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Make Your Move 4

Discussion in 'Brawl Workshop' started by SirKibble, Nov 27, 2008.

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  1. Chief Mendez

    Chief Mendez
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    Smash Master

    Mar 25, 2007
    ...So why don't you try it? In particular, I really like the idea of a Tyrogue that evolves (probably depending on different circumstances) during battle.

    Who knows, you might enjoy yourself. :p

    Ain't that the truth. :psycho:

    Also in general, I'd like to repeat something that we talked about briefly in the later pages of MYM3: posting "reserve" slots, or unfinished movesets is not a good idea. It's much more professional and appealing if you have the entire thing (or at least most of it--adding inconsequential things like extras and rising attacks are probably okay) finished before you post.

    I'd love to get excited about Sly Cooper, Weighted Companion Cube, and even Roomba...but, just like in MYM3.0, by the time the authors of those get around to finishing them, the spotlight will have shifted to the more recent crop of movesets. This goes double since this thread moves so fast.

    I see the appeal behind posting a reserve space...but it really doesn't serve any practical purpose.

    EDIT -

    @Adapt: And there's another thing. If you post an unfinished moveset, the Sandbags will skip over it as we troll this thread for movesets to add to the moveset list. And then when it is finished, we might not notice it until you notify us. In this case I'm right here so I caught that you finished it (and it is a nice piece of work, by the way)...but now I have to go back and figure out where it goes in the list.

    ...Anyways. If you're looking for a review, check out The Stadium. A link to it's in my sig.
  2. hyperhopper

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    Smash Ace

    Nov 5, 2008
    just curious, how long do we have before the deadline?
  3. Chief Mendez

    Chief Mendez
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    Smash Master

    Mar 25, 2007
    Months. Probably

    We don't have a set end date for this contest, and probably won't for aa couple months. For now, just let the good times roll--don't worry about such trivial details. :bee:
  4. Adapt

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    Smash Lord

    May 7, 2008
    NS, Canada
    As far as I am concerned it is finished, but say I forgot something totally obvious I would like to be notified so I can quickly write it up and add it today (then get a proper review and add it to the list etc)
  5. TVTMaster

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    Smash Apprentice

    Mar 7, 2008
    Mwa ha ha ha? I dunno, I've raised my bar with my Calill moveset, but seeing as everyone else has done the same, I dunno if I'll place in this one either. Dimentio's freaking awesome. Expect the set later today.
  6. kitsuneko345

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    Smash Ace

    Dec 20, 2007
    *sending Sundance lots of apple pies on Pi Day, as
    Just woke up, glanced at movesets, look good. Has question, should I keep grades on reviews, still be there but hidden, just asking, ignore tiredness and please answer.
  7. Stroupes

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    Smash Lord

    Jun 2, 2008
    Twilt :)
    Have you started on Kalas yet?
  8. Hyper_Ridley

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    Smash Champion

    Dec 21, 2007
    Hippo Island
    OMG DR.Eggman was epic win!

    Seriously guys, stop posting such epic sets! I'm never gonna be able to decide on my Super Votes at this rate. :)
  9. Sonic the Baron

    Sonic the Baron
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    Smash Master

    Oct 28, 2007
    An internet gaming service powered by condensation
    Another preview of YTT:

    Side B – “This is illegal, you know.”: YTT holds a giant stamp in his right hand, and swings it in front him. Anyone who touches the stamp will not only be dealt 4% damage (without knockback), but lose the power to use their last special move used for 10 seconds. During these 10 seconds, YTT will not be able to perform this move, with him only shrugging.
  10. Jimnymebob

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    Smash Champion

    Sep 26, 2008


    Unlock Message

    The determined fighter, Tyrogue, has joined the Brawl.

    Costume Colours

    1= Original ( Lilac and Maroon)
    2= Shiny ( Grey and Blue) (Blue Team)
    3= Black and White
    4= Yellow and Green (Green Team)
    5= Brown and Orange
    6= Purple and Pink (Red Team)

    When Selected

    He does his standard battle cry.


    He comes out of a Pokeball.

    Random Facts.

    Idle= Tyrogue begins to hop, as if he is waiting to start fighting again.

    Shield= 7/10- He puts both hands up to his face. His shield lasts for 6 seconds. When it breaks, Tyrogue will be able to move, but his movement controls and attacks will be reversed. For example, his A moves will become B moves, or may not work for 4 seconds after breaking.

    Dodge= Tyrogue hops into the air.

    Forward Roll= Tyrogue rolls forward.

    Backwards Roll=
    He does two short backward flips.

    Tyrogue lands on his butt, then stumbles up and looks around to make sure that nobody saw him trip.

    Ledge Climb Shield= Tyrogue rolls onto the ledge. It is a quick roll, similar to his forward roll.

    Ledge Climb Attack= He climbs up and uppercuts his opponent.

    Ledge Climb Jump=
    Tyrogue somersaults over his opponent, and lands facing away from the ledge.


    Strength=4/10- Tyrogue may be weak, but his evolutions will make up for this.

    Speed= 6/10- He is quick, but he will use this speed to flee, rather than following up his attacks.

    Defense=4/10- Tyrogue's defense is below average, but his speed makes up for this. His shield lasts a long time though, which is a key factor in keeping him alive.

    Launch Power=3/10- Tyrogue lacks the power to send opponents flying. Instead, he must rely on building up the opponents damage, knocking them off the stage, and preventing them from recovering.

    Jump= 4/10- His jump is OK, but it has start up lag. He crouches down, then springs up into the air at a slight angle.

    2nd Jump= 6/10- Once Tyrogue is in the air, he can increase his vertical distance by a bit. Tyrogue will backflip for his second jump, which will send him backwards slightly. This jump is risky, as he could land facing away from his opponent, and end up taking large damage.

    Fall Speed= 4/10- Tyrogue is slightly floaty, and can be punished easily when he is in the air. It is recommended to use his second jump rarely, as he can be knocked off course due to the oddness of it.

    Size= Small- He is slightly smaller than Mario, and a lot thinner.

    Weight= Light- Tyrogue is light and floaty, so he can be easily punished in the air, even though that is were the majority of his strength lies.

    Crawl= Yes- Tyrogue gets to the ground, and crawls along, similar to Snake's crawl.

    Wall Jump= Yes- Tyrogue is a great wall jumper, as he will automatically travel at an upwards angle after jumping from the wall, and his jump has no lag whilst doing this.

    Wall Hang= Yes- He grabs the wall with his left hand, and hangs down with his right foot against the wall. After 1.5 seconds, he becomes tired, loses his grip, and trips if he reaches the ground without being attacked.


    Grab Attack= Headbutt (1%- no knockback) Tyrogue headbutts the opponent up to five times before either letting them go, or throwing them.

    Forward Throw= Rogue Boot ( 4%- medium knockback) He grabs his opponents shoulders and uses his other legs to kick his opponent.

    Backward Throw= Crush (5%- no knockback) Tyrogue put the opponent behind him, and slams them down into the ground, burying them. This allows you to be offensive and attack, or be defensive, and flee.

    Up Throw= Launch (3%- medium knockback) Tyrogue grabs hold of his opponent by the arms and spins around. He leaves go, and his opponent is sent flying.


    Forward Tilt= Backhand (2%- no knocback) Tyrogue faces away from his opponent and backhands them. This makes him vulnerable to attacks, and is risky to do at higher percentages.

    Up Tilt= Flip Kick (4%- low knockback) Tyrogue hops into the air, and does flips backwards- kicking the opponent.

    Down Tilt=
    Splits Kick (3%- low knockback) Tyrogue does the splits, and kicks at both sides of him. This is good for stopping an opponents combo, and giving you time to escape, or launch your own counter attack.

    Running Attack= Shoulder Charge (6%- medium knockback) Tyrogue puts his right shoulder in front of him, and hits the opponent with it.

    Aerial Attacks

    Neutral Air= Spin Kick (4%-medium knockback) Tyrogue puts one leg up and spins around, similar to what Ryu and Ken do. Tyrogue doesn't gain any distance with his though.

    Forward Air= Slam (6%- low knockback) He puts both fists together, and slams them down. If his fists hit the opponent, it will be used as a weak meteor smash.

    Backwards Air= Drop Kick (9%- no knockback) Tyrogue puts both feet behind him and kicks the opponent. If there is no opponent, he will drop to the ground , and if he hits an opponent on the ground, he will bury them. This is one of Tyrogue's most powerful attacks.

    Downwards Air= Spring Kick (0%- no knockback) Though this move seems practically useless, it is a great recovery move. Tyrgoue homes into the opponent, and hops off their head. He can use this move 3 times in a row, and has to wait 5 seconds to use it again after landing.

    Up Air= Uppercut (5%- medium knockback) Tyrogue lifts upwards and uppercuts. Due to the fact that his fist is where the damage comes from, you should short hop then use this attack as an opponent is coming from the sky. If you hit with anything other than the fist, it will do no damage.

    Smash Attacks

    Neutral Smash= Punch, kick, spinning kick combo (2%,5%,7%- No knockback) Just a basic combo attack, The attack can not be looped by holding the attack button.

    Side Smash= Spins his arm then punches (11%- low knockback) A weak and quicker version of DK's B attack. Tyrogue dashes a bit when he punches, which brings him to the opponent. This more charged the smash is, the further you will dash. This can be used to your advantage, as you could follow up, or it could be a disadvantage, as the opponent could attack you.

    Down Smash= Sweep Kick (5%- Trips opponent) Tyrogue crouches down, then sweeps his right leg 360 degrees. This causes the opponent to tip. At full charge, it will cause opponents behind him to trip as well.

    Up Smash= Punches the sky (7%- low knockback) Similar to Marth's up smash, Tyrogue punches his fist straight up into the air.


    Neutral Special= Brick Break- Charge a punch, then release (12%- No knockback, but breaks shield) Tyrogue charges up energy around his fist, then punches the opponent. This move is similar to DK's B punch, but you cannot store it. It takes 2 seconds to charge this move, and as such, you are vulnerable when using it.

    Side Special= Thief- Dashes past opponent and steals any item they were holding (4%- No knockback) Tyrogue lowers himself, then dashes directly behind the opponent. The attack is slightly faster then Fox's side B, but if he hits an opponent with it, he will stop directly behind them, no matter how far he had dashed. An undisturbed dash length is 1/3rd of Final Destination.

    Down Special= Mimic- Counters opponents attack and uses it on them (1/2 of the damage of the attack you countered- Knockback depends on attack) Tyrogue wiggles his arms in front of him, and if he is hit, a transparent copy of the character appears beside him, and repeats the attack that was countered. Whilst the "ghost" copy is using the attack, Tyrogue just continues to wiggle his arms. He can not move whilst using this attack, so if he mimiced warlock punch, the opponent could easily get out of the way, or attack from behind- which cancels the attack.

    Up Special= Substitute- Teleports in any direction, leaving a decoy in its place, which explodes after 3 seconds (Decoy 5%- Low knockback) You can control the direction with the control stick, but you can only travel in straight lines. The decoy will always be dropped straight down, and look similar to Tyrogue, except that it's smaller, and it's eyes are just dots. When his decoy hits an opponent in midair, it will explode immediately, and send them rocketing downwards. Even though this is hard to master, it is Tyrogue's most effective way of KO'ing. If used in the air, Tyrogue enters helpless, so it is risky to try and use this as a meteor smash.

    Final Smash

    Pump Up= Tyrogue's stats double, and all attacks now deal medium knockback (Form lasts for 20 seconds) Tyrogue punches his fists together, then is engulfed in red and yellow energy. He can still be damaged and KO'd, and if he gains over 100% damage during this stage, he will be stunned for 5 seconds. Once he is attacked whilst stunned, he will trip, and then continue the remaining stunned time.


    1=Does a fighting stance- He puts one foot in the air, and punches once.
    2=Charges up energy- Sparks of energy from his Final Smash flicker around his body.
    3= Meditate- He crosses his legs and hovers in the air.

    Victory Poses

    1= Meditates- Same as his taunt.
    2= Does a Jump Kick- Jumps in the air, then kicks towards the screen.
    3= Bows towards screen- Puts his fists together, and bows.

    Losing Pose

    Tyrogue stumbles backwards, then begins to clap.

    Victory Theme

    Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal Intro

    Credits Theme

    Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal battle theme

    When Tyrogue is KO'd, depending on the situation, he will evolve into another Pokemon. When the Pokemon appears, Tyrogue is a silhouette, and he begins to repeatedly change into one of his evolutions, like the evolution screen from the game.

    Damage % higher than opponents= Hitmonlee
    Damage % lower than opponents= Hitmonchan

    Commits Suicicde= Stays a Tyrogue (If he does this in his evolved form, he turns back to Tyrogue)



    Costume Colours

    1= Original (Brown and Beige)
    2= Shiny (Olive and Brown)(Green Team)
    3= Black and White
    4= Lilac and Maroon (Red Team)
    5= Blue and Pink (Blue Team)
    6= Gold and Silver

    When Selected

    He does his standard battle cry.


    Tyrogue evolves and after seeing his silhouette morph, Hitmonlee is formed.

    Random Facts.

    Idle= Hitmonlee stretches his limbs.

    Shield= 4/10- Hitmonlee's defense is the worst out of the evolutions. The shield last for 3 seconds, and when broken, he becomes stunned. He stands on one leg, and raises his other knee to his face.

    Dodge= He keeps one foot on the ground and stretches his leg and body upwards.

    Forward Roll= He lowers his legs, then extends them to spring him forward.

    Backwards Roll= Hitmonlee keeps his feet on the ground, and stretches himself backwards. When his hands touch the ground, he retracts his legs.

    Hitmonlee just trips and falls to the ground.

    He stumbles around with his legs shaking, as he is struggling to keep balance.

    Sleeping= His feet stay on the ground, but his body drops to the ground.

    Ledge Climb Shield= Hitmonlee springs onto the ledge, and behind the opponent.

    Ledge Climb Attack=
    Hitmonlee flips up and kicks his opponent with both feet.

    Ledge Climb Jump=
    Hitmonlee springs himself into the air, does a flip, then lands.


    Strength= 8/10- Hitmonlee is the strongest of the 2 evolutions, as he uses his speed to gain multiple hits, and has long reach due to his stretchy limbs.

    Speed= 7/10- He is slightly faster then Hitmonchan. Hitmonlee uses his long legs to cover large strides, so he can get to places easier.

    Defense= 6/10- Hitmonlee has slightly above average defene, but is the most vulnerable of the pair. His shield is vital in his side special, and can be restored.

    Launch Power=
    7/10- Hitmonlee can build up the opponents damage the fastest, but he lacks Hitmonchan's power of finishing them off with ease.

    10/10- Hitmonlee has the best initial jump in the game, as it can reach the height of 3 of Kirby's jumps if held down. He can also jump far horizontally, covering 3/4 of Final Destination. however, this can damage his aerial game, as he may end up soaring over his target.

    2nd Jump=
    2/10- As he doesn't have anything to stretch his legs from, so he simply does a flip in the air. This is useful however, as it cancels his previous jump, and you can attack out of this.

    Fall Speed=
    7/10- Hitmonlee isn't floaty, but doesn't weigh a ton. This means that he can stay in the air for a while, but you aren't vulnerable to getting beat up.

    Size= Slightly taller than Luigi. When stretched out he is taller than Ganondorf.

    Medium/ Heavy- Hitmonlee is heavier than Tyrogue, but not as heavy as Hitmonchan.

    Crawl= No, due to the fact that he seldom uses his arms.

    Wall Jump= Yes, but he springs horizontally, due to the fact he uses his legs as springs.

    Wall Hang= No, due to the fact that he doesn't use his ams that much.


    Grab Attack= Fling (0%- no knockback) Hitmonlee lies on the ground, and grabs the opponent with his feet. This means that he can't attack from his grab, but can throw with a tremendous force.

    Forward Throw= Fling F (13%- high knockback) Hitmonlee simply brings his legs closer to him, then springs them out, releasing the opponent, and sending them flying.

    Backward Throw= Fling B (17%- low knockback) Hitmonlee flips his opponents behind him and slams them into the ground, head first.

    Up Throw=
    Fling U (9%- medium knockback) Hitmonlee throws his opponent straight up into the air. This is his weakest throw, but he gets up quicker, so sometimes it can be more beneficial to use this, to prevent you from being a sitting duck.


    Forward Tilt= Kick (5%- low knockback) Hitmonlee does a simple kick forward. The attack has the range of Marth's B move.

    Up Tilt=
    Toxic (1%- no knockback) If Hitmonlee connects with an opponent, they will become poisoned, and gain 1% damage every second for 15 seconds.

    Down Tilt=
    Facade (3%- low knocback) Hitmonlee crouches down and sweeps his leg, causing his opponent to trip. If used when the opponent is stunned, it will deal 6% damage and medium knockback.

    Running Attack=
    Rolling Kick (7%- medium knockback) Hitmonlee rolls and then stretches his legs out, kicking his opponent.

    Aerial Attacks

    Neutral Air= Foresight (aerial counter) This attack is an aerial counter. It deals half the damage and knockback of the move you countered. You can only uses this against aerial attacks though, which limits its use. Hitmonlee summons a magnifying glass which hovers in front of him for 2 seconds. When it connects with an opponent, the glass will shatter, and damage the opponent.

    Forward Air= Poison Jab (2%- low knockback) This is the only attack that Hitmonlee uses his arms for. He attacks for 2% damage, then the opponent suffers 1% damage each second for five seconds. is hand becomes engulfed in purple energy, which he uses to puncture his opponent.

    Backwards Air= Back kick (6%- medium knockback) Hitmonlee kicks both feet behind him, damaging opponents who are behind him.

    Downwards Air= Rock Slide (9%- medium knockback) Hitmonlee creates a rock slide below him that is facing downwards at a diagonal angle. It works similarly to ZSS's dair, but he only travels down for one second, before entering helpless.

    Up Air= Swift (10%- low knockback) 10 small white stars come from Hitmonlee's body, and hit for 1% damage each. The attack is extremely quick, so you don't have to worry about any missing.

    Smash Attacks

    Neutral Smash=
    Frustration (3%, 4%, 8%- no knocback) Hitmonlee angrily kicks forward. He is reckless during this period, so his 3 kicks follow an erratic pattern.

    Side Smash= Me First (6%- medium knockback) He kicks the opponent at high speed. This attack only takes 1 second to charge, and it causes Hitmonlee to warp behind his opponent. This may lead him to become vulnerable, as the opponent could attack him as he's facing away from them.

    Down Smash=
    Rock Tomb (16%- no knockback) Hitmonlee causes a tomb to grow above his head. He can charge it up to 5 seconds, and once the attack is finished, he slams the tomb onto the ground, and if you charged for over 3 seconds, it will bury the opponent for the equal amount of time.

    Up Smash=
    Jump Kick (10%- medium knocback) Hitmonlee does a short hop, and kicks outwards.


    Neutral Special= Mega Kick (11%- medium knockback) Hitmonlee gets blue energy around his right foot. You charge this up for 1 second, then release. Hitmonlee kicks straight in front of him, damaging the opponent. This attack has quite a long range, as his leg stretches out about the same width as Bowser. There is no negative effect if the move misses, so it is safe to use often, just don't expect to hit with it frequently. This attack can be reversed similar to Falcon Punch, but it is more difficult to do, due to the short charge time. When the attack is reversed, the attacks range is cut by half, but he kicks forward, then spins around and kicks behind him. This is a good move to confuse opponents with, and to also give you some space.

    Side Special= Focus Blast (20%- high knockback) like Mega Kick, Focus Blast must be charged. However, this attack must be charged for 5 seconds before it can be used to it's full potential. Hitmonlee charges up brown energy around his eyes, which increases in brightness every second. Once charged, you can use the attack again to shoot small brown lasers from his eyes. This will only do 3%, no matter how charged it is. There is a catch to getting the full potential of this attack, and the catch is that you must get your opponent to attack you whilst you are shielded. If you are attacked whilst you are shielded, you will shoot the lasers out of your eyes, but this will create a glowing brown, donut shaped ring appear over the opponent, which will then explode, and send them flying. This move also replenishes your shield when used in this way.

    Down Special= Close Combat (4%- no knockback) Hitmonlee slowly kicks his opponent. There is a half second pause between the next kick can be used. The attack starts off at 4% damage, but deals another 4% for every consecutive hit after that. It is easy to get out of the attack though, so a good idea is to use this once, then surprise the opponent with a random attack.

    Up Special= Hi Jump Kick (13%- medium knockback) Hitmonlee jumps into the air and knees his opponent. This can be used for a recovery move. However, if he doesn't hit anybody, he will receive 5% damage, so it isn't wise to keep using this attack, as his normal attack should suffice in most circumstances.

    Final Smash

    Sunny Day= A giant sun forms over the stage, which proceeds to burn foes for 1% every second. The attack lasts for 15 seconds, so it does 15% damage in total. However the foes are limited in their movement due to being set alight every second, which makes them easy targets.
    But what's this?! You can't use any of your attacks?!
    This is because your neutral special has been replaced by a very special attack; Blaze Kick! The fact that it is sunny increases the attack power of this flaming kick. Although this is the only attack you can use during sunny day, it doesn't matter, as Blaze Kick will deal 60% damage, and very high knockback to all characters, which means it can kill from as little as above 30%. Unfortunately, you can only use this move three times, but that could possibly mean 3 extra KO's. The attacks doesn't need to charge up, and Hitmonlee kicks as soon as you press B.
    If you are very skilled, you could try lining up your opponents, and kicking one into the rest, causing them all to die. This would give you two extra chances to rack up bonus kills.



    Victory Poses

    1= Hitmonlee kicks upwards.
    2= Hitmonlee turns around to his competitors and enters this stance.
    3= Hitmonlee balances on one leg, lifting himself up and down with it.

    Losing Pose

    Hitmonlee faces away from the opponent, and claps.



    Costume Colours

    1= Original (Brown and Lilac)
    2= Blue and Lilac (Blue Team)
    3= Gold and Silver
    4= Shiny (Green and Lilac)(Green Team)
    5= Black and Pink
    6= Red and White(Red Team)

    When Selected

    He does his standard battle cry.


    Tyrogue evolves and after seeing his silhouette morph, Hitmonchan is formed.

    Random Facts.

    Idle= Hitmonchan spins his right arm , then rests his glove under his chin.

    Shield= 8/10- Hitmonchan holds his gloves to his face. His shield is the best out of the evolutions, as it lasts the longest, and can withstand the most damage.

    = Hitmonchan simply sidesteps.

    Forward Roll= He lunges forward into a short roll.

    Backwards Roll= Hitmonchan crouches, then rolls backwards.

    Tripping= Hitmonchan lies horizontally, his eyes in the shape of X's.

    Stunned= He sways his body whilst his eyes are swirling.

    Sleeping= He sits down and puts his head in his hands.

    Ledge Climb Shield= Hitmonchan climbs up, then quickly sidesteps behind his opponent.

    Ledge Climb Attack
    = Hitmonchan climbs up, then does an small uppercut.

    Ledge Climb Jump= He pulls himself up, but launches himself in the air.


    Strength= 6/10- Hitmonchan is the weakest of the evolutions; although his moves have high knockback, they don't do that much damage.

    Speed= 5/10- Hitmonchan is quite a slow mover, although a few of his moves can move at Mach speeds.

    Defense= 8/10- Hitmochan shines in his defense. Being a boxing Pokemon, Hitmonchan has learned how to take a good amount of hits. This allows Hitmonchan to outlast his opponents during a long, tiring Brawl.

    Launch Power
    = 9/10- His launch power is either slightly below, or at the same level as most of the heavyweight characters. Hitmonchan can send foes flying with his attacks.

    Jump= 3/10- Hitmonchan has a below average jump. This is due to his boxing heritage. This strongly effects his aerial game, as unlike some characters, you can't keep following up with lots of aerial attacks in quick succession.

    2nd Jump= 4/10- His second jump just raises him a tiny bit more, and allows for some more recovery distance. Hitmonchan can only use one aerial attack whilst in the air, and will enter helpless after using it, no matter which jump you used the attack on.

    Fall Speed
    = 8.5/10- Hitmonchan is the heaviest of the pair, and as such, he falls the fastest. You aren't that vulnerable in the air, but you'll have trouble making an aerial counter attack.

    Size= Same size as Luigi, but bulkier.

    Weight= Slightly Heavy- Hitmonchan isn't a heavy weight, but he is heavier than the other characters his size.

    Crawl= No- HItmonchan is a boxer, and always wears his gloves. He has no need to crawl, and would be difficult if he did.

    Wall Jump= No- Hitmonchan doesn't have the jumping powers or leg strength to jump off walls.

    Wall Hang= No- He is always wearing his boxing gloves, and it would be impossible for him to grasp a wall wearing them.


    Grab Attack
    = Vacuum Wave (3%- low knockback) Hitmonchan holds his right hand out and a gust of wind appears around his glove. The vacuum sucks the opponent towards him. He can then shoot out up to 5 stronger waves , which do 3 damage each, with the 5th dealing low knockback.

    Forward Throw
    = Shoot Forward (6%- high knockback) He shoot the opponent out of his Vacuum Wave like a cannon. It deals low damage, but can send his opponents flying large distances. If the person shot forward hits another opponent, they will deal 2% damage and no knockback, but if they hit an aerial enemy, it will work as a meteor smash.

    Backward Throw= Shoot Bacwards (9%- no knockback) Hitmonchan lifts his opponent behind is head, and then fires them towards the ground. This is his strongest throw, but the fact that the opponent will end up facing your back makes this move lose a lot of its use.

    Up Throw= Shoot Upwards (5%- medium knockback) Hitmonchan lifts his opponent over his head, then shoots them skywards. This throw gives you time to launch a smash attack to finish your opponent.


    Forward Tilt
    = Detect (4%- medium knockback) Hitmonchan punches his fist diagonally towards the ground, then raises it upwards. This attack does little damage, but it has good knockback, and a large hitbox.

    Up Tilt
    = Drain Punch (0%- no knockback) This attack does no damage or knockback. Instead, it drains energy from the opponent, and reduces your % by the said amount. If the opponent has 10% damage, you will heal 1%, but if they have 100%, you will heal 10%. This is a useful defensive move, and it helps you stay alive longer.

    Down Tilt= Mud Slap (4%- medium knockback) Hitmonchan crouches down and punches a pile of mud towards his opponent.

    Running Attack
    = Headbutt (7%- low knockback) Hitmonchan smashes his head towards his opponent whilst doing a small hop into the air. This attack deals low knockback, but it does decent damage. If you miss, you slide along the floor, and it then takes you a second to get up, leaving you vulnerable to a smash attack.

    Aerial Attacks

    Neutral Air= Secret Power (7%- medium knockback) Hitmonchan is surrounded by a purple aura. The aura shoots off his body, and causes the opponent to enter helpless if used against aerial enemies.

    Forward Air
    = Helping Hand (3%- high knockback) This attack is very weak, but has great knockback. It also takes a while to start up, so it is difficult to hit with. Hitmonchan clenches his fist, then slowly puts it outwards. If it connects with his foe, he will grab them, and then throw them straight up and high speeds.

    Backwards Air
    = Feint (9%- high knockback) Hitmonchan punches forward, but the punch does no damage, as it is a feint. Instead, the attack is invisible, and comes from behind. This makes a good surprise attack, but it can become predictable if repeatedly used.

    Downwards Air= Body Slam (14%- medium knockback) Hitmonchan moves his body into a horizontal position, and slams his chest down onto his opponent. This move acts as a meteor smash.

    Up Air= Earthquake (17%- no knockback) A small earthquake occurs directly under Hitmonchan's feet, dealing damage to all those who touch it. He then proceeds to do a small hop which is useful to gaining a bit more vertical distance.

    Smash Attacks

    Neutral Smash= Mach Punch (3%, 5%, 1%- low knockback) Hitmonchan does two incredibly fast punches that deal damage, then rapidly throws punches that deal 1% damage each. This can be used to rack up damage quickly. The punches are blindingly quick, and difficult to see coming.

    Side Smash= Comet Punch (2%- medium knockback) The amount of punches that are thrown is random, but can vary between one and five. Each punch does 2% damage, but if multiple punches are thrown, the knockback will only occur after the final punch. The longer you go without using this attack however, the higher the chance of four or five punches.

    Down Smash
    = Swagger= (16%- high knockback) This is Hitmonchan's kill move, Hitmonchan stumbles around for two seconds, then a Purple Aura comes from the ground which launches opponents upwards. This can kill from 80%, but is very difficult to connect due to it's predictability. If you don't charge it, Hitmonchan won't swagger as much, but the damage and knockback will not be as high.

    Up Smash= Sky Uppercut (13%- high knockback) He does an uppercut, which sends him up into the air. The attack does good damage, and has great knockback. This attacks sends foes directly upwards, and as such is a good killing move.


    Punch= Hitmonchan has 4 different punches, with Bullet Punch being the neutral one. To use the other punches, you must press the corresponding direction to equip the punch, then the B button to use it. Once you have used it, you will have to equip again. The best way to use the punches is to combo two different punches together, as certain combos create different effects.

    Neutral Special
    = Bullet Punch (7%- low knockback) Hitmonchan's glove turns to a silver coloured metal, and he punches straight ahead at high speeds.

    BP-BP= This combo is nothing special, just two quick punches. (14%)
    BP- TP= This combo doubles the amount of time the opponent is stunned, and does double damage. (36%)
    BP-IP= This combo does nothing special, and the Ice Punch damage is halved. (9%)
    BP-FP= This combo damages Hitmonchan, so is advised against. It does slightly increase the moves knockback however. (16%). You get damaged (20%)

    Side Special= Thunder Punch (11%- medium knockback) He gains electricity around his glove. This punch is the second fastest. The punch stuns opponents.

    TP-BP= This does nothing special. It just makes bullet punch easier to land. (18%)
    TP-TP= This does nothing special, and the damage only counts for one Thunder Punch. The stun time is increased however. (11%)
    TP-IP= This stuns the opponent for 6 seconds in exchange for the loss of any damage. (0%)
    TP-FP= This doesn't stun the opponent, and only deals medium knockback. The damage dealt by the Fire Punch is canceled, but the Thunder Punch deals triple damage. (33%)

    Down Special= Ice Punch (4%- no knockback) Ice shards surround his glove, and his punch freezes opponents. This is the third fastest punch.

    IP-BP= The opponent is frozen, then shattered. There is no knockback, but the power of the Bullet Punch is doubled. (18%)
    IP-TP= The stunned time is halved. (15%)
    IP-IP= No effect, the damage of the two punches is dealt, but the freeze effect only counts for the first punch. (8%)
    IP-FP= The ice is melted. It deals high damage, but no knockback. (22%)

    Up Special= Fire Punch (9%- high knockback) Hitmonchan gains flames around his gloves, which burns opponents. This is the slowest punch, but has the highest knockback.

    FP-BP= No special effect, but the damage of the Bullet Punch is halved. (13%)
    FP-TP= The Thunder Punch deals no damage, but stuns the opponent, limiting the knockback. (9%)
    FP-IP= Deals double damage and high knockback. The opponent is burnt, then frozen solid. (26%)
    FP-FP= The amount of time burnt is doubled, but the knockback is lowered, and the strength of punch 2 is halved. (14%)

    Final Smash

    Seismic Toss= (65%- high knocback) Hitmonchan grabs hold of his opponent, flies into the air, does 3 spins, then slams back down at rapid speeds, the opponent landing head first. This causes your opponent to go launching off the screen. This is the only time Hitmonchan spends notable time in the air. This attack will only work on one opponent, although you could get lucky and land on a second opponent. You can use this in midair, but if you are over the edge you will probably plummet to your death, but they will be KO'd before you.


    1= [​IMG]
    3= [​IMG]

    Victory Poses

    1= Hitmonchan does two jabs towards the screen.
    2= Hitmonchan rests his chin on his right glove, sighing.
    3= A concrete slab appears in front of Hitmonchan, and he punches through it.

    Losing Pose

    Hitmonchan claps whilst smirking.


    Saffron City Fighting Dojo- There are two narrow towers on each side of the arena, with a floating platform between it. Black belt trainers will sometimes fly kick across the stage (6%- Medium knockback). The stage is similar to the Dojo from Fire Red and Leaf Green=
    The walls serve as the platforms, and there is a floating wooden platform with a green mat on it between these two platforms. You can only get KO'd from the bottom of the screen, as there are walls and a ceiling blocking the side and top KO zones. The main platform is slightly smaller than battlefield, and the towers are slightly smaller than Battlefield's floating platforms.
    If the towers take a lot of damage (equivalent of 80% damage) it will crumble slightly, and lower the tower. At 100%, the Tower will crumble completely, and you will be unable to stand on it. The towers will restore after 30 seconds, so you will have to do your fighting on the main platform.
    The fact that this level only has one KO zone, which is located at the bottom, means that you can throw your opponents towards the ceiling, and attack them as they bounce down. As the walls are visible, you can also wall hang from them, and you can do this from the towers as well.
    This stage differs from other stages though, because you will only be able to use this stage from 6a.m to 6p.m. After that time, the stage will turn into....

    Mt. Mortar-This stage is a scrolling stage through the waters and ground of Mt. Mortar. You follow a similar path to the one found in the last section of the cave.
    You start off at the bottom right corner on the small platform. The KO zone is to the left of the screen. There are steps in the background, and a little bit of water to the left, which you can swim in. You stay here for 15 seconds before a Lapras and two Marils come to the water. You jump onto their backs, and you begin to swim towards the left of the screen. As you are swimming, rocks will occasionally fall from the ceiling, and Zubats will swoop down and attack you (4% damage). You will swim for 20 seconds before you come to your next platform. You need to jump over a rocky wall to get to this next section.

    This section has one KO zone at the top of the screen. The bottom platform is solid ground, and there are two short rocky walls on both sides of you. You will stay here for 15 seconds, before the stage starts scrolling again, and you get back on the water Pokemon. You swim for another 10 seconds before you reach your third platform.

    This platform is similar to the first one, except that it is a bit longer, and there are some rocks on the floor that you can stand on. The water is on the right however, and you can still swim in it. The KO zones are to the top, right, and left, so you are more vulnerable to getting KO'd in this section. You will remain here for 25 seconds before getting back on the swimming Pokemon.

    After traveling for 10 seconds, you return at the beginning, and the cycle is looped.
  11. kitsuneko345

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    Dec 20, 2007
    *sending Sundance lots of apple pies on Pi Day, as
    Quick glance at Tyrouge: Looks nice so far, Neutral B sounds like a very weak Donkey Punch(?), but otherwise good jov for a newcomer. We hope you enjoy your stay.

    Seriously, am I just annoying to you guys?
  12. MasterWarlord

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    Not in the target audience demographic
    Tyrogue is excellent for a first moveset. It's well balanced, not that under-detailed, and actually has some creativity in it, I particularly like the up B, and thank god you actually used Pokemon moves. The more generic non specials are slightly more excusable then normal due to you doing a generic fighting type Pokemon. A fine way to make your way into MYM. And unlike most first movesets, you actually used BBCode! Thank you!


    I'm reviewing Megaman. . .It doesn't have the sheer epicness that Dracula had over the contest, barring it's superb organization. Megaman isn't the next Dracula. You can breathe now.

    That said, it is epicly awesome, and if it were placed in MYM 3 alongside Dracula. . .It'd still give the old man a challenge. . .*Goes for more in-depth analysis.*

    This contest isn't going to be as predictable as the last one. . .There's far too many quality sets. My Top 4 last time ended up being the actual top 4 in MYM 3. . .

    Edit: @ Kitsuneko: You wouldn't be annoying if you didn't constantly ask if you were annoying. I was quite fond of you until then. . .There's nothing wrong with you. Just relax.
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    Seconded. My only suggestion is to put some more detail on Brick Break and Mimic. Mimic especially, as that sounds really cool.

    Also, no, you're not annoying.
  14. ~Cruxis~

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    In a timeless world
    It all depends on the type of annoyance you speak of. If you are annoyingly witty such as me I, then yes. Or you could be annoyingly cool, helpful, and humorous.
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    Thanks for that. I'll go add some more detail to mimic, then start on Hitmonlee.
    It was difficult finding fighting moves for him, because he doesn't learn many until he evolves.
    That's why he has thief :laugh:.
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    Make Your Move
    I've already reviewed Megaman so you can breathe easy.
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    Not in the target audience demographic
    Good thing you caught me before I actually started writing the review then.

    Mind putting it up on the wordpress blog? I'd put it there. . .But then it'd be in my name. It's nothing too hard, just click add new post, copy and paste the review, set the little drop down box to published, then click save. Done!
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    *sending Sundance lots of apple pies on Pi Day, as
    Thanks for all the non-annoying answers. It's just that you can't go 4 pages in this thread without an advertisement, spam, or john by me.

    Anyway, you still haven't answered my question: Should I give a number system for all the movesets I review? If not, there will still be there but be hidden.
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    Make Your Move
    I already did.... :ohwell:
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    @Warlord: FYI, I responded to the Grievous review on the blog.

    So, would anyone with artistic skills care to make some Kirby hats for me?
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    This character combination has both brains and brawn at their disposal! Cortex and Tiny have joined the fray!

    Rather then entering the world of Smash Bros. as a transformation character or an Ice Climbers type character, both characters share the same moveset. Cortex, being the dwarf like midget he is, rides on Tiny's back, his legs over his shoulders. Some of the moves feature Cortex's technology while others involve Tiny's sheer muscle. Some moves even involve both characters in what usually ends up being comical, Tiny using Cortex's body as a weapon or the mad scientist taking advantage of his henchman's stupidity.

    Splitting Up:

    Some of the various moves of the character cause the two characters to become seperated, and you'll then proceed to play as Cortex without the aid of his gigantic mutant tiger. Cortex has a very limited arsenal of moves, and no, you can't play as Tiny by himself through the use of these moves (Although there is a special move that allows the use of Tiny alone). Tiny will stand around waiting for orders from his master, scratching his butt stupidly. Tiny can still be attacked and KOd while Cortex is away, preventing Cortex from meeting back up with his minion and severely crippling the character as a whole. It only counts as a lost stock if Cortex dies, Tiny vanishing if he does so like Nana in the Ice Climbers. If Cortex touches Tiny after the characters are separated, the mutant tiger will hoist Cortex back up onto his back and the character will resume play as normal. While the duo have several very potent moves that would normally make them imbalanced, Cortex is generally sent flying off into the distance as a result of them. Players will want to take advantage of the first chance they have to dispose of Tiny or the mad scientist individually for easy kills.


    Size: 8.5/10 Tiny by himself obviously makes up the bulk of the size of the character, being around the height of Ganondorf. Tiny naturally has more girth then the king of evil, but he isn't as wide as Bowser. Tiny wouldn't be the tallest character if it wern't for Cortex being mounted on his back, who makes him very slightly taller then Ganondorf. Tiny just barely gets above Ganondorf's height with Cortex on his back, his nearly non existant legs sizing him down to some extent.
    Weight: 7.5/10 Cortex weighs little to nothing, adding little to the weight. Tiny himself isn't as heavy as some of the other heavyweights due to his ridiculously scrawny legs. He's still heavy, but he's below pretty much all the other heavy characters.
    Walking Speed: 3/10 Tiny is far from the fastest character with his two small legs, having trouble covering long distances too quickly.
    Running Speed: 5/10 Tiny gives it his all when he's running, able to take the burn of it quite well due to his extensive sessions of working out.
    Traction: 2/10 Tiny has terrible traction turning around, seeing he's got Cortex on his back weighing him down and is already pretty clumsy.
    Power: 8.5/10 One of the most powerful characters in the game, Tiny uses his muscle to make KOing enemies with the majority of his moves little to no problem.
    Attack Speed: 2/10 Several of the duo's attacks are very laggy due to them fighting each other more then their enemies at times.
    Range: 9/10 Another advantage for the pair, Cortex and Tiny have a projectile, the occassional disjointed hitbox, and large range on the moves in general due to Tiny's size. The duo are above average in pretty much all important stats, including this one, the forced splitting up on their most powerful moves being their main drawback to make up for it as well as their horrendous speed.
    First Jump: 7.5/10 Tiny was a good jumper in his initial appearance in Crash Bandicoot 2, and that's no different here. Some realism is added in to count in for Tiny's virtually non existant legs, and the pair already have a good recovery with their up special anyway.
    Second Jump: 5/10 Covers less distance as the previous jump, although you'll naturally use this one more often due to you not being able to use the first jump in the air.
    Fall Speed: 6/10 The pair are slightly on the fast falling side due to being heavy, but are far from fast fallers. In comparison to the average heavy character, Cortex and Tiny are quite floaty.
    Crouch: 1/10 Tiny fails to get low to the ground, only being slightly closer down to it then Bowser in his crouch. What makes it worse then Bowser's is that Cortex is on top of him, increasing the pair's total height even further, making this crouch laughable.
    Crawl: 8/10 The pair have a surprisingly fast crawl, Tiny moving about on all fours hastily to make up for the large height of the crouch. The crawl goes as fast as their dashing speed.
    Wall Jump: No.
    Wall Cling: No.
    Gliding: No.
    Hover: No.

    Basic Animations:

    Basic pose: Tiny has his arms at his side and is standing up straight while Cortex is mounted on him piggy back style, holding onto his ears.
    Idle pose: Cortex accidentally tugs at Tiny's ears too hard, causing him to turn his head back at Cortex slightly and shake his fist angrily.
    Walking: Tiny slowly slides his feet accross the ground without picking them up in a fashion like Dedede's walk.
    Running: Tiny walks forward normally.
    Dashing: Now that he has to actually work, Tiny hastily pumps his arms as he runs, although isn't very fast due to his nearly non existant legs.
    Crouching: Tiny crouches down to the ground, unable to do so well, being at about Bowser's height. Cortex moves to Tiny's back and folds his legs as he sits on Tiny, riding him like a real tiger. When you crouch, there's a 1% chance Cortex will say "Crouch down tiger, I sense a hidden dragon!".
    Crawling: Cortex points forwards or backwards depending on which way you crawl, while Tiny hastily moves his limbs out in big strokes as he charges forward, his tounge slobbering out the side of his mouth like a dog. The crawl is notably slower going backwards, the process in which Tiny does so resembling Bowser.
    Jump 1: Tiny crouches down low then springs up with impressive force. This jump has more starting lag then most, but is good for a heavy character.
    Jump 2: Considering Crash can double jump in mid air in his games, Tiny has little problems defying gravity as well, able to do a standard jump in mid air without doing anything flashy.
    Shield: Cortex summons a metallic sphere over his minion and himself, the duo having a unique shield. The shield functions for the most part like Yoshi's egg shield, but to help make up for their bad sidesteps and rolls the duo have the most durable shield in the game.
    Sidestep: The sphere vanishes as Tiny hastily leans back into the background, grabbing Cortex as he does so to protect him as well, then proceeding to put him back on his back as the sidestep finishes. Due to having to Tiny having to care for Cortex, the sidestep has bad ending lag for a sidestep.
    Rolling: The metallic sphere rolls right and left, an occassional cry of pain from Cortex being heard inside as a whamming sound from Tiny follows, the pair toppling over each other inside. The sphere rolls a longer way then Yoshi's egg due to it's size, but is somewhat laggy in doing so for a roll.
    Air Dodge: Tiny pulls back on Tiny's ears to bring his head into the background, then Tiny gets the message and proceeds to lean back fully for the air dodge. Has slight starting lag for an air dodge.
    Sleeping: Tiny sleeps standing, drooling, while Cortex is wide awake. Cortex angrily pulls on Tiny's ears violently and smacks him over the head, trying to get him to wake up.
    Dizzy: Cortex appears to be the one dizzy, and rapidly points his fingers about in random directions, giving Tiny various conflicting orders. Tiny just shrugs to this, and the animation repeats until Cortex regains his senses.

    Special Attacks:

    B Down - Tiny the Titan:


    Tiny flexes as he says stupidly "TINY CRUSH YOU!" for a flash to occur over him. During the flash, Tiny bucks Cortex off his back, knocking him out and causing him to let out a groan of pain. After the flash stops, Tiny will of gained his gladiator attire from his boss fight in Crash Bandicoot Warped, having a gladiator helmet and a trident. Tiny is immensely powerful in this state, but Cortex can still be hit around like a punching bag.

    While you don't really need the help of Cortex with the power of your gladiator form, if he dies you'll lose a stock, meaning you can't leave him undefended or use this ability recklessly. Tiny doesn't have his own unique moveset in this form, the moves simply becoming more powerful besides the ones relying on the use of Cortex.

    If you use the down special when already in titan form, it'll do nothing unless you're next to Cortex, Tiny just scratching his head and questioningly saying "Master?". If you are next to him, Tiny will mount Cortex on his back for him to regain conciousness as Tiny's gladiator gear fades away. You'll then go back to the normal Cortex and Tiny form.

    B - Burp Blaster: When you first use this move, Cortex will take out a strange potion and start shaking it up, causing it to start fizzling like a bottle of soda. This charges the move up, and the charge can be held like DK's or Samus' standard special. The charge takes a good while longer to fully do, around triple the length of DK's charge time for a massive total of around 15 seconds.

    Once you press B again to actually start the move, Cortex will hand the vial down to Tiny and say "Drink up!" for Tiny to chug down the potion hastily. If the charge is at or under 33%, Tiny will like the potion, rubbing his tummy and saying "MNNN!", healing 1% damage. Note that the pair can only heal 3% damage per stock in this fashion, and you'd probably be better off charging the move for one of it's better effects anyway.

    If the charge is over 33% but not fully charged, Tiny will look sick after having drank the liquid, and will then open his mouth out wide and say "YUCK!" as he spits out the liquid. The contents of the potion come out in a solid stream forward, doing no damage but pushing any enemies back for good knockback. The main purpose of this, of course, is edge guarding. The higher the charge, the longer the stream of liquid. If the charge is at 99%, the stream of liquid is around 1.5X as long as the stream of water from Mario's FLUDD.

    If the move is completely charged, Tiny will let out a massive belch that has a gigantic hitbox in front of him. It pushes foes back with massive force in a huge range in front of Tiny, still doing no damage, but doing massive knockback in a manner like Mario's FLUDD. This is a godly edge guarding tool, being very easy to hit with and still allowing you to do it from the safety from the platform. The otherwise excellent move isn't without it's side effects though, at the start of the move Cortex will peek his head over in front of Tiny while laughing evily, eager to see the wrath he's about to bring upon his enemies. The belch happens before Cortex can pull himself back behind Tiny to hide again, causing him to also get hit by the attack, getting separated from Tiny in the process. While Cortex's recovery can easily get him back to the platform, if you miss with the burp or it doesn't send the enemy into the abyss otherwise, they can punish Tiny back at the platform with ease. Use with caution.

    Titan Tiny Form - Roar of the Tiger: Tiny rears back his head when B is pressed for a good period of starting lag, taking in a deep breath of air for around 3 entire seconds, giving the attack significant wind up. Tiny then lets out a massive roar that has the same effect as the fully charged burp in the Cortex and Tiny moveset. While this has much more starting lag then the version with both Cortex and Tiny, it doesn't require the massive amount of charge time it does.

    B Side - Freeze Gun:
    Cortex fires an icy blast out of his gun which goes out forward, you being able to direct it up and down with the control stick, Cortex and Tiny being stationary during the move. The controlling path of the move is basically like Din's Fire, Zelda side special, but slows down as it goes farther instead of visa versa, having a lower maximum range and being harder to hit someone with, but has many more good effects to make up for it. If the blast hits someone, they'll be frozen in a block of ice like the Mr. Freezy item for 1 second and take 11% damage as well as slightly above average knockback.

    Where the move gets interesting though is that if you don't hit anybody with it, a solid block of ice around the size of a stage builder block will appear where you fired it. The ice block will plummet downwards with a slow fall speed, and you can grab it's ledges as well as land on it to gain back any jumps, making this a good recovery. Only one ice block can be out at a time, and they'll vanish as soon as they touch the ground or you use the side special again. The ice block cannot be used to block ledges from being grabbed, as the ice block has it's own grabbable ledges, it's main purpose being recovery. Due to the ice block falling down, you'll have to fall down a lot to go land on it to regain your jumps, meaning this is more of a horizontal then a vertical recovery, as you'll have to fall down more then you can make your way back up, at least without losing Tiny. The ice block can be used to gimp enemy recoveries from the safety of the platform, as if you get hit by the underside of it as it's falling you'll take 13% damage and be meteor smashed downwards. Overall, a very versatile move.

    Titan Tiny Form - The Master's Gladiator: This move does nothing if you're not next to Cortex, Tiny just scratching his head and questioningly saying "Master?". If you are next to him, Tiny will mount Cortex on his back, but unlike the down special Cortex will stay unconcious. You can carry Cortex around to keep him from being attacked while still using your powerful gladiator attacks as Tiny, making the character as a whole much less vulnerable. The catch is that if Tiny's hit by any attack with the exception of a non energy based projectile (Waddle Dees and Din's Fire would get through for example), Cortex will be knocked off Tiny's back, making him vulnerable again. Don't expect to be able to protect Cortex long term with this, but this is good for pulling the unconcious Cortex away from edges where a single attack could mean the KOing of Cortex and a lost stock.

