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Nintendo E3 Presentation to Air on 6/15 @ 9:00 am PST

nintendo e3.jpg

Nintendo has just confirmed that their E3 Presentation will be airing on June 15th at 9 am PST (12 pm EST), the final day of E3.

The presentation will start with a roughly 40 minute showcase of the new games and other surprises from Nintendo. Following this, a 3 hour Nintendo Treehouse Live presentation will air showcasing some of the games in action.

E3 is the premier event of the year when it comes to new game reveals. Many other companies such as Microsoft and Ubisoft will also be partaking in the yearly event. E3 2021 will start on June 12th (next Saturday) and end on June 15th (the following Tuesday).

Author's Note: What are you expecting Nintendo to show at E3? Let us know in the comments below!


I just hope that we get Bayonetta 3 news. I'm expecting Wind Waker HD and/or Twilight Princess HD to get ported to the Switch; I don't think we're going to get an in-depth look at Breath of the Wild 2, but they should have something for Zelda's 35th anniversary.
2am for fellow Aussies, oof. Luckily no work for me the following day.

Hoping for BOTW 2, a Smash reveal, an FE remake and something Metroid.
Gonna be a tough few days to wait through! In terms of the Nintendo Direct, I think they'll show at least something BOTW2 related since we saw that Cinematic 2 years ago. They have to be somewhat further with the game development. There will for sure be at least 1 Smash reveal but you know, it wouldn't surprise me if they pulled out two aka Hero / Banjo style. I would love to see something Mario Kart or Donkey Kong related too, it's been far too long since we've had new main series games from those franchises.

I don't really expect to see a new Mario thing since I feel like they would have taken that opportunity on the 35th Anniversary to tease that, and they didn't. Also, who knows how far they are with Metroid or Bayonetta. Maybe there'll be a new IP or an update on Splatoon 3. And if the updated Swithc model doesn't make it's way out before E3, maybe that too?

I personally am most excited for Smash, but I'm obsessed, so that's no real surprise, hah.
Ultimate's semifinal challenger pack could be revealed on that date. However, I do have my doubts that we'll see any new information on the planned Breath of the Wild sequel and/or Metroid Prime 4; the developers will decide for themselves when to show their progress, as they have their reasons for keeping us in the dark.
I think it'd be really neat to get newer console games on Switch Online. There's no real back catalog available like the Wii family had to play old games like Yoshi Story, so it really feels like a missed opportunity. Even if they throw them in the eShop for a few bucks, something from N64 or GC era would be cool to see. Not sure I'd get around to playing too many of them since I have so many Switch / PS5 games to catch up on, but it feels like a missed opportunity not to.
The only real problem with the idea of Nintendo Switch Online offering N64 titles is that the games won't be able to support a single joy-con controller; an alternative to the C buttons has to be implemented.

Also, the game library would have to be limited to games that don't require the N64 Controller Pak to save game data; Mario Kart 64 does use the Controller Pak, but only for saving ghost data.
  • BotW sequel info
  • Crash is CP10
  • New Kirby game
  • FE4 remake
  • A teaser for CP11
  • KH 1.5+2.5 on Switch
  • More Skyward Sword HD info
  • More Super Rush info
  • More Splatoon 3 info
  • At least one Smash reveal
  • Padding
  • A new experimental IP
  • Neo TWEWY gameplay
  • General sizzle reel(s)
I will immediately ascend into a higher plane of existence if I hear even a SMIDGE of this ABSOLUTELY ICONIC theme in a Smash trailer...
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I predict we'll get a little more info on Sonic Colors Ultimate. Like how Sonic Forces got revealed in a Sonic-only thing and then a bit of info in a later Direct, I think the same will happen here.
Playable Metal Sonic, anyone?
I’m curious to see what’s going to happen for E3 this year.

My big hopes:
Reveals for the last two FP2 fighters (I have gotten tired of FP2 speculation tbh, so I just want to rip the bandage off)
New Fire Emblem game
A virtual console on the Switch

A Mario game or two (at least Super Rush or Super Mario Party 2)
Skyward Sword Remake and BotW2
New Kirby game
Maybe news on upcoming the Pokemon games (these might have a separate direct)
At least the reveal for CP10
Some Fire Emblem game (it might be a remake or a new game)
Splatoon 3
I can see a new IP or a revived IP
I really doubt we're gonna get two Smash reveals. One fighter is pretty obvious, but two? I feel like the last fighter is getting announced in september or october.
I don't think it'd be weird at all to have both characters revealed. For sure not both of them actually released soon, but showing them off like Hero and Banjo at E3 2019 with a Summer and Fall release doesn't sound too wild. Guess we'll find out in a couple weeks!
The problem with revealing the final two DLC fighters on the same day is that it would take away all the suspense for the remaining portion of 2021. Keeping the final DLC fighter under wraps would at least keep people guessing a few months longer.
The problem with revealing the final two DLC fighters on the same day is that it would take away all the suspense for the remaining portion of 2021.
So? The DLC has to end eventually. Wasn't it supposed to already be over by now before the pandemic hit?
Vol. 2 is already so close to being complete, so why would the Vol. 2 devs want to wait until December to finish when they could finish this summer to get it over with?
It was purely an estimate, nothing more (probably because of the combined workload that Min Min and Steve brought upon the devs).
Yeah, adding to this, the Dec 2021 date was always a placeholder / deadline. Unless the final two characters take considerable programming, they would presumably be pushed out at the previous rate of one character every 2/3 months. We're due for another already, so one character releasing right at E3 seems possible with another reveal for one in like August or September is completely reasonable.

Honestly I feel like 2 reveals is totally possible, but I could see one and then one in the typical reveal fashion in August or something too. It dose make sense that they'd want to finish up the game now so they don't have to pay what's almost definitely a salary / etc to the current team working on Smash DLC or something to let them get onto new products.
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