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Make Your Move 25: Moveset Design Contest — Contest is Donezo! MYM 26 Starts March 17th!


Smash Lord
Apr 26, 2007
Las Vegas, Nevada
Switch FC
1) Hakumen by n88 and FrozenRoy
2) Jodie Reynolds by UserShadow7989
3) Elder Princess Shroob by BKupa666

4) Remilia Scarlet by Arctic Tern

5) Sleaze by Almand

6) Oono Tsukuyo by Katapultar
7) Cranky Kong by Bkupa666 and Smash Daddy
8) Berkeley and Cartwright by UserShadow7989
9) Kuda Izuna by Katapultar
10) Whitebeard by Rychu and FrozenRoy

11) Nino by FrozenRoy and Slavic
12) Goro Akechi by n88
13) Alex by Almand
14) Valkyrie by ForwardArrow
15) The King of Sorrow by FrozenRoy
16) Crewmate by Arctic Tern
17) Miruca Crotze by Katapultar
18) Witchcrafter Madame Verre by Arctic Tern
19) Venom Strange by n88
20) Kanade by Katapultar

21) Saul Goodman by BKupa666 and Rychu
22) Sam & Max by Arctic Tern
23) Joey Operetta by UserShadow7989
24) Timekeeper Cookie by ProfPeanut and FrozenRoy
25) Kosaka Wakamo by Katapultar
26) Tsukumo Sana by bubbyboytoo
27) Sam Fisher by Rychu
28) Valkyrie Walkure by FrozenRoy
29) Meltryllis by GolisoPower and Arctic Tern
30) Light Yagami by Katapultar

31) Mai and Yui by Katapultar
32) O. Dio by UserShadow7989
33) Mrs. Quackfaster by WeirdChillFever
34) The Baseball Boys by Slavic
35) Chidori Michiru by Katapultar
36) Hikaru by UserShadow7989
37) Miracle Matter by UserShadow7989
38) Witchcrafter Haine by UserShadow7989
39) Kula Diamond by Arctic Tern
40) Ode Iou by UserShadow7989

41) Eldlich the Golden Lord by GolisoPower
42) Nephenee by FrozenRoy and UserShadow7989
43) Jacky Bryant by BridgesWithTurtles
44) Asbestos by bubbyboytoo
45) Mad Dog by UserShadow7989
46) Shadow Mario by Arctic Tern
47) Hammer Bro by FrozenRoy
48) Alcohol Witch Daniella by Arctic Tern
49) Hat Kid by Slavic
50) /v/-tan by Daehypeels
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Aug 13, 2007
Posting this here for emphasis, because this contest was a bloodbath:

51) Kronk & Yzma: 1 SV 1 WV – 11 Points + (11/8 x 2) = 13.75
52) Onion Knight: 1 RV 1 WV+ 2 WV – 12 Points + (12/9) = 13.3
52) Wolf Witch Veronica: 2 RV 1 WV – 12 Points + (12/9) = 13.3
54) Mao: 1 RV 4 WV – 13 Points
55) Naoto Shirogane: 1 WV+ 4 WV – 11 Points + (11/9) = 12.2
55) Ninon Joubert: 1 RV 3 WV – 11 Points + (11/9) = 12.2
57) Adramelech: 1 RV+ 3 WV – 12 Points
57) Herminia: 2 RV 1 WV – 12 Points
59) Baron Mordo: 2 RV – 10 Points + (10/9) = 11.1
60) Medli and Makar: 1 SV 1 WV – 11 Points
60) Nomad: 1 RV 3 WV – 11 Points
62) Goddess Ilias: 1 RV+ 2 WV – 10 Points
63) Magdalena Reinier: 1 SV – 9 Points + (9/9) = 9.9
63) Bucky Barnes: 1 SV – 9 Points + (9/9) = 9.9
65) Cramorant: 1 RV 1 WV – 7 Points
66) The Midori Gang: 1 RV 1 WV – 7 Points + (7/9) = 7.7
66) Blastoise: 1 WV+ 2 WV – 7 Points + (7/9) = 7.7
66) Broken Vessel: 1 RV 1 WV – 7 Points + (7/9) = 7.7
69) Wheelie: 1 RV – 5 Points + (5/9) = 5.5
70) Slippy Toad: 1 RV – 5 Points
71) Isabella: 2 WV – 4 Points + (4/9) = 4.4
72) The Sundown Kid: 1 WV+ – 3 Points + (3/9) = 3.3
73) Seth: 1 WV – 2 Points + (2/2) = 2.2
73) Jigoro Hakamichi: 1 WV – 2 Points + (2/2) = 2.2
73) Fire Bar: 1 WV – 2 Points + (2/2) = 2.2
76) Daisy: 1 WV – 2 Points

Three SVs not in the top 50, and a floor of 15 points just to get in (set by /v/-tan). I wanted to post this here just to give a nod to everyone who got votes but didn't make it, and a reminder that y'all were in a contest of 143 very strong sets. Bravo to the winners and all those who participated!


Smash Journeyman
Aug 17, 2011
Well that was the single best contest we've ever had.

No really, I stand by that, I have never had to sweat making a votelist in any contest like I did this time. In MYM24, I remember feeling it was a really rare thing that I was starting to cut sets I actually liked at the end. This contest we added like 10 extra spots to the votelist, and the bar for entry was MUCH higher. Meltryllis was my lowest WV. That set is legit, its concept is gimmicky on the surface but it plays off it in some shockingly unique and fun ways that make for a very compelling sort of snowball set. I cut Herminia last second due to edits pushing another set over it and that's a set that would've been unthinkable for me to cut in any other contest, I feel kinda bad about that not seeing it Top 50 too. Then again the set I cut it for (Ilias post-edits) ALSO missed Top 50, and that's a set that's quite fun too after Han's edits.

I can keep going, and I will. There was a point I was considering a Light SV and he got absolutely ground down by a ludicrous number of even better sets. When I first put Izuna on my vote list, it was a slam dunk obvious SV that I figured there was no way it got pushed out. It didn't manage an RV+. Cranky Kong was an even more slam dunk SV that ALSO didn't survive because of how much I ended up loving Alex and Kanade. I figured Jodie/Shroob would be the obvious Top 2, and then Hakumen slam dunks in out of nowhere and only narrowly misses my SV+ and then wins the contest anyway. Baseball Boys and Venom Strange both felt like higher end RVs and fell out of RV entirely. I had a list of like 25 sets that missed my vote list that I wanted to vote, and probably 15-20 more that I could at least go "hey I think you'd like this" to prolific MYMers easily. I also know for a fact I'm not the only one who felt this, the shared sentiment really did just seem to be "my votelist is in shambles".

The last time MYM felt like this to me was MYM11, an early contest I've always felt some nostalgia for. It felt like winning was anyone's game, people from all over MYM history and newcomers alike came out to post tons of movesets, and it felt like there were interesting ideas around every corner. Where this contest one ups MYM11 is... like. In all the details. The community is infinitely more pleasant, I like talking to all of you and we had almost zero drama the entire contest, a rarity in MYM's sometimes mad history. The sets very rarely felt like one note gimmicks, in spite of the large numbers of them it felt like so many sets really dug into their mechanics and made something really interesting out of them. The winner wasn't an (admittedly somewhat surprising) landslide like Death, Hakumen beat Jodie by a rounding error. I cannot emphasize enough how good this contest was. The prospect of MYM being dead at this point is absolutely laughable, especially with Tern and the FFC newcomers, as well as the return of Nate, powering things up even more.

So to make my one complaint, real quick: The downside of this level of activity is genuinely, it got to be too much. We ended up with a ludicrously long reading period and I had to treat things like a full time job to read as much as I did. It really felt like a huge reading grind for everyone, and while that is partially fixable by reading during the contest, the size of sets and length each set is got to be a bit much. I'm hoping things are dialed back a bit in MYM26, as fun as this was, just to give us all a bit of a breather. But when my biggest issue was too much of a good thing, 25 iterations into a contest that's been going since before Brawl came out, I'd say that's nothing short of spectacular.

Anyway, talking about things that aren't spectacular, my contest. I made one moveset on a whim for a JamCon, for a Fate character who I think is neat but I'm not a huge fan of the way I was Baobhan Sith. So its completely surreal to see them get Top 15. To be honest, I just wanted to try and do a simple iteration on Ribby and Croaks' mechanics back in MYM20 at the time I made it, practicing for getting more serious on a future duo or trio set that's not "three fairly simple spearfighter echo fighters". But am I proud of the set, and of that placement and the shocking number of RV+/SV I got? Honestly, yeah. I think the set came out very clean for something I had to make quickly, with some very streamlined swap mechanics. While the individual moves were simple, it was fun to come up with little twists to give each Valkyrie their own identity, not making Ortlinde a boring middle of the road default while Thrud could play into her more bulky defensive heavyweight style and Hildr could be an extreme glass cannon. I feel like, unlike Belzeb where I was manically rushing to cram a set too ambitious for the time alotted into a single JamCon, Valkyrie really got what a JamCon set is supposed to be, and I was proud of that. Proud enough to think it was a Top 15 contender in this ludicrous contest? Honestly, no, I think there's sets that go in vastly more interesting directions with their individual moves, but I'm thankful it connected for so many people.

But let's be real. I wasn't the star of the show here. So let's go give out some congratulations and thoughts to the rest of the community.

The long nightmare of constantly getting extremely high placings but not QUITE cracking that top spot finally ends for Froy. I always knew he had a second win in him, and this time, it came with an assist. Out of nowhere, Nate comes back from the dead and wins his first contest back, which isn't even the only jawdropping feat I saw someone pull this contest. Hakumen was an extremely worthy winner, barely missing my SV+ by a game of inches with Shroob. You saw my ad for Shroob, you know how much I love the set, and I basically love Hakumen just as much. The set feels like it compiles a lot of the iterating we've done on fighting game sets, meter mechanics, and heavyweights to create a set that feels like its at the peak of all those genres, every move carefully considered with a mix of extremely smart fundamentals and jaw-droppingly sick rewards. You both had some stellar solo work too, Goro Akechi being exactly the kind of set that got robbed on my votelist due to this contest being insane but thankfully holding strong on plenty of others... and like. Idar and Fire Bar were so, so much better than sets for those characters had any right to be. Not to mention the insane 20,000 word JamCon for Venom Strange that actually felt functional in Smash unlike its predecessor Oops All Minions sets in Jestro and Judge Nemo.

Froy I have to shift to a different paragraph because his contest was also absurd, and in a really unique way. The strongest solo Froy set this contest was King of Sorrow, an absolutely stellar set considering it clung onto RV+ in a contest where some rock solid SV tier sets didn't, but that wasn't the reason his contest stood out. No, Froy made the bold move of jointing with every MYMer under the sun, and put out some really killer sets in Whitebeard, Nino, and Timekeeper Cookie. It was fascinating to watch your style blend with so many other people's, making for one of the most stylistically diverse contests I've seen from any MYMer in a long time... which only makes sense, given the bizarre situation of you working with so many others. I hope we keep seeing these wild joints, both with you and various other MYMers, and some non-Froy joints too.

While I'm at it, it felt very appropriate that a joint set won this contest. This kinda felt like an MYM where everyone won, in a way, so it feels fitting for the winner to be a collaborative effort, both between a powerful established veteran and a returning member who put out the best thing they've ever made. Really sick stuff.

Speaking of people with phenomenal contests, there's UserShadow. It felt a bit understated before the Top 50 came out, but Jodie was an absolute monster of a moveset which managed to surpass the incredible placing of the original. And its deserved, frankly, balancing an incredible number of mechanics and concepts that all feel sick as hell, and in terms of structure, actually feeling really smart in how it divides itself up. I was a bit surprised how well Berkeley and Cartwright did but it was a wildly innovative set mechanically with some truly spectacular animations and deep mechanical applications of its crazy mechanics. And then you realize there's like 8 more US sets on the Top 50 too, the JamCons feeling even more consistent than they already were back in MYM24, plus the absolutely rock solid Joey Operetta, the Nephenee joint with Froy that brought a surprising amount out of the character, and Haine and Hikaru which both had their own immediately satisfying concepts and ideas. Its worth mentioning that like, your writing's gotten a lot cleaner since MYM24 too, by the end of the contest it felt you really knew exactly what melee details to emphasize and removed almost all the clunky bits of reading your sets, one of the few things that held you back in that contest.

Kupa didn't make as many sets as some people, but every Kupa set felt like an event. Shroob was my favorite set of the entire contest(by a sliver, but it was), and I already posted a long ramble about why I think its one of the best movesets ever made. There's something sorta funny about what I think is my new favorite big body heavyweight is an HFA now, although who knows how long that'll last as you keep one upping yourself it feels like. Cranky was a real blast, mixing in Smash sensibilities and extremely funny writing with some Specials that feel gloriously over the top and yet... somehow very in-line with Sakurai's sensibilities in a way? Its a hell of a cool set, and adds to the collection of crazy joints we got this contest as you and Smady collaborated on it. I know Smady's had some issues actually getting the time to do much in MYM, but I'm glad he's still making joints with this and KOS-MOS, so it doesn't feel like he's truly absent. Speaking of joints, there was also Saul Goodman, a set that perhaps had too great a legacy to live up to because of the obscene success of Walter White. But its a wild, adventurous sort of set that looked at a character who seemed impossible for MYM and made some absolutely insane mechanics to not just make him work, but stand out and draw attention like almost nothing else in a set full of attention grabbing sets. Its clear Rychu did good work on him too, he had some really cool joints this contest alongside Sam Fisher. I didn't vote Sam Fisher, but its a set that clearly became a bit of a cult hit regardless with its rock solid Top 30 placing. Far from undeserved, its a set with cool gameplay ideas and stellar character work and organization, when I say "I didn't vote it" that is absolutely NOT an insult in this contest.

Anyway, then there's Arctic Tern, having the best newcomer contest in history. Like, what else are we comparing it to? I think the honest answer might be like, Rool or MasterWarlord in MYM3. The fact we can compare a new guy to that in MYM25 is madness, they didn't have the kind of competition and detail we have now back then. Remilia was up there in a very close race with the other frontrunners, and it wasn't like she was an exception to the rule. No, Sam and Max, Witchcrafter Madame Verre, and especially Crewmate were the real deal too, showing an almost immediate mastery of what makes an MYM set appealing that can often take years and years of development. Nevermind a cool joint project in Meltryllis, the solid spin on Akechi's mechanics in Naoto, Kula, Shadow Mario, Blastoise, Daniella, Seth, Sundown Kid... you can say a lot of good things about literally all those sets. Not to mention the sheer amount of reading and commenting you did. Here's hoping you stick around and keep up the good work.

And as a little tip from someone who was in a similar situation to you back in MYM11: If you slump a little in MYM26, don't worry about it. A bit of a "sophomore slump" has happened to a lot of MYMers over the years and its something that you can always come back from with a little persistence and planning. Or you might just not have one. Frankly you've defied expectations in every other way up until this point, you may as well with that too.

Almand is not as new as Tern, he's been around a couple contests now and to be honest, was someone I always had my eye on from the moment I was hit in the face with "Almand just posted a 24,000 word moveset for Ty the Tasmanian Tiger", something I thought wasn't even physically possible for a veteran MYMer. And then the weird part was it was like... good? Ditto and Hugo came after and felt like Almand coming up with stronger concepts and stronger melee conceptually, showcasing a style that really felt totally its own. Heavy on the numbers, charts, and eccentric complexity, its a style that feels very at home in MYM, and Sleaze absolutely cranked it up to another level with phenomenal concepts, excellent melee, and turning an almost backstory-less OC from a dream into what feels like a very real and thought out eccentric fighting game weirdo. I love him. He's one of the coolest OCs in a community with a lot of cool ones, and frankly with how good the set itself is 5th feels like an underplacement. And I've shilled Alex a lot in chat, and I'm so happy to see it place well. Its a 90+ input, 40,000 word set for a character with no constructs or projectiles that somehow feels really readable once you get into the meat of it, never redundant, and brings over Street Fighter mechanics to Smash in a ridiculously ambitious way that feels... somehow properly calculated, and ludicrously deep. Frankly, I have no idea what you're capable of anymore, I'm a bit starstruck at this point.

Its kind of wild how Kat not Top 5ing this contest feels like a crime, and then I go look at my vote list and Tsukuyo's stuck at the 7th spot. But Kat's contest this time was absurd. There were 4 Kat sets this contest I wanted to SV(Tsukuyo, Kanade, Miruca, and Izuna) and 2 more that I would've been perfectly willing to(Light and Wakamo). He also commented everything at a lightning pace that was truly unmatched, always eager to give feedback, so nobody ever found themselves waiting too long to hear how their set came out. I don't think he had any true flops this contest, Jigoro being quite funny and Midori Gang having some pretty cool concepts as a "modern Hugo" of sorts. I really just want to say like: this stuff does not go unappreciated. Your sets are a blast to read, and I think the whole community feels more welcoming when you're giving all that early feedback. And like... I also want to say, it hasn't gone unnoticed that your style's gotten so sleek and effective at delivering interesting information. Miruca and Light are positively tiny compared to a lot of the sets around them but feel just as deep and conceptualy strong, the days of Nasary/Parla and feeling like your writing was hard to read are long buried.

And now we come to Slavic, who's told me they didn't have that good a contest this time around, and like. I still see Nino here in 11th. Joint or no, Nino clearly feels like a set with a lot of the love from Slavic's side put into it too. And I'd be remiss to skip over Baseball Boys, which really was a blast with its simple yet rewarding projectile duo shenanigans and an absolutely hilarious writing style that was constantly surprising me as I read. I wouldn't feel too discouraged by the fact the rest of your work this contest wasn't quite as competitive, you usually had something fun to show off in every set, whether it was Giganotosaurus committing to the bit to an incomprehensible degree, the punchy comedy of Shiny Hoppip and Yzma/Kronk, or the sincere serious portrayals of Bucky Barnes and Isabella. These weren't knockout successes of movesets, but what you're at least good at is making the read feel worth it, and I think if you get a bit more mechanical inspiration next time you'll be back to competing with the big hitters again. Hell, its not like you didn't this time, its just isolated to one set.

Going down the list a bit, I'm happy to see Peanut's back on his feet again. As rocky as Firelight Ekko was, he quickly turned it around with Timekeeper Cookie, and while it was another Froy joint, I could tell you were very involved in that set's mechanical development. The time threads were an absolutely sick mechanic, bringing back the kind of old MYM construct/projectile manipulation in a completely fresh way that felt really fun to play off and just goof around with in the chaotic way the character warrants. I'll be curious what you do with future efforts going forward, but its cool to see you back and putting out really innovative stuff like this again.

Sana's placement is kind of agonizing when you consider Bubby's goal was to beat his personal best of 25th. Exactly 26th sucks, and I know that. But Sana and Asbestos both felt like continued, gradual improvements to your style, and are the kind of rock solid sets that'd rack up RVs all over the place if MYM25 wasn't, well, MYM25. Its cool though to see with each contest, you refining your style into something a little deeper, a little more elegant, and still feeling very much your own. Good luck in 26 man, I think you'll crack Top 20 soon enough if contests don't keep getting crazier(and please, god, I'm not ready for them to get crazier).

Then there's Goliso and WCF, both of whom felt a bit robbed in the end by the nature of this contest's extremely steep competition. Quackfaster and Eldlich were both sets that felt like they had the style of an MYM frontrunner or at least heavy RV accumulator from a semi-recent contest, only held back by a few stylistic eccentricities and an absolute buffet of other options to choose from. I think the efffort that went into those sets still deserves to be acknowledged, they're ambitious and cool projects that are full of good ideas and then refuse to drop the ball, even if they take it in some directions not everyone agreed with at times. For what its worth, Meltryllis still did quite well for Goliso as his first Top 30 set, and the gravity flip concepts in Quackfaster were strong enough that I have to think he's got the potential to throw out some extremely potent stuff in the future. Just you wait.

Turtles and Daehypeels managed to scrape some low Top 50 spots in spite of the competition, and its nice to see them manage they managed that. I was more of a Nomad guy than a Jacky Bryant guy, but I think you deserved this for coming back and posting several sets that all had a nice mix of interesting ideas and more developed fundamentals after your years on hiatus. I mean, I don't think I truly just "bounced off" a single one of your sets entirely, all of them were at least neat and I think every single one of them could've T50'd in the right contest. I'm quite curious what you're going to make going forward. As for Dae, well, its a bit harder to evaluate where you're going after /v/-tan, but coming into MYM25 alongside the FFC crew and immediately posting something with the length and the melee depth of an experienced MYMers set is positively wild. It mostly got held back as low as it did by refinements I don't think you really knew to make when you originally made it, but considering it was a set you made before interfacing with MYM in ANY capacity, its still super impressive.

And I guess I'll address two people that missed Top 50 who... really wouldn't have in any other contest. The variety and quality of options here was so high that inevitably, a couple impressive things would be left behind, and so, Mao/Herminia and Ilias/Adramalech both missed the Top 50. To be honest, I'm a bit bummed out by that? I saw how much love went into Mao, even if I personally didn't enjoy how it played out, and I feel like its a set that's going to be remembered regardless for its incredible commitment to Disgaea and the characters within it. You guys should read Junahu's article on the set sometime, it provides a lot of interesting insight into the set's design decisions, and they go pretty deep. One of these days Junahu's going to get a stronger grasp on nitty gritty mechanics and a desire to make a set that winds up appealing to MYM more on average than this. And its going to be a hell of a day when it happens.

As for Han, as hilariously bold of a franchise choice as you chose to make your move with upon joining, you're almost hilariously in sync with MYM stylistically, and I think Ilias and Adramelech were both solid sets especially post-edits. I've enjoyed seeing you show your mettle with just FFC for experience, and I suspect sooner or later you're going to really kick things up a notch. For that matter, I'm glad to see the whole FFC crew around in some capacity, its fun having our communities collide like this with different but ultimately pretty compatible design philosophies. It was one of the wildest events in MYM history and I think we still haven't seen the full impact yet, but in whatever capacity you guys want to participate going forward, I'm here for it.

What a contest, man. Really gratifying to see MYM come together like this and put out such a memorable, fun experience. I'm hoping I'll be a little more involved next time, I've got some fun concepts in my head that'll hopefully end up panning out. Will MYM26 finally be the contest Yawgmoth happens? Who knows. I don't! But I'm hoping I'll have more to show you all soon, after what you all showed me this time.


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Oct 10, 2008
1) Hakumen by n88 and FrozenRoy
Holy ****. I knew he was in the conversation as a front-runner but I never quite bought it for whatever reason. Chalk it up to cynicism. Huge thanks to all the folks who got enough enjoyment out of Hakumen to put him here, and of course number 1 thanks to my partner-in-crime Froy (without whom Hakumen would be, at best, half a mechanic rotting away somewhere on google’s servers).

