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Nintendo Direct Announced for September 13th @ 7am PST/10am EST

nintendo direct.jpg

Nintendo has just announced a new Nintendo Direct slated for tomorrow morning. It will be a roughly 40 minutes primarily focusing on games releasing this winter. You can check out the official announcement here:

Additionally, Nintendo UK has announced that they will be directly uploading their version of the Direct shortly after it finishes, rather than livestreaming it like other countries will be doing. This is an attempt by Nintendo to pay respect to the recently deceased Queen Elizabeth.

Note that this is only for the UK version of the Direct; the US version is unaffected by this and will livestreaming before the UK version as mentioned in the first tweet.
So in other words the UK delay is completely pointless

The non-UK version of the Direct airs on 7:00 am PST/10:00 am EST. You can watch the Direct here when it goes live tomorrow.

Writing/Editing: Sari Sari
Social Media: @Zerp

Author's Note: What are YOU hoping gets announced in tomorrow's Direct? Let us know in the comments below!


  • Quick shout-outs to games already released (namely Splatoon 3)
  • 3rd party sizzle reel
  • Some new game that nobody thought of but makes perfect sense
  • Mario Movie trailer
  • Some more ports

  • SSBU rerelease
  • Project X Zone 3
  • BOTW 2 gameplay
  • Kid Icarus Uprising
  • Tomato Adventure remake
  • New 3D Mario (sneak peek)
  • FE4 remake
  • New Donkey Kong
I’m not expecting too much that aligns with my personal tastes, here are my hopes:

Mario Party Superstars DLC
A new mainline Fire Emblem game
Mario Party 1/2/3, SSB64, or FE Thracia 776 on Switch Online
A sequel to KI:U (I never played it, but my brother found it fun)
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I think its cool that we get a Kirbys adventure wii remake Although seeing Chubbyer Dedede In it is Sorta Cursed!
More minigames (Whioch there seem to be almost all of them) and Mecha Kirby are cool!
It left me kinda disappointed, can't lie. I don't feel like my expectations were too high: I just wanted to see more of BotW2, and a trailer or at least more info for the Mario Movie. I'm glad we got the title revealed for BotW2, but that was accompanied by what, 10 seconds of footage? Strikes me as odd to still be so secretive about it. Pikmin 4 finally getting some footage and a release date is the biggest highlight, imo. Announcement of a new DK game, or footage of Metroid Prime 4, were my pie-in-the-skies, but as you can tell from either the Direct or my post, we sadly got neither.
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That was a pretty decent Direct, lots of great announcements.

Some points:

  • Biggest hype moments for me were Pikmin 4, Zelda, and Tales. I do wish we got some more gameplay footage of Pikmin and Zelda, but I'm glad they were shown at all.
  • Lots of farming games this time around. Lot of great RPGs like Octopath announced too.
  • The first three Mario Party games coming to Switch is great, but it makes me want Mario Party Superstars Board DLC even more now.
  • Pauline and Diddy in Strikers are both great additions. I still plan on waiting until all the updates are released before considering purchasing it though.
  • I was genuinely terrified that the Pikmin segment was going to be just a Pikmin Bloom ad until they showed the short Pikmin 4 preview.
  • Shout out to the folks on the West Coast for getting Super Nintendo World coming to them soon.
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I didn’t watch the full direct yet, but I was happy to hear about the new FE, the addition of N64 Mario Parties on Switch online, and Crisis Core remaster
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