    B Up - Jetpack Blast: A jetpack forms on Cortex's back, and then Cortex rockets skywards. Tiny grabs onto Cortex's tiny feet to go along with his master, and you then have a controllable recovery. The recovery lasts as long as R.O.B.'s and requires no recharge time, but is far without draw backs. Halfway through the duration of the attack, the boots of Cortex Tiny's hanging onto will slip off. Tiny will flap around his arms about, trying to fly comically while having an exspression of shock in his face, his eyes going wide in a comic fashion. After defying gravity for a couple of seconds, Tiny will fall like a rock to his doom, you getting stuck with having to use Cortex alone.

    You can still get the average recovery distance with half the duration of R.O.B.'s up special, but if you take advantage too much advantage of the move or you get knocked out too far, you'll lose Tiny, and thus lose the bulk of your arsenal. If Tiny hits anyone as he's plummeting down, he'll spike them and deal knockback and damage that matches Dedede when he's crashing down from his up special. A few seconds after the attack's over, new boots will respawn on Cortex to replace the ones he lost to Tiny.

    Titan Tiny Form - Frantic Flail: Tiny flails his arms about as if his life depended on it in a desperate attempt to get back to the stage. It gives him less distance then even Link's recovery, and only has potetional to do 6% damage in multiple hits. A terrible recovery to help make up for his overpowered moves. Coupeled with having to protect Cortex, this helps Tiny to be brought down to the level of the rest of the cast in his titan form.

    Basic Attacks:

    A - Tiger's Embrace: Tiny reaches out his arms in front of him, not affecting enemies at all, then pulls his arms back towards himself, causing foes to trip towards him and take 5-6% damage. You can proceed to follow this attack up with the AA, or follow it up with an attack like dtilt while they're tripped. This attack has slight starting lag as Tiny puts his arms out, but the rest of the attack has no lag, you able to follow up this move with ease. Works normally in Titan form.

    AA - Big Bites: Tiny rapidly bites in front of him in an arc like Link's AAA, first up, in front of him, below him, then repeating endlessly so long as you hold the button or keep rapidly pressing A. Each bite only causes the enemy to flinch, doing no real knockback, and 4-5% damage. Tiny doesn't lean out to bite people, thus the attack has small range, but if you hit with the Tiger's Embrace you'll have no problem here. If you're bit you'll be pulled in slightly towards Tiny, but DI will still easily get you away. This attack is notably laggier then the average rapid slash or rapid punch, but can still rack up damage fast if your enemy's up against a wall. Each bite does 1% more damage in Titan form.

    Ftilt - Cranium Crush: Tiny picks up Cortex off his back, reaching both hands behind him to do so, then lifts him above his head. Tiny proceeds to smack Cortex down onto the ground like a club, using Cortex's thick skull to crush enemies. The swing has very large range and deals 13-14% damage with good knockback (Excellent for a tilt, rivaling snake's ftilt), Cortex screaming as his head is used as a weapon. After the swing, Tiny places Cortex back on his shoulders, dusting him off while Cortex mumbles "I hate you. . .".

    This attack is loaded with lag as it sounds, having some starting lag and ridiculous ending lag. The actual attack though is very good, putting even Snake's ftilt to shame. The attack is even a disjointed hitbox, Cortex being considered a "weapon". If Tiny is hit while performing this attack though, Cortex will go flying out of his grasp, causing the pair to be separated and you to play as Cortex. Use carefully.

    Titan Tiny Form - Club Crush: Tiny uses his trident like a club to beat his foes with in this attack. The attack has even more insane range due to Tiny's trident being longer then Cortex's small body, and there is no ending lag for the attack whatsoever, it even doing an additional 2-3% damage and slightly more knockback. This would be a ridiculously good attack if not for the fact the trident can be knocked out of Tiny's hands like Cortex can. If this happens, Tiny will be unable to perform any of his attacks that use his trident until he goes to pick it up, although he'll automatically get a new one in 10 seconds.

    Utilt - Malfunctioning Machine: Cortex fires a single shot out of his gun upwards, but it's jammed for some reason. Cortex curses under his breath, it being ununderstandable, then rapidly shakes the gun around, then fires a single weak shot upwards. The projectile is a small green ball that does 4-5% damage and causes a small flinch, traveling upwards off the top of the screen at an average speed. This attack obviously has ridiculous starting lag and is very weak, making you think it'd be useless, but the catch is Tiny can move around (At full speed, too, and he can still jump) while Cortex tries to get the gun to fire. This is decent for poking enemies with, but little else.

    Titan Tiny Form - Hairball: Tiny faces his mug upwards and opens it up, making gross sounds as if he's coughing something up, then coughs up a hairball. Tiny's still able to move around as he charges the projectile, it still being as laggy as ever, but the hairball is notably larger then Cortex's projectile, being the size of a maximum size stage builder block, also doing an extra 4% damage.

    Dtilt - Hunting Tiger: Tiny opens his mouth wide and then chomps it down, grabbing anyone in front of him in his jaws, doing 3-4% damage to anyone he catches in them. This attack can be used while Tiny is crawling, making it a good deal more effective. Once Tiny chomps down on something you can continue pressing A to chomp on them like with Wario's neutral B for 2-3% damage per chomp, or you can press up on the control stick to fling the victim up out of your jaws to Cortex. Once the victim is on Tiny's back alongside Cortex, Cortex hastily zaps them with his gun to give them 6-7% damage and decent knockback. You can DI to avoid being zapped by Cortex with ease if you're small like Pikachu or Squirtle, but if you're a giant character such as Bowser or Dedede it's impossible.

    Titan Tiny Form - Wild Tiger: The move functions normally, but you'll fling the enemy upwards with great force if you choose to do so after you've grabbed them in your jaws instead of sending them to Cortex (Who isn't present). The upwards fling does average upwards knockback and 8-9% damage.

    Dashing Attack - Brainy Bowling Ball: Tiny continues running as the attack starts, picking Cortex up off his back, then bowls him accross the ground. Cortex will be letting out cries of pain throughout the attack as he tumbles accross the ground, Tiny chuckling. Cortex's body is a hitbox as it goes accross the ground about half the length of final destination, dragging anybody he hits along with him in a "piplup effect". Anybody caught with Cortex is dealt 4-5% damage per second, making this a good damage dealing move with high priority and nearly no lag at all. Tiny is perfectly vulnerable during this entire attack, and at the end Cortex will be separated from Tiny, you playing as him. You won't be using this nearly as often as the average character's dashing attack, but it's a decent attack to mix things up.

    Titan Tiny Form - Gladiator Games: Tiny uses his trident instead of Cortex as the projectile for this attack, it functioning the same way as Cortex's body does. The trident will be laying on the ground at the end of the attack, and you'll have to go pick it up or wait 10 seconds for the trident to magically reappear in your grasp before you can use any more attacks involving Tiny's trident.

    Rising Attack (Either Side) - To the Hunt: Cortex hops on Tiny's back and pulls on his ears to get his attention, Tiny nodding and going into the crouching stance. This happens very quickly, and while doing no direct damage it gets you ready for a better attack on any enemies who get close. You still have brief invulnerability frames as you get into this position. If Tiny's laying on his back when this happens, Cortex will rolls him over and then do the rest of the animation, making this laggier.

    Titan Tiny Form - To the Wilds: Tiny simply gets into the crouch position without the help of Cortex, making this have little to no lag at all, being great to surprise your enemies with.

    Ledge Attack (Under 100%) - Swift Sweep: Tiny hastily gets up off the ledge, letting out a loud roar and doing a large sweep of his arm. The arm swing has long range, little to no lag at all, and does good knockback for a ledge attack as well as 9% damage. The catch to the attack is due to Tiny getting up so fast off the ledge, Cortex falls off his back, automatically grabbing the ledge, you playing as Cortex. Tiny goes a decent bit forwards with the arm sweep, about the range of Bowser, so you'll have to go a slight ways to get back to Tiny. This is a great attack that's hard to counter, but if they get past Tiny they can take advantage of Cortex.

    Titan Tiny Form: There are no side effects to the attack due to you having control of Tiny during the entire move, making this ledge attack very powerful with no draw backs. The range of the attack is even longer due to Tiny using his trident with the arm sweep, making this attack absurdly useful for being so basic.

    Ledge Attack (Over 100%) - Blaster Barrage: Tiny struggles to pull himself up to the platform, being weak from all the damage he's taken. Cortex, realizing this, jumps up off his back to defend him as he gets up. Cortex fires a flurry of shots from his blaster in front of him and above him that go about the length of a battlefield platform, dealing no knockback (Just a slight stun) and 4% damage each. Cortex will more likely then not damage anyone in front of him, but if they get past him they can take advantage of Tiny getting up from the ledge and separate the characters.

    Titan Tiny Form: Tiny simply does the regular ledge attack, although it comes out slightly slower due to Tiny being tired from all the damage he's taken.

    Smash Attacks:

    Fsmash - Cortex Cannonball: Tiny grabs Cortex up off his back for Cortex to yell frantically "What do you think you're doing?!?", then spins him around above his head to start charging the attack, holding him with one arm. When you release the smash attack, Tiny throws Cortex forward, the whole motion of the attack looking like a baseball pitcher pitching a ball. Cortex proceeds to fly forwards after being thrown by Tiny, his entire body being a hit box, him screaming in terror as he flies forward. Cortex does good knockback and 16% damage to anyone he hits, going forward at a rapid speed, about that of a shot from Fox's blaster. After having reached his destination, Cortex will faceplant into the ground then gets up and shake his fist angrily at Tiny for him to shrug and laugh at his master.

    Charging the attack increases the range Cortex will be thrown instead of power, much like Snake's usmash. When uncharged, Cortex will fly about the length of battlefield, while fully charged Cortex will go the length of final destination. The attack has great range, priority, and speed while in motion (There being some ending lag for Cortex's frustrated animation.), but splits up Cortex and Tiny at the end of it, of course. A great attack if it hits, but if your enemy sees it coming it can be somewhat easily punished, so use with caution. In some cases you may not want the extra range bonus of charging the attack as that's more distance you'll have to tread to get back to Tiny, so some actual thought is required in deciding whether or not you wish to charge it.

    Titan Tiny Form - Trident Toss: Tiny uses his trident instead of Cortex as the weapon. The trident is larger then Cortex and that thus makes it a larger hitbox, and it also does an extra 5% damage and a slight knockback bonus. This already great move is made even more insanely powerful then before in the titan form. After the trident is thrown, it simply lays at the place you put it down, and you have to go pick it up to do any attacks involving using it (Which is a decent chunk of Titan Tiny's better arsenal). If you don't pick it up, it'll magically come back to you after 10 seconds. If you threw it off the edge, touch luck, you'll have to wait for it to respawn.

    Usmash - Suction Swallow: Tiny looks upward to the sky and opens his mouth up wide as he's charging the smash attack, then chomps his jaws together as you release the charge to do 18-19% (21-22% charged) damage and good upward (Naturally, more charged) knockback. While the attack is actually decently fast, the mouth doesn't have very big range at all and Tiny's still vulnerable from the sides. . .If not for his good friend Cortex. As Tiny charges the move Cortex hops off Tiny's back and comes out in front of him, taking out two suctions guns. Cortex puts the guns at his sides and fires them for large gusts of wind to come out at the sides and push any foes at the sides of the duo away with good knockback (Though no damage) like Mario's FLUDD, keeping Tiny's sides from being vulneable to attack. While the move is hard to punish, it's easy to use directional influence to move away from Tiny's mouth to avoid the attack, making it decently hard to land. Still, it's not a bad idea to use this move if your enemy's above you, as you'll rarely get punished for this attack, and while the swallow is easy to avoid it has high priority, able to swallow Ganondorf's boots as they attempt to spike him with a dair whole.

    There is an important catch as to why you shouldn't use this move that often though, and that's that at the end Cortex accidentally blows himself away to the left with the suction gun, propelling himself away from Tiny about the length of one Battlefield platform away from him. This is the single part of the attack the enemy can take advantage of, attacking one of the two in the brief moment they're separated before you can run back to Tiny as Cortex.

    Titan Tiny Form - Deadly Devour: The attack functions the same as the regular usmash, but Cortex isn't here to keep Titan's sides from being vulnerable. Instead, Tiny puts his arms to his sides, lowered to the ground as he's charging the smash attack, then swooshes them up and puts them up above him as he releases the smash attack. Anybody who gets hit by the arms as they swing up to Tiny's mouth will get grabbed by them, and once Tiny puts them above his head he'll drop anybody he grabbed into his mouth to devour them. The arm thrust makes the attack harder to dodge from above, and while Tiny's more vulnerable from the sides throughout the attack compared to the normal version he doesn't have to wait for Cortex to come back to him at the end of the attack.

    Dsmash - Midget Mauler: Tiny grabs Cortex for him to say "Let go of me you idiot!" to Tiny, then upon releasing the charge Tiny will spin Cortex around himself rapidly as a weapon to maul his enemies. The attack sucks foes in like Pikachu's dsmash, and lasts for a total of 2 seconds. The range of the attack is quite large, but you'll just take minor damage from being hit by Cortex, as he's not that deadly of a weapon to maul somebody with. Each half a second you're caught in the attack you'll be dealt 3% damage (4% charged).

    After Tiny is done spinning around Cortex, he'll place him back on his back as he jumps slightly then stomps down on any unlucky enemies he managed to suck in with the first part of the dsmash. The attack has small range due to Tiny's small feet, meaning you pretty much have to of sucked them in with the other part of the dsmash. The stomp does 15-16% damage and above average knockback uncharged while it does 19-20% damage and good knockback fully charged.

    This attack can do large damage if you hit with both parts fully, but you pretty much have to do so to get much of an effect out of it. An enemy will only be sucked in close enough to Tiny to get stomped if they're hit for the entire duration for the attack, assuming they use directional influence in the opposite direction. There's also some notable ending lag at the end as Cortex holds his head from dizziness from being spun around so much.

    Titan Tiny Form - Whirling Whammer: Tiny once again uses his trident instead of Cortex as his weapon for this attack. The range of the spinning part of the attack is increased due to the trident being larger then Cortex, it also sucking them in slightly faster. The knockback of the stomp at the end is also more notable and does 5% more damage. More importantly, the crippling ending lag of the attack isn't present on this dsmash, making it another ridiculously powerful smash attack.

    Aerial Attacks:

    Nair - Double Trouble: Tiny slashes in front of him with one of his claws while Cortex covers Tiny's back as he fires out a large ball of plasma out of his plasma pistol. The attack has some starting lag before both attacks come out, both attacks having seperate hit boxes. Tiny's slash covers a large hitbox above and below Tiny in front of him, him starting with his claw above his head then slashing it downwards. If you're hit by Tiny's slash, it does 10-11% damage and average knockback. Cortex's plasma shot is laggier then Tiny's slash, and it has a small hitbox directly behind Tiny, but if you're hit by it you'll take 14-15% damage and above average knockback. Both attacks are pretty laggy and decently hard to hit with, but it covers both in front of and behind the duo, leaving little space for enemies to attack, making this a good defensive move to scare enemies away.

    Titan Tiny Form - Sweeping Slash: Tiny does the same motion as he does with the regular nair, but uses his trident to extend the range of the attack. This attack has more properties of an fair then a nair in this form, making it a good move to confuse your enemy with. This move has a large range in front of Tiny, and also does 3% extra damage and a tad bit more knockback. The attack is still slightly laggy, but it's increased range keeps it from being too hard to land.

    Fair - Grappling Hook: Tiny grabs Cortex and holds him out in front of him, fully extending his arms as far as he can reach, then Cortex fires a grappling hook out of his gun that functions as a tether recovery. The grapple has absurd range, going the length of final destination, but is very hard to aim properly. The hook on the end has to directly hit the ledge or it won't count, and the line of the grappling hook doesn't come straight like your average tether recovery, it wiggling about wildly as it travels through the air. You can use directional influence to control the general direction it goes in, but the hook has a mind of it's won. The hook mainly goes out horizontally rather then vertically, meaning this move is for the most part useless if you're very much below the ledge.

    Due to how risky the move is, this should only be used as a last attempt to recover, although if you have no other hope of getting Tiny back with you you may as well use this, as you might get lucky. A smart enemy will simply edge guard the tether recovery though, so don't get your hopes up. As far as actual damage is concerned, this attack does a mediocre 5-6% damage on the hook and an even worse 2-3% damage on the line, giving a very brief stun. This is easily the duo's worst aerial, and while you won't go into your helpless state if you miss, you have to reel back in the line which has pretty bad ending lag.

    Titan Tiny Form - Centurion's Chains: The gladiator champion takes out a chain he uses to hold enslaved gladiators captive with and hurls it forward in the same fashion as the regular fair. The chains don't have such an unholy range, but the move is easier to aim and also has more freedom in vertical movement. This is Tiny's main form of recovery in titan form, as his up special is horrendous, more so then Link's. The chain does 3% more damage then the grappling hook.

    Bair - Blaster Booster: Tiny moves over in the air so he's on his side in a pose like Rob's bair, and Cortex hops over onto his leg. Cortex proceeds to take out a blaster and use it to propell Tiny (And himself) forward by shooting out swift winds from the blaster in the opposite direction he's facing, after which Cortex hops back on Tiny's back and they resume their normal aerial position. The air fired out of the gun does some knockback in a fashion like Mario's FLUDD, doing no damage. The attack can be used to give the duo some extra horizontal recovery, although it's not the best option for gimping recoveries as the range on it is rather small and it doesn't even push them back that far. While the attack is slightly laggy, if you time it right it can mean the difference in whether an enemy is able to recover or not.

    Titan Tiny Form - Blasphemous Boot: Tiny does the same pose as the regular bair, but due to there being no Cortex he can actually hit with his legs by kicking them out. It still comes out quite slow, making it hard to wall of pain with if at all, doing 13-14% damage and slightly above average knockback.

    Uair - Fire Breath Blast: Cortex takes out a potion and tosses it up above Tiny very slightly (Doing 1% damage if it hits anything), then Tiny opens his mouth for it to fall inside. Tiny's head turns completely red within about a second, steam coming out of his ears in a cartoon like fashion, then Tiny faces his head upwards as he breathes out a massive stream of flame. The stream of flame is as wide as Tiny's entire body and goes up off the top of the screen, giving the attack unholy range (Going about twice his total height above him). The attack will continue going if Tiny lands on the ground, him still spewing out the stream of fire upwards, the attack lasting a total of 5 seconds. Anybody in the stream of flame will be dealt 8% damage per second, getting caught in it for the rest of the duration.

    At the end of the very awkward attack, Cortex looks in front of Tiny's face to see why he stopped letting out flame for him to let out a final fireball that deals 10% damage to Cortex and average knockback, sending him flying upwards to separate the two, you playing as Cortex. This attack has potential to do a unholy total of 40% damage, but the attack is very laggy throughout, there being huge start up and ending lag. Tiny can also be attacked from the sides or below while he's doing the attack, making him extremely vulnerable. Any attack besides non energy based projectile (Such as Din's fire or a Waddle Dee) will knock Tiny out of the fire breath blast, and this attack even serparates the pair at the end, doing 10% damage to yourself to boot. Despite it's many drawbacks, it's more useful then something such as falcon punch due to it's range, and once you touch the stream of fire, you're trapped in it, it out prioritizing everything else in the game. A very strange move from a very strange character.

    Titan Tiny Form - Moon Howl: Tiny looks up and lets out a roar, sending a sonic wave upwards. The wave strikes above him like the fire blast, with the same kind of hitbox, though instead of damage, the soundwave of the roar only deals upward knockback. However, it's possible to DI out of it, unlike the fire blast. The attack is identical to it's fiery cousin except that it lasts for only 3 seconds and the ending lag is much less, since Cortex is absent. Less versatile then the normal version, but also a lot safer.

    Dair - Cortex Corkscrewer: Tiny picks up Cortex off his back and throws him directly below him, Cortex screaming wildly as he flies downwards towards an enemy. If he doesn't hit anything, Cortex will fall down to his doom, taking away a stock from the character, but if he does he'll do a powerful spike to the enemy for 20% damage. Cortex also flies downwards very fast and there's little lag in this attack, and it's a human projectile to boot, making it an excellent spike. . .If not for it's side effects.

    Once you hit someone with the spike, you'll gain control of Cortex in the air. You could go back up to safety with just Cortex, but naturally you'll want to go up to Tiny. Do to Cortex's up special alone switching the places of Cortex and Tiny and Cortex having small jumps, it'll be hard to make it up to him, as he falls much slower then Cortex does in the attack. This means while you can take advantage of the large range of this projectile spike, you can't get Tiny back unless you use it directly above an enemy. You can't chase an enemy out very far to use this attack on either, as even if you reunite with Tiny you have to make it back to the stage with the jetpack up special before Tiny loses his grip on Cortex. This attack is great when it can be used, but don't get too daring with it.

    Titan Tiny Form - Trident Throw: The attack functions the same as the Cortex Corkscrewer, but Tiny uses his trident as a projectile instead of his master. This allows you to take advantage of the move's massive range and not having to worry about TIny's safety like in the version of the move Cortex and Tiny share, although Tiny still has to stay quite close to the stage due to his mediocre up special recovery in titan form. This move has insane gimping abilities and priority, but you won't be able to use any of Tiny's moves involving the trident after throwing it into the abyss for 10 seconds, after which it'll respawn in his grasp. If you throw it on the ground, you can go pick up the trident to get it back early.

    Grabs and Throws:

    Grab: Tiny bites in front of him to try to grab the enemy in his jaws while Cortex fires a grapple beam to cover Tiny's back. The grab is unique in that it covers both the front and rear of the character, although the grab has a decent bit of lag to compensate. Depending on who grabbed the foe out of the duo, the throws performed will be different. Tiny's grab has a shorter range then Cortex's, but his throws are more powerful.

    Titan Tiny Form: Tiny's grab in titan form is the same as his grab when he's with Cortex, grabbing with his mouth, but Cortex isn't on his back to assist him, being one of the few attacks in his arsenal that's actually worse then normal. The payoff is better though if you manage to grab them, the throws being more powerful.

    Cortex's Grab Attack - Zap: Cortex zaps the enemy with the grapple beam he caught the enemy with. The attack deals 3% damage, but is far from spammable.

    Cortex's Fthrow - Technological Throw: Cortex shoots 2 plasma shots out of his pistol at the enemy for 2% damage each, then flings the enemy out of the grapple beam behind him (Cortex is facing the opposite direction of Tiny in his grab stance, thus the attack goes in front of the "character") for 3% damage and deal below average knockback for a throw.

    Cortex's Bthrow - Laser Lasso Throw: Cortex spins the enemy around in the grapple beam he caught them in rapidly, winding up, then flings them out of the "lasso" ahead of him (Cortex is facing the opposite direction of Tiny in his grab stance, thus the attack still goes behind the "character".) for 6% damage and slightly above average knockback for a throw, having more knockback then Cortex's other throws.

    Cortex's Uthrow - Grapple Gutter: Cortex flings the enemy out of his grapple beam above him for 3% damage, then fires the grapple directly upwards to hit them for another 4% damage and cause the knockback of the attack. Has below average knockback for a throw.

    Cortex's Dthrow - Dual Decimation: Cortex zaps the enemy like his grab attack for 3% damage, then lets them go from his grapple and says to Tiny "Finish him off!" for Tiny to stomp on the enemy for another 5% damage. Unlike most dthrows, this attack actually has some knockback, the amount of it not being set, but is still only average for a throw.

    Tiny's Grab Attack - Chew: Tiny chews on the enemy in his mouth. The attack deals only 1% damage, but is highly spammable. This attack does double damage in Tiny's titan form.

    Tiny's Fthrow - Ferocious Fling: Tiny spins his head around to wind up, then flings the enemy out of his jaws forwards. Has good knockback for a throw and does 9% damage. This throw does more knockback to make it a viable KO move as well as 3% more damage in Tiny's titan form.

    Tiny's Bthrow - Titan's Throw: Tiny smacks the enemy with his massive arms while they're still suck in his mouth, doing 5% damage, then lets them out of his mouth and grabs them with one of his arms. Tiny casually throws the enemy behind him without even looking back for another 5% damage and average throw knockback. Cortex says to his hench man "Stop showing off!" as Tiny does the end of the attack, Tiny just laughing stupidly in response, giving the attack some ending lag.

    Titan Tiny Form: Due to Cortex not being present, there is no ending lag for the throw, and each part of the throw does an extra 2% damage.

    Tiny's Uthrow - Dual Destruction: Tiny flings the enemy out of his jaws upwards for 7% damage, and Cortex shoots the enemy as they go up with shots from his blaster twice, dealing 2% damage with each shot. Does 11% total damage, but has only average knockback for a throw, making it hard to KO with.

    Titan Tiny Form: While Cortex isn't around to do additional damage with his two shots, the fling does 4% extra damage that Cortex would normally inflict, as well as having more knockback to boot.

    Tiny's Dthrow - Pathetic Plop: Tiny spits the enemy out on the ground behind him for 5% damage, then plops down on his buttocks on top of the enemy for another 6% damage. Tiny then hastily looks around for where his enemy is, scratching his head, when in reality his enemy is still under his rump. Tiny stupidly farts and says "Oopsie. . .", dealing a final 1% damage to the enemy and causing them to get knocked out from under Tiny. Cortex is facepalming throughout the duration of the throw. This throw is quite damaging, but very laggy, making it very bad to use in FFAs. The dthrow is a decent damage dealer in 1v1.

    Titan Tiny Form: Instead of simply farting at the end of the attack, Cortex does a piledriver with his shoulder into his enemy at the end of the attack while he's sitting on them. This does 6% damage and good knockback for a throw.

    Cortex (alone) attacks:

    B - Feral Flailing: Cortex turns to face Tiny and shouts out "Defend yourself, you idiot!" for Tiny to start clawing and biting about randomly. Tiny is surprisingly well protected while doing this, him having little to no ending lag, giving anybody who comes into contact with him average knockback and 12% damage. The hitboxes for Tiny are random and hard to get through, and he won't be affected by non energy projectiles (Din's fire and Gordos able to get through the move, for example) while flailing about. While Tiny has little lag, Cortex has large lag for the move, meaning you can't have both characters well defended at the same time. For Cortex's laugh animation, he's laughing evily as he watches Tiny tear apart his enemies.

    This move prevents Tiny from being easily knocked off the edge while Cortex isn't directly guiding his every move, but if the player abuses this move then the enemy can just as easily dispose of Cortex instead. This move does nothing if Tiny is KOd.

    B Side - Freeze Gun: Functions normally as it does when Cortex and Tiny are together.

    B Up - Teleportation Ray: Cortex fires a massive ray from his blaster then looks basically like a green version of Samus' grapple beam towards Tiny. The beam goes at a ridiculously fast rate and will go through anything in it's path to reach Tiny. Once the ray hits him, Cortex and Tiny will instantly switch places. The only damage the attack does is if you're hit by the beam as it's going towards Tiny's, in which case you'll be dealt 5% damage and very minor knockback.

    Cortex and Tiny are still perfectly vulnerable during the attack, hitting either of them will interrupt the move. This move gives Cortex infinite recovery, and while Tiny will fall to his doom if you use this to recover, it's better then having Cortex go down and you losing a stock. Considering Cortex's poor jumps, he has a tough time recovering without Tiny while still keeping him alive. Note that you can't use this until the duo have been separated for at least 10 seconds, meaning you can't save Tiny with this after he drops off Cortex in the regular up special.

    If you use the up special when Tiny's already KOd, Cortex will simply use his jetpack up special from when he's with Tiny normally. While the jetpack does give Cortex excellent recovery seeing as he doesn't have to worry about Tiny, he has virtually nothing else in his favor and will want to avoid being reduced to fighting alone at any cost.

    B Down - Ridiculous Rampage: Cortex whistles and says "Here boy!" for Tiny to stick his tounge out, lapping like a dog stupidly, then comes running forward on all fours to his reunite with his master, his tounge flailing about outside his mouth as he runs. Tiny is invincible during this move, anybody who hits him taking above average knockback and 16% damage, but Cortex cannot move during the attack, motioning Tiny to come to him, being extremely vulnerable. If Cortex is hit out of the attack, Tiny will still run to where Cortex was, getting up on his hind legs after the attack is over and looking around for Cortex curiously, scratching his head and shrugging while saying "Master?" questioningly in a stupid tone.

    Tiny will run for the most direct path straight to Cortex, and upon getting to Cortex the duo will go back to their basic stance. Tiny won't jump over anything in his way, and if something besides an enemy or item gets in his way he'll ram into it and fall on his buttocks, rubbing his head. Small yellow birds will fly around Tiny's head after having rammed something, chirping noises being heard as Tiny holds his head in pain, giving him significant ending lag and 5% damage.

    While Tiny goes towards Cortex quite fast once he starts rampaging (Slightly slower then Captain Falcon's running speed), the move has a good bit of starting lag, so while the move can be used for Tiny to cross long distances to the mad doctor faster, it would take longer if Tiny was already right next to him.

    After Tiny drops off from Cortex after using Jetpack Blast in the regular Cortex and Tiny form, Cortex can get back to safety and use this move to have a chance at saving Tiny from the abyss. While Tiny won't magically defy logic, he runs pretty fast through the air while falling, so if you had a good bit of vertical height but not enough horizontal, Tiny has a decent shot at making it back. Keep in mind that Tiny can't grab ledges though, so he'll make to actually make it onto the platform. This move does nothing if Tiny is KOd.

    A - Blaster Barrage: Cortex fires three shots out of his blaster directly in front of him. Instead of traveling as projectiles, there are simple green flashes in front of Cortex where he fired the shots. The flash is the hitbox, doing 2-3% damage and a very small flinch, the flash being around the size of Pikachu. Decently quick and easy to hit with all of the attacks. This could be used decently for poking if you must fight with Cortex alone, although it's range is quite small.

    Fsmash - Plasma Pistol: Cortex extends out his pistol and a green glow of energy forms at the end of it, slowly building up as you charge the smash. If the smash is anything but fully charged, a small plasma projectile goes out in front of Cortex, doing 7-8% damage and flinching knockback, only going the length of a Battlefield platform before vanishing. If the smash is fully charged, the blast will have significant stun on it as if the foe were hit by Zero Suit Samus' neutral B or dsmash, and the blast will also fully destroy any shields. This has some situational uses, but you shouldn't be playing as Cortex alone enough to find a use for it.

    Nair - Laser Lasso: Cortex only has a single aerial attack, limiting his options off the ground severely. Couple this with his already mediocre attacks on the ground, and you'll want Tiny back at your side as soon as possible.

    For this attack, Cortex faces the screen and shoots out his grapple beam towards it, then spins it around in a lasso in front of him, still facing the screen. This covers all sides of Cortex, the lasso being around 1.5X bigger then Cortex's body. It does multiple hits for a total of up to 12-13% damage if they're hit for the whole duration, although does no knockback at all, just a slight stun with each hit.

    This can be used for a damage dealer to mix things up on occassion while making your way back to Tiny, but the main purpose of this should be for defense due to there being a slight ending lag at the end of the attack. If you hit the enemy with the last hit of the attack, they'll be in a good position to punish you due to taking no knockback at all from the attack.

    Dashing Attack - Cortex Cartwheel: Due to having plenty of energy by letting Tiny do most of his walking for him, Cortex lets it out in a burst as he does a cartwheel forward. Much slower then Diddy's and smaller due to Cortex's size, but is more powerful, this attack being possible to KO with at 200% and dealing 6% damage. The attack also has ending lag as the old man catches his breath at the end of it.

    Ledge Attack (Under 100%) - Ledge Barrage: Cortex pulls himself up onto the platform and performs his neutral A attack, being invulnerable as he pulls himself up. This gives you no time being very vulnerable, but the duration of how long you're attacking for a mere ledge attack is awkwardly long.

    Ledge Attack (Over 100%) - Gray Matter Mash: Cortex struggles to pull himself up onto the platform, moaning then crashing his large head forwards onto the platform in exhaustion. This does 4-5% damage and mediocre knockback, then weakly pulls himself onto the platform. Little starting lag, but very bad ending lag.

    Rising Attack (Either side) - Spinning Shots: Cortex spins around rapidly as he gets up off the ground, sending several weak shots from his blaster as he does so. This lasts longer then your average rising attack, but sends out two projectiles (From his blaster) out to each side as Cortex spins around before the attack's end. The projectiles vanish quickly, going the length of a Bowser, doing 2-3% damage and a tiny flinch.

    Grabs and Throws: Cortex extends out his grapple beam from his gun in front of him and then proceeds to do the throws that he normally does when Tiny is at his side, although mirrored due to Cortex facing forwards rather then backwards. The bthrow becomes the fthrow and visa versa. The dthrow is the only throw that's truly changed, leaving out the part where Tiny stomps on the enemy to make the throw be very bad. Cortex isn't meant to be played seriously by himself, but if you grab somebody, make sure the throw you use isn't the dthrow.

    Final Smash: Gladiator and Genius

    Tiny goes into his titan form like the down special, but Cortex doesn't get knocked off Tiny and stays in a perfectly normal state, and both characters laugh maniacally during the transformation. You play as the enhanced version of Tiny from the down special who's already very powerful, Cortex relaxing and letting Tiny do most of the work, all of the attacks still being the ones used in the titan form except for a few exceptions where both characters attack in the regular moveset, Cortex doing his usual attack while Tiny has his enhanced version from the titan form (An example of this being the nair). The catch is is that Tiny doesn't have to worry about protecting Cortex as he's safe on his back, unable to be knocked off. As if that wern't enough, Tiny still gets benefits from having Cortex, meaning Cortex still helps him grab, Cortex doing his regular throws from the Cortex and Tiny form if he grabs someone. More importantly, you'll have access to the regular up special and side specials from the Cortex and Tiny form, Cortex actually helping out his gladiator on occassion. Tiny won't ever fall off from Cortex during the up special during this final smash, eliminating virtually all of the pair's weaknesses during the final smash. This final smash lasts 40 seconds, much longer then your average final smash, but unlike other transformations Cortex and Tiny can still take damage during this final smash.

    If the final smash is used when Cortex is alone and Tiny is still alive, Cortex will use his teleportation ray to bring Tiny to him then use the final smash as normal. If Tiny is KOd when the final smash is activated, he'll be revived and appear under Cortex, the final smash having the added bonus of bringing back Cortex's henchman from the dead.

    Titan Tiny Form Final Smash: Tiger King Of Lions
    Tiny beats his chest and roars as a massive flash occurs over the entire screen, becoming invulnerable, a massive white flash enveloping the background. When you can see again, the stage will of changed to be in Tiny's gladiator arena in rome.

    Tiny will jump into the background on top of the locked gates of the arena, which hungry lions reside behind. You control Tiny in the background to release the lions on the enemies, moving over above one of the five locked gates then pressing A to open them. Once a gate's opened, a never ending stream of lions will run straight forward out from it, devouring anyone in their path for an instant KO. While this may seem overpowered, the players can easily walk off away from where the lions come out to the sides, being completely safe. . .Or so they think. There's a lever on the far left and far right side of the area where Tiny moves about, and if you pull either of the levers spikes will come out from the walls, doing enough knockback to push anybody hiding from the lions into them to their doom. The final smash lasts 15 seconds, and it takes around 8 seconds to open up all the gates for the lions to start coming out in hordes.

    Cortex regains conciousness during the flash that changes the stage to the arena, laughing evily as the flash occurs. When the flash stops, Cortex will be located above the area where Tiny is, also in the background, sitting on a throne as the emperor of rome (Having a costume change). While you can't make him do much of anything useful, you can use him to taunt your enemies with during the final smash, him having some exclusive taunts during this time.

    Up Taunt - Boring Battle: Cortex is disgusted with the gladiators merely fleeing from the lions rather then fighting them, wanting some entertainment seeing he's emperor. He takes out a tomatoe and yells "BOOOOO!!!" as he throws it down at one of the fighters at random. The tomatoe homes in on the enemy and always hits, but it's only effect is covering the target in a red tint, it splattering over them. The tomatoe slowly washes off over 30 seconds, the character is KOd. The duration can be cut short by jumping into water or being sprayed by it by Mario's FLUDD or Squirtle.

    Side Taunt - Black Eyed Beauties: Three beautiful women come out from behind the curtains of Cortex's throne. Two of them fan him, the other one hand feeding him grapes, then smooching him at the end of the taunt's duration, them going back behind the curtains.

    Down Taunt - Merciless Mastermind: Cortex does a thumbs down sign while sitting back in his throne in a roman fashion, telling his centurion, Tiny, that the foolish enemies are not to be allowed to live.

    After the final smash is complete, Tiny falls back down from the sky on the stage the characters were previously playing on in his titan form, although Cortex will be mounted on his back unconcious as if he picked him up with the side special, whether or not he was previously.

    Overall Play Style: Brain over Brawn

    It's very obvious from the moment you pick up these characters that their play style is unlike any other, and the duo has a large learning curve that rivals if not easily surpassing Olimar's. It takes great care to decide when to use the unholy attacks that separate the pair as well as a single decision that can determine matches: When to actually make use of Tiny's titan form.

    Cortex and Tiny have significant lag on the majority of their attacks, and the ones that don't have lag result in them getting separated. Due to this, the pair naturally have a harder time then most characters racking damage. The time to use Tiny's titan form is early on in the match before his terrible recovery becomes a problem and attacks start launching him out very far, as it's the only real way to rack up damage with relative ease. Just make sure you protect Cortex while you're racking up the damage, as every single hit to him is also damage done to you, and the closer he gets to the edge the bigger a risk you're taking by not going over to pick him up. Skilled players will go right past Tiny to dispose of Cortex, so you can't be too aggressive and must make sure to protect Cortex above all else. Make your foe come to you - throw your trident if necessary to entice them to come over.

    Cortex and Tiny need no help from Tiny's titan form to KO enemies, as their most powerful attacks, such as the fsmash, are very good in all sections with the exception of Cortex being separated from Tiny. Seeing as you'll KO your enemy with it, Cortex can easily come back to his minion after the move is complete, allowing the duo somewhat safe KOs. Still, just make sure you do hit with your KO moves, or else you'll be very open.

    Cortex and Tiny's air game is all about the bair and dair for the most part, which allow them to score gimp KOs on a regular basis. The dair can't be used regularly, but when you can let it out it's quite a doozy. The bair more often then not means the difference between life and death, so you'll want to spam it on your recovering enemies as much as they can as they make their way back to the stage. While the bair is hard to wall of pain with, if you can manage it it's utterly beastly in it's potential to keep foes away from the stage. You can go out as far as you want from the stage and still make it back with the pair's fair, but don't count on it, as it's more luck oriented then anything else. When you're knocked off the stage, you can almost always recover with just Cortex making it back to the stage, but Tiny will often fall to his doom if you have very far to recover. You can take another gamble on the fair grappling hook instead of the up special if you know Tiny won't make it, as if Tiny is KOd there's little point in trying to fight with just Cortex.

    If you don't feel like going out over the ledge where Tiny's in danger, you can rely on burp blaster for keeping your enemies from recovering. Fully charged, the attack's a monster at gimping enemy recoveries, and it still has it's uses when it isn't fully charged with the stream of liquid coming out from Tiny. This means of gimping is much safer, but means you have to find time in the middle of a fight to charge up the move for a whopping 15 seconds, and if you're hit a single time in the process you have to start charging all over again. As per usual, hard to accomplish, but superb results. Another more practical option to gimp enemies without leaving the stage is the freeze gun, although it's quite laggy and hard to use properly. If you're not careful, you'll just create an ice block for the enemy to land on and regain their recovery, which means that you, as usual, must use the move with caution.

    Overall, the main problems Cortex and Tiny have are damage dealing and recovery (While keeping Tiny in tact), while they have no problems finishing off their enemy (Unlike most heavyweights, they can gimp very well). The duo's best attacks won't deal enough knockback to keep enemies away from the duo before they reunite until high percentages, meaning your useful arsenal is limited at low percentages. Use Tiny's titan form if you're feeling daring and want to rack up damage quickly, or play it safe and go with a defensive play style as both Cortex and Tiny as you slowly get your enemy's percentage up. The pair require caution in attacks as simple as their dashing attack, meaning that they are primairily meant for advanced players. The duo are also very tough to fight against when they're in the right hands, as the sheer amount of ways available to them to dispose of their enemies make them very unpredictable. It should be noted that the duo are also highly effective in team battles and large stages where it's harder to take advantage of Cortex/Tiny as they sit around doing nothing, as your partner/the size of the stage will help protect them from being KOd.


    Up Taunt - Eye of the Tiger:
    Cortex takes out a steak and flails it in front of Tiny's line of vision, Tiny's eyes following it around, him drooling. Tiny claws up to try to get it, but Cortex puts it away before he can do so, and Tiny ends up clawing himself in the eyes while Cortex chuckles.

    Side Taunt - Beanie Bandicoot:
    Cortex takes out a plush toy of Crash Bandicoot and tosses it up for Tiny to catch it into his mouth, squeaking being heard as he devours it. Tiny then proceeds to take out a tooth pick and pick his teeth with it, then a squeak is heard from his stomach. Tiny looks down at his stomach, alarmed, then shrugs and chuckles while Cortex facepalms.

    Down Taunt - Man's Best Friend: Cortex takes out a bone for Tiny to let his tounge drop out of his mouth and start panting like a dog, staring up at the bone. Cortex says "Fetch!", tossing the bone down to the ground, for Tiny to pick it up in his mouth and give it back to his master, Cortex petting him then putting the bone away.

    Up Taunt (Tiny alone) - Crash Dance:
    Tiny does Crash Bandicoot's victory dance, Crash himself seen doing it in the picture here.

    Side Taunt (Tiny Alone) - Sparta Kick:
    Tiny does King Leondias' infamous sparta kick from the movie 300, yelling "THIS. IS. MY BOOT!". The kick can spike enemies in the same vein as Luigi's kick taunt, but is much more laggy, Tiny preparing the kick as he says the firs two words, then kicking forward as he butchers the parody. The taunt does 1% damage if it connects.

    Down Taunt (Tiny alone) - Demented Demonstration: Tiny points in front of him and yells out "THIS IS YOU!", then points to his trident. Tiny proceeds to gnaw, stomp on, and otherwise destroy his trident with great speed, eventually breaking it in half and devouring it. After the "demonstration", Tiny takes out a brand new trident from behind his back, apparantely having several spares.

    Up Taunt (Cortex alone) - A man and his dog: If Tiny has his feet firmly planted on the stage, Cortex will say one of three things at random, causing Tiny to respond in various ways.
    1: Cortex turns to face Tiny and says "Sit!" for Tiny to sit on his rump, turning his head to his master to acknoweledge him.
    2: Cortex turns to face Tiny and says "Stay!" for Tiny to nod stupidly, doing nothing out of the ordinary.
    3: Cortex turns to face Tiny and says "Play Dead!" for Tiny to instantly do his animation as if he'd run out of stamina and been KOd, then get up unharmed.
    If Tiny is in the air or has been KOd, Cortex will whistle and say "Here Tiny!", looking around for him frantically.

    Side Taunt (Cortex alone) - Robotnik Ridicule:
    Cortex shakes his fist angrily, and yells "I HATE THAT BANDICOOT!", saying it in the same tone as Robotnik exspressed his hate of a certain blue hedgehog in the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon, Cortex also immitating his voice slightly.

    Down Taunt (Cortex alone) - Blofeld Blasphemey:
    Cortex puts his hat over his eyes, and the remainder of his face is shadowed out, unable to be seen. Cortex takes out a white cat and begins stroking it, chuckling subtly, then shortly after puts the cat away and brings his hat back up. This is meant to resemble Blofeld, James Bond's most persistent enemy, and the various parodies of him, most notably Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers series and Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget.

    Entrance - Crushed Cortex: Cortex falls from the sky into his position, then Tiny follows, falling on top of and flattening him. Tiny gets up and pulls Cortex off his rump, who is squashed into a pancake with feet, him shortly after regaining his normal shape and angrily mounting Tiny to get into the duo's standard position.

    Results Screen Poses:


    Win 1 - Cuddly Cat: Tiny tries to hug Cortex (Who's standing in front of him), saying "Group hug!" stupidly, but Cortex runs under his legs saying "I'm good Tiny. . .". Tiny goes to try to hug his master again, but Cortex takes out a ball of yarn and tosses it to Tiny for him to start playing with it like a house cat. Cortex sighs at the stupidity of his minion, proceeding to shake his head while Tiny plays with it until you leave the results screen.

    Win 2 - Stupid Slumberer: Tiny is sleeping on top of Cortex, Cortex scrambling to try to get out from underneath him. Cortex eventually gets his front half out from under him then just sighs and drums his fingers over and over until you leave the results screen, his head resting in his other hand.

    Win 3 - Too high of a five: Cortex hops off Tiny's back as Tiny flexes, Tiny saying as Cortex laughs "High five!". The duo turn to face each other, Tiny putthing his hand out for Cortex to high five with, but puts it up far too high for Cortex to reach. Cortex rapidly jumps up, trying to high five him, but to no avail, the animation repeating endlessly until you leave the results screen.

    Loss - Clobbering Clap: Tiny claps in big slow strokes, nothing altering throughout the animation for him. However, at the start of the animation, Cortex will hop off Tiny to leave, not wanting to applaud his enemy. Cortex doesn't anticipate getting squashed by Tiny's clapping as he jumps off, turning into a pancake, a squashing sound being heard.

    Icon: Power Crystal. [​IMG]

    Kirby Hat (Cortex and Tiny, Titan Tiny Form): If Tiny sucks up the regular form of Cortex and Tiny, he'll get a hat like the Yoshi Hat, but if he inhales Tiny while he's alone he'll instead get Tiny's gladiator hat. In either case, Kirby's move functions the same as the one with Cortex and Tiny, him having to shake up a bottle of liquid (Which is normal soda pop for the pink puffball) for 15 seconds to get out the full roar. The only difference as to how it performs is the roar's hitbox is smaller, and that instead of losing Cortex as punishment for the power of the full roar Kirby loses the copy ability.

    Kirby Hat (Cortex Alone): Kirby gets Cortex's hat and beard, them being very enlarged to fit on his proportions. When Kirby first uses the ability he's copied, he'll summon a Waddle Dee, which will stay in the spot it's in, awaiting orders from it's puffball mastermind. When B is pressed again, the Waddle Dee will lash out and attack ferally, the attack of the Waddle Dee being a toned down version of Tiny's from Cortex's neutral B. To make up for how much weaker the attack is than Tiny's due to the small size of the creature, it has much mess less lag than Cortex's and Tiny's version of the attack.

    Alternate Colors:
    -Cortex's lab coat turns green while his beard and hair turn brown. Tiny's skin gets recolored to be green, his shoes and loin cloth turning brown. (Green Team)
    -Cortex's lab coat turns red while Tiny gets a slightly more blood red color. (Red Team)
    -Cortex's lab coat turns dark blue while Tiny becomes teal, his loin cloth and shoes turning yellow. (Blue team)
    -Cortex's beard and hair turn white with old age while Tiny becomes black, getting red evil eyes.
    -Cortex's face turns yellow to make him resemble his more recent design in the Crash games made by radical while Tiny gets black stripes all over his body to make him look more like a real tiger.
    -Half of Cortex's face looks robotic and gray, his eye on that side of his head being an evil red. Cortex's coat also gets riddeled with bullet holes, his beard and hair also turning orange. Tiny's right arm gets a robotic texture while the majority of his body turns brown, although his chest and face area turns tan. Tiny's loincloth turns to military colors and his shoes turn black. This color is meant to resemble N. Gin and Crunch Bandicoot, although it's very limited considering it's only a recolor.

    Snake Codec Conversation:


    Snake: There's this midget mad scientist who's riding a mutant tiger attacking me. . .I thought I'd seen it all. These guys make the little electric rat and the giant turtle seem normal. . .
    Otacon: The tiger is Tiny, while the scientist on his back commanding him is called Cortex. Cortex and-
    Snake: What are you smoking, Otacon?!? How is that tiger tiny? That thing's huge!
    Otacon: Unlike -some- peopIe, I don't smoke, Snake. . .Anyway, Tiny is the tiger's name. Tiny has superhuman strength, but he's also. . .Mentally challenged, to say the least.
    Snake: I kind of got the hint when I realized he was constantly scratching his butt and drooling. . .
    Otacon: Anyway, if you want to beat these guys, your best shot would be to split them up. Tiny doesn't know what to do with his strength without Cortex's orders.
    Snake: Sounds like a plan. I'll get right on it.
    Offscreen (Static): TINY CRUSH YOU!
    Snake: The tiger just booted his master off him and got some gladiator gear. . .Guess I won't have to split them up after all. This'll be easier then I thought.
    Otacon: While you can take advantage of Cortex while Tiny's busy, Tiny's much more powerful with those additional weapons. Don't waste your time fighting him, he's too tough, even for you. Just go straight for Cortex, Snake.
    Snake: I'm not so sure. . .I wonder how tigers taste. . .I hear they're quite a delicacy.
    Otacon: Snake!

    End transmission

    Stage: Warp Room


    This stage is the warp room from Crash Bandicoot 2, but significantly enlarged to make it more playable. This is far from a viable tourney stage, being highly chaotic and something that would be impossible to get even slightly close to resembling in the stage builder.

    The first warp room you'll be in will look relatively normal, the theme of it looking as if it's made of wood. In the middle of the stage is a giant platform (Embedded into the ground, but it looks different then rest of the flooring), and there are several portals in the background to the various levels of Crash Bandicoot 2, which do nothing more then look pretty. On the sides of the arena though are two massive portals which you can be knocked into, which is the main way you KO people in this part of the stage, as most of the upward KO area is blocked off by a roof. There is a big cut out for the giant platform embedded in the middle of the stage to go through in the cieling though, which you can use to star KO people. The warp room parts of the level have walk off edges, and this part as a whole is nothing special.

    On rare occassions a generic enemy will come out from one of the portals in the background (Depending on the theme of the warp room you're in) to go into the fray, but it will pose little threat. The enemy that comes out is a turtle which can be flipped on it's back by jumping on it, rendering it helpless, and damages you by running into you for 5-6% damage and minimal knockback. You can dispose of these turtles easily with their measly 30 stamina, and if they're flipped over any attack will dispose of them, even a basic projectile.

    After playing in the warp room for about 45 seconds, things start to get interesting. The giant platform comes out from it's socket in the middle, then goes up to go into the socket in the cieling. The platform goes up to it over the course of about 5 seconds, and anybody who isn't on the platform will be KOd as the stage moves on to the next phase. The platform carries the characters up to a boss fight, them appearing in a set order. You'll face the bosses in a random order, going back to a warp room after each boss for a break. Each boss has a corresponding warp room that goes with them so you can see which boss is coming up next, the warp rooms having slight changes, but the bosses of course being the main show. The order presented here of the bosses is from easiest to hardest. The cycle the stage goes through here is just an example, going from the weakest bosses to the strongest. The first boss you'll see is Ripper Roo.

    Ripper Roo:


    After the platform goes into the cieling from the previous stage, you'll find yourself on a giant platform with Ripper Roo's face painted on it at the bottom of a water fall (The boss arena for him from Crash Bandicoot 2). There's nothing to block off the edges unlike the picture, it just being a long river of water going in either direction that you can KO your enemies off of. The platform is slightly elevated so that it can be grabbable from the water, but just barely enough to do so. The water has a slight current to push you away from the stage to keep KOs from going on for too long (Though only around a quarter of the speed of the rushing water in Jungle Japes).

    This would be just another arena if it wern't for Ripper Roo sleeping on a little throne in the background. At first he won't disturb the fight, but after 15 seconds of staying in this area he'll awaken from his slumber in annoyance. He'll have his top hat, bowtie and cane, being in his "Sir" Ripper Roo attire, and he'll proceed to pogo about the stage on his cane after being awakend. He'll lay TNT in the background as he goes back and forth accross the platform, coming closer and closer to where the characters are brawling, the counters on the TNT ticking more and more quickly as they get closer to detonation. Once Ripper Roo comes into the area the brawlers are playing, he himself will be an obstacle, doing 10-11% damage and below average knockback if he touches you or 15-16% damage and good knockback if he lands on you with his cane as he pogos about. He'll lay TNT in the area the brawlers are fighting as well, and if any single crate of TNT is hit for 30 stamina it will explode early, causing a chain reaction which cause all the other crates of TNT to explode. Each exploding crate has a hitbox twice it's size which does good knockback and 20% damage. If none of the crates of TNT are attacked, the first crate Ripper Roo layed in the background will eventually go off and cause a chain reaction of explosions, them going off one at a time, you having fair warning of when which ones will explode. This whole process takes around 25 seconds, but can be cut short by 10 if a player destroys one of the crates of TNT.

    When the TNT crates explode, Ripper Roo will be caught in the explsosion, and all of his gentleman's gear will fall off, his cane, top hat, and bow tie, as he turns into his normal crazy self, letting out a maniacal laugh. After this, he'll jump off the top of the screen and remain absent for 20 seconds for the brawlers to fight in relative peace, but he'll then fall back down off the top of the screen in the throne in the background (Not having regained his gentleman's gear.). He'll start laying nitro crates instead of TNT crates this time in the same fashion as before, but these crates won't automatically explode on their own. Instead, once Ripper Roo lays nitro in the area the players are brawling in, a single touch of the nitro will cause trigger the explsosions, them doing 30% damage and even higher knockback. Ripper Roo will continue jumping about while he's waiting for somebody to blow up the nitro, doing the regular amount of damage if he jumps into someone, although now laughning maniacally and unable to hit people with his cane. If the nitro fails to blow up after 30 seconds, Ripper Roo, being the crazy guy he is, will get impatient and blow it up himself, diving head first into one of the nitro crates and setting off the chain reaction of explosions.

    After the nitro phase, Ripper Roo won't respawn on the throne for 45 seconds, where he'll once again be in his "Sir" Ripper Roo outfit and the cycle will repeat. The cycle will go through 3 times before you'll move on to the next part of the stage. To transition back to the warp room, Ripper Roo's arena will slowly fade out as the screen turns into a blur that resembles the transiting phase from Castle Siege, but with a green color scheme. The giant platform that you used to ride to Ripper Roo's boss fight will be here, and the rest of the ground here isn't solid, meaning the platform is the arena you have to fight in. This stage transitioning phase lasts 30 seconds, giving by far the most peaceful moment of the stage.
    When the time's up, anybody not on the platform will be eliminated as you enter the next warp room, the platform going up into the socket of a warp room in an indentical shape of the last one, only now with an icy theme.

    The most notable change of the icy warp room is that the floor is solid ice, being very slippery, resembling the terrain the summit stage the Ice Climbers share. The enemy for the icy warp room isn't an actual enemy that you can attack. A giant polar bear will rear it's head out from one of the three portals in the background and snort angrily, giving fair warning, then will chomp in front of, doing 35% damage and massive knockback to anything he sinks his teeth into. This stage hazard is very powerful, but has small range and is very predictable. Icicles will also sometimes fall from the roof of this warp room on rare occassion, doing 15% damage and average knockback. There's good warning of the icicles as they slowly grow over time, them shining before they fall, but they drop down at a massive speed once they fall. After 45 seconds in this warp room, you'll move on to meet the next boss, Dingodile.



    Upon coming up out of the warp room, you'll find yourself in Dingodile's boss arena from Crash Bandicoot Warped, it being an enclosed icy cave. The area the fight takes place in is extended in this stage, there being no walls unlike the traditional boss arena, this stage having walk off edges for it's method of KOs. The cieling is thankfully higher then the limits of the stage, meaning star KOs are still possible as normal. The terrain is snow rather then ice, meaning the stage thankfully isn't slippery.

    This would be your regular every day stage if not for Dingodile (Who says his signature line "Gonna make toast!" when you enter the arena.), who is in the middle of the large flat arena (Around twice the length of final destination). 3 layers of massive ice crystals will do a decent job of blocking him off from being attacked (Them not spinning around like the traditional boss fight.), and will effectively separate both sides of the arena, you having to jump over Dingodile and the deadly massive crystals to get to the other side, it being very hard for characters with bad recoveries. If you land on one of the spiky tips of the crystals, you'll be dealt above average upwards knockback and 25% damage.

    Characters with bad recoveries literally can't jump over the entire length of the crystals, and must land on Dingodile in the middle, using him as a stepping stone to regain their jumps to make it to the other side. Once Dingodile is jumped on, he'll fall over as a "smack" sound is heard, and the pack on his back powering his bazooka will start flashing and beeping in the same fashion as if he were hit in his traditional boss fight. The pack will proceed to explode 5 seconds later, causing a massive explsosion that has an area of effect that reaches out as far as the crystals. Anybody caught in the explosion will be dealt 32% damage and large knockback, making it high priority to avoid, the explosion also destroying the crystals.

    After the explosion, Dingodile will be covered in char and lay there for around 10 seconds, recovering from the attack, then get up and shake off the char, annoyed. New crystals will fall down from the cieling to replace the old ones, anybody hit by the sudden fast falling crystals being dealt 25% damage and good knockback. This process must repeat 4 times before Dingodile is defeated and you move on to the next boss, each "hit" not taking as long as the other bosses.

    Dingodile himself, of course, does far more then just sit there inbetween the ice crystals, waiting to be pounced upon. He regularly fires out shots from his bazooka in various forms, the most common one being a beam. He'll fire the beam straight to the right or left at random, it going along the entire length of the ground on that side of the stage and lasting for 3 seconds. Dingodile has to fire through the crystals protecting him to do this, and his heated bazooka ray will cut down the length of the crystals by the size of his bazooka beam (One fifth of the crystal). IN addition to the crystals being easier to jump over, they'll also lose a fifth of their damage and knockback if you land on their tips. If Dingodile completely destroys all his crystals on both sides in this fashion, new ones will fall from the cieling as if Dingodile exploded from being jumped on.

    Another of Dingodile's attacks is firing flame shots up out of his bazooka directly upwards off the top of the screen in mass, one at a time. Players can be hiy by them if they're jumping over Dingodile, but this of course is rather unlikely. The shots will then proceed to rain down off the top of the screen on both sides of the icy arena, them coming down at a fast pace, although still only one at a time like when he fired them upwards. Anyone hit by any of the shots is dealt 11% damage and below average knockback, it not being that much of a threat although being rather annoying to dodge.

    To prevent this phase from going on forever, if nobody jumps on top of Dingodile to deal a "Hit" to him, he'll use the backpack as a jetpack after 60 seconds, flying up above his normal position. He'll fire one of his beams directly at one of the players on the stage out of his bazooka at random, it doing the same amount of damage, size of the beam, and knockback from his normal bazooka beam attack. He'll chase them around with the beam after firing it, moving it around slowly. After 5 seconds of this, Dingodile's bazooka will stop firing and he'll shake it around angrily, trying to get it to fire, then his jetpack will putter out, making the pre explosion noises and then proceeding to blow up as he lands on the ground from overuse of his bazooka and jet pack, it being counted as one of the 4 "hits" on him.

    After defeating Dingodile, you'll go into the portal phase on the platform again like after you defeated Ripper Roo with the swirling green background. One of the portals in the background is replaced by a giant clock which matches the time your Wii is set to, ticking about. Every 5 minutes, a cuckoo bird will come out of the clock and into the playing field, damaging anything it hits as it springs out on it's platform for 25% damage and good knockback, then getting brought back inside the clock. The background isn't a wall in this warp room, and is instead clear glass. Outside through the glass you can see a clear sunny day if the time is between 6 AM and 6 PM, lightning up the arena well, or you'll see the stars and moon if it's 6 PM or later, giving the arena a dark look. Once you leave this time themed warp room, you'll find yourself up against the next boss, N. Tropy.

    N. Tropy:


    You'll find yourself in N. Tropy's boss arena from Crash Bandicoot Warped after taking the platform out through the top of the time warp room. You'll all spawn on a platform around the size of battlefield on the left, while N. Tropy is off on a platform of the same size at the opposite side of the arena on the right. There's a massive chasm inbetween you and N. Tropy, large enough that not even Pit could make it accross (Unless he had a bunny hood or was knocked part of the way accross, but you get the idea.). The screen is zoomed out a massive amount to show both N. Tropy and your characters fighting, resembling the maximum amount the Great Fox can be zoomed out in Melee. The clocks ticking in the background once again match your Wii's time settings, although these clocks don't affect the battle and you can't see outside, so this hardly matters.

    N. Tropy will fire projectiles from his platform at you while you fight, trying to incinerate you out of his time twisting arena. He'll fire beams from his boss fight, that, unlike Dingodile's beams, face horizontally rather then vertically, coming up on your character like a wave of death. These beams do only 16-17% damage and average knockback, but N. Tropy will fire them at a rather alarming pace. Some will be low to the ground to be jumepd over while others will be high right after them, requiring you to fall back down quickly from your jump to dodge them. He fires these beams in spurts, and they take a while to get over to you, meaning you have plenty of time to fight your fellow Brawlers in relative peace, although when the beams do arrive they'll require your attention (You having plenty warning). N. Tropy's other projectile is a homing fireball. N. Tropy will fire them one at a time, and they'll home in on the closest player. The fireball will switch it's course if another player becomes closer, adding a layer of strategy into trying to get your enemies hit by the attack. If hit by the fireball, you'll be dealt average knockback and 14-15% damage, as well as an additional 5% fire damage over 2 seconds.

    While N. Tropy is regularly sending attacks your way, he doesn't really disrupt the fight that much with his projectiles due to his distance away from you. Every 60 seconds though, N. Tropy will simply say "Time to die!", and all the clocks in the background will start spinning around rapidly as N. Tropy seemingly casts some sort of spell with his gigantic weapon. A bridge of platforms to come over to N. Tropy appear, and the platform the characters were fighting on will shortly fall down underneath them into ruin, forcing them to go accross the bridge. The platforms will start falling down once a character has landed on them, meaning the characters must make their way to N. Tropy as quickly as possible if they wish to survive. Once the characters make their way over to N. Tropy, they can hit him with any melee attack or footstool jump off him to "get a hit" on him. The players can choose to ignore N. Tropy, but he'll then proceed to use his projectiles right next to them, making him a major threat as he constantly barrages the characters with endless attacks. Once N. Tropy is hit, a "smack" sound will indicate he's hit as he stumbles over, and he will shake his fist angrily as he proceeds to teleport away. He'll leave the fighters in peace for 30 seconds, then the platform on the opposit side will rise up again and N. Tropy will teleport in on top of it, and the cycle will repeat. N. Tropy must take 3 hits before you move on to the phase where you travel back to the warp room with the flashy green background on the warp room platform for another 30 seconds. Upon being defeated, he says his line from Crash Bandicoot Warped in his dying breath, "My time is up. . .But yours soon will be too!".

    The next warp room has large amounts of gears churning in the background, as well as the floor being made out of them. Occassionally one of the gears will blow a gasket and dislodge itself, coming onto the arena and spinning accross the stage on it's side, then falling over and being a throwable item. The gear does minimal damage if it runs into you and mimics a large wheel from Wario's bike when thrown in effects of gameplay. Oil will sometimes spill out from the background as well, causing the arena the floor of the warp room to be covered in it. The oil causes the ground to be slippery like the ice warp room, but also creates the chance to randomly trip like in the real version of Brawl (In this version of Brawl, there is no random tripping. Take that, Sakurai!). The oil doesn't go away once it spawns, but you only fight in this warp room for another 45 seconds, so it doesn't really matter. Once you've spent enough time brawling here, the platform will head through the cieling of the warp room to the next Boss, N. Gin.

    N. Gin:


    Upon leaving the mechanical warp room, you'll find yourself in the boss arena of N. Gin from Crash Bandicoot 2. You'll be on a platform the size of final destination, while N. Gin will be in a large hovering mech in the background, regularly doing his halfway mechanical laughs as he does his attacks. His most common attack is firing up rockets up off the top of the screen in the background that will then rain down onto the playing field. The first missle will come down on the far right side, while each missle after it will land slightly to the left of it. Once a missle lands on the far left side, it'll go back to the other one. This is N. Gin's fastest attack, and the missles thankfully only do 10% damage and below average knockback. Another of N. Gin's attacks has him fire missles in the same fashion as his most common attack, but he'll instead fire 5 missles which function like Snake's side b, homing in on the nearest player. The speed, damage, and knockback of the missles matches Snake's perfectly, meaning players will be more then famaliar with them.

    On rare occassions N. Gin will suddenly go down off the bottom of the screen in his mech, then come back up with a large green laser in the front of his machine. He'll go behind one third of the arena selected at random, either the middle, right, or left, then fire a massive laser then neutralizes the platform and does 36% damage massively large knockback to anyone it touches. The attack is thankfully slow and predictable, although it has a lasting effect in that it destroys part of the arena. There's more ending lag after this attack as N. Gin goes off the bottom of the screen and comes back up again to get his mech back in his normal form, meaning you won't have to deal with constant deadly attacks. The part of the arena that was destroyed will respawn after 20 seconds pass.

    N. Gin will only come onto the playing field out of the background for his most deadly attack, which he'll do every 90 seconds (Although he'll wait extra time if part of the arena is currently destroyed, not doing the attack until the arena repairs itself.). He'll fly up off the top of the screen of the background, then come crashing down onto the playing field in his entire huge mech. He'll land in the middle of the arena, covering about half of it, anybody who gets crushed by the mech as it falls down getting the same effect as if they were hit by a giant missle from the mech. Players can still climb onto the mech and use it as a platform (The middle part of the platform destroyed due to N. Gin crashing down), although this will cause the terrain to be slightly slanted. N. Gin will open his cockpit, being in the dead center of the arena in the playing field, and proceed to take out two large plasma pistols. He'll fire them around wildly and rapidly, them sending out projectiles that are just like R.O.B.'s fully charged laser, them richocheting around, lasting around three times as long as R.O.B.'s lasers. In a single flurry of the attack, he'll send out 4 of these lasers on either sides in seperate angles, making for plenty of chaos. He'll have to take a break between each flurry of shots, taking time to reload. If N. Gin is hit by a footstool jump or melee attack during this time, he'll get "hit", a smack sound being heard, then proceed to close his cockpit and head back into the background, the middle of the platform respawning in 10 seconds. If no players bother to attack N. Gin while he's in this state, the missle embedded in his head will explode after 20 seconds, causing N. Gin to get "hit", keeping this phase of the stage from going on forever. After taking 3 hits, N. Gin will be defeated and you'll go back to the phase of the stage where you warp back to the warp room with the swirling green background and the giant platform.

    After the warping, phase, you'll find yourself in the final warp room, it having a sewer like theme. The middle portal in the background is replaced by a pipe which spews out green acid liquid onto the arena, which very slightly pushes you to to the left like the treadmills in the electric version of Pokemon Stadium 2, but severely toned down. The acid forks at the pipe to the right and left as it comes out of the pipe, meaning if you're on the right half of the warp room you'll be pushed to the right, while visa versa goes for the left side. Sometimes the rate of the acid's speed will go up, although it's max speed is only half that of the treadmill on Pokemon Stadium 2, and it'll go back down shortly after. This is one of the more peaceful of the warp rooms, you able to have more conventional fighting inside here. After your time in here is up, you'll move on the final boss, N. Brio.

    N. Brio:


    The stage is like it's shown in the screenshot in the original Crash Bandicoot boss fight, but instead of walls on the sides of the arena (Which is strectched to be enlarged to the size of final destination), there are bottomless pits, and there's a single platform in the center. Sometimes (Every 30 seconds or so) acid will rize up out of the bottomless pits in a fashion like the lava on brinstar or norfair, possibly saving you from your doom if you can't recover, although it won't come up very high, only halfway up to the arena at most. More rarely (Every 3 minutes or so) the acid will rise up to flood the stage and wash you off in a tidal wave, although the actual amount of acid that comes over the stage is relatively little, you able to avoid being washed off the stage by the acid by jumping on the platform in the middle. The acid tidal wave will cause a king of the hill competetion over the platform as the deadly waves pass, meaning you must defend the platform at all costs.

    N. Brio himself will be in the background (On a slight pedestal to avoid the acid tidal waves), unable to be attacked on a regular basis, much like N. Gin. First he'll throw a single potion at every player's position, one at a time, these potions causing small explsosions the size of Toon Link's bombs. These potions deal 13-14% damage and below average knockback. After having thrown one of these potions at every player, he'll throw the potions more quickly, but not aim at the actual players this time, just throwing them around randomly. Sometimes the explsosion of the potions will be delayed before they explode, causing confusion. If the potions don't hit anyone, they'll create a living entity of slime. The slimes will slowly patrol the stage back and forth accross the stage, unaffected by tidal waves, and having enough intelligence to not waltz off the edge. If a slime touches you, you'll be briefly stunned and dealt 4-5% damage, although they're easily destroyed by a single attack. After N. Brio throws potions for 30 seconds, any slimes still alive will come together in the center of the stage to form a humanoid shape. The slimes will go into the shape of a random character (Although it will never be Donkey Kong for reasons detailed later), and will then act as an enemy hostile to all players. The more slimes that were able to form together, the stronger the character is. To have the strength of a full character, all the potions that N. Brio throws must becomes slimes and must not be destroyed. So on average, the slime character will be very weak, only slightly more durable then an alloy in multi man brawl. The slime characters can not use any items.

    Once the slime character is destroyed, N. Brio takes action himself more directly. He'll take out a potion with a vile red liquid then proceed to chug it down. N. Brio will hold his throat as if he were choking, then let out his signature sinister laugh and his eyes twitch rapidly as he transforms into his monstrous form like in his boss fight, it being somewhat of Dr. Jenkyl/Mr. Hide transformation. Once N. Brio undergoes the transformation, he'll come onto the playing field out of the background to attack, beating his chest. N. Brio will act as a giant Donkey Kong clone (Although obviously looking very different) and wreak havoc on the stage. N. Brio has permanant superarmor and thus cannot be KOd except by exploting the dumb computer AI, although he'll respawn instantly if the AI somehow messes up. N. Brio's computer AI level while in this form depends on how many "hits" he's taken. If he hasn't taken any hits, he'll be level 3, if he's taken one hit he'll be level 6, and if he's taken two hits (thus needing only one more to be defeated) he'll be level 9. N. Brio's transformation thankfully only lasts a mere 15 seconds, limiting the amount of havoc he can perform. Like his slime minions, N. Brio cannot use any items -- picture if he suddenly pulled out some bongos from the smash ball! Once the transformation is over, N. Brio will go into the background and go back to the center of the stage on his pedestal, holding his head in pain from the transformation, birds swirling around his head in a cartoon like fashion. N. Brio won't resume throwing potions for another 45 seconds, and takes the usual 3 hits to defeat.

    Once N. Brio is defeated, you'll go into the usual warp area with the green swirling background as you warp back to the first warp room for Ripper Roo, the cycle finally repeating itself (This is just an example of a possible order though, it's random which bosses you see, although each boss will always have their respective warp room before them to warn you.). To see everything in this stage, you'll have to play a long match, as a 2 minute match wouldn't even let you see much of the Ripper Roo phase. This is a great stage for long matches, it always being varied. While there are occassional chaotic parts of the stage, they're rather brief and the attacks are quite predictable, allowing you to still have a good fight with your opponnents.

    -Ripper Roo Boss Fight (Crash Bandicoot 2)
    -Dingodile Boss Fight (Crash Bandicoot Warped)
    -N. Tropy Boss Fight (Crash Bandicoot Warped)
    -N. Tropy Boss Fight (Crash Bandicoot: N. Tranced)
    -N. Gin Boss Fight (Crash Bandicoot 2)
    -N. Brio Boss Fight (Crash Bandicoot)
    -Tiny Boss Fight (Crash Bandicoot 2)
    -Hot Air Skyway (Crash Team Racing)
    -Medieval Mash (Crash Bash)
    -Cortex Boss Fight (Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex)
    -Oxide Station (Crash Team Racing) (Only here due to his space station being in the SSE, where this music is played)

    Assist Trophy: Pinstripe Potoroo


    Pinstripe, the stereotypical gangster rat (Who's mutated like Cortex's other creations, being as tall as Marth, the general human size, instead of that of a real rat) comes out of the assist trophy to do. . .Seemingly nothing? He leans against the background in a smug sort of way, his arms folded, smoking a cigar in an old fashioned gangster style.

    If an enemy runs by him (They have to be dashing, not walking) or hits him, though, the cigar will be knocked out of his mouth (Revealed to be a lolipop in One Piece dub fashion for those crazy parents who think video games will make their kids smoke), and he'll get a really pissed off exspression written over his face. Pinstripe will proceed to take out his tommy gun and unload all the clips of it at the enemy oh crossed his path, laughing maniacally with a stereotypical italian gangster accent as he does so. Pinstripe will fire at you for 10 seconds, doing 5-6% damage a second as he rapidly unloads all his ammo on you, the damage racking up quickly but it doing no stun or knockback. You can't escape his firing range, although you can do some rolling to avoid some of the damage. Avoid crossing the gangster's path in any dark alley, and if you're the guy who hired Pinstripe to take somebody out for you, bring the enemy to him so he can finish the job.

    If nobody crosses Pinstripe's path within 15 seconds, he'll vanish, mumbling "Aw brother. . .You aren't worth the trouble.", directed at the character who summoned him from the assist trophy, vanishing.