I see this as a big win for just DMing people about your blorbos: Hakumen got started by me getting into Centralfiction, immediately writing down Hakumen ideas, and chatting with Froy about it, over the course of one weekend. Fourth of July weekend, as it happens, making this also a big win for patriots (such as Hakumen?).

There’s something very thematically satisfying to me about Hakumen in particular being a big high-performer comeback set: a hero returned from his long exile outside reality! Maybe a little weird to say this after I’ve been hanging out in the discord for a year and a half, but this is the end of my first contest back and I think it bears saying anyway: thanks all, for the warm welcome back! I bounced from MYM at a time when it was giving me a lot of stress and it’s been such a delight to check back in here and see what a great little community it’s matured into, and get to be part of that.

Anyway, segueing back to the Top 50, I’m super happy with how my other stuff did here, and also pleased to see strong results from folks like Tern and US and Kat, who really just went nuts in MYM25. I feel like everywhere I look over the results, I see stuff that I'm surprised didn't do better, but I look at the other stuff around it and just gotta admit that people were cookin' this contest.

Congrats to everyone who placed! Putting a votelist together was absolutely brutal and sets getting any level of recognition, amid this kind of competition, is hard-earned.
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Jun 10, 2014
Somewhere Out There
Solve a mystery, rewrite MYM history

Okay so this counts as fashionably late right? ****ing timezones. Maybe I should invent a timeloop room to leap right into the mood of the first minutes of T50 being posted.
Instead, FA already gave a rundown of what I believe to be the general, universal sentiments going around this contest and its participants, I feel it would be superfluous to talk about it again but these people deserve all the credit and it’s always good to see positive sentiment expressed so I wanted to give me sincere and explicit congratulations to:

All the veterans showing up and going full throttle. Look, fancy-schmancy newcomers aside, you are the bread and butter of a contest. Froy went ahead and talked to everyone, which is usually annoying because it means I have to read, but now it actually got us some cracker sets including the winner! I read Hakumen and I can safely say that yeah, it’s a good one. I can’t judge n88’s journey because I wasn’t there when it started but I imagine going from Broken Vessel to Hakumen counts as improvement so congrats to the joint winner!

BKupa and US also frontloaded the guns and immediately set the scene this contest by putting out what in these technical MYM jargon is called ****ing incredible sets in Elder Princess Shroob and Jodie to the tune of all the groans around the contest since it meant MYM24 was not a fluke. I am not even going to pretend I have any hope with regards to MYM26 being any sort of bearable since it will just be a boatload of y’alls putting a plethora of their best sets forward and expanding our minds. Lord save us.
On a positive note, I really dig the progression in Kat’s sets and US’ sets especially in style and readability. Ode Iou and O. Dio might not have been the most indicative sets to read from the latter, but they were solid and most important, breezy.

Then this contest will always be remembered for all the shades of newcomers that made it big in their own way
Almand’s actual knowledge of the game reminds me of how people talk about Muno and if he brought on the enlightenment era, I can see a similar development cut out for MYM once Almand teaches us about what actually goes on in the game.

Tern is a weird mix of knowing all the nuances going on in MYM thanks to extensive lurking and technically being a newcomer with the heights rapidly increasing during this contest. Blastoise was a solid set, then Melt was impressive, Sam and Max just plain great and, judging by the placement, Scarlet was outright inncredible. It’s a speedrun of improvement on a level that scares me. If Remilia was the first set posted it’d be a result of all the lurking, but even during this singular contest there was this level of improvement. No words.

FFC quite memetically doubled the set count and, surprisingly, some of em (or one of em?) made T50! Obviously impressive in its own way, since FFC and MYM don’t always share sensibilities when it was minute differences that made the difference when it came to placings.

And of course, the adage of “Everyone who placed in their own way showed up to make their mark.” rings true once again.
My own contest was, well, part of the “everyone else” and it feels really weird to officially not be a newcomer anymore whilst also really not feeling like a veteran. Honestly, maturing in this era of MYM is both an immense privilege (as the veterans who have been doing this for decades have pointed out these to be the golden years) and also a little dookie as the grading curve feels very hard to feel improvement on. With each contest being better than the last (which, first and foremost, is awesome to be witness to), personal growth can go under the radar, which, combined with the newcomer moniker slowly shedding into this sort of regular actual MYM’er status is a weird situation overall.

I’m still proud of Quackfaster even if only for the fact I forced people to interact with some of my favorite Carl Barks comics like Cash Flow and The Midas Touch and got to apply absolutely aggrevating alliteration all the time. This was a passion project for my favorite fictional franchise (jesus wept im doing it by accident now) and this was a set where the journey was definitely grander than its destination of like three spots above Pidgey.
Set-wise I am really glad that generally, the concept came across. I was pretty nervous about having to use concepts like gravity flipping and I am glad that my overall balance sensibilities around that were good, even if I directly flaunted them for The Bit when it came to the supporting parts of the set. I choose to see it as a learning experience and I am pleased to announce the grab game for my next set is shaping up to be relatively normal if you ignore the Hugo Meters-building effect it has.

So, where do we go from here? Since my mostly self-proclaimed status as wizkid got transferred to the new generation (and gladly so) but I am not a mentor figure yet nor in the position where my JamCon sets can place and I’m jotting out sets for the fun of it, I guess I am just Here, typing on a keyboard whose predictive text gives me “Daisy” as the middle option every time I start a new sentence. We’ll see.

Arctic Tern

Smash Apprentice
Mar 12, 2022
Well… that was something.

Ever since I first stumbled upon this contest, I’ve thought of joining. I attempted to make tens of movesets for characters I was into, only to get stuck since I couldn’t think of any moves. This desire only grew once I rediscovered the contest when MYM 22 came around, until, in this contest, I decided to join. One of the main things stopping me from entering was deciding what my first moveset should be - sounds kinda funny, but it’s true. I ultimately decided on Blastoise as my first pick, since it was both a simple set (compared to my other ideas, anyway) and everyone would know who it was.

For a newcomer - someone who had done a lot of reading, but a newcomer nonetheless - to not only place in their first contest, but score a Top 5 placing is nearly unheard of, and I owe it all to my extensive lurking.

Remilia was easily the set I was most hoping for to get a good placement. Touhou is one of my favorite franchises, and Remi is one of my favorite characters from it, so it was a true passion project through and through. I even posted it on the 20th anniversary of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil’s release date! She was also one of the earliest characters I seriously considered making once I decided to enter MYM, so she has a bit of history with me as well. While my dreams of making a whole movement of EoSD’s cast didn’t happen this MYM, things are certainly kicking up next contest - the only shame is it didn’t happen on an important anniversary to them.

Easily the rating I was most anticipating/dreading was that of Froy. Not only is he the big Touhou guy and the setmaker my own style is modeled off of the most, but he previously made a set for Remilia that also ended up placing in the Top 10. My own set also took many aspects from Froy’s, such as the Air Smashes and her unique jump mechanics (though Froy’s set largely ignored them in favor of obfustication via her mist). Granted, that set was very old, so I definitely felt I could surpass it, but the pressure was certainly on. It took a fairly long time, but Froy did eventually read the set and give it a 9-star rating… and, after I applied edits based on his criticisms, boosted it all the way up to 10. Already impressive, but even more so considering how stacked this contest ended up being!

Remilia aside, I’m quite happy with all of my placements. I am slightly miffed that Blastoise and Naoto didn’t end up placing, but they certainly would’ve in any other contest. Sam & Max placing lower than Madame Verre also somewhat bothers me, since the Freelance Police and their franchise are much more important to me than Yu-Gi-Oh - they were just as much a passion project as Remi. But the fact that they placed at all was incredible, and I at least got a chance to demonstrate my more obscure tastes. On that subject, Verre placing around 20 places higher than Haine is quite appropriate, given Verre is her master.

This is not to say any of the other setmakers didn’t put in their fair share: far from it! Hakumen is more than deserving of his 1st place victory, an extremely solid heavyweight set with insanely frontloaded mechanics that end up meshing well together into a very understandable whole. Jodie and Shroob were also excellent sets, ones with extreme set-up that could be harnessed for truly absurd plays. While I personally liked them more than Hakumen, I can see how one would be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options they have; given that these options were major criticisms of Saul and Kanade, two other sets I SV’d, the White Void’s relative straightforwardness definitely helped him scrape out a victory. The sudden introduction of Blue Archive into the franchise list by the sole hands of Kat was also quite fun, especially seeing as two of them broke into the top 50 (and ended up in my SV list). And to get the last SV in here, Nino is basically the best set possible for the character, squeezing every last bit of potential she has for a set that could very well have been top 10.

These weren’t the only sets I’d like to give shout outs to. Sleaze is an incredibly mechanically deep set, boasting incredible characterization for a character who is literally dream gunk and incredibly in-depth melee and game knowledge. Cranky Kong was some of the most fun I’ve had reading a set, with both a solid set based around potion buffs and frequent commentary from Cranky himself. Lastly, Wakamo was just flat out unhinged in the best possible way; you know you’re crazy if you have a massive shotgun in a move and the move doesn’t even fire it. All of these ended up in my RV+ range, so you can tell I really did like them.

And let’s not forget the smaller sets! O. Dio and Miracle Matter were both incredibly solid sets for the short timespan they were made in, each bearing mechanics meant to make them feel like the big bosses they are in canon. Sam Fisher was a remarkable solo entry from Rychu, one I understated at first but grew more and more fond of as time passed. Walkure plays off of the Valkyrie base very well, using their moves in whole new ways thanks to her Mobility Amplification - and the fact it was based on Remilia’s mechanic certainly tickles me. Lastly, Hammer Bro is an excellent example of a pure camper, an archetype that MYM hasn’t explored that much in recent years, that brings genuine depth in a playstyle deemed braindead by many a Smash player. If you couldn’t tell, these are my WV+ sets.

Just because I didn’t vote for a set or I didn’t mention it here doesn’t mean I didn’t like them! While it would be wrong to say I liked every set I read, I did at least enjoy almost all of them. Many in the community have called this the best contest yet, and I have to agree with that. I should also take a moment to mention the sudden introduction of the FFC community - not only did they just post like 30 sets completely out of the blue, but several of them posted genuinely good sets that show great promise for the future. With several MYMers planning to participate in the next FFC, it seems that the futures of both contests will be interlocked for years to come.

Overall, it seems like I entered MYM at exactly the right time - a period where there is no drama and every setmaker is at their best. With such an insane contest having passed, it seems almost impossible to surpass it in terms of quality… but with the swarm of newcomers and multiple movements being concocted, I think it is very much a possibility.

And now, for some previews! Me actually making all of these sets is not guaranteed as I have a lot of other in-depth plans, but some of them are definitely coming. I’m going to present these in quotes, since I don’t have the editing skills to do the cool silhouette thing.

I will fight, too… for my family.

This is nature’s punishment.

Reaper, reaper, that’s what people call me
Why? Cause they all die
When I sing I end their lives!


Might controls everything. And without strength, you cannot protect anything. Let alone yourself.

The books here are worth all the donations your shrine has received in the past five years.

...I won’t give up anymore. Just as I betrayed my distorted father before, I will betray my boring former self now!

There is only one thing you need to do here. You will slam down your gavel and say the word ‘guilty’. That is your role!
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Sep 17, 2017
Well...that was crazy.

Firstly, big congrats to Froy and n88 for their second and first win in MYM respectively. I knew Hakumen was gonna be prime voting material as I read it, but I didn't actually think it'd take Number 1. I mean, wow.

So this contest was crazy strong for me, not to mention extremely cutthroat for everybody voting-wise: we started strong with characters like Whitebeard, Shroob, and Wolf Witch Veronica, then upheld that strength by the absolute blindsiding by the folks over at FFC with one of the ballsiest franchise choices I've ever seen in MYM, and a few Top 50 firsts too.

So with my sets: this was the contest where I pushed my limits: I first started off with the absolute monster of a set that is Wolf Witch Veronica, a 68-input behemoth with minions, stance changes, and buffs. But then came the two sets after her that were their beasts all on their own: starting off with my first collab set. Meltryllis was a character I had in the backburner ever since I posted Passionlip in MYM24, and I knew this was gonna be a major undertaking, but then Tern showed up and the collab aspect of the set was born. I was honestly not expecting Melt to make the Top 30 when in the past I've only ever placed Top 40 in the last two contests I was in, so imagine my surprise when this happened. Then came Eldlich the Golden Lord: MYM25 was the contest where I got into Yu-Gi-Oh! for the first time since I was a child by getting into Master Duel, and Eldlich as a Deck really meshed well with me so I went nuts with how I wanted to go about this. And while I didn't go as nuts with them as I did those first three, Blue, Akira Tadokoro and Yang Guifei will be movesets I remember fondly. Overall, good placements, good contest.

Moving onto other people in the contest:

First off, Arctic Tern. Good gawd, all that lurking really paid off when he came out with Remilia. Not to mention, as far as I know, he's the first newcomer to get a joint collab in the same contest they debuted in! I'm pretty sure that none of us were expecting a newcomer to come strong with Blastoise, but here we are. And Tern just kept on going with sets for Seth, Sam & Max and Naoto Shirogane, with an absolute fervor in each word he wrote. Absolute baller.

n88 was an MYMer that came back for this contest and the fact that he did so with a set that would win him the contest gives me a lot more respect for him. Hakumen was an absolute baller to read as I've alluded to before, but that's not to shut down the other sets he did: he got a strong start with the Broken Vessel and only just seemed to ascend further with each consecutive set this contest with bangers like Venom Strange, Goro Akechi and Baron Mordo. I was not around to see him make sets before his hiatus, so seeing him do so with this contest was a treat. Again, mad props to you and Froy for taking 1st Place, dude.

ForwardArrow may have only had one set to his name this contest, but as you could see, Valkyrie was absolutely no slouch, especially since this was a JamCon set. The way you pulled this trio off was absolutely splendid and I absolutely look forward to next contest, whether it be finally finishing Davoth or creating Yawgmoth.

FrozenRoy also had a pretty swell contest: he's been just doing collabs left and right and swooping in to save two Dodongos in Timekeeper Cookie and Yzma & Kronk and sharing the #1 slot with n88 by making Hakumen. Your harvest was bountiful this contest and I'd love to see what you do next contest.

And let's not forget: FFC. The group that came after Saul Goodman flooded us with their legacy: OldManHan gave us a few bangers from Monster Girl Quest, a franchise I'm pretty sure none of us had the balls to make sets for...and honestly, the presentation of the sets in question and the way they worked, especially with Ilias and Adramelech, actually had us sold. Even as somebody who made characters from what is practically the raciest Fate game to ever exist I wouldn't have the mental strength to make a set from there, but here comes Han with some absolute bangers. But then we have Daehypheels, the only one of the FFC to actually place. /v/-tan showed the mark of a seasoned setter and was apparently a big enough hit with us to make the literal Top 50 slot. And while I've read very little of the others, they all did a great job and have lots of potential. Doolos, AwfulBeast, That Guyy, UnknownFate, the prospect of what everyone in FFC can make for MYM is exciting to me.

Overall, MYM25 was an absolute nuthouse in every positive way imaginable, and I just cannot wait to see what comes for MYM26.
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May 22, 2021
You ever just walk into something that you thought you'd only casually involve in, but then you actually get invested? Yeah, that kinda was my first time around in MyM25.

I had previously only ever used smash boards twice before joining, and now it's like, well, not twitter or discord, but I definitely pop in a lot more than I used to. Joining MyM25 was so much fun, and I think I speak for the rest of Newcomers when I say that I love how welcoming everyone has been to us. I've loved meeting everyone and seeing what all of you have been cooking throughout the contest, and at the same time it felt refreshing to actually have competition that pushed to improve on my set-making, even if placing wasn't on my mind at any point. I felt like I've improved more in MyM25 than I have in the five years I've been doing smash content for, and I've also made a ton of new friends through the MyM discord, which is an incredible feeling to have given how abysmal 2022 has been for me as a year. Overall, I think this has been a great first time and I wouldn't have it any other way. Congrats to everyone who made it to the top 50 by the way.

And with my thoughts dealt with, I think it's time for some previews;
This is by no means going to be my final MyM26 roster lol
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Aug 12, 2008
Toxic Tower
Another MYM in the history books, and man, what a contest this turned out to be. If you had told me on the front end we'd end up cracking our own top 10 list for most contest submissions, with the most individual entries since MYM11 almost 11 years ago, I'd have been in deep disbelief. And yet, even as this series continues to teeter on death's doorstep, we keep defying all reasonable expectations about how active a setmaking competition that's been around for well over half of Smash's lifespan ought to be. That's got me truly optimistic about the sorts of legs MYM will continue to have in the coming years.

Looking over the Top 50, I'm happy with the range of users who landed high placements — with eight different people making the Top 10 in an individual and/or joint capacity — as well as that virtually all of the frontrunner-branded sets getting the recognition they deserved across the voter base. Every set from first through sixth scored at least one Super Vote Plus, and even just one or two votes switching from one category to another could've led to entirely different ordering, which speaks to the diversity of MYM preferences that has kept set analysis fun after all this time. U UserShadow7989 's Jodie Reynolds became my early favorite by way of just how much of a conduit for creative play she becomes, depending on the attacks any given person stores and positions in different Garment manifestations. But up until the day I finished my votes, I was reading and rereading aspects of FrozenRoy FrozenRoy and n88 n88 's Hakumen and Almand Almand 's Sleaze to guarantee I was satisfied in my list's upper echelon. I maintain that both are easily among the best fighting game (or in the latter's case, fighting game-inspired) sets any MYM has seen to date. That Hakumen in particular manages to juggle multiple central concepts (magatama, Active Flow and Overdrive), plus numerous Special variants, and yet maintain coherent, and compelling, heavyweight melee gameplay throughout is impressive as hell. He's a worthy winner of a stacked contest, and for different reasons — FRoy's tireless work in leadership and previous close calls in recent years, and n88's exemplary showing in his first contest back — I'm glad you both have the opportunity to relish in the MYM25 crown!

That both n88, as a retired icon of MYM's early days, and Arctic Tern Arctic Tern , as a studious lurker dating that far back, can have modern debut showings this strong shows me just how much room MYM still has to grow. The latter knocked things out of the park with Remilia, Verre, Sam & Max and Crewmate, among others in the eight(!) sets he landed in the Top 50 in only his first MYM rodeo. Meanwhile, Katapultar Katapultar continues to give people a wealth of different set styles to enjoy, on top of a singularly impressive level of support through comments. Self-effacing comments aside, ForwardArrow ForwardArrow and Slavic Slavic both demonstrated why they're among the best of us, placement comparisons be damned, with such breezily excellent submissions as Valkyrie, Nino and the Baseball Boys. And it was a pleasure watching evolutions from what could be considered MYM's middle generation, as some of the best works from bubbyboytoo bubbyboytoo (Sana), GolisoPower GolisoPower (Meltryllis), WeirdChillFever WeirdChillFever (Quackfaster) and ProfPeanut ProfPeanut (Timekeeper Cookie) all locked in respectable placements. It's all reassuring; on my end, I don't know exactly how much leeway life will give me to keep actively participating years from now, but if and when I step back, it'll be with the peace of mind that the series that's given me this much fulfillment is in hands this good.

Given the brutal competition, I'm happy most people enjoyed Elder Princess Shroob to where she could secure a podium finish at third. Similar to Walter White, she was a character I'd been kicking around for years, since 2017, when I first played through Partners in Time. She could've been made in some capacity at any point since my return two years later, but I wanted to wait until I felt confident in the best way to approach her extensive attack potential. For the longest time, Shroob was conceptualized with a pretty opposite (and arguably OOC) feel, where players would be incentivized to preserve her saucers so as to generate progressively stronger minions. I'm glad I took the time to come around to a far more explosive minion-abuse direction, with an additional spark of inspiration in her Time Ghosts (thanks, Rudy the Clown's music boxes!). My excitement around those ideas and ability to put my knowledge as a K. Rool main into designing an HFA made Shroob's writing process one of the most fun I've had to date. I would've been tickled to see her tie Dark Bowser as another MYM-winning Mario RPG final boss, but where she ended up, and the wonderful praise she got along the way from so many admired readers, is certainly nothing to sneeze at.

I was reasonably sure that Shroob would fare well in the final results, but I'm truly shocked, and heartened, by Cranky Kong's position in the Top 10. Given the contest's craziness, I was thinking he'd maybe show up somewhere in the teens or 20s, similar to Dixie before him. Looks like the crotchety Kong was not to be underestimated! He holds a special place in my set portfolio for several reasons — my love for DKC; his status as a remake of my largely forgotten MYM3 set; that, in seventh place, he's completed my personal "bingo card" of career Top 10 placements; and the chance to work alongside Smash Daddy Smash Daddy in putting forward a shared vision for such a beloved character. This was my first true joint since MYM4, and only my second ever after a few partial attempts that I ended up finishing solo. I'm so glad this was how Cranky got to have his due in MYM, and one of my first thoughts in seeing the Top 50 was happiness that Smady would get to wake up and see such a nice outcome, knowing the IRL tumultuousness that's made writing harder for him as of late.

One joint set begot another for me in MYM25! I had no conception that I'd end up making a Saul Goodman set, but after realizing that Rychu Rychu was a fellow Better Call Saul fan, and seeing all the deserved hype around the show in its final season last summer, the opportunity was too good to pass up. There had been some talk in the chat last year about a hypothetical Saul moveset could take inspiration from Phoenix Wright's interpretation in MvC, so after a good amount of brainstorming, that's where the Frivolous Lawsuit framework — framing foes for absurdist "crimes" and suing them for profit — emerged. Rychu brought more than his fair share of compelling attack ideas to the table, and the sort of effortless humor that I can only dream of having in my writing — seriously, both you and Smady, name the right character, and I'd jump at the chance to joint again. Saul marks the upper ceiling for how intricate any of my sets will ever be, something that in practice made him not everyone's cup of tea. But hey, the last-day submission of like 40+ newcomer sets and MYM's introduction to the FFC community isn't the worst lasting legacy.

As someone who historically hasn't done previews, I'll tease and say, of characters I've already named: I've got an outline in place for a "Big" Jack Horner set that I think will carry over some aspects people liked about Shroob, with their own unique spins, and I'm puzzling over how I could approach Funky Kong in a similar vein to Dixie and Cranky, in completing the trio of Tropical Freeze characters not already playable in Smash. On the whole, the source material on my radar won't come as a huge surprise, though there are a few oddball picks scattered in there. Whether one considers the set after my next as my 100th depends on how one classifies a handful of MYM3-5 sets with Down Special character swaps, but regardless, I'm approaching it as a passion project with that milestone in mind. Otherwise, I'll be trying my hand at modernizations of a few old MYM tropes and looking to advance, if not finish at least three more joint sets in different stages. As the Big N likes to say, please look forward to it, and I'll look forward to seeing what kind of opening day splash everyone makes in a few short weeks!

Smash Daddy

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Apr 29, 2007
K Rool Avenue

Congratulations to everyone firstly on how they made this MYM into such a success, one of, and in my opinion, as primarily an onlooker, likely the best MYM in history. Others have already gone over why, so what I can offer uniquely from them is my personal account of how it compares with previous ones. I would contrast MYM25 with earlier entries as a sequel or reboot that repeats the good parts, somehow manages to do many new things you never knew you wanted, and iron out issues you never knew were there. You’d have to be delusional or have some genuinely idiosyncratic biases to not give credit where it’s due. It only makes me prouder that I contributed what I could to it and played a part in something so monumental for the community.

What I did put up this MYM was a set I ultimately feel immense pride in having worked on with Kupa, who I have to give massive credit to and an incredible joint partner. Development on the set was very ambitious while simultaneously not always as straightforward as other projects. We did settle on an execution that was very “Sakurai Presents,” and once I realised that, I was one hundred percent behind that vision. However, you never know if that kind of approach will appeal to people in a big way. When I look at the votes, though, I see a sort of consistency and positivity that makes sense with that approach, and I could not be happier about the result.

Personally, I was not expecting to get top 10, and this accolade measures up there as one of my happiest moments and greatest honours in all the years I’ve done this. I would’ve understood if I scored way lower than I did; I thought like Kupa Cranky would score in the teens to twenties, which would’ve been more than fair. Getting top 10 in such a stacked contest where so many wonderful sets seemed to not even place, and people got lost in the crazy shuffle, again, is truly an honour and reinvigorates me. Thanks to everyone who made it happen, from Kupa to Amy, Gnawty, and yes, even you, Juliusaurus.

I would be remiss not to first shout out Roy and Nate for their joint win. I was always hoping for Roy to get his second, and it’s definitely been a long time coming. The amount of effort Roy puts into the community and helping run things, it’s admirable that he also puts out such stellar sets every MYM. Nate, I’m delighted to see this feather in his cap after all these years, and while he was already a legend, a win is a surefire way to cement your legacy. Rounding out the top 5 is also very cool to see all times greats such as Kupa and US and newer people like Tern and Almand get such high placements. Really, this is a top 5 that has it all. I also am proud to share the lower top 10 with Kat and Rychu, with some deserving second placements there from US and Roy, I have no doubt.

It’s indeed no small feat to get top 20 in this MYM, and it would not feel right not to see MYM legends such as FA and Slavic round things out there, and you do see the dominance of figures like Kat, Tern, Roy, Nate, and Almand here. Scrolling further down, I have to note the depth of users and the representation of so many people, new and old. If I was to nitpick anything, I’d like to see even more new people do well, but honestly, this MYM had some of the best diversity at the top that I’ve ever seen. It’s a far cry from the day when the top 10 was the same 4-5 people, and I couldn’t be gladder to see the community evolve. Anyone who placed at all did a great job, now more than ever.

Overall, an excellent MYM, and I hope these results are reinvigorating for everyone as much as they are for me. I don’t want to promise anything, but I hope I can put out more next MYM, but I also have to say I’m grateful for how understanding people are that my spare time is limited at the moment. My fingers are crossed that that changes. Whatever the future holds, this top 50 should make everyone who contributed anything feel great satisfaction and pride. It’s an almighty high standard that will be hard to top.
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Jun 8, 2017
That Distant Shore
I never did get around to fixing up Regigigas, huh. Truth be told, I have a very odd relationship with MYM. My sets have never been good, and I can't foresee them ever getting up to par with the standard (I struggle to wring out more than a sentence for most normals). And yet, something pulls me back to it every so often. Maybe it's the moveset ideas, or the community, or both, but I can't drop it. Maybe next contest will be the one where I actually make something viable. Probably not though. Congrats to all the winners!


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Nov 24, 2008
The Make Your Move Rooligan Society


"That was incredible, Lady Tsukuyo!"

"So coool!"

"I always knew you had the makings of a ninja master!"

"N-No...T-This has to be some kind of mistake. I still have so much to learn.... it should have been Izuna-chan, or you Prez."

"Izuna will do her best to surpass you and be the next greatest ninja!"

"With this victory, the Ninjutsu Research Club is sure to receive hundreds- no, thousands of new subscribers!"

"But I don't want to stand out...!"

"Are you sure you want that kind of attention? Ninjas are supposed to work in the shadows, you know."

"O-Of course! Sure, it might not be very ninja-like, but everyone deserves to know how cool ninjas are!"

"Ohohoho! And learn from a stupid rat like you? You placed so much worse than your subordinates!"

(Says the woman who didn't even place herself...)

"Guh! I-I... I was just holding back to give my kouhai a chance to shine! I could have done so much better if I had upgraded my Michiru-style shotgun!"

"I seem to recall you begging me to upgrade your shotgun at the last second, promising to pay me back after you splurged on those limited-edition Ninpero figurines."

"What's this? My autobiography, the culmination of my 46 years of blood, sweat and tears, DIDN'T EVEN PLACE!? Just ONE measly vote!? THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! Kids these days have terrible tastes! I will file a complaint to these "Voters" and sue this contest!"

"Oh please. Why don't you do all of us a favour and commit seppuku?"

"I didn't place alongside my fellow ninja... I will make amends by committing sudoku!"

"Stop Ninon! You don't need to go that far!"

"Speaking of board games, shall we go finish our game of shogi, Yagami-senpai?"

"Sure thing. (I won't lose to this kid again...)"

I am massively satisfied. This felt like my absolute best contest performance-wise, so I’m really glad that I got the placements and acknowledgement to represent that. I feel like I won the contest myself - in fact, I always feel like a winner when characters that I love do well. I honestly don’t care about beating out movesets that deserve their glory, and would much, much rather have the kind of results that I have had over the last few contests than to straight-up take 1st place, if it means getting to rep some of my favourite characters. Aside from Jigoro and Miruca, all my sets were planned and done throughout the contest, most being characters that I never thought I would make. I only got into Blue Archive at the beginning of May!

Oono Tsukuyo - Really satisfied with Tsukuyo’s placing, was hoping to get a Blue Archive moveset on the Top 10. She has become my personal favourite set I’ve made, largely thanks to the praise from n88 and Froy - getting a 5th Super Vote Plus rocks and really meant a lot. If you told me that Tsukuyo was going to be my best set when I first saw her character, I wouldn’t have believed you. Also funny that Tsukuyo placed 1 spot higher than Ferrijit in MYM24, who placed 1 spot higher than Pennywise in MYM23, who placed 1 spot higher than Yui Hirasawa and Himiko Toga in MYM21.

Kuda Izuna - I didn’t think Izuna would crack the Top 10 at all, but the last set of votelists were really kind to her. Very happy with that, as I’m really proud of Izuna and Tsukuyo’s unique base mechanics (plus Izuna is among my Top 5 favourite fictional characters so far). Love that Blue Archive has 2 Top 10 placings, the second franchise I’ve gotten in the Top 10 twice since Disgaea. Also, Izuna and Tsukuyo have now beaten out Shinobu for being my most successful ninja sets. I couldn’t ask for better ninja characters to do that.

(Also it’s funny that Izuna was essentially the Catarina of MYM25 - she got SVs from Froy and Slavic, the latter whom was their favourite set of mine like Catarina. Both sets got 4 SVs, but the other two SV’ers did not vote in MYM24 or 25.)

Miruca Crotze - Yes, finally broke into the Top 20 with an Atelier set! On my favourite Atelier character no less, who I was expecting to place like, between 25-30th or so. Anyway, Izuna, Tsukuyo and Miruca are my holy trinity of MYM25 sets with mechanics that I’m proud of. Even if Miruca does have some gimmicky Aerials, I still love everything about her moveset. She exceeded my expectations for what she had to go up against.

Kanade - Kanade might be one of the most extreme examples of a “hit or miss” moveset alongside Saul Goodman this contest, which is funny because they were posted around the same time. Kanade might not have been a big hit with everyone, but I’m very happy with his 3 Super Votes and cracking into the Top 20. Makes all the work I put into him pay off. I don’t think Kanade was underrated in the slightest, but I still hold him in extremely high regard among my movesets - and I’m sure that even those who weren’t big on Kanade got something out of his unique Akashic Records mechanic or beyond that. Also, I feel like Kanade was the Yin Manacuff of MYM25 - good boy mage character with a 24k set, got an SV from FA and Kupa and placed near the bottom of the Top 20. Kanade and Yin would definitely get along.

Kosaka Wakamo - While not on the level of Catarina from last contest, I’m still very happy with how Wakamo turned out as a Jamcon set. I’m not as personal on her character or moveset as the above 4 characters, but having another solid Blue Archive moveset on resume is always a win.

Light Yagami - Absolutely not a character I was expecting to make this contest. I always envisioned Light Yagami as being an ambitious Walter White-esque 20k moveset made over several months, but he ended up being a Jamcon moveset instead. I think the moveset didn’t have nearly as much flavour as it could have, like more references to the Death Note series, but that’s what I get for not having watched the series or revisited it for years. I did end up getting back into Death Note a little and reading various manga volumes a while after making Light’s moveset, though. Anyway, I love that this moveset exists for being a big (potential endgame) Katverse villain, and being that rare character that people actually find hype.

Mai and Yui - I wanted to make a BOFURI moveset ever since I watched season 1 in 2020, but it wasn’t until 2 years later that I figured out how to make Mai and Yui work. I knew they were going to be a hit-or-miss, but I am honestly pretty fond of their moveset, more so than Light - I like their tag team control scheme and how it led itself to a simple but unique heavyweight set. It’s funny how both BOFURI movesets ended up being pretty crazy hit-or-miss movesets: it felt fitting for how over-the-top the members of the Maple Tree Guild can be. I definitely want to make more BOFURI movesets when the inspiration strikes, but next time I’ll see about making the third character more grounded.

Chidori Michiru - I was worried that Michiru wouldn’t end up placing, but I’m very glad she did and that all 4 of my Blue Archive movesets (and all 3 members of the Ninjutsu Research Club) placed on MYM’s most competitive contest to date. Michiru might have some of the least unique ideas among my MYM25 sets, especially among those that placed, as I started her like a few hours after I found out about Blue Archive and didn’t have much time to research. It feels ridiculously fitting that Michiru’s two kouhais just did so much better than her: I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ninon Joubert / The Midori Gang / Jigoro Hakamichi - This is the first contest in a while where I haven’t been ashamed of having movesets not place; I have been satisfied with every moveset I’ve made since MYM23. Ninon was probably my weakest moveset this contest, she felt a little lacking in substance, but it seems like n88, Slavic and Froy among others got a lot from her promising mechanic. I like her character, but she doesn’t speak to me as much as the Ninjutsu Research Club (I have a harder time imagining how she would act in a story mode), so I’m not concerned that she didn’t place.

Midori Gang were very fun to make and serve as antagonists to the Ninjutsu Research Club - I was worried that they would rob Michiru of a placement, but I’m glad that didn’t come to pass. I don’t have much attachment to their characters, because it’s hard to like characters a lot when you don’t have their dialogue translated or a full grasp on their actual characters. Some votelists did make me wonder if a few people are inherently against the idea of Hugo movesets - and whether the answer to that would just be a Skeleton-style moveset where the character starts out complete but has the option to split up their body by using certain moves, like Gate Guardian from Yu-Gi-Oh!.

Jigoro is one of my rare character picks who calls under the “I do not care about this character at all,” umbrella. I wanted to strike a balance between “I am happy with this moveset,” and “I don't want this moveset to be successful or place,” so I’m happy with where Jigoro ended up.. Probably helped that I told Froy to remove Jigoro from some reading lists: Goliso’s, n88’s, Slavic’s and his own (and the fact that I intentionally made various moves in his set tacky, to be off-putting and to reference the tackiness seen in much older movesets). I do somewhat wonder what people would have thought about Jigoro though. Specifically, how they would have reacted to all those in-game lines I spread out across the moveset, as Goliso and Froy have some fun commentary where they react to stuff like that. Not the type of character or moveset I’ll do again - from here on out I’ll be focusing on characters I care about.

Different people had different favourites among my movesets, so I thought I’d list them here relative to people’s placings of them on their votelists:

FA: Oono Tsukuyo (SV)
Arctic Tern: Kanade (SV)
UserShadow: Oono Tsukuyo (RV+)
GolisoPower: Chidori Michiru (RV)
bubbyboytoo: Mai and Yui (SV)
Bkupa666: Kanade (SV)
Slavic: Kuda Izuna (SV)
n88 : Oono Tsukuyo (SV)
FrozenRoy Oono Tsukuyo (SV+)


In my opinion, MYM25 was hands-down our best contest ever.

This might sound strange, but in some ways I think MYM25 was an amplified version of MYM24. MYM24 was already a big step-up in moveset quality, but then MYM25 had even more quality sets and created the need for a bigger votelist. In having more sets and bigger votelists, I think that MYM25 really exacerbated some people’s MYM’ing habits. Bubby and Goliso’s wildcard voting quirks were more obvious (from the perspective of a vote guru), and Froy and Slavic had to cut it even closer and miss out on a few (still good) reads to send in their votelists.

Froy - Congratulations on your second win! It finally happened, after countless 2nd-placings, and on a very fitting set in the form of a serious swordfighter with a heavy emphasis on melee. You certainly had a memorable contest this time around, where the majority of your entries were joint sets that continued where you left off last contest. Once again, it was great to work with you as the vote guru and just have that communication. Here’s to more joint sets next time around, especially from setmakers you haven’t jointed with yet.

n88 - It’s great to have you back - and very unexpected that you straight-up won MYM25 alongside Froy, but about time for how much you contributed to MYM in the past. And of course, there’s always room for more funny writers like Slavic and KholdStare (not that -everyone- needs to be a good or funny writer - everyone is different). I was always interested in which direction your movesetting philosophy would go, and like Froy and Slavic it seems to have veered in the direction of clean if Akechi and Hakumen indicate anything. That threw me off-guard when I had you pegged for crazy stuff given Venom Strange - a set that I absolutely loved and am arguably the biggest fan of. Baron Mordo was also an innovative set, and Firebar and Idar were great semi-joke sets. It’s fascinating that you’re so flexible and have all those sides to you as a setmaker.

Tern - Congratulations on your Top 5 placing! We were blessed to get you this contest - even though this is technically your first contest, I can’t really think of you as a newcomer when you’ve lurked around for such a long time and displayed familiarity with a lot of movesets and terms from past contests. From the sound of it, it seems like you’ll Smash it with the moveset count again next contest. Aside from your big, great movesets like Remilia, Sam & Max, Madame Verre and Crewmate, it was very impressive that - like US - you participated in every Jamcon. It was fascinating that the majority of your Jamcons were -10k entries, and all of them were solid entries that I would have voted for in MYM24. I never understood why people didn’t vibe with Seth as much, and I was a bit surprised that Daniella didn’t get big votes from anyone except US and myself. Of every set that didn’t place, Naoto Shirogane absolutely feels like she should have placed on the Top 50 when nearly everyone was solid on her. Unfortunately, the 44 Votes meta made it difficult for movesets that don’t get an RV or WV to place.

On a self-indulgent note, I’m very happy that all my movesets resonated with you this contest (Wish I could have returned the favour with more Super Votes for you - Sam & Max were soooo close to getting a Super Vote from me). While you probably think of your MYM’ing style as being closer to Froy’s, I see a lot of myself in you: we both describe frame data in the middle of moves and lean towards mix-ups for spicing up our melee. Even our (speedy reading) and moveset rankings are similar: we are more soft to less popular movesets than other setmakers, and both almost never rank sets below 5 stars. As a fellow speedy commenter, I have loved having you around as someone who gives feedback to other sets quickly, just as I will for yours and other movesets.

US - Just another all-around, great and packed contest from you. Like last contest, you had the big frontrunner set that, in my opinion, was a notable gap between the rest of your sets in quality. Berkerley and Cartwright placed much higher than anyone expected, thanks to the gigantic boost from Bubbyliso, but even if those two had RV’d or WV’d them I suspect they would have still placed around the Top 20. And Joey Operetta had the honor of being the highest-placing moveset not to receive a Super Vote. Beyond them, you’ve been absolutely killing it with your perfect attendance with Jamcons, a feat I suspect Tern will match.

I was also very impressed with your commenting this contest - I recall you were disappointed with your performance last contest and wanted to step it up, so changing that up and commenting on nearly every set throughout the contest was just really good. Some people will comment on opening sets, Jamcon 1 stuff and the maybe the first 30 movesets that get posted, then fall off the reading bandwagon as the contest enters its mid-phase.

BKupa - With 3 giant passion projects this time around, this contest made it really obvious that you put your all into every set you make (though I’m curious how you would fare in a Jamcon if you ever had the time and inspiration to compete in one). I’m glad that I could Super Vote Plus one of your movesets this time around - I feel like I owed it to you, because Mysterio and Walter White were very close contenders for it last contest. Shroob could have very easily won this contest, too. Cranky Kong getting Top 10 rep is awesome, and I’m glad Saul Goodman did as well as he did, as one of the people who was very high on him. On my end, I’m very glad that you were high on Tsukuyo, as she was my first serious take on the superheavyweight genre and I know you love your heavyweight movesets.

It was also really cool to see 2 joint sets from you this time around, and hearing from Smady + Froy that they got to see the sheer amount of effort and proof-reading that you put into your movesets. I could certainly see jointing with you being quite the project in a good way (I would personally be down to doing any Disney villain with you). Also echoing that Big Jack Horner is a hype moveset plan.

Smash Daddy - Your hand in two big joint sets over the last 2 contests has certainly been an interesting direction for your movesetting. KOS-MOS had the unique writing of different moves being written by different setmakers with different writing styles, whereas with Cranky the two writing styles were blended together by Kupa’s stellar revision on the writing, from what I heard. Looking forward to seeing who you joint up with next, or whether you make your grand solo return - iirc you’ve said that you’ve had a bit more free time/better time management. I’m sure you would have loved a lot of the sets that MYM25 offered, too.

ForwardArrow - Really appreciated your good commentary and dedication to MYM in spite of having taken a backseat. You’re still one of the strongest and most vocal readers we have around. You have had a bit of a history with movesets that place arguably higher compared to where you might think they deserve (iirc you felt that Metroid Prime blatantly overplaced), but Valkyrie has a bit of influence in being a test in a more compact writing style and inspiring and echo fighter. Not sure what MYM plans you have for the future, but I would be cool even if you just wanted to post one simple set or even nothing over a contest.

(Also neat to hear that you’re going with your gut decision to rewrite your books 1-2 to help with book 3 - that reminds me of the process I went through with writing Tsukuyo, where I had to rewrite most of her moveset when she was nearly done because I thought of a much, much better and more character-fitting concept for her moveset. Her re-write paid off massively, so talking from experience I’m sure it will pay off for you too. )

Rychu - Another 10th place One Piece placing! Also fun to see the double-joints, echo what I said about Saul Goodman for Kupa. Beyond Whitebeard and Saul, I do think Sam Fisher is just as impressive and influential as Law, if not more so. Sam Fisher’s presentation and writing were absolutely peak, and as others have mentioned you are very good at getting a lot out of short descriptions for what was a very clean read. Sam honestly placed better than I expected, too (very glad that you didn’t withdraw him from getting voted on - that would have been criminal). I would also like to give a shout-out to Two-Face for his really awesome intro presentation - even if you weren’t proud of that set, you should be proud of that presentation, because good things can be salvaged from even the weakest movesets. I understand you had a bit of a setback in life and couldn’t vote this time around, but here’s hoping that MYM26 is better for you!

Slavic - I know you had a rough time irl this contest, and that going from a really strong contest to something below that level is a major bummer. I can definitely relate: my MYM17-19 performances were weaker than 16, and MYM22 I hold in lower regard than 21, 20 or the contests that came after it. Nonetheless, Nino was a great set and I’m glad I could give you another Super Vote for a third contest in a row. Baseball Boys was a very strong set too, in my personal Top 5 Slavic sets right now, one that placed criminally low due to a few surprise NVs and being that one set that -just- missed out on a few RVs.

Even beyond those sets, your entries made a good impression on me beyond being great reads in general. I really like how you spread out Magdelena Reinier’s lore throughout her set in trivia boxes instead of dumping all the lore at the start of the set - I’m going to steal that idea for the next lore-heavy OC I make. It is unfortunate that Isabella didn’t place - on top of just being a good set, she was literally the most hype character for me this contest, as I love seeing sets for under-represented anime and characters who don’t fight in their source material/have an obvious fighting style like Shonen Jump characters. I will always be happy to see more anime sets of this style from you down the road.

Almand - A giant step-up from MYM24! I may have overlooked Hugo big-time last contest, so I’m glad that I could give Sleaze and Alex the love they deserved. Those two sets had some influence on Izuna and Tsukuyo, as I have mentioned before, so they have a little extra importance for me. Like Sam Fisher, Alex will definitely go down in history, for reasons beyond his placement and what he offered as a quality moveset.

You’ll definitely be taken a lot more seriously from here on out - and very promising to hear that you’ll attempt to comment more as your studies ease. I think you’re a bit like Kupa with how you approach movesets, where everything you make is a giant all-out passion project over shorter and more simple entries. But there are other setmakers to provide us with those, so don’t worry there.

Bubbyboytoo - You showed steady improvement from last contest in an insane contest, so getting Top 30 with Sana is still something to be proud of! Your movesets all have a clean quality that makes your stronger entries appeal to everyone, which is notable when Sana got a vote from everyone. I think you have a great writing style for seamlessly describing stuff in your movesets. Glad I was able to vote for Sana and Asbestos - Calliope was one of those sets that I might have overlooked relative to how popular she was with other setmakers, so I tried to be more mindful here to compensate.

As far as placing higher, I think that taking bigger risks in your setmaking is something to strive for, or developing a further understanding of melee and Smash mechanics. If you’re not willing to do either of these things (you NV’d for a lot of movesets that did either or both), then perhaps you could emulate a set like Law - super strong mechanic that can be played off in really fun ways with simple melee. Sana was a very solid set, but I don’t think you’d be willing to take constructs as far as they could be with your design philosophy (though some would definitely argue that this is a good thing!).

I would also like to see you comment and talk about sets more - you had by far the most esoteric votelists this and last contest, which makes some of your votes or not-votes come across as random and frustrating. I know you have a hard time expressing your thoughts on sets you read, but even a little acknowledgement goes a long way - don’t forget that all of us minus Kupa acknowledged your movesets, and that back in MYM23 you expressed frustration over Robobot Armor not getting comments. There are also occasions where you flip and make overly-negative comments when you comment on something that you’re not big on (Syndrome, Elder Princess Shroob, Jodie Reynolds, Light Yagami), which could be really dialed down on - it’s not the fact that you’re low on the set, but how you express your thoughts. Truth be told, your Light comment was actually the motivation for me to write my article on Comments.

