star, a coward is what you really are!"
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Oct 29, 2007
The Western side of Pop Star.
I'll quote several I've done from what seemed like an eternity, for all those who want to see:

I'll take a crack at some, for unconfirmed fighters.

(Dixie Kong): For a chump chimp, you look quite pretty! In fact, you remind me of Tooty!
(Geno): For a video game hero, you're misunderstood! But that won't matter, I'll use you for firewood!
(Isaac): You use some good magic for a knight, but up against me you'll lose the fight!
(Shantae): You think your dancing is some sort of magic? When I'm done with you, it'll be tragic!
Got some more for prospective newcomers:

Bandana Waddle Dee: Aren't you just a weird generic enemy? You're lucky that you're not facing my army!
Lloyd Irving: Another young man with a sword? Yawn, you're making me bored!
Mach Rider: Stop driving all over my tower with that accursed bike! Just go away and take a hike!
Isabelle: A secretary dog, what a dear! But as a combatant, you have no place here!
Prof. Layton: Apparently you're good with a puzzle! Not today, you'll be my next victim to bamboozle!
Got a last few others, for possible up-and-comers:

Medusa: You there, beautiful woman with snakes in her hair! Are you still dealing with that meddlesome angel and his goddess damsel?
Heihachi: You think you can impress by tossing me off a cliff? I've seen worse, a giant boulder made me stiff!
Lip: A cute little fairy, stop making me hurl, please! I'm glad they cancelled your series!
Marx: That dream of yours is to take Pop Star down, if you ask me you're better off as a clown!

Crash Bandicoot: Being a spinning, furball experiment gives you woe? I'll give you a reason to really say "Whoa"!

And finally, much-needed ones for fighters we have already:

Yoshi: Dinosaur, how dare you throw eggs at my face! I already get that from that blasted breegull in the first place!
Ness: For a psychic boy, it's a wonder you can move with that giant head! You should become a fortuneteller instead!
Lucas: Little boy, you're so frightened, go back to mommy! Oops, she's dead, but I won't say "I'm sorry"!
Wii Fit Trainer: I don't have time to do exercise! I'll just rip out your new eyes!

Kirby: A pink puff who swallows, spits and thinks he's all that, but I'll kill you if you steal my hat!

Also, a little bonus for 8-player battles:

So many fighters in 3-D! If every character in history was in this game, people wouldn't be so needy!
You can say I had the most fun here, in the last speculation year.
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Sep 7, 2018
I hope this doesn't come off as nitpicky, but I have to throw this out there since gruntilda is my favorite video game villain of all time, and sometimes I think a lot of people don't get that she does not just simply speak in rhymes. She's not Etrigan the demon.
Her sentences usually flow phonetically like poetry with six to eight syllables, which is very deliberately done as an homage to the song of The Witches, which a lot of people know from William Shakespeare's Macbeth. You know the one, double double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble?
it's part of why each it's part of why each and every one of her lines in the original game I think they might have been to this rule a little bit with nuts and bolts though, but less about that said the better.
Anyway here's an article about how grunty's rhyming was handled in the Japanese language.


I'm not going to bank on gruntilda having any dialogue on the stage if Sakurai played the game in his original language when doing the research.
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Oct 29, 2013
Yup that's what I was trying to go for. Grunty's rhymes had a rhythm to them. I tried to match that. It's pretty tricky to do so I can understand why most people didn't do it.


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Jun 29, 2012
banjo is at last here in smash
but when do i get to join the bash?

yoshi's moves arent up to scratch
hes just a smaller mr patch

luigi can can best any ghost
but i know a place hed be toast

bowser may not be too bright
but i understand his boney plight

Deleted member

I did do a little something related to this a couple days ago but its characters that didn’t get in as fighters
Btw I’m not a rhyme expert so I’m sorry if some of these don’t please you
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:ulthero:You four may be on a Dragon Quest, but it is a fact you'll never stand against such a Dearly Queen.


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Jan 18, 2019
I got one for Incineroar (though it's not that creative, since I based it on one of Grunty's rhymes from N&B):

"Hey there cat, you could use a drink. You're burning hot and your arm pits must stink."

For Pichu: "You hurt yourself, that's so weak. You're making me laugh and take a leak."