    Item: Aku Aku Crate


    This is a container item which functions like a regular crate in all respects, but has a picture of Aku Aku, Crash's guardian shaman spirit, painted on it. Upon breaking open the crate, Aku Aku will pop out of it (The character pictured on the box), saying "WHOLABAGHA!" (Random mumbo jumbo that he says in the games) and start levitating around at the side of the character who freed him. Aku Aku will cause the character to recieve no damage or knockback from the next attack they take, taking the hit for them and shattering apart afterwards. Aku Aku will absorb all projectiles like the franklin badge until broken, meaning that he must be destroyed by a melee attack.

    If you bust open a mask crate while already having Aku Aku at your side, Aku will get a gold tint, his feathers turning yellow and orange. Upon being hit, he will revert back to his normal state instead of being destroyed instantly. If you open another mask crate while already having Aku Aku in golden form, he'll start glowing and the music will be replaced by the Crash Bandicoot invincibility theme. Aku Aku will go over your character's face like a mask, and you'll be totally invincible during this time period, dealing 15% damage and above average knockback to anyone you touch as well. The invincibility period lasts 10 seconds, then Aku Aku will revert back to his golden form.


    If you're playing as Cortex and Tiny, Bowser, Ganondorf, King Dedede, Meta Knight, Wolf, or Wario, Uka Uka (Seen above) will pop out of the crate to assist you instead of Aku Aku. He has different voice clips and looks slightly different, being the evil opposite of his brother, Aku Aku, though performs the same as Aku Aku in gameplay.

    SSE Role:


    Cortex and Tiny are first seen rather late in the game, the scene being edited for their first appearance being the one where Ganondorf is introduced as well, giving orders to Bowser. Cortex will also be in the computer room with Ganondorf, working his technology for him, while Tiny will be with Bowser. When Ganondorf gives the order to the two brutes to attack, Tiny sits around stupidly, causing Cortex to have to come over to the screen and reassure him that he needs to go, asserting his authority. Tiny obeys his master and goes off with Bowser, Ganondorf just shaking his head while Cortex shrugs and smirks to try to reassure the king of evil. Cortex is also seen alongside Ganondorf in the cutscene where he's ordered by Master Hand, bowing alongside him, although Cortex isn't smirking like Ganondorf, not having any intention of betraying Master Hand. Tiny is seen in the cutscenes alongside Bowser when he's raiding Dedede's fortress, using his massive jumping abilities and actually fighting the enemies off in the cutscnes with his massive trident, Bowser helping him with his fire breath. They don't actually defeat the enemies, them not being trophies, just greatly wounding them due to being so busy. They flee together in Bowser's clown car as the heroes stare after them angrily.

    After Duon is defeated, the game goes back to the villians before showing the subspace bomb factory. Bowser and Tiny will of returned to Ganondorf and Cortex in the little base where Ganondorf and Cortex were giving commands, Tiny running up to his master, saying his name stupidly and giving him a big hug, suffocating him in a cartoon like fashion. Bowser laughs at this while Ganondorf facepalms, after which Tiny reluctantly releases Cortex. Cortex shakes his fist angrily at Tiny while Tiny droops his head down to the ground sadly, then Ganondorf uses his warlock magics to open a portal to subspace and the "Ganon Cannon" he later takes out the Halberd with. The four villians go through the portal to be on top of the great weapon together. They all look about the massive creation and laugh evily, then look out of the portal to see their way to take the deadly weapon into the land of the trophies. Ganondorf extends out his arm to order the subspace creatures working the ship to activate it, but he suddenly puts up his hand to tell them to stop as something catches his eye. The other villians look at Ganondorf questiongly when he points down to Wario, who was turned into a trophy and sucked into subspace, just happening to land in this area. Ganondorf gives a dismissive motion to the other villians, telling them to go down to get Wario, them sighing and proceed to go do so,Cortex mounting Tiny and mumbling something that you can't understand under his breath angrily as they proceed down to Wario. You play a level as Bowser and Cortex and Tiny, you going down the "Ganon Cannon" and fighting wild subspace enemies (Not all are under Tabuu's command) as well as an occassional malfunctioning turret on the Ganon Cannon. The turrets will sometimes actually help you dispose of the enemy, but they can still hit you, so be careful. The malfunctioning turrets will do rather awkward motions and bleep rapidly to indicate that they are indeed not under Ganondorf's command.

    Once the three villians make their way down to Wario, he rubs his buttocks as he's revived from his trophy status, and eagerly shakes Bowser's hand, glad to see his old partner in crime while Bowser looks less then thrilled, rolling his eyes and snorting at the lesser villian. Wario shakes the snort from Bowser out of his face annoyed, then the villians make their way back up to Ganondorf with ease, having cleared their way of obstacles when they came down. Ganondorf remembers one final place that he needs to have raided, and opens a portal to the land of trophies in a far off place - a space station (N. Oxide's to be precise.). Ganondorf motions for the other villians to go through and they proceed to do so, Ganondorf sitting on a throne as he waits for them, drumming his fingers. He goes inside his Ganon Cannon at the controls, going past subspace enemies working it as he does so, to look at some screens to check on the progress of the subspace bomb factory. The Ancient Minister gives Ganondorf a salute, but Ganondorf points to Zero Suit Samus and Pikachu coming in the background angrily, slamming his fist down. The Ancient Minister frantically orders his troops after them, and the first subspace bomb factory level begins.


    After you complete the subspace bomb factory levels except the final one where you escape the factory, you'll finally pick up where the villians left off in N. Oxide's space station. Cortex, Tiny, Bowser and Wario will all gaze around the massive place in awe, Wario's jaw dropping to the floor in comic fashion. Tiny and Wario both fart in amazement, Wario passing the farts to Bowser and Cortex for them to be very angered and annoyed at the two of them, Tiny laughing stupidly. Cortex takes out a subpsace bomb to remind the others of their goal, laughing evily, then puts it away for the other three villians to nod. They proceed to invade the space station, and you play the level as Bowser, Wario, as well as Cortex and Tiny. There are no subspace enemies here, the enemies instead being various aliens of Oxide's race.

    After the level, the next cutscene cuts back to Ganondorf inside his "Ganon Cannon". He scowls as he watches the group in the Subspace Bomb Factory starting to escape the exploding fortress, pounding his fist on his desk. A primid captain comes up to Ganondorf to ask for orders, but Ganondorf is disgusted with the efforts of the primids, and smacks the primid away. Where could Ganondorf get some -real- help? The king of evil's question is answered when Wolf enters the room, his name banner flashing accross the screen. Ganondorf looks most pleased at the mercenary's arrival, and brings up Oxide Station on a screen, angered that his other fellow villians are taking so long there. Ganondorf points to the screen then to Wolf, ordering him to go there if he indeed wants to join his group. Wolf folds his arms and shakes his head, then rubs his fingers together, indiciating that he'll require a hefty sum of money. Ganondorf sighs and takes out a big bag with a dollar sign on it for Wolf's normal eye to twitch rapidly in happiness, hastily taking the bag. Ganondorf points to the space station on the screen for Wolf to nod, and he goes to leave, but Ganondorf lets out a grunt to tell him to stop, tossing him a subspace bomb and chuckling evily. Wolf nods once more and smugs slyly, then leaves the Ganon Cannon area to head for Oxide's space station. The scene stays with Ganondorf as he watches the group in the subspace bomb factory trying to escape, and you then play through that level, facing Meta Ridley at the end as normal.

    After Meta Ridley is defeated and the party of the subspace bomb factory escapes, the game shows Wolf heading for the Oxide Station in his Wolfen. The cutscene cuts to the Halberd, Where most characters on the Halberd are preparing the ship for battle, Fox and Falco stare up at the Wolfen heading into space. Fox clenches his fist and motions for Falco to follow him, and they head for their arwings in the docking bay of the Halberd. They proceed to take off after Wolf, then the cutscene resumes from Wolf's perspective. Upon getting close to Oxide's space station, Wolf runs into an asteroid field. Wolf manuevers through the asteroid field skillfully, shooting up anything that gets in his way, but he suddenly gets shot down from behind. The camera goes back to reveal Fox and Falco in their arwings, who've managed to catch up with their quick action. Wolf's shop falls down and crashes onto an asteroid. Fox and Falco give a thumbs up to each other, turning to face each other to do so. Due to not paying attention to flying in the thick asteroid field, the two pilots crash into asteroids as well, falling down and crashing down on the same asteroid as Wolf. Fox groans as he gets up out of his arwing, and hastily looks around for Falco to see that he was killed by the crash, having turned into a trophy. Fox goes over to Falco to revive him, but Wolf hastily gets up and slashes Fox accross the face with his claw. He angrily motions Fox to come to him for a battle, and you select your character for a one on one duel.


    After the Fox vs Wolf battle, there won't be any clear winner no matter who you choose, the outcome being the same either way. Before either can finish the other off, Fox is able to revive Falco, going off away from Wolf to do so. Fox and Wolf continue fighting, but Falco looks behind them to see that the asteroids are being sucked into a black hole. Falco hastily comes inbetween them, doing his down smash to hit both of them and get their attention, then shows them the black hole. Fox and Wolf look alarmed, and Falco leads the way to flee from the black hole. The three space animals start heading accross the asteroid field on foot toward Oxide's space station to get away from the black hole for their lives, putting apart their differences for the time being. You play as all three characters for this level, it being a scrolling one as the black hole chases you. The enemies are various mechs from Starfox, them being made by Andross.


    At the end of the level, another cutscene will show up before you're able to unlock Wolf. Andross will come up to block the path of the Starfox characters to the safe space station, laughing evily, and a boss fight will ensue. The boss fight is timed as you must escape the black hole before it catches up to you. Andross isn't a true boss, not appearing in the boss battles mode. His mechanical head from the assist trophy will be in the background, being ever lasting, while you must defeat his hands, which function just like Master Hand and Crazy Hand.

    After defeating Andross, you'll skip back to Wario, Bowser, as well as Cortex and Tiny's trek through Oxide's space station, there being no cutscenes for it as it's just another continuation of the previous level. After that, you'll cut back to Fox, Falco, and Wolf, who have finally made it to Oxide's space station. Wolf will try to attack Fox now that they're safe from Andross and the black hole, Fox looking plenty ready for a battle as well. Falco has to once again act as the voice of reason though, pointing back down to earth and shrugging, saying that they need a way back to their planet and off the space station. Wolf sighs and gives a dismissive motion to Fox, and they proceed to head through the space station together for another level, apparantely having come in at the opposite side as the villians.

    After completing the final Oxide Station level, the villians and the space animals will meet up together in the center of the space station. Wolf regognizes the villians from Ganondorf's briefing, but the villians on the other hand have no idea who Wolf is. Wolf puts up his hands to tell them to stop and takes out a subspace bomb, chuckling, for Bowser to take out his own subspace bomb and all the villians to glare at Wolf angrily, wanting the credit for sending the space station into subspace. Wolf ignores them and sets up his subspace bomb for the villians to go into a fit of rage and attack Wolf, Fox joining them without hesitation. Falco facepalms and sighs, trying to figure out a way to deactivate the subspace bomb, while all the other characters try to take down Wolf. You play as Wolf against Wario, Bowser, Fox, as well as Cortex and Tiny, it being a 4 on 1 battle. You'll first face the villians three on one, then Fox will spawn afterwards for another one on one battle.

    Once you defeat the other characters as Wolf, the cutscene will show the fight still raging on, Wolf barely managing to hold his own. The screen cuts to Falco, who is angrily trying to deactivate the subspace bomb to no effect, eventually resorting to beating on it pathetically. Suddenly, Nitros Oxide, the master of the space station, finally arrives, not able to take such a large threat to his base go unnoticed. He angrily attacks the larger group that are all fighting each other, firing plasma out of his turrets on his UFO at them, causing them to divert their attention to the alien overlord. Falco notices some spare ships in the docking bay and motions to Fox to them for him to nod. Fox and Falco proceed to flee the space station together in two seperate alien ships, giving up on the lost cause, while the screen cuts back to Oxide who lets out a sinister laugh. You play as Wolf, Bowser, Wario, as well as Cortex and Tiny against him in a full fledged boss battle to ensure that he doesn't deactivate the subspace bomb.

    Boss: Nitros Oxide


    N. Oxide isn't that much bigger then the tallest of playable SSB characters (Ganondorf) in his actual body size, his UFO more then makes up for this. Oxide is still smaller then your average boss, but he's still around 1.5X the size of Bowser in height and width, being significantly bigger for you to tell him apart from the playable characters. Oxide hovers above the arena in his UFO, about a Ganondorf and a half off the ground, moving from one side of the arena back to the other constantly, him being a constantly moving target and you having to jump to hit him. Due to him being harder to damage then the average boss, Combine the fact the Oxide isn't as insanely large as the other bosses, and he's slightly harder to hit then your average boss. Many of Oxide's attacks are the items he in his boss battle in Crash Team Racing, translated into Smash Bros.

    The arena itself is quite large, around 1.25X the size of final destination, there being very small pits on either side of the arena to fall into. There is no roof to the arena, but there is a wall on the left side, meaning you can't be KOd off in that direction, the wall being a closed giant clear window off staring into space. The rest of the background is made up of various parts of the Oxide Station race track from Crash Team Racing.


    TNT Crates:
    A crate of TNT around half the size of the crate item in Smash Bros falls from Oxide's UFO, a compartment opening up in the bottom of the UFO to drop it, closing after the crate's been dropped. Oxide will drop three of these in succession, one in the center of the arena and two in the center of both the right and left sides of the arena. The TNT crates will start counting down to explsosion as soon as they fall from Oxide's UFO, them having a 3 second countdown. As each second goes by, the usual "TNT" logo displayed on the crate will change to the number of seconds left to detonation, just like in the Crash games. When a TNT crate explodes, they'll have a explsosion hitbox the size of Bowser around themselves, doing 31-32% damage and very high knockback, though the attack is obviously highly predictable. If you attack a TNT crate before it's countdown ends with any attack, even a single shot of Fox's blaster, you'll blow it up early, so be cautious with these.

    Brio Beakers:
    Oxide takes out a bubbling potion with green liquid inside it and throws it at you, and then proceeds to throw four more potions in rapid succession. The beakers go very fast at you once he throws them, meaning an air dodge/sidestep/roll is the best option instead of fleeing from them, although they're not much of a threat. The beakers only deal 8-9% damage and low knockback, being nothing more then damage rackers, being Oxide's weakest attack. The contents of the potions will spill out when they hit the ground, assuming you dodged it, covering that part of the floor with the liquid. The liquid is slippery like the terrain on The Summit stage of the Ice Climbers, and has a large chance to induce random tripping when you transverse over it (In this version of Brawl, there is no totally random tripping.).

    Titanic Turrets: Oxide fires machine gun fire out of the turrets on his UFO, firing directly at you with machine gun style bullets. The machine gun fire doesn't do any knockback or flinching at all, but deals heavy damage, 12-13% damage for every second you're in the stream of bullets, Oxide continuing to fire his guns for a total of 10 seconds. Oxide moves around his stream of fire decently slowly, meaning it's easy to dodge the majority of the attack, but it can be annoying to dodge every single shot. Oxide can blow up his own TNT crates early with this attack if he fires at them.

    Attacks Used at 75% health:

    Boost Pads: Oxide presses a button on his UFO to cause boost pads from Crash Team Racing to come out at the far right and left side of the arenas, them being a bunch of green and black arrows lined up against each other on the terrain. The boost pads are pointed into the pits they're right next to on either side of the arena, and if you go over the pad you'll be zipped into the pit at a massive speed that's double that of Sonic's run speed. These boost pads will last for the entire duration of the fight. You can't roll up onto the arena or use your ledge attack to get up from the ledge anymore as you'll just get zipped back into the pit to your doom by the boost pad, and therefore must jump from the ledge if you're forced to grab the ledge.

    Attacks Added at 75% health:

    Laser Cannon: The compartment below Oxide's UFO opens up and a laser cannon comes out of it, pointed downwards. Oxide will then proceed to fire a beam downwards, about as wide as Ganondorf and it being a constant stream between Oxide and the floor. Oxide will continue moving back and forth as he's firing the beam from the cannon, and if you get hit by it you'll get caught in it, being dragged along, it being hard but possible to use directional influence to get out of. Every second you're caught in the beam you'll be dealt 10-11% damage, and Oxide will keep firing the beam for 15 seconds. The beam will destroy any TNT crates or liquid created from potions scattered about on the ground. After Oxide is done firing his beam, he'll do a final large blast that -will- hit you if you're caught in the beam, dealing 22-23% damage and large knockback, although if you're not in the beam it's easy to dodge. This is a decent attack, but it interferes with Oxide's other attacks too much to be one of his best.

    Attacks Added at 50% health:

    Nitro Crate:
    This functions the same as Oxide's TNT crate attack, but he'll drop Nitro crates instead of TNT crates, which are green in color. These crates will never automatically explode on their own, instead exploding upon being touched. This is very annoying as you'll constantly have to keep avoiding these, or take the time to take them out with projectiles. They'll eventually be destroyed on their own by Oxide's Bomb Blast attack, which will cause the nitro crates to blow up for even bigger damage, or the machine gun fire from his turrets.

    Beaker Blast:
    This functions the same as Oxide's basic Brio Beakers attack, but the potions will now be red instead of green. While the basic hit of the attack won't do any more damage or knockback, if you're hit by the potion a small invulnerable black cloud will spawn. The cloud will be thundering (which is just for graphical effect) and will follow you around, being decently slow. The cloud is constantly raining down, doing 2-3% damage per second you're in the rain, but doing no stun or knockback whatsoever. The cloud will vanish after 10 seconds, and multiple clouds can be in play at a time if you're hit by more then one of Oxide's potions. The liquid created from this potion isn't slippery, thus not causing tripping, but instead is very hot, causing 5-6% fire damage over 3 seconds if you go over it.

    Bomb Blast:
    Oxide fires a bomb (Complete with a skull and crossbones painted on it) out of the bottom of his UFO in the same fashion as how he lets TNT Oxide fires a bomb (Complete with a skull and crossbones painted on them) out of the bottom of his UFO in the same fashion as how he lets TNT drop out of his UFO, although he'll let out four bombs as he goes accross the stage, one every fourth of the stage, instead of three like the TNT crates. The bombs are nearly the size of Bowser, so they're quite hard to avoid. If you get by the bomb as it's falling to the down, you'll be spiked to the ground by it and take 15% damage, then still be hit by the explsosion as the bomb lands on top of you. When the bombs hits the ground, it explodes, doing 27-28% damage and high knockback, the hitbox being slightly larger (1.25X) then Bowser. The explsosion from the blasts will disintigrate any green or red liquid over the floor from potions Oxide has failed to hit with you. This is easily one of Oxide's best attacks.
    Attacks added at 25% health:

    Space Suction: Oxide presses a button while hovering about in his UFO for the window that makes up the left wall to open up. The suction power of space will pull you towards it, Oxide hovering over to the far right side of the screen where he's out of it's range, hovering over the boost pad. The suction has the power around 1.5X that of Dedede's neutral B, and if you're sucked out the window you're instantly KOd. After 8 seconds of this, Oxide will press the button again, closing the window, resuming the battle as normal. To be out of the attack's range, you must be at the boost pad at the right side of the arena, meaning you get zipped off into the pit on the right side of the arena. If you just hang on the ledge, Oxide will drop down a nitro crate on you so you can't so easily escape the attack.

    Attacks used at 5% health:

    Station Evacuation: Oxide's ship blows up, you unable to damage him beyond 5% health, him falling out of his ship. He then gets an alarmed exspression and will try to flee from you, running on foot off the right side of the screen, the stage rolling along with him. Oxide's decently fast, having extra legs to carry him along, although he's still not hard to catch up to. Various random enemies from the Oxide Station levels will get in your way, but fighting them is a lost cause, as you must defeat Oxide before he escapes or restart the boss battle. If you don't defeat Oxide in 20 seconds, he'll get into an escape pod and you'll lose the boss battle. This isn't as easy as it sounds, as the enemies are large in quantity there will also be a few enviornmental hazards along the way, not having much potential to KO you, but doing their job in slowing you down quite well, distracting you and getting in your way as you try to take Oxide out.

    After defeating N. Oxide, the villians laugh evily at their accomplishment, having decided to accept Wolf as one of their own seeing he proved useful in the boss battle. They all gloat over their victory for a good while, but eventually Tiny notices the subspace bomb is about to explode. Tiny's eyes grow wide in a comic fashion and he frantically points at the bomb for the other characters to turn at him questioningly, then become as alarmed as he is as they see the bomb's about to go off. Cortex hastily takes out some high tech device to open a portal back to the Ganon Cannon, and they all head in hastily. Tiny and Bowser try to go in at the same time, not able to fit together, both too stubborn to let the other go first. Bowser reluctantly lets Tiny go first, knowing he's too stupid to convince, rolling his eyes, then goes in after him. The bomb goes off just as the portal closes behind them, adding Oxide's space station and the sorrounding asteroid field to Tabuu's collection of worlds. . .Not that the villians know that yet.

    After this lengthy additional space section with the villians, the scene where everyone gathers together on the halberd occurs. In said scene, Fox and Falco are seen coming down onto it with their alien vehicles, otherwise it's left alone. However; before the great invasion cutscene, we see the villians coming back into the Ganon Cannon throw Cortex's portal. Ganondorf greets them, applauding their success, them all having another brief evil laughter session together. This laughter is interrupted however when Wario farts, everyone turning to glare at him, him just shrugging and smiling to try to dismiss any suspicision of him. Wolf decides this is as good a time as any to ask for his pay, rubbing his fingers together and extending his hand out, rapidly opening and closing it, demanding Ganondorf pay him further for his services. Ganondorf just laughs and shakes his head no, instead giving a bag of cash to Wario due to him having been working for him longer, his jaw dropping to the floor and his eyes turning into dollar signs. The villians all laugh at Wolf for him to scowl angrily and leave the Ganon Cannon area, Wolf removing his ties to Ganondorf's group. Ganondorf motions for the other villians to follow him as he heads up to the front of his almighty cannon, and they get up into position to command the mighty battle fortress. Ganondorf extends out his arm to have the Ganon Cannon go out into the real world, the villians doing more evil laughter, then the cutscene ends, being followed by the Great Invasion cutscene.


    The Great Invasion cutscene appears normal at the start, with the exception of Fox and Falco having their alien ships from Oxide's space station. The next notable change is that Wario, Cortex, and Tiny are also of course on the Ganon Cannon alongside Bowser and Ganondorf, Wario not being trophitized while Cortex and Tiny are new additions to the evil team. What's less of a no brainer, though, is that Wolf breaks the Ganon Cannon with his Wolfen instead of Kirby, getting his revenge on Ganondorf's group, letting out a smug smile and glancing over at the villians scowling at him, Wolf pumping his fist in satisfaction. Ganondorf's group is forced to retreat into subspace, the characters all following after him into the entrance to subspace. Wolf joins the main party against Ganondorf, you playing through the level as normal but with Wolf being added to the group, you having the option to play as him.


    After the entrance to subspace level, the cutscene where Ganondorf normally betrays Bowser plays quite differently due to the additions of Wario, Cortex, and Tiny. Ganondorf still fires his trophy gun at Bowser as normal, but the other villians revive him and they all turn around to face him, staring at him hatefully. Ganondorf facepalms, angry that he must do everything himself, and gets into a battle ready position. You play as Ganondorf for the first time against the other villians, it being a three on one battle. Once Ganondorf successfully betrays the other villians, he goes up before Master Hand to ask for his help as normal. Tabuu is introduced as normal, pulling the strings on Master Hand, Ganondorf being shocked as he realizes someone else has already betrayed his master. Outraged, Ganondorf jumps up and does his forward air on Tabuu's puppet for Tabuu to have Master Hand attack Ganondorf. You play as Ganondorf in the typical Master Hand boss battle. This would normally be laughably easily considering you already faced both hands with an assist trophy to boot in the Andross boss battle, but now you only have one stock, and Master Hand is given 600 HP (On intense) to make things harder, his attacks also being significantly more powerful.

    After Ganondorf's time in the spot light, the SSE resumes as normal, although Cortex, Wario, and Tiny will be revived alongside Bowser automatically in Dedede's subspace level. You'll have to take all of the characters down before they'll listen to you, but it's not a three on one, as you'll be able to also play as Luigi and Ness, unlike the Dedede vs Bowser battle. Wario's awkward cutscene to himself is not removed, as that would be wasted effort, but he's not revived from his trophy status from it, him already being in his normal status, and his trophy being removed from the subspace level.