Golisopower - You’ve improved a lot with each contest. The Creature was a step-up from Judgement and Chosen Undead despite placing lower, and Eldlich was an even bigger step-up from Creature in spite of placing a bit lower (I’m sure you’ll definitely break this trend!). Eldlich and Veronica were both admirably ambitious movesets, the type of work that will definitely serve you well in creating a truly amazing moveset later down the line. And while Meltryllis was mostly Tern’s work according to them, you deserve a lot of credit for some of the concepts and the insane work of updating the Melt Virus page with -every- moveset made in MYM25!

I commend you for putting in a nomination for each Jamcon, and slowly getting through their reading at a consistent pace and acknowledging everything they read. If there’s one thing I’ll say as vote guru, it’s that your votelist had a lot of what I heavily suspect to be recency bias, which led to an esoteric votelist where a lot of deserving sets that got praise from you not making the votelist due to reading in order of high to low priority sets. I can kind of see where you’re coming from, more recent reads might make a better impression than older stuff as they’re more fresh in your memory. Just thought that I should bring this up. It does make me curious what a votelist from you would look like if you read sets in the order they’re posted or from low to high priority. Other than that, it’s been very enjoyable to have you around as usual: here’s to more story mode related fun from you.

Also, fun fact: WeirdChilFever had Eldlich the Golden Lord set as their 5th Super Vote, from their most recent proto vote-list that Froy had shown me a few months back. Eldlich wasn’t competing with just a few sets either: WCF had read Shroob, Saul Goodman, Sleaze, Sam & Max, Valkyrie, Cranky Kong and of course all the Jamcon 1 entries. It is probably rude of me to disclose this information without WCF’s permission, but I thought you should know that WCF was very high on Eldlich, so he has another big fan besides FA, US and myself.

WeirdChillFever - It feels like Quackfaster underplaced, as she was arguably the biggest casualty of the Bubbyliso votelist pair. I still think she’s one of your stronger sets though, and I hope her performance hasn’t put a damper on your ambitions - I’m sure she was just a taste of what’s to come from the Ducktales franchise. I really enjoyed Quackfaster: all her in-universe references, the take on gravity-flipping that I attempted in MYM24, and her improved Up Tilt was a cool take on stale-move negation that I could see being a fun centerpiece in a set that focused on it. I was also the biggest fan of FE Daisy: Pursuit was a brilliant mechanic that could have made Daisy one of your best were it refined further.

Diliam - It was fun to get you associated with Nostalgia Critic, who was a fun set and even more fun to associate with the story mode. I think you’ve been having a bit of trouble taking off set-wise, but I would still like to see something from you as you have a lot of cool characters ideas and have a presence in the movesetting chats. I want to make a moveset for Hitori Gotoh myself - I would happily collaborate with you on her to get her off the ground.

BridgesWithTurtles - Echoing from Discord that Jacky Bryant was a solid, cool fighting game set that earned his placing, and that Nomad almost placed. Looking forward to seeing whether you’ll comment more in MYM26, or how far you’ll go with your in-Smash style of movesetting. Your return to MYM was probably overshadowed this contest, as we got Tern as a newcomer and n88 returning as well as FFC, but it just goes to show that we got an abundance of people this contest.

Junahu - Definitely want to give you a shout-out, because Herminia and Mao were both an improvement over Kactuar in my opinion. Herminia nearly made my votelist, and would have straight-up got on in MYM24 - she was really good for a Jamcon and showed that you can still make awesome sets within short notice. Mao not getting into the Top 50 was a bit of a crime for the absurd amount of work and extras that went into him. There’s definitely room for your melee to develop to modern sensibilities, if you wanted to go in that direction, but I really love the unique and creative ideas you’ve shown in… literally all of your modern movesets. Stuff like Pete with growing different crops on different parts of the stage, Mao and his magichange attacks, it’s all stuff you wouldn’t see anywhere else in MYM. I honestly believe that you could make a big Top 20/frontrunner moveset if you wanted to.

KholdStare - Just want to see that I miss your movesets, and am looking forward to your grand return next contest.

FFC (OldManHan, Daehypeels) - You guys certainly made the last day of MYM25 eventful! I apologize if I’m not acknowledging every FFC member who posted a moveset here, just going by the members who I felt had the most presence in the Discord chat and with their movesets. OldManHan had easily the biggest presence in my opinion, being the most active member in the movesetting threads and being very open with setreading (got through a few sets, but I don’t blame you there because there were just too many this time around) as well as editing Illias and Adramelech in response to comments. Those two sets definitely would have placed in -any- past contest - they and /v/-tan honestly did really well when the FFC community was largely held back by not being familiar with what MYM likes in movesets. Definitely look forward to seeing what you all can do in MYM26 when you’ll be around from the start, whether that’s commenting or making movesets that surpass what you’ve already shown. And of course, we’re all waiting for the legendary Luka moveset.

It’s been great to have you all - like all newcomers, especially you guys with your tournament-style movesetting community, you all offer something new and significant to MYM. It would be really, really cool if any of you entered the upcoming Jamcon that Froy will host a few weeks into MYM26.


Smash Hero
Jun 23, 2007
Hello! I'm returning here to make an offering to Make Your Move. As someone who enjoys numbers and statistics a bit, I hope other people here enjoy it as a fun little thing to look at and go 'huh'.

For some context: Back in Make Your Move 10 or so, I started a sort of leaderboard that gave moveset creators points based off of how many movesets they had which placed in the top 50, and how many movesets they had that placed in the top 50. It was meant to be a sort of idea of how much people contributed, and where people stand compared to old and new moveset creators. More than wanting to try to make something competitive, I just thought it would be a neat thing to see and track. So I made it, and I tracked it until I left the community around Make Your Move 13.
Recently, I decided on a whim to completely update this old list all the way up through Make Your Move 25.

Explaining the points since people will probably want to know: Every moveset was given a score based off placement, with 1st place being worth 50 points and 50th place being only worth 1 point. All movesets in between followed the same pattern, and sitting and adding up everything was definitely an experience.

Other columns on this list: Column 2 is the first contest where the person placed in the top 50, as well as the most recent contest where they placed in the top 50. Column 3 is the person's highest placement in the top 50, and the most recent contest contest where they reached that placement.

Errors: I'm sorry if there are errors. I tried my best and got it proofread to trim out alt accounts and make some tweaks to certain things I wasn't aware of. I am at least confident the important stuff is mostly right, and this whole thing is just supposed to be a novelty for funsies anyway.

The table is copied and pasted from my notepad document, Smashboards didn't want me to have nice things so my fixed width faunt formatting is gone I guess. I hope it's enjoyable anyway. Have a nice day, make sure to drink water, and check your sitting posture. Mwah.