Interesting idea for bosses; I think Grunty could do Assists and Ball Mons, too! :D
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Jun 21, 2019
Did anyone see this?
I thought Pikachu's and Richter's rhymes were pretty good, but Bayonetta's... OH BOY!


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Apr 8, 2018
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:ultbayonetta:-You're not even close to a genuine witch, so don't be surprised when you get left in the ditch!

:ultkrool:-Get lost you big green fatty, you're so irrelevant I bet you're batty!

:ultwario:-I don't like your games or your stupid farts, what happened to treasure hunting to boulders and darts?

:ultzss:-My choice to let you live wouldn't be a maybe if you just stayed quiet about that revolting baby!

:ultjoker:-You have quite the appropriate name, for your style is simply just lame!

:ultdoc:-Come see me when you're a real doc, your medical license is nothing but a crock!

:ultkirby:-What's this pink revolting thing? I'm quite sick of its putrid little ding!

:ultsonic:-Just because you're devilishly fast doesn't mean you'll always have a blast!


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Sep 3, 2018
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"Banjo & Kazooie, my greatest rival, I shall pour my death spell on your survival!"

"King K. Rool, what a fatty, he is as fat as Kraid the space baddie."

"Diddy Kong, what a joke, he is only 2nd banana to Donkey Kong the king Kong."


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Jan 18, 2019
Probably not likely, but what if Grunty was a boss? I think she'd say her classic (no pun intended) rhymes to whoever she defeats, right?
I had an idea where her boss battle would have 2 stages; first with living Grunty on her broomstick, and the second being undead Grunty in the Hag-1.


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Jun 27, 2014
People seem to assume Grunty would be at ends with every Smash fighter, but I think she'd have nice things to say about some of them...

:ultbayonetta:Why, if you had more boils and blisters, you could pass for Grunty's sister!
:ultkrool:You're ugly, scaly, green and crazed, but it's your hatred for apes that earns my praise!
:ultwario:You pick your nose and attack with farts; you're a villain after my own heart!
:ultridley:You're really a truant, it must be said, when it comes to staying dead!
:ultganondorf:Your ambition is endless, you're skilled in your cunning, but that nose of yours just makes you look so stunning!
The King of Gerudo is so horribly mean - any chance you'd be after a queen?
:ultdarksamus:A malevolent being made of pure waste? How'd you like to stay at Grunty's place?
:ultpiranha:A plant like yourself is a gardener's pride - hiding in pipes to bite plumber hide!


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May 31, 2018
Close to a mailbox, Eddy.
It has taken me far too long to notice this thread...
Anywho, Here's what I've dished out back on the social (formerly support :b: ) thread, plus a couple of new ones.

Oh, oh! Let me give it a try!! I'm loving all the Grunty quips that passeth by!

:ultpalutena:- They may call you the goddess of light, but MY powers will give you a real fright!
:ultdiddy:- Pesky little primate, you'd better beware. Death shall come to whoever's a friend to the bear!
:ultpokemontrainer:- Your monsters may bite, they jolt, they pitch, but I'll soon blast their master clean into a ditch!
:ultjigglypuff: - A musical balloon, lullabying with each hop. One good zap, & you'll be the Queen of Pop!

& for some hopeful hypotheticals.....

- For such a weird limbless freak, your quite laid-back. But best tread carefully, for more parts you'll soon lack!
- Typically, you pests make witchcraft a hard job, but it'll be easy to squash this dopey blob!
- You're quite the spore-laden scamp, zipping here, there & back. Not that you'll last...
mushrooms are my FAVORITE snack!
- Your grape-stained comedy could never earn my charms, I scoff at your chances, with those silly stretchy arms.

- Impressive how you two are unfazed by a trim, my flaming blasts shall leave you raw. Ohh, how grim!
- You claim you're more than Pac-Man with a bow, but my eyes only see a ditzy schmoe!
- Oh, cruise back to the 90s, you tubular tool! Fighting with surfing techniques, who're you trying to fool?
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Jan 26, 2008
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:ultbayonetta: You call yourself an Umbra Witch? You're nothing but a stuck-up...I've just been informed that this game is rated E10+.

(Substitute PEGI rating or equivalent based on region.)


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Jun 6, 2019
What if grunty's rhymes on the new stage worked like snakes codec/palutenas guidance/starfox transmissions?


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Dec 1, 2014
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