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  • It sucks how youtubers ride the hype wave of Smash by reporting on every fake Smash Leak regardless of it's credibility, but Blocked Content is a special kind of sad since their channel used to be fun, with all the voice acting junk, and nary a Smash Leak in sight.
    Every character support thread likes to think they're "pretty chill" but once a character that's seen as competition starts to look likely, they always reveal how ugly they can get.
    Sometimes I wish we could have threads without certain people constantly bringing up how much they DONT want certain characters. How much they DONT care about certain franchises. I get wanting your fave, but jeeze, stop throwing other harmless things people enjoy under the bus, y'know?
    Everyone says "Sakurai NEEDS to do this, he NEEDS to do that, or it will piss off fans/not draw hype" like, are we really going to pretend we've got him by the balls instead of it being the other way around?
    so what do you think about the box theory?
    I thought my sig made it clear, but I'm a believer until we get some actual solid evidence against it. I'll be happy if i'm wrong, but if i'm right, it won't hurt as much as it would have if I had kept clinging to the hope that all my most wanted characters were still locks.
    Most wanted characters for Smash Ultimate:

    Ridley ( Gotem )
    King K. Rool ( Gotem )
    Banjo and Kazooie
    Simon Belmont ( Gotem )
    Toad ( Deconfirmed )
    Mike Jones
    Dixie Kong
    Midna ( Deconfirmed )
    Dr, Robotnik
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    Geno and Ninten for me! If I had to pick a third character, Banjo-Kazooie
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