| MasterWarlord | MYM 3 - MYM 22 | Best Place: 1st (MYM20) | 3834 Pts |
| FrozenRoy | MYM 12 - MYM 25 | Best Place: 1st (MYM14) | 2897 Pts |
| Smash Daddy | MYM 5 - MYM 25 | Best Place: 1st (MYM12) | 2828 Pts |
| Katapultar | MYM 6 - MYM 25 | Best Place: 1st (MYM16) | 1998 Pts |
| BKupa666 | MYM 3 - MYM 25 | Best Place: 1st (MYM24) | 1463 Pts |
| ForwardArrow | MYM 10 - MYM 25 | Best Place: 1st (MYM22) | 1439 Pts |
| UserShadow7989 | MYM 6 - MYM 25 | Best Place: 1st (MYM23) | 1385 Pts |
| Junahu | MYM 3 - MYM 24 | Best Place: 1st (MYM 7) | 1316 Pts |
| KingK.Rool | MYM 3 - MYM 11 | Best Place: 1st (MYM10) | 1066 Pts |
| JOE! | MYM 6 - MYM 19 | Best Place: 3rd (MYM13) | 985 Pts |
| darth meanie | MYM 6 - MYM 16 | Best Place: 5th (MYM14) | 883 Pts |
| SirKibble | MYM 2 - MYM 12 | Best Place: 3rd (MYM 4) | 729 Pts |
| Hyper_Ridley | MYM 3 - MYM 10 | Best Place: 1st (MYM 5) | 723 Pts |
| n88_2004 | MYM 8 - MYM 25 | Best Place: 1st (MYM25) | 579 Pts |
| Munomario777 | MYM 16 - MYM 22 | Best Place: 8th (MYM20) | 557 Pts |
| MarthTrinity | MYM 2 - MYM 12 | Best Place: 8th (MYM10) | 545 Pts |
| Dr. Slavic | MYM 16 - MYM 25 | Best Place: 2nd (MYM24) | 515 Pts |
| agidius | MYM 4 - MYM 13 | Best Place: 3rd (MYM 7) | 363 Pts |
| Kholdstare | MYM 3 - MYM 24 | Best Place: 7th (MYM22) | 350 Pts |
| Bionichute | MYM 15 - MYM 23 | Best Place: 13th (MYM19) | 348 Pts |
| Chief Mendez | MYM 3 - MYM 4 | Best Place: 1st (MYM 3) | 310 Pts |
| Rychu | MYM 11 - MYM 25 | Best Place: 10th (MYM25) | 286 Pts |
| Chris Lionheart | MYM 2 - MYM 10 | Best Place: 9th (MYM 6) | 280 Pts |
| ProfPeanut | MYM 11 - MYM 25 | Best Place: 7th (MYM12) | 238 Pts |
| Professor Lexicovermis | MYM 20 - MYM 23 | Best Place: 3rd (MYM22) | 229 Pts |
| El_Duderino | MYM 1 - MYM 2 | Best Place: 2nd (MYM 2) | 227 Pts |
| Davidreamcatcha | MYM 10 - MYM 13 | Best Place: 6th (MYM10) | 217 Pts |
| half_silver28 | MYM 2 - MYM 12 | Best Place: 8th (MYM12) | 203 Pts |
| Spadefox | MYM 4 - MYM 5 | Best Place: 1st (MYM 5) | 195 Pts |
| BridgesWithTurtles | MYM 14 - MYM 25 | Best Place: 7th (MYM14) | 195 Pts |
| Nicholas1024 | MYM 9 - MYM 13 | Best Place: 11th (MYM13) | 194 Pts |
| TWILTHERO | MYM 3 - MYM 14 | Best Place: 9th (MYM 3) | 194 Pts |
| MetaLord | MYM 1 - ______ | Best Place: 10th (MYM 1) | 192 Pts |
| WeirdChillFever | MYM 21 - MYM 25 | Best Place: 5th (MYM21) | 190 Pts |
| Arctic_Tern | MYM 25 - ______ | Best Place: 4th (MYM25) | 186 Pts |
| LegendofLink | MYM 9 - MYM 11 | Best Place: 4th (MYM11) | 183 Pts |
| Commander Blitzkrieg | MYM 2 - ______ | Best Place: 7th (MYM 2) | 181 Pts |
| Almand | MYM 23 - MYM 25 | Best Place: 5th (MYM25) | 171 Pts |
| smashbot226 | MYM 2 - MYM 14 | Best Place: 4th (MYM 2) | 166 Pts |
| Plorf | MYM 5 - MYM 13 | Best Place: 9th (MYM 5) | 163 Pts |
| bubbyboytoo | MYM 21 - MYM 25 | Best Place: 25th (MYM23) | 161 Pts |
| JamietheAuraUser | MYM 17 - MYM 23 | Best Place: 3rd (MYM21) | 156 Pts |
| Wizzerd | MYM 5 - MYM 7 | Best Place: 4th (MYM 7) | 153 Pts |
| dancingfrogman | MYM 2 - MYM 6 | Best Place: 13th (MYM 2) | 142 Pts |
| SkylerOcon | MYM 4 - MYM 7 | Best Place: 18th (MYM 7) | 128 Pts |
| ChaosKiwi | MYM 15 - MYM 17 | Best Place: 22nd (MYM16) | 111 Pts |
| Fawriel | MYM 1 - ______ | Best Place: 5th (MYM 1) | 108 Pts |
| RWB | MYM 1 - MYM 2 | Best Place: 3rd (MYM 1) | 107 Pts |
| The Nerd | MYM 1 - ______ | Best Place: 7th (MYM 1) | 105 Pts |
| kitsuneko345 | MYM 2 - MYM 11 | Best Place: 10th (MYM 3) | 104 Pts |
| Iron Thorn | MYM 2 - MYM 3 | Best Place: 17th (MYM 3) | 102 Pts |
| Reigaheres | MYM 17 - MYM 23 | Best Place: 18th (MYM19) | 99 Pts |
| emergency | MYM 4 - MYM 13 | Best Place: 12th (MYM13) | 97 Pts |
| GreatClayMonkey | MYM 1 - MYM 2 | Best Place: 12th (MYM 2) | 95 Pts |
| Mario_And_Sonic_Guy | MYM 2 - ______ | Best Place: 8th (MYM 2) | 88 Pts |
| Copperpot | MYM 1 - ______ | Best Place: 4th (MYM 1) | 87 Pts |
| GolisoPower | MYM 23 - MYM 25 | Best Place: 29th (MYM25) | 81 Pts |
| cena_wolf | MYM 1 - MYM 2 | Best Place: 14th (MYM 1) | 70 Pts |
| Meadow | MYM 3 - MYM 6 | Best Place: 23rd (MYM 4) | 70 Pts |
| Conren | MYM 14 - MYM 19 | Best Place: 9th (MYM14) | 70 Pts |
| Tanookie | MYM 4 - MYM 5 | Best Place: 22nd (MYM 4) | 69 Pts |
| flyinfilipino | MYM 8 - ______ | Best Place: 20th (MYM 8) | 68 Pts |
| goldwyvern | MYM 4 - MYM 6 | Best Place: 15th (MYM 4) | 65 Pts |
| :034: | MYM 1 - ______ | Best Place: 14th (MYM 1) | 59 Pts |
| KoJ | MYM 3 - ______ | Best Place: 23rd (MYM 3) | 58 Pts |
| TheSundanceKid | MYM 4 - MYM 8 | Best Place: 24th (MYM 5) | 57 Pts |
| Zook | MYM 11 - MYM 15 | Best Place: 27th (MYM11) | 51 Pts |
| Stroupes | MYM 2 - ______ | Best Place: 1st (MYM 2) | 50 Pts |
| Kirby M.D. | MYM 1 - ______ | Best Place: 1st (MYM 1) | 50 Pts |
| Kips | MYM 1 - ______ | Best Place: 1st (MYM 1) | 50 Pts |
| cheap_josh | MYM 3 - MYM 4 | Best Place: 24th (MYM 3) | 49 Pts |
| The_Great_Panda | MYM 2 - ______ | Best Place: 3rd (MYM 2) | 48 Pts |
| IvoryFlame | MYM 2 - ______ | Best Place: 9th (MYM 2) | 48 Pts |
| TheKingOfAllCosmos | MYM 9 - ______ | Best Place: 3rd (MYM 9) | 48 Pts |
| majora_787 | MYM 12 - MYM 13 | Best Place: 18th (MYM13) | 45 Pts |
| Sir Bedevere | MYM 1 - ______ | Best Place: 7th (MYM 1) | 44 Pts |
| HeoandReo | MYM 2 - MYM 3 | Best Place: 33rd (MYM 3) | 42 Pts |
| smashbro29 | MYM 2 - ______ | Best Place: 10th (MYM 2) | 41 Pts |
| PKSkyler | MYM 2 - ______ | Best Place: 11th (MYM 2) | 40 Pts |
| Eaode | MYM 1 - ______ | Best Place: 11th (MYM 1) | 40 Pts |
| Akiak | MYM 4 - MYM 11 | Best Place: 21st (MYM11) | 40 Pts |
| phatcat203 | MYM 9 - MYM 10 | Best Place: 34th (MYM 9) | 34 Pts |
| PolarisJunkie | MYM 1 - ______ | Best Place: 18th (MYM 1) | 33 Pts |
| Sindel | MYM 2 - ______ | Best Place: 19th (MYM 2) | 32 Pts |
| Vaul | MYM 3 - ______ | Best Place: 19th (MYM 3) | 32 Pts |
| IvanQuote | MYM 19 - MYM 22 | Best Place: 34th (MYM22) | 31 Pts |
| Gcubedude | MYM 9 - MYM 10 | Best Place: 30th (MYM 9) | 30 Pts |
| samusrules93 | MYM 1 - ______ | Best Place: 22nd (MYM 1) | 29 Pts |
| Dream Land Works | MYM 2 - ______ | Best Place: 22nd (MYM 2) | 29 Pts |
| Frf | MYM 6 - MYM 7 | Best Place: 26th (MYM 7) | 29 Pts |
| Sabrewulf238 | MYM 1 - ______ | Best Place: 23rd (MYM 1) | 28 Pts |
| Brostulip | MYM 18 - ______ | Best Place: 31st (MYM18) | 28 Pts |
| Insurance Salesman | MYM 1 - ______ | Best Place: 24th (MYM 1) | 27 Pts |
| Eternal Smasher | MYM 2 - ______ | Best Place: 24th (MYM 2) | 27 Pts |
| tirkaro | MYM 7 - MYM 13 | Best Place: 37th (MYM 7) | 27 Pts |
| bivunit94 | MYM 2 - ______ | Best Place: 25th (MYM 2) | 26 Pts |
| ArchemedesVI | MYM 1 - ______ | Best Place: 26th (MYM 1) | 25 Pts |
| omega_ridley_X | MYM 1 - ______ | Best Place: 35th (MYM 1) | 24 Pts |
| the melon!!!!! | MYM 2 - ______ | Best Place: 27th (MYM 2) | 24 Pts |
| Koppakirby | MYM 7 - MYM 8 | Best Place: 29th (MYM 8) | 24 Pts |
| cutter | MYM 8 - MYM 9 | Best Place: 30th (MYM 8) | 24 Pts |
| killbeast301 | MYM 1 - ______ | Best Place: 28th (MYM 1) | 23 Pts |
| MysticKenji | MYM 1 - ______ | Best Place: 30th (MYM 1) | 23 Pts |
| TheKalmarKing | MYM 14 - ______ | Best Place: 28th (MYM14) | 23 Pts |
| Z1GMA | MYM 14 - ______ | Best Place: 31st (MYM14) | 20 Pts |
| Violenceman | MYM 13 - ______ | Best Place: 35th (MYM13) | 16 Pts |
| BlackFox | MYM 11 - ______ | Best Place: 36th (MYM11) | 15 Pts |
| KafkaKomedy | MYM 21 - ______ | Best Place: 43rd (MYM21) | 15 Pts |
| The Trophy Master | MYM 4 - ______ | Best Place: 37th (MYM 4) | 14 Pts |
| The Jim Jims | MYM 21 - ______ | Best Place: 37th (MYM21) | 14 Pts |
| cdilink | MYM 1 - ______ | Best Place: 39th (MYM 1) | 12 Pts |
| quarzark | MYM 2 - ______ | Best Place: 39th (MYM 2) | 12 Pts |
| john! | MYM 8 - ______ | Best Place: 39th (MYM 8) | 12 Pts |
| Crom | MYM 1 - ______ | Best Place: 40th (MYM 1) | 11 Pts |
| Wrkngclsshr | MYM 9 - ______ | Best Place: 40th (MYM 9) | 11 Pts |
| plague126 | MYM 23 - ______ | Best Place: 40th (MYM23) | 11 Pts |
| Moon/Sun | MYM 2 - ______ | Best Place: 41st (MYM 2) | 10 Pts |
| zero_breaker | MYM 17 - ______ | Best Place: 41st (MYM17) | 10 Pts |
| ZLBProductions | MYM 22 - ______ | Best Place: 41st (MYM22) | 10 Pts |
| Chase | MYM 23 - ______ | Best Place: 41st (MYM23) | 10 Pts |
| OddCrow | MYM 1 - ______ | Best Place: 42nd (MYM 1) | 9 Pts |
| Chaos Swordsman | MYM 10 - ______ | Best Place: 43rd (MYM10) | 8 Pts |
| Somasu | MYM 1 - ______ | Best Place: 44th (MYM 1) | 7 Pts |
| Delta_BP26 | MYM 3 - ______ | Best Place: 44th (MYM 3) | 7 Pts |
| HollowKnight | MYM 10 - ______ | Best Place: 44th (MYM10) | 7 Pts |
| peeup | MYM 14 - ______ | Best Place: 44th (MYM14) | 7 Pts |
| Flying Dutchman | MYM 1 - ______ | Best Place: 45th (MYM 1) | 6 Pts |
| Apemasta' | MYM 6 - ______ | Best Place: 45th (MYM 6) | 6 Pts |
| ManlySpirit | MYM 13 - ______ | Best Place: 45th (MYM13) | 6 Pts |
| Cheezball | MYM 1 - ______ | Best Place: 46th (MYM 1) | 5 Pts |
| Jimnymebob | MYM 6 - ______ | Best Place: 46th (MYM 6) | 5 Pts |
| Chris Sifnoitis | MYM 19 - ______ | Best Place: 46th (MYM19) | 5 Pts |
| Altais | MYM 20 - ______ | Best Place: 46th (MYM20) | 5 Pts |
| Warrior of Many Faces | MYM 13 - ______ | Best Place: 47th (MYM13) | 4 Pts |
| Plazzap | MYM 17 - ______ | Best Place: 47th (MYM17) | 4 Pts |
| vVv ChiboSempai | MYM 1 - ______ | Best Place: 48th (MYM 1) | 3 Pts |
| xX Boezy Xx | MYM 2 - ______ | Best Place: 48th (MYM 2) | 3 Pts |
| Patchi | MYM 2 - ______ | Best Place: 49th (MYM 2) | 2 Pts |
| Hobs | MYM 6 - ______ | Best Place: 49th (MYM 6) | 2 Pts |
| PixelPasta | MYM 17 - ______ | Best Place: 49th (MYM17) | 2 Pts |
| frankisvital | MYM 1 - ______ | Best Place: 50th (MYM 1) | 1 Pts |
| LUVTOY77-ROGUE WIREFRAME | MYM 3 - ______ | Best Place: 50th (MYM 3) | 1 Pts |
| Shake~ | MYM 5 - ______ | Best Place: 50th (MYM 5) | 1 Pts |
| Janx_uwu | MYM 24 - ______ | Best Place: 50th (MYM24) | 1 Pts |
| Daehypeels | MYM 25 - ______ | Best Place: 50th (MYM25) | 1 Pts |


Smash Journeyman
Aug 13, 2007
Hot dang, that's nice! (Can't be too mad about 7th, and looks like I have a good shot of breaking into top 5!) I really appreciate the kind of undertaking this must've been to make and update; it's good to see you Majora, don't be a stranger in chat if you just wanna chew the fat sometime!
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