    In the Great Maze, Oxide's space station is an additional area, having been sucked up by a subspace bomb. You must defeat the shadow versions of Nitros Oxide, Andross, Wolf, as well as Cortex and Tiny here in their own doors. There's also part of the asteroid field that's been sucked up which you must transverse, although the Oxide Station is the meat of what you must go through in the Great Maze.

    Event Matches:

    It goes without saying that Cortex and Tiny appear in event matches involving all characters, them appearing in #39, co-op #21, co-op #20, among others. I'm only listing the additional event matches. These event matches don't overwrite the ones that normally have their numbers, instead boosting all the others numbers of the event matches up by one.

    Event Match 22: Power Protection
    Play as: Zero Suit Samus
    Enemy: Cortex (Alone)
    Stage: Port Town Aero Dive
    Description: Quickly! Reassemble your power suit before the titan is brought in!
    Special Conditions: A smash ball spawns at the start of the fight, and you have to use it to get back your power suit, otherwise Cortex will have Tiny in titan form to destroy you with. It's still quite easy to get the smash ball over Cortex due to him being such a crippeled character by himself, so he has 2 stock to make it more challenging.

    Event Match 28: Sinking the Titanic
    Play as: Ike
    Enemy: Tiny (Titan Form, Giant)
    Allies: Marth, Link
    Stage: Castle Siege
    Description: This titan serves noone, slay the beast before he burns the castle down to ashes!
    Unlocks: Titan Tiny Trophy
    Special Conditions: Win before the stage goes to the final phase, Cortex isn't present to burden Titan Tiny.

    Event Match 32: Gargantuans
    Play as: Bowser (Giant)
    Enemies: Charizard (Giant), Tiny (Titan Form, Giant), Yoshi (Giant) (FFA)
    Stage: 75m stage
    Description: Prove yourself as the greatest monster of them all and rule the construction site!
    Unlocks: 75m stage (This replaces the old method of 15 Vs. matches as DK)
    Special Conditions: This is a throw back to event match 25 in SSBM. There's a tiny Mario and Peach on the stage, and KOing them will restore 20% health to you as you "eat" them. Other then that, this is a normal monster FFA. After defeating all the enemies, the sprite version of DK will vanish from the background, and a giant DK will spawn with 2 stock.

    Event Match 35: Cowardly Cortex
    Play as: Cortex (Alone)
    Enemies: Random
    Ally: Tiny (Titan Form, No Cortex)
    Stage: Warp Room
    Description: Cortex defeating enemies himself? Ridiculous! Make use of Cortex's minions to dispose of your enemies!
    Unlocks: Warp Room Stage
    Special Conditions: You play as Cortex without a controllable version of Tiny, but there's a level 9 AI Tiny in Titan form to assist you, not burdened by an unconcious Cortex to protect. The enemies cycle through the whole cast randomly, and they never stop coming, them not being weakened at all. The bosses of the stage don't affect you, them being your allies, and Tiny has infinite lives. However, 2 enemies will always be out at a time, trying to take you down. To win, you must survive until the stage does a complete loop, which takes an exceptionally long time, making this one of the hardest event matches, you having to make use of Tiny and your other minions on the stage to protect you. Smash Balls are off for this event match so you can't make another Tiny.

    Event Match 38: Monkey over Mutant
    Play as: Donkey Kong
    Enemies: Slime Diddy Kongs, N. Brio (Donkey Kong alt costume)
    Stage: Warp Room (N. Brio's arena)
    Description: You call that evolution? Prove that the original is superior!
    Unlocks: N. Brio alt costume for Donkey Kong (A model for him his been made, why not make more use of it? His name is different when he wins and he has a separate voice actor, but is otherwise identical, although his final smash makes him beat his chest to make shockwaves instead of making music on bongos, the music playing for it that you have to tap A to being his boss theme.)
    Special Conditions: At the start of the battle, N. Brio will just be throwing around potions like usual, there being no real "enemies". The potions will proceed to turn into slime as usual, the stage going through it's usual cycle. However; each potion will generate three slimes instead of one, and the slimes will form into three seperate entities instead of a single one. You'll have to dispose of three slime Diddy Kongs before moving on to fight the giant N. Brio, who has your moveset. You still only have one stock for this, making this quite hard, although you can make it easier on yourself by destroying the slimes to make the Diddy Kongs weaker and taking advantage of the fact that they and N. Brio can't make use of items.

    Co-op Event Match 16: Teamwork Test
    Play as: Cortex (Alone), Tiny (Titan Form)
    Enemy: Cortex and Tiny (N. Gin and Crunch alt color)
    Stage: Warp Room
    Description: A new pair wants to steal your fighting style! Prove that you're the original dastardly duo!
    Special Conditions: Neither of the two players can die here, both must survive to claim victory. The enemy has two stock. Smash balls are once again turned off for the same reason as the Cowardly Cortex event match.


    Dr. Neo Cortex: Cortex is the cause of all of Crash's trouble, and in more ways then just his evil plots, as he was actually Crash's creator. Cortex would like you to think that he's an evil lord, but in reality he serves a great spirit named Uka Uka, who is always ready to give him a boat load of insults. Cortex has quite the bumbling evil nature which has gotten some fans over the years, being nearly as iconic as Crash himself. (Crash Bandicoot, Crash Twinsanity)

    Tiny Tiger: Tiny is one of Cortex's favorite creations, having used him in more attempts to crush Crash then any of his other mutated minions. While Tiny's body upper torso greatly goes against his name, his small legs and brain perfectly match his title. Tiny has an undying loyalty to Cortex, although this is mainly due to not being able to think for himself. Tiny's quite popular and is of the most recurring characters in the series. (Crash Bandicoot 2, Crash Bandicoot Warped)

    Tiger King of Lions (Cortex's and Tiny's final smash trophy obtained by clearing All Star. The trophy shows Tiny releasing lions into the arena to devour Mario and Sonic while Cortex reclines in his throne above him.): This place was once an arena used by the Romans where gladiators fought for the entertainment of the people. Cortex decided this would be the perfect place to eliminate Crash Bandicoot, and used N. Tropy's time twister to arrive here and had Tiny fight him for his amusement. The tiger rules over the lions here, despite it being the opposite way in the jungle. (Crash Bandicoot Warped, Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

    Titan Tiny: Tiny fought as Cortex's gladiator champion in rome in his second attempt to defeat Crash Bandicoot. In this form he gets a trident to use against his enemies, as if his gigantic arms wern't already enough. Tiny has full command over the arena, bringing out lions to devour any slave gladiators at will. Anyone hoping to escape from the arena or even live through a single round will have to go through this titanic tiger. (Crash Bandicoot Warped, Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

    Pinstripe Potoroo: Pinstripe is one of Cortex's more intelligent creations, second only to Dingodile. Pinstripe follows in the footsteps of the greatest of gangsters, having a suit, an italian accent, and a fully loaded tommy gun. In Crash Bandicoot, Crash had to rescue his girlfriend, Tawna, from Cortex. Mysteriously, Tawna was never seen again after this, but it was later revealed she dumped Crash for Pinstripe. (Crash Bandicoot, Crash Team Racing)

    Warp Room: This is the original warp room which was made by Cortex to send his troops through to find the crystals. Cortex claimed to of changed to be good to get Crash to his side to help him retrieve the crystals, making use of the warp room. Crash, being as dume as he is, followed Cortex without question, but Cortex was unable to keep Crash isolated for long, his sister Coco and the traitor N. Brio setting him right. (Crash Bandicoot 2, Super Smash Bros Brawl.)

    Aku Aku Crate: Aku Aku was trapped in a crate for centuries, so it's only naturally he'd serve the first person who finally broke him free, who happened to be Crash Bandicoot. Aku Aku does little in offense for his master, but he will protect him from a hit, sacrificing himself for him. Aku Aku is rather frail, but he can be upgraded by finding additional crates where his energy is stored to the point enemies will run in fear from him. (Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot Warped)

    Ripper Roo: Ripper Roo was Cortex's first creation, having turned out insane and having trouble following his orders. After his initial defeat, Ripper Roo apparantely gained some intelligence, reading large amounts of literature, but a good explsosion was still able to turn him back to his old hopping mad self. Cortex doesn't particularly want to keep the loony roo around, but his experience with explsoives makes him indispensable. (Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 2)

    Dingodile: Dingodile's quite the cold character, considering incinerating a cute penguin with his bazooka amusing. While Dingodile was created by the merge of a crocodile and a dingo, the dingo half seems much more dominant, Dingodile possessing an australian accent to reflect the australian dingo. Dingodile is the most intelligent of the mutants made by Cortex, having an intellect that rivals the doctors whom created him. (Crash Bandicoot Warped, Crash Twinsanity)

    Dr. Nefarious Tropy: N. Tropy is a master of time, having powerful manipulation over it. Uka Uka was angered at Cortex's failures to retrieve the crystals, summoning N. Tropy to create a time machine to go back to get the crystals in their times of origin. Uka Uka holds some respect for N. Tropy, having intended to rule the world with him at his side before, him being the only recurring character besides Cortex to of been a final boss. (Crash Bandicoot Warped, Crash Banidcoot: N Tranced)

    Dr. N. Gin: N. Gin had a terrible accident that caused a missle to get stuck into his head, it going off whenever he gets mad. Cortex took him in and saved his life by turning him into a cyborg, and ever since N. Gin has had an undying loyalty to him, being Cortex's closest associate. N. Gin has very awkward interests that are rather humorously feminine, but his mechs are some of the toughest battles Crash has to endure. (Crash Bandicoot 2, Crash Bandicoot Warped)

    Dr. Nitrus Brio: N. Brio was Cortex's original partner, and he's the genius behind the evolvo-ray which ultimately lead to create Crash and the rest of Cortex's minions. N. Brio isn't fond of Cortex's evil ways or a fan of his character, and seeks to dispose of him in Crash Bandicoot 2 by getting Crash to gather the gems for him to power a weapon to destroy Cortex. In Crash Bash, he was forced to work with Cortex again by Uka Uka. (Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 2)

    Nitros Oxide: Oxide's his name, "survival of the fastest" is his game. Oxide goes around to various planets challenging their world champion, enslaving all which cannot prove themselves fast enough by besting him in a race. He caused Crash's and Cortex's gangs to race each other for the right to challenge Oxide, causing lots of chaos. Oxide's the only recurring character in the series to be a final boss twice besides Cortex. (Crash Team Racing, Crash Bash)

    Crash Bandicoot: A stupid orange marsupial, Crash was originally created by Cortex to serve him. However; Crash ended up being the bane of Cortex, single handedly stopping his plans. Ever since, Crash has continued to fight Cortex without even knowing it half the time, being a hero who's quite uncaring about his status as one. Crash's signature ability is spinning around at fast speeds into a tornado, and he's quite the icon. (Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot Warped)

    Coco Bandicoot: Coco is Crash's brainy sister, being a wizard at technology, able to match Cortex's right hand man, N. Gin. Despite her preferring to focus on her brain rather then physical activites, Coco's still able to fight, bringing a kung fu style of fighting to the table. Considering how stupid her older brother is, she's certainly lucky to have this bandicoot by his side. Coco is one of few to regularly be playable in the series. (Crash Bandicoot 2, Crash Bandicoot Warped)

    Crunch Bandicoot: Crunch was created by Cortex as a "Secret weapon" to stop Crash once and for all. Crunch was disloyal to Cortex, the mad doctor having to brainwash him to serve him. After defeating Cortex, Crash frees Crunch from his mind control, and he now resides in the bandicoot home, being Crash's "big brother". Crunch sometimes calls himself "Mr. Crunch", sporting a famaliar mohawk and clothing... (Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex, Crash Tag Team Racing)

    Polar: This adorable little polar bear cub helped Crash to find crystals, and on a few occassions helped him escape from his angry mother bear. Despite not being mutated by Cortex's evolvo-ray to gain extra intelligence, Polar is able to drive a kart like the other more human characters, making one wonder if Polar is hiding his intelligence. Polar isn't -too- bright though, as he's been hypnotized by N. Trance to join him before. (Crash Bandicoot 2, Crash Team Racing)

    Pura: This tiger cub escaped being mutated by Cortex's evolvo-ray, still being a normal animal, unlike Tiny Tiger who perhaps resembling Pura before his transformation. Pura helped Coco find the crystals on the great wall of China, although perhaps going too fast for her at times. Pura can drive a kart quickly in addition to his quick running, it being possible that he recieved minor mutation for intelligence somehow from Cortex. (Crash Bandicoot Warped, Crash Team Racing)

    Nina Cortex: Cortex claims Nina is his niece, but the true relationship between the two is unknown. Nina looked as if she were going to originally going to have a soft heard, but Cortex couldn't stand for this and sent her off to the academy of evil to follow in his foot steps. Coming out of the academy with an evil transformation, she gained favor with Uka Uka, him having her take over Cortex's job once due to his many failures. (Crash Twinsanity, Crash of the Titans)

    N. Trance: N. Trance is a master of hypnotism, and resembles an egg in form. After Uka Uka fired Cortex and only left N. Tropy at his side, N. Tropy brought in his old friend, N. Trance, to help assist in destroying the bandicoots. N. Trance hypnotized Coco and Crunch to join their side, but failed to get Crash. After his failure, N. Trance went off to be a leader of his own evil team, hypnotizing Dingodile, Polar, and Pura to join him. (Crash Bandicoot: N Tranced, Crash Nitro Kart)

    Papu Papu: Papu Papu is one of the few enemies of Crash who isn't actually evil, and is the first tough fight he ever encountered. Papu Papu only wants to skewer Crash to feed his tribe, although it's possible he might want to devour the bandicoot himself, considering what a glutton he is. Papu Papu has more recently putten his weight to good use, being a infamous professional wrestler with several moves which had to be banned. (Crash Bandicoot, Crash Team Racing)

    Komodo Brothers: Together, Joe and Moe are the Komodo Brothers, having a combination of bulk and brain to dispose of their enemies with. The pair mainly go by the way of the blade, but sometimes use their reptilian abilities. Joe is very cunning and sly, being a good kart racer, although Moe apparantely couldn't figure out the controls, not appearing alongside his brother again until they were bosses in Crash Bash. (Crash Bandicoot 2, Crash Bash)

    Koala Kong: Koala Kong is a prototype of Tiny, being one of Cortex's earliest creations. Cortex put too many of Koala Kong's cells into the muscles and too few for the brain, resulting in his creation. Koala Kong is interested in proving himself by weight lifting and smashing bandicoots. Once Cortex made Tiny, he had little use for Koala Kong, preferring Tiny, but had to make use of Koala when Tiny betrayed Cortex. (Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bash)

    Aku Aku: Crash first found Aku Aku trapped in a crate, after which he hastily broke him out and saved him. Ever since, Aku Aku has repayed that debt to Crash by fighting alongside him. Due to Crash's stupidity, Aku Aku has to act as his represenative, doing the talking for him. While he's not fond of Crash's stupidity, he knows that Crash is the only one who can defeat his evil twin brother, Uka Uka, and thus has never left his side. (Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot Warped)

    Uka Uka: Aku Aku's evil twin brother is Cortex's master. Uka Uka originally gave Cortex instruction from his prison, Cortex hiding the fact he served anyone, but Uka Uka eventually broke free and revealed himself to Cortex's minions and the Bandicoots. Uka Uka has little tolerance for failure, and thus has a grudge against Cortex. Uka Uka only picks the most competent and evil people to do his bidding, having high standards. (Crash Bandicoot Warped, Crash Twinsanity)

    Power Crystal: The crystals wern't discovered until Crash Bandicoot 2, in which Cortex and his right hand, N. Gin, decide that they'd make an excellent power source for the Cortex Vortex. The crystals are scattered about throughout the world, but are distinctive throughout it with their vivid appearance. Cortex later attemptd to get the crystals by nabbing them when they were initially created through time travel alongside N. Tropy. (Crash Bandicoot 2, Crash Bandicoot Warped)

    Power Gem: Crash and Cortex have known of the gems since the beginning of their everlasting battle, unlike the crystals. These gems are obtained when all the crates in an area are destroyed, being no easy feat. The gems are harder to find then the crystals, causing Cortex to focus on saidcrystals over the gems. N. Brio has Crash seek out gems instead of crystals after betraying Cortex to power his own machine to defeat Cortex. (Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot Warped)

    Relic: Relics are ancient, as their name implies, although they're still apparantely well enough preserved to last into the present and even the distant future. One can obtain a relic by racing through time at extrordinary speeds that not even N. Tropy, the master of time, could hope to match. There are three levels of relics, sapphire, gold, and platinum. Amateurs can eventually obtain sapphire, but only the best will get platinum. (Crash Bandicoot Warped, Crash Team Racing)

    Tiny Tiger (Crash of the Titans): In Crash of the titans, the main characters of the series got big resdesigns (Due to a new company working on it), Tiny going through the biggest changes. In this form, he's far more intelligent and less hostile to Crash, baring zero resemblance to his former self in appearance or personality. This Tiny resembles Mike Tyson with his awkwardly high pitched voice, contrasting his big body just like his name does. (Crash of the Titans (PS2), Crash of the Titans (DS))
  22. Chris Lionheart

    Chris Lionheart
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    Apr 6, 2008
    Make Your Move
    I benched that blog after noticing that the reviewers were actually putting their reviews up on wordpress... it took me some time to figure out where.

    Oddly, even though I deleted that blog entry, it hasn't gone away.

    Holy ****ing hell!!!!

    Cortex and Tiny is even bigger than I remember it. I don't want to be the guy in charge of reviewing that... thing.

    And I was just about to post the Kelsey moveset to... well that changes my plans.
  23. Hyper_Ridley

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    Dec 21, 2007
    Hippo Island
    Cortex and Tiny was just as epic as Eggman.

    Having said that, I still have a hard time following titan tiny. You say that he doesn't have his own move set, but then the next move after that immediatley has a Titan Tiny neutral special. Explenation plz.

    @Chris Lionheart: You think that's bad? I fooloshly made this the candidate of my first review ever!
  24. kitsuneko345

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    Dec 20, 2007
    *sending Sundance lots of apple pies on Pi Day, as
    Not going to review that for you, even if you need a second opinion on him. So... Much... Brightness... and... Detail... Nazism....
  25. hyperhopper

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    Nov 5, 2008
    oh wow! i need 3 movesets to vote!!!!!

    And i only planned on poor little roomba.

    hell always be my pet smasher
  26. Sonic the Baron

    Sonic the Baron
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    Oct 28, 2007
    An internet gaming service powered by condensation
    YouTube Toilet says, "YOU MUST DIE!!"


    Power: 6
    Walking Speed: 4
    Dashing Speed: 5
    Range: 6
    Projectile Distance: 10
    Drop Speed: 9
    Weight: 9
    Size: 6
    First Jump: 3
    Second Jump: 4
    Aerial Movement: 5
    Crouch: 3
    Traction: 7
    Combo: 7
    Wall Jump: N
    Wall Cling: N
    Crawling: N
    Glide: Y
    Tether recovery: Y
    Jump #: 2

    Note: For each of YTT’s attacks, he shouts the name. The exception is his Final Smash.

    Standards and Tilts

    A – “PINGAS!”: With no startin lag, YTT thrusts his bowl forward. Contact with the bowl will cause 2% damage and very little knockback. However, this move can create an inifinite combo, since no one can escape the PINGAS!

    Side Tilt – “THIS. IS. SPARTA!”: YTT leans back slightly and extends his right leg straight out with a half-second of lag. If someone is hit by the Spartan Kick, they will suffer 4% damage and mild knockback.

    Up Tilt – “Smoking’s bad for you.”: YTT holds up a cigarette in his left hand and flicks it upwards, very slightly moving in the direction he’s facing. Victims of the cigarette’s burn will suffer 3% damage and nearly non-existent knockback. This move has no lag.

    Down Tilt – “…Scrub all the floors in Hyrule…”: YTT crouches on the ground, scrubs the floor for a split second, and stand back up. If someone is retarded enough to walk across the space YTT scrubbed, they will trip and suffer 4% damage. The scrubbed area returns to normal either after being tripped on or after 8 seconds. Starting lag and ending lag are both 1 second each.

    Dash A – “My ship sails in the morning.”: A small boat just big enough to carry YTT appears under his feet and starts sailing across the screen. If touched, the boat will cause 6% damage and moderate knockback. The boat only appears for a second. After the boat disappears, YTT will regain his footing during a second of lag.

    Smash Attacks

    Side Smash – “It’s a football!”: YTT pulls out the football Mama Luigi chiseled for the last contest, charges up for a second, and throws it forward. Contact with the football with cause 12% damage and moderate knockback. The football soars for about twice Bowser’s width before landing.

    Up Smash – “Bombs? You want it?”: YTT pulls out a bomb and chucks it straight upwards during a the course of a second and a half.. If you come into contact with the bomb, it will cause an explosion the size of Pichu and cause 12% damage and mild knockback.

    Down Smash – “WHY NOOOOOOT?!!”: YTT throws a tantrum and hops an inch above the ground. When he lands, after a quarter of a second in the air, it creates a small fissure around him that causes 14% damage but low knockback. After another half-second, the fissure disappears and YTT can move again.

    Air Attacks

    Neutral Air – “You can have MY BIG GAY DANCE!”: YTT starts performing King Dedede’s famous Big Gay Dance, which lasts for two seconds. Contact with YTT during this time will cause 9%, low knockback, and a 0.0000000001% chance of homosexuality. This move contains no noticable lag.

    Forward Air – “Shut up!” (Sonic X): YTT simply shouts the attack’s quote, which causes 6% damage and moderate knockback to those directly in front of him. This move has a half-second of ending lag.

    Back Air – “Sonic….BOOM!”: YTT pulls his arms backwards, and releases a blast similar to Guile’s Sonic Boom attack from Street Fighter: The Animated Series after a second. Those behind him during the charging period suffer only 3% damage and low knockback, while those in the path of the fully-charged Sonic Boom suffer 8% damage and above average knockback. This move has a second of ending lag.

    Up Air – “Look! BIRDS!”: YTT points his left arm directly ahead of him, his index finger pointing out, and somehow releases a 3 birds from nowhere. The birds cause 2% damage and very low knockback, but can push off the screen if you get in their path. The move has starting and ending lag of a full second each.

    Down Air – “Lamp oil? ...You want it?”: YTT drops a lighted lamp, full of oil, directly down from him. When the lamp lands, it causes an explosion, once again the size of Pichu. The explosion causes 4% damage and moderate knockback. This move contains no lag.

    Grab and Throws

    Grab – “Ropes? …You want it?”: YTT swings a lasso over his head. If the lasso contacts another player, they will pulled into YTT’s bowl. If the rope misses, it causes a lag of a full second. This can be used as a tether recovery.

    Grab A – “This is delicious!”: YTT simply chews the victim in his bowl once, which lasts half a second. The victim takes 3% damage.

    Forward Throw – “No, Blanca, not the head bite!”: The victim’s head escapes, only to be chewed on by YTT. YTT spits the victim out after a half-second-long chew. This move causes 6% damage and moderate knockback.

    Back Throw – “I wonder what’s for DINNER.”: YTT swallows his victim, turns around, and gags them back up. The victim suffers 7% damage and moderate damage. This happens over the course of two seconds.

    Up Throw – “SHUT UP, TAILS!” (Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie): The victim starts whining, and YTT is not amused. YTT spits the victim straight up and shouts the attack’s namesake. The victim takes 4% damage and mild knockback.

    Down Throw – “GET IN MAH BELLAY!”: YTT swallows the victim, then burps said victim back up. The victim flies lands right on the ground and cannot move for a half-second. This move deals 5% but very little knockback. Tjis move contains a second-long starting lag.

    Special Moves

    B – “Banana cream pie?”: YTT pulls out a banana cream pie and holds it in his left hand. He then launches it forwards and slightly upwards. The banana cream pie causes 6% but no knockback, though the victim is stopped their tracks. The banana cream pie will soar for a second if untouched before falling. Walking over the landed banana cream pie will cause tripping. This moves contains starting lag of a second and ending lag of half a second.

    Side B – “This is illegal, you know.”: YTT holds a giant stamp in his right hand, and swings it in front him. Anyone who touches the stamp will not only be dealt 4% damage (without knockback), but lose the power to use their last special move used for 10 seconds. During these 10 seconds, YTT will not be able to perform this move, with him only shrugging. This move contains starting lag of half a second and ending lag of one full second.

    Up B – “Squadala, we’re off!”: A magic carpet appears under YTT’s feet. YTT will assume a meditation-like pose, while the carpet performs a loop. This attack does no damage or knockback, but can be used as a recovery, and allows YTT to glide. This move contains no lag.

