Make a roster for the hypothetical "Smash Reboot" that was considered!


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Mar 21, 2019
I'll sort these by series they are from and include together characters that are the only representatives of their series who are returning. I'm gonna ignore echo fighters as they don't make a big impact on development time anyway so you can just imagine them being included if you like but otherwise I'm gonna assume they won't even be bothered with. I'm not sure what changes this game would have but I'd imagine the bulk of the returning characters would undergo various changes which you'll somewhat see me make mention of later.
The Mario cast would easily still be the biggest and I can't see many of them being cut. I can see most of them receiving major changes except maybe Yoshi who would stay relatively the same.
Pikachu is a mainstay of Pokemon, Trainer helps further represent the series and its traits, while Greninja is an overall super popular Pokemon. With the series worldwide popularity I have new issue with them having 3 characters. Pikachu would probably have the most changes though, having moves like his side-B completely changed. At this point I need to address disappearance of Jigglypuff as she was part of the original Smash 64 roster and I'm just gonna say I'd treat this as a reboot of the Smash games so the idea is not to allow the past games to completely define what this one can and cannot do.
Obviously Link would still be in but for the sake of cuts, I wouldn't include Zelda and instead I'd have Ganondorf take her 'Mage' archetype. This could be a mistake though, with how many people currently main Ganondorf in Ultimate and to be fair he has become quite different from Falcon in his current form but nonetheless this is what I'm thinking.
Marth is the face of of Fire Emblem and I actually chose Roy because while he might be as popular as other FE characters he has a certain 'flare' other FE characters tend to lack while putting the 'Fire' in Fire Emblem :smirk: I'd have him take Ike's role, borrowing some moves from him (replacing the counter) and dawning the role of a semi-'heavy' sword-fighter. As oppose to the other three Sword users like Pit who fits the fast archetype, Marth being the slow precise middle-ground, and Link being the slow technical multi-tool zoner which would contrast well with Roy too.
To be honest, I don't really like Diddy as a fighter and have no connection to the series either so for the sake of cuts he was an easy one for me on this list. Meanwhile, keeping the most iconic protagonist and antagonist of the series while simultaneously keeping two heavies made the most sense to me.
Two most iconic Metroid characters...
A lot of characters are here due to me making cuts but keeping the rest you see here made the most sense to me. G&W just seemed lack too classic and wacky of a character to cut. Isabelle seems like the better representative for her series and is certainly more loved than 'Villager' who after all is just an avatar character which I'm trying to avoid anyway. Isabelle might incorporate some things from Villager or other new things from the games.
One of Nintendo's most successful newer IP's, no way Inkling is leaving the roster. I can even see an Octoling Echo or semi-clone being made. I can easily see Inkling having a very different moveset from Ultimate though.
While I was trying to disclude 3rd party characters I did end up keeping Sonic because of how iconic he is and his strong rivalry with Mario I.E. Olympics ect… Perhaps also personal bias which of course effects the entire list :awesome:

That would be 27 returning characters which leaves room for some newcomers in the base roster..

Potential Newcomers:
Bandana Waddle Dee
Waluigi (He does have a following after all and finally you could have Mario and Luigi face Wario and Waluigi!)
Dixie Kong (What? Didn't think I'd add her after removing Diddy?)
(New Pokemon)
(Zelda series character)
(Xenoblade character)
(FE character)
(Arms character)

Potential DLC Characters (Don't take these picks too seriously but I think its pretty much a given this game would get DLC so this is where I'll place some new 3rd party characters):
Tails (or a different Sonic character)
Master Chief
Crash Bandicoot
Zero (from Mega Man)

Seeing as of the writing of this post we've barely gotten into the DLC of Ultimate its safe to assume I'd do this differently in the future but for now this makes the most sense to me. Even if thats a little over 1/3 for the base roster I figure I can do the same and it still seems reasonable.


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Dec 20, 2013
Limiting myself to how I think Nintendo would decide 30 characters, but with no 3rd parties, echos or newcomers.


  • Lucina would be upgraded to be made more unique.
  • The Mii fighter would be a combination of the 3. Mainly using the Brawler for the framework, but with customisable options using some of Gunner and Swordfighter moves.
Mar 24, 2014
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Doctor Bosconovitch is Tag Team Tournament 2, but Gon isn't, what did you mean by the last part? If you're talking about the characters that aren't in 7, it's weird that you mention Gon, when Gon's been gone for ages, hahaha.
I will never get over Gon being gone.
He was my favorite Tekken Character.
I understand he was a licensed third party character.
But Golly I loved Shell-less Gon.


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Sep 6, 2018
Not sure if I've suggested a roster of this style before, but I like the idea of a Heroes vs. Villains centred game/roster.

Starting roster:
1. Mario & Cappy
2. Young Link (Majora's Mask)
3. Samus
4. Donkey Kong Jr.
5. Captain Falcon
6. Kirby
7. Ninten
8. Valerie (Mawile, Mr. Mime, Sylveon)
9. Fox
10. Lyn
11. Sonic
12. Simon

13. Wario
14. Olimar
15. Inkling
16. Elma
17. Pit
18. Banjo-Kazooie
19. Snake
20. Bayonetta
21. Mega Man
22. Pac-Man
23. Little Mac

24. King Wart
25. Ganon
26. Ridley
27. King K. Rool
28. Black Shadow
29. Marx
30. Porky
31. Necrozma
32. Wolf
33. Ashnard
34. Dr. Eggman
35. Carmilla
36. Captain Syrup
37. Louie
38. Octoling
39. Egil
40. Hades
41. Gruntilda
42. Liquid Snake
43. Balder
44. Metal Man
45. Blinky
46. Aran Ryan

47. Travis Touchdown
48. Jeane
49. Crash Bandicoot
50. Neo Cortex

The next game would see the return of beloved characters like Pikachu, Cloud, Zelda and more, while introducing longly requested characters such as Geno, Isaac, Shadