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  • I had a stupid dream where I somehow used a final smash on my own character, resulting in my console bricking. And then I hear news that Terry is out here bricking Switches. I'm gonna pretend like this was a prophecy delivered to me in my dreams, and not just dumb coincidence.
    6.0 has new options for Arenas: broke
    6.0 buffed a bunch of low tiers, including King K. Rool: WOKE
    If you're ever feeling down on your luck or like a failure, just remember that no matter how bad you screw up, at least you can't screw things up any worse than Bethesda has, and still is with Fallout 76. It's the train wreck that just keeps on giving.
    Watching a video about what the next Mario & Luigi game could be like, and then waking up the next morning to hear news that Alphadream is filing for bankruptcy is the hardest whiplash I've ever experienced, yeesh. Hope Nintendo either buys the company and makes them second party, or otherwise helps them get back onto their feet.
    Mii Gunner playerbase: exists

    Every single person who dished out $0.75 on the spot for a Sans costume and Megalovania: Allow us to introduce ourselves.
    I hope I'm not jinxing myself saying this, but I'm glad Banjo isn't considered terrible (Piranha Plant) or overpowered (Joker, Hero) by the community, he's just a solid character with strengths and weaknesses that isn't stirring up any controversy. Hope this trend continues for DLC.
    nah, he's pretty terrible.
    Gryphon827 Gryphon827 Nah, he's pretty solid imo. Not top tier, but definitely not bottom tier. I'd say right now he's a solid mid tier.
    Banjo's biggest issue to me is his game plan is one dimensional. He plays like discount Snake at 'upper levels of play' where it revolves around using the grenade to set up favorable situations yet he lacks the better options to end stocks like Snake outside of hard reads. Also his recovery isn't the best but, ironically, better than Snake's IMO. Banjo's got speed on his side though. He's deceptively fast, which still gets me every time I play with or against him. His attacks don't have the best coverage and rely on reads a bit too much for my liking.

    He's decent but yeah, he's mid. His grenade shenanigans are what trip me up until I learn the best way around it, just as I've had to do with Snake.
    Out of all the reveals today... the sudden Megalovania triggered my fight or flight response, I was reeling for the rest of the Smash segment after that, jesus. Toby and Sakurai playing Smash together also sounds hilarious.
    Apparently for the Hero presentation, Sakurai literally took the Youtuber route, sat down by himself in a room with a camera, and ad-libbed the presentation like it was a Let's Play video.

    Those memes taking Sakurai's face cam footage and putting it over other gameplay as if he actually was a gaming Youtuber were more accurate than I think anyone realized.
    I only recently got back into Splatoon 2, and previously only participated in one Splatfest, Pulp vs. No Pulp. I missed the Final Splatfest, now I’m kinda sad I missed this game in its prime. It arguably has better online all around than Smash does.
    Even though I'm still on the fence with Sw/Sh due to E3 and the fallout from that, I can at least respect that they didn't drop the concept of regional forms, and actually expanded on it (adding them to Pokemon outside Gen 1, variant-exclusive evolutions). The same unfortunately can not be said for Megas, Z-Moves, etc.
    Reminder there's no right or wrong way to play the game. Competitive or casual, don't deride people for how they play or enjoy Smash.
    Have to agree with this, especially on online, where people hate playing against those who have items on. It’s not a perfect system to match those with the same rules as you, but these games always remind me when I used to play the game casually, and I still play them out for GSP. I feel bad for casual players who get belittled for their casual play, and have the competitive ruleset and scene forced on them.
    I can go back to my 8 player stamina battles now thx
    I remember seeing this one video (I can't remember the name of it) about this competitive smash player asking questions to a normal player such as "Ok, where's your gamecube controller?" or "What's your main?". And when the player would answer "I don't have one" the competitive player will just laugh and think he was joking XD
    You know what'd be hilarious? If Hero ended up getting banned, but Yggdrasil's Altar was deemed tourney legal. That'd be a first.
    Hero looks really cool, and I feel like his down special is going to lead to some REALLY nutty and fun stuff... but critical hit on Smash attacks has me concerned. Uncharged f-smash did 50% damage, that's pretty wack. Guess we'll see once he drops tonight.
    If you're a Paper Mario fan and haven't heard of the recent call-to-arms, I'd watch Arlo's newest video on the petition for a TTYD Switch port/HD remake. The pessimist in me says it isn't likely, but the optimist in me hopes this can be heard by the right people at Nintendo and cause a chain reaction.
    I already have my Switch and don't plan on blowing $200 bucks for another one, but man, I really wish my Switch was banana yellow color :/
    Hot take: Peach should've been the fourth playable character in SMM2 instead of Toadette.
    Well, I finally got SMM2! Couldn't find a physical copy anywhere near me, so I just caved and bought a digital copy. Now I just need to download it and-
    > 5 and a half hour download time

    It is now SMM2-eve-eve. Or it's already SMM2-eve, depending on where you live. While some hold out for new DLC game styles (banking on an Odyssey style personally), consider this:

    DLC Characters. Functionally identical to each other, but just more characters to play as. I could see Nintendo releasing a 4-pack of characters for free down the line to match the existing line up of Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad, and Toadette. If this were to happen, I'd personally vouch for playable Peach, Daisy, Wario, and Waluigi.

    Cat Wario/Waluigi would be worth the price of admission and more.
    Wait, Etika died? When? Can anyone confirm this, I'm seeing a sudden surge of "rip etika" and am confused.
    After having watched Hero's trailer again recently, I can't wait to see Hero players with a stock lead styling on people with Kamikazee. For a move that kills you on the spot, no questions asked, I can only imagine it could kill anyone near you INSANELY early.
    Just watched a video on the Paragon leak that's been going around recently. I think the whole thing's a big hoax, both characters in it have a lot going against them getting into Smash. For UT, it's the game being an indie that has a following, but has a significantly smaller impact than indie games like Shovel Knight and Shantae, which only got in as an assist trophy and a handful of spirits. Waluigi, for obvious reasons. I have no reason to believe this leak holds any kind of water.

    ... But if the next character reveal trailer opens with K. Rool falling underground after making a crater in the ground from the Banjo trailer I sweAR I'M GOING TO LOSE MY MIND
    Holy heck, guess both the Dragon Quest and Banjo fans got what they wanted. Congrats, all!
    If the rumored cameo from Miyamoto at the Xbox press conference is just him sitting in the audience, giving the camera a thumbs up for like 3 seconds and that's it, I would laugh so hard.

    ... Either that, or a surprise Legend of Zelda and Rabbids crossover that is a surprisingly good arcade-styled beat-em-up, despite neither series ever dipping into that genre before.
    I've been dormant the past couple months during a lengthy transition of moving, and I'll no doubt get swamped when I start up college this upcoming August. But I've decided to at least come back before E3, now that I have a... serviceable hotel internet connection to work with. Merry E3, everyone!
    Stuck between choosing Grookey and Sobble. Seeing their evos later down the line should help decide. Leaning towards depression chameleon for now.
    Staying up until 4 AM to catch the Pokemon Direct live. Staying up until 4 for a Smash Direct is one thing. Staying up until 4 for a direct estimated to be around 7 minutes long is another. I'm making good life decisions here.
    "The game is fun. The game is a battle. If it's not fun, why bother? If it's not a battle, where's the fun?"
    - Reggie Fils-Aimé, E3 2017.
    Reggie's a cool dude, I wish him the best as he retires and just enjoys time with his friends and family. He's certainly earned it.
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