    Down B – “Butt dance”: YTT starts performing Homestar Runner’s butt dance; He turns around, bends down, and starts shaking his butt to a non-existent beat. Any projectiles that come his way during this attack will screech to a halt, and turn around, moving at double the speed. This move contains no starting lag, but a half-second of ending lag.

    Final Smash – “WTFBOOM!”: A bomb appears on YTT’s body. He looks down, notices it, and screams “WHAT THE FU—“ as the bomb explodes. The explosion takes up the same amount of space as that of the Smart Bomb. Those caught in the explosion will suffer massive damage for 3 seconds, ending up at over 100 or even 200%. The knockback is also above average. However, YTT takes 20% damage, making this a somewhat risky move. This move has a starting lag of 3 seconds.


    Up: “Where’s there’s smoke, they pinch back.”
    Side: “How about a kiss, for luck?”
    Down: “I hope she made lotsa spaghetti!”

    Victories and Loss:
    1: YTT is sleeping in his bed, when his phone rings. He answers it and mumbles, “Hello?” The usual fanfare starts playing.
    2: "Yes! Yes!"
    3: YTT flies in on a magic carpet and shouts, “I won!”
    Loss: YTT appears as a book on the ground.

    Entrance: The YouTube Poop logo splatters on a point on the screen. YTT climbs out, wiping poop off himself.

    Crowd chant: “PINGAS! PINGAS! PUSHY!”

    Wiimote Sound:
    “SnooPING AS usual, I see.”


  27. Hyper_Ridley

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    Dec 21, 2007
    Hippo Island
    I'm gonna need a picture before I can really read YTT, but I have to say that it's hilarious so far.
  28. Chief Mendez

    Chief Mendez
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    Mar 25, 2007
    @kit345: I think you'd be better off dropping the scores. Even making them "hidden" isn't recommended, since eventually somebody will find out, and then word will spread. It's not hard to do score-less reviews. If you just took out the numbers from your current reviews, it'd look perfect.

    @HR: It depends. If all you need is a quick Oekaki or something, I could swing Kirby Hats. But if you're looking for a Mega Man-quality hat (which by the way is not mine), then I can't help you, since that would take me a good hour or so to do.

    @Warlord: Why is 90% of this page filled with unreadable text? :p
  29. MasterWarlord

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    Not in the target audience demographic
    What I mean by saying you can't play as Tiny Alone is that if the moves automatically split them up, you play as Cortex. Tiny doesn't really have "his own moveset", as Tiny Alone is basically a clone of the pair together. Differences are explained for the majority of moves, or occassionally the move is entirely unique to Tiny alone.

    Oh trust me. . .This needs no review. This is Dracula. . .Hahahahhahaahahahhahahahaah. . .
  30. Hyper_Ridley

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    Dec 21, 2007
    Hippo Island
    That's what I THOUGHT it meant, but I was thrown off by him doing things like shooting a hairball for Cortex shooting his gun. But it makes a lot more sense now, thanks.

    Later tonight I'll start a more in-depth reading for the review. LULZ, I just had to pick "Super Text Galaxy" for my first one.
  31. Chris Lionheart

    Chris Lionheart
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    Apr 6, 2008
    Make Your Move
    Wrong... that makes Dracula look like WAMY's Fierce Diety Link.

    Cortex and Tiny is the definition of hell.
  32. hyperhopper

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    Nov 5, 2008



    everybody loves this little critter.

    when he decides to get out of his roomba house/charger he is a mean brawler with a unique ability- He cannot trip! also slippery floors have no affect on him, due to his nature meant for those areas. also, this is not your everyday roomba, it is modded and sometimes when it needs to hold things, robotic hands pop out of the top.


    When roomba falls, he cannot use a get up attack, but instead, has extra invincibility frames which are just enough to allow you to get up and then use 1 attack or flee the scene. also, his hands are these
    and wheels are

    note: they are actual parts found in any household roomba


    Size: 1/10 one of his greatest assets, he is small about the size of kirby when looked at from above but only the height of 1.3 pikmin

    Weight[/COLOR]: 3/10

    Walking Speed: 4/10 not too good not too bad- i guess on par with luigi

    Running Speed: 9/10 he turn onto his side and rolls like a coin.

    Traction: 10/10 Due to his nature, this is what he was designed for...

    Attack Speed: 6.5/10

    priority: 7/10

    Fall Speed: 3/10 a little lighter than kirby

    Crouch: No

    Crawl: No.

    Wall Jump: no

    Wall Cling: yes


    Gliding: no

    note, any hands,parts,gun of his are hittable and have a hitbox

    Jump 1: gets on its back end and kind of hops once before jumping. significant starting lag but HIGH jump (he has rubber bumpers!)
    Jump 2: spins in the air. decent size
    Shield: gets up "on end" as when running and holds it docking station in front of it.
    Rolling: moves regularly, but appears to "wobble"
    Tripping: N/A
    Sleeping: power light goes off.
    Dizzy: does the infamous circle dance--- rotates in place, hitbox not moving at all, just the graphics


    A: gets up on end and twirls like a spinning penny. If a is held, he continues to spin. Hit a again to go cause AA to occur.
    2-3% per hit

    AA: Stop spinning and front end flops down.

    AAA: spins and whirls, like a Frisbee) around for 7/10 the length of luigis d+b 3-5% per hit, and 1.4 times the knockback of luigis final D+B hit.

    dash attack
    : spins as a spinning coin while moving, leaves behind some water from his tank that last for a short time (time of a blinking item) before evaporating

    : his robohands /cleaners (look like this)
    rise above him and clap together

    Stilt:throws his hands out to his side, (think dk donwsmash). if it hits they have downwards knockback

    Dtilt: wheels
    go to either side, spin, then retract. like 2 of Ness' yoyo's


    Usmash: hands rise above him and spin. Very strong upwards knckback and 10-17% damage

    Fsmash: shoots crumbs out of its backside, 10% medium knockback. crumbs stay on ground, cause tripping ALA diddy's bananas

    Dsmash: hands go to either side and his whole body spins like a frisbee on the ground. 17-20% side knockback.


    Paintball gun
    this nice thing comes out of rear bumper and shoots.
    scaled down superscope (minus charging) less stun, less damage, less, knockback and no charge ability.
    Each time an opponent is hit, a paintball sticks to them, and staying on an opponent for as long as diddy's bananas stay on the ground . However, each paintball on them (up to 10) slows down their moving and attack speed.

    Notes: always try to keep them plastered with these. Be liberal and shoot to discourage rash approaches.

    Side B
    roomba gets on his side, and from his bottom (facing the direction of the control stick) his inner workings come out. acts like pit's side+b, and also reflects projectiles

    Up B
    the helicopter
    Roomba's hands go up above him and spin, making him almost like a mini helicopter. this propels him upwards with a ability to steer to the right or left. The height that this move can gain is that of diddy's backpack fully charged. the spinning hands do damage at a rate equal to luigis D+B, and pull enemies into its hitbox. when used on ground no horizontal distance is gained, but vertical movement speed is increased.

    Notes: nice approach on land due to quick moving speed and high priority. Don't use in the air if there is a chance it will miss, as this will leave a HUGE opening at your vulnerable bottom.

    Down B
    fire hydrant
    when this move is used, water squirts out of his side and the area around him *(2 stage builder blocks to each side)* become wet and slippery like an ice block. only 2 areas can be iced at once. Ice lasts as long as diddy's bananas.

    Notes: spam this. you arent affected. they are. so spam it!


    Fair: squirts water from front going foward. no knockback but 6-9%

    Bair: use reverse vacuum function blow anything in the area behind it far away. no damage.

    Uair: hands grab anybody above it and spikes them downward. spiked downward. large ending lag. 15%

    Dair: shoots crumbs downward. can be used once per jump. pushes roomba up as if it were rob's Dair. crumbs stay on ground and cause tripping.

    Nair spins around for 1-2% repeating as long as a is held

    cleaning craze!
    virtual walls [​IMG]
    get placed on either side of the stage and many mini roombas and scoobas rush back and forth, damaging all on the ground. the floor gets completely covered in crumbs and when roomba is between the virtual walls he is twice as fast and strong
    (towers are tiny, but project a red light above them that cannot be passed. since they are on the edge, andybody hanging on the ledge when the smash startes is spiked ala luigis taunt kick.


    kirby wears

    where he would wear a franklin badge.



    rushes across stage 2 or 3 times, and trips anybody it touches.

    on last run it is vulnerable but leaves washing solution (causes tripping) behind.
    has stamina twice that of staffy
  33. hyperhopper

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    Nov 5, 2008
    DO not review yet!!!!!!!


  34. Hyper_Ridley

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    Dec 21, 2007
    Hippo Island
    That should be fine. I'm only want these becuase Warlord loved the Grievous hat, and I think Black Doom's is just as hilarious.

    Grievous hat is of course in the move set, and I'll send you a PM in a little bit with the hats of Nack, The Raptors, and Black Doom.
  35. Sonic the Baron

    Sonic the Baron
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    Oct 28, 2007
    An internet gaming service powered by condensation
    Added an image of YTT. Any comments whatsoever are welcome.
  36. Agi

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    Jul 27, 2008
    SE Washington
    To measure how long Cortex & Tiny was, I moved to the Wii's Internet Channel, zoomed out all the way, and scrolled down at the maximum speed...

    It took ten seconds. *readies first-place slot in CSS*
  37. SonicBoom2

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    Oct 12, 2008
    Megaman.EXE’s number one rival has slashed his way into the fray!


    This Protoman hailing from the Battle Network Series, has always been both a friend and rival, but even as a rival, he will help. He is known to be one of the hardest Navi’s to face in the game. Despite the original Proto Man using a blaster, this one uses a wide array of sword attacks!

    Protoman.EXE’s operater, Chaud Blaze, once trained 10 hours a day for years. Because of this, both he and Protoman have fast reflexes, and can always think ahead.

    Though both himself and his operator can act severely strict and cold hearted, they both become more social when meeting Megaman.EXE and his operator Lan, over time.


    Damage Dealing = 8 (Combo ability is decent, and most of his attacks deal good damage)
    KO Power = 7 (Most of his KO attacks are either short in range or easily seen coming, but overall, powerful)
    Weight = 5 (He’s digital!)
    Speed = 7 (Fast attacker, but not THE fastest attacker, but enough to get the opponent DELETED)
    Walking/Running = 7 (Good in both, very fast either way)
    Range = 8 (Disjointed hitboxes on most attacks make the Navi)
    Recovery = 4 (Offstage is not Protoman’s calling. Difficult aerials and an easily gimpable recovery destroy Protoman’s ability to get back onstage)
    Jump = 8 (good first jump, good second jump, and has wall jump)
    Traction = 10 (10 hours of training a day = quick reflexes)

    Extra Assets:
    Wall Jump: Yes
    Wall Cling: No
    Crawl: No
    Swim: Yes
    Glide: No​

    Main Pros and Cons

    •Overall fast attacks on the ground.
    •High Priority on main damage-rackers.
    •Great ground game.
    •Has a counter.
    •Good range due to sword.

    •Predictable Finishers and slightly limited in options
    •No projectile
    •Fairly tall
    •Light for his size(A little heavier than Marth)
    •Aerials can be powerful, but most are hard to use.

    Special Moveset

    Standard Special:
    Varial Sword (5%-15%):
    An attack that can be charged by pressing B repeatedly once, twice, or thrice.

    If pressed once:
    Short Sword: (5%)
    Protoman will unleash a quick, but low knockback attack mainly used for slight spacing and a combo starter to another attack. This attack has low range compared to his other attacks.
    Good spacing means easy KO. Despite this attack being weak, it has high sheild breaking properties. Abuse this effect.

    If pressed twice:
    Long Sword: (15%)
    Protoman will take a step forward and slash with a sword twice his character length. Slow start-up, but great knockback.
    Great if you need to cancel out dashes and grounded approaches. The versatility in this attack is incredible if used correctly.

    If pressed three times in succession or more:
    Wide Sword: (11%)
    Protoman will slash with a wide attack, hitting even characters slightly above and below him. Overall average knockback. Verticle range is slightly farther than ShortSword. Horizontal range is slightly higher and Marth’s Ftilt. It puts up a shield between you and the opponent, making this worthwhile. Also destroys short hopped approaches.

    Forward Special:
    Samurai Sword: (14%)
    Protoman dashes forward (about 1/3 of Final Destination, he will stop at edges if used on the ground, although if used in the air, Protoman will continue on until reaching the climax of the dash, or if he hits someone, and fall into Helpless Mode) and slashes behind, in front, and above him. Protoman will slash below him if used in the air. Range is about the size of ShortSword. Medium Knockback. Can be cancelled in the air (You have about 5 frames to do so).
    A great approach option, as it attacks even those in the air and behind him.
    This attack is easily seen coming under quiet circumstances, as Protoman will say "Hmph!" before the initial dash.

    Upwards Special:
    Step Sword: (9%)
    Protoman will charge up for a second (during this one second, you can push the control stick in a direction to decide where Protoman will move to) and then run towards the direction inputed. He will dash as far as Samurai Sword. At the end of the dash, Protoman will slash forward, dealing 9 damage and high knockback. Does not have the 16 directions that Fox, Wolf, and Falco can choose from. Medium range.
    An attack only used for recovering, and is only decent at best. The swipe at the end of the dash should swat away any edgeguarders, but most will be able to read you if you try to attack them with it.

    Downwards Special:
    Guard: (10%)
    Unlike most counter attacks, this one must be charged. The guard will only work when fully charged (3 seconds).
    When finished charging, Protoman will start to flash red. When Special Down is pressed again, Protoman will set up a shield. When attacked, Protoman will quickly step behind the attacker, and slash forward, it will stun the opponent in its place. Protoman will then step back to the place when it was before. The opponent will be invincible and stunned until Protoman gets to the original area from which he came.
    It stops you and your opponent in place, so it feels like a new sleight,but overuse may lead to predictability

    Grounded Attacks

    Neutral Jab:
    Switch Blade (3%, 4%, 4%)
    Protoman will first slash upwards, then downwards, and then he will step forward and slash in a similar fashion to Ike's Ftilt. Good range on all slashes.
    Easily jab-cancelled after the second slash, this attack is good if you are running out of options. Initial hit starts on frame 2.

    Forward Tilt:
    Stab Rush: (7% + 3%)
    If pressed once, Protoman will lunge forward then retract back, stunning the opponent in their place for a few frames. If pressed again short after the initial lunge, Protoman will step forward and push the opponent away. Slight knockback on second hit only. Nearly no start up or ending lag. Good range on both hits, with the first being slightly better, but it won't matter as Protoman takes one step forward on the second push.
    Easily Protoman's best tilt, this tilt does quick damage and the second hit gives you breathing room for another follow up.

    Downwards Tilt:
    Foot Swipe: (5%)
    One of the few attacks that are not sword-related, Protoman will simply drop-kick the opponent. Somewhat laggy ending, and may trip foes. Medium range, half of what Fire Sword is.
    Despite the laggy ending, you should be able to follow up with a forward tilt. Master this attack, if you can use this in the right situation, you can easily rack up good damage on your opponent(s).

    Upwards Tilt:
    Crescent Clash: (3%)
    Facing up, Protoman slashes upwards in a crescent motion. Very Low Knockback, High Range. Can combo into another Upwards Tilt.

    Forward Smash:
    Fire Sword: (15%)
    Looking angered, Protoman takes one step and fiercly slashes forward. If fully charged, anyone hit by the attack will have a burn effect, dealing 2 damage per second over a time of 3 seconds. High knockback, Laggy start up. Has the best horizontal range out of all of Protoman's ground attacks, slightly more than two character lengths.
    Incredible range on this attack. Landing this attack usually means your opponent off the edge. All opponents should be wary of this, as you won't use it much, only in the best situations.

    Downwards Smash:
    Wind Sword: (9%)
    Protoman will spin around with his sword angled downwards. Has a great wind push effect if you are a character space away from the sword, and didn't get hit by it. High knockback, laggy start up. Medium range, compared to his other large ranged attacks.
    Punish badly placed rolls with this attack. The wind push is handy if a foe is walking forward to you.

    Upwards Smash:
    Lance: (15%)
    Protoman will stab his sword downwards, unleashing a huge branch that comes up from behind him, inflicting damage and knockback to anyone it touches. High knockback, like the rest of his smashes, also a somewhat laggy start up. Incredible range, think of Cold Stab but upwards and a little shorter.
    Protoman's main way to get rid of aerial fighters. With great range and good knockback, this can set up for an Upwards Aerial.

    Dash Attack:
    Sword Rage: (13% per hit)
    While dashing, Protoman steps ahead, then will slash three times in front of him. All three do good knockback. Very slow ending lag, medium start up lag.
    Great way to punish, can kill at high percents.


    Protoman's grab range is sub par, but his pivot grab is great.

    Pummel: (2%)
    Protoman will knee the held foe.
    Just an average pummel. Not too fast, not too slow.

    Forward Throw:
    Chain Reaction: (3%, 4%, 7%)
    Protoman slowly tosses the opponent forward, then kicking him, and THEN finishing it off with a wide slash. Mid knockback.
    A high damaging throw. Good for early damage racking.

    Backwards Throw:
    Slam!: (5%)
    The foe is tossed on the ground, then bouncing off. Little knockback.
    Not much is put into this attack, although it's possible to combo this attack into a Long Sword or Forward Smash at low percents, if the opponent isn't wary.

    Downwards Throw:
    Blade Bounce: (5%, 7%)
    Protoman slowly sets the opponent on the ground, then he slashes downwards, making the foe bounce upwards. High knockback.
    A great KO move. Start's KO'ing mid weights at around 110% on Final Destination.

    Upwards Throw:
    Toss Up: (3%)
    Protoman quickly tosses the held foe up. Low knockback. A combo starter. High hitstun.
    The hitstun on this is so great, Protoman can regrab and launch this attack again. Only work's until around 20%, and then the foe oddly gets their low hitstun back.

    Aerial Attacks

    Neutral Aerial:
    Electric Charge Blast: (10% or 7%)
    Protoman will glow red, and shortly after, he will spin around, sword facing out, and an explosion will arise around him. Very high knockback, high start up and medium ending lag. A very devastating attack, although very easy to punish. If Protoman hits the ground while using this attack, an explosion will still arise, but only 7% and half the knockback. Medium range, but the explosion is all around him.
    Easily a good punishment attack if your opponent broke their shield or you blocked a very laggy attack.

    Forward Aerial:
    Sonic Boom: (11%)
    Protoman will slash forward quickly, and a small wave will be sent off (not a true projectile). A very quick attack, no landing lag, and very little start up and ending lag. One of his only well-rounded aerial attacks. Great range.
    Short Hop these and you have a good approach. Protoman's poor air game is only there if a foe is approaching from behind. A good Protoman will never let that happen.

    Downward Aerial:
    Cold Stab: (15% when tipped, 7% if not)
    With his sword slightly frozen, facing the screen, Protoman will stab down, dealing slight upward knockback when not tipped, but incredible downwards knockback when tipped. Can freeze at mid percents, if tipped. Horrid ending lag.
    Largest range of all of Protoman's attacks, (even though the sweetspot is low and small) so take care of it. Goes about a character height downwards.
    This attack is a very situational move. Protoman should take advantage of this if the time is right. Powerful attack and decent damage, if the opponent makes it back.

    Backwards Aerial:
    Twister: (4% x 5 hits)
    In the air, Protoman will turn around and rotate his arm in a circle. Very easy to DI out of, although at the end is a hit with great knockback. Low start up and ending lag. Not a very good attack if you're opponent is ready and moving at low percents. Low range.

    Upwards Aerial:
    Triple Sky Slash: (3% per hit)
    A flurry of three hits, and on the last hit, Protoman's sword will glow silver, unleashing a wind push effect to anyone who is near but didn't get hurt. High range. Little ending and start up lag, making it the other well rounded aerial of Protoman's.

    Misc Moves

    Get-Up Attack:
    Spin Sword: (5%)
    Protoman will spin around, slashing anyone that is around his range. Low knockback. Low range.

    Ledge Attack Below 100%:
    Quick Slash: (5%)
    Protoman will hop onto the stage and do an overhead slash. Low forward knockback. Quick start up.
    Nothing too special, but it is deceptive in that it is quick and has a decent range.

    Ledge Attack Over 100%:
    Slow Start: (7%)
    Protoman will struggle on his way up, then doing a slash with his sword. Medium knockback, very slow start up, sends opponents backwards off the stage. Good range.
    If you can pull this attack off, then the odds are in your favor for the moment, as the opponent is now offstage, ready for some Forward Aerials.

    Final Smash

    Delta Ray Edge!

    20% per wave, and great knockback each.

    A destructive attack indeed. Protoman will start to glow, and create a huge slash. Then, Protoman will fly to the center of the screen, sending off 7 huge attack waves in random directions. Protoman is completely invincible during the time, and the first slash is just for show, it does not actually hurt anyone.
    Protoman jumps in the CENTER of the stage and shoots all around him, so it may be easy to dodge if you can predict where he shoots, which is randomly.


    Protoman.EXE is a character that can be very adaptive in battle. Players will need to take advantage of this.

    In the beginning of the match, Protoman is easily at his best. Approach with Samurai Sword or short hopped Forward Aerials, both attacks have great range. If you play defensive at this time, Protoman won't be at full potential. Protoman's attacks easily degrade, so switching to grab and pummel mid life can help you greatly.

    Protoman is very good at defensive manuevers, mainly because of his great range and dodges. At high percents, most would focus on landing as many hits as they can, but also living to high percents. Being offensive at this time will either get you KO'd or get your opponent worn down for another gimp.

    Many of Protoman's attacks are situational, so you will need to recognize when to use the right attacks at the right time. Also work on keeping pressure off yourself, but on your opponent. Pressure will give you less thinking space.

    To get KO's, Downward Throw and all of Protoman's smashes will work. Despite the latter being mostly laggy, you can decieve your opponents by using the smashes' great range or simply shield grabbing one of THEIR KO moves (which isn't that simple all the time).

    Taunts and Stances

    Up: Protoman crosses his arms and turns away for one second while the wind blows his hair.

    Side: Standing heroic, Protoman will stab upwards in a victory pose, showing his power!

    Down: Protoman points his sword arm forwards, with the sword changing colors frantically.

    Idle 1: Protoman tilts his head back and forth.

    Idle 2: Protoman starts to look at his sword.

    Dazed/Confused: With his hand on his helmet, he slowly swerves back and forth.



    A huge blue beam appears and then soon fades away, revealing Protoman. While entering you hear "Jack In! Protoman!"

    Snake Codec

    Snake: Colonel, who's the red dude?
    Colonel: That's Protoman.EXE, MegaMan.EXE's number one rival!
    Snake: He probably can't scratch MegaMan if he tried.
    Colonel: Don't be like that, he has been training for years, 10 hours a day to be exact.
    Protoman.EXE: Haha, shouldn't you be fighting instead of chatting away?
    Snake: Ah!

    Kirby Hat

    Kirby inherits Protoman's helmet, AND long wavy hair.


    His NaviMark: a circle split with a thunderbolt, black on one side and white on another.

    End Game Poses

    Victory Pose 1: Protoman points at the screen with his normal hand, with a slight smile on his face.
    Victory Pose 2: Protoman slashes three times at the screen, retracts his sword, and logs out.
    Victory Pose 3: Looking directly at the screen, he points at the screen with his sword and says, "Try harder next time!"
    Victory Pose 3 v2: Can only happen if he fought MegaMan.EXE. He does the same as Pose 3, but says,"I thought you wanted to be a challenge?"

    Losing Pose: Protoman simply claps with a smile on his face, knowing he learned a lesson. (No sword)

    Alt Costumes

    MegaMan.EXE: Emblem is changed to MegaMan's, and his reddish suit is completely blue.
    Dark Protoman: His jumpsuit has a darker shade and a dark blue aura is formed around him.
    Green: Instead of red, Protoman has a green suit. Sword is also tinted green.
    Blue: Instead of red, Protoman has a blue tinted suit. Sword is also tinted blue even more.

  38. Chris Lionheart

    Chris Lionheart
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    Apr 6, 2008
    Make Your Move
    I've heard of white walls of text before... but never a red wall of text. XD

    It looks like a good moveset, especially for a newcomer, but could you atleast use a different color for the headers?
  39. hyperhopper

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    Nov 5, 2008

    i press submit by accident and get blown away by seeing cortex and tiny and protoman

    well i can always shoot for 345849 place!
  40. Hyper_Ridley

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    Dec 21, 2007
    Hippo Island
    Protoman looks good, but PLEASE have some more color than just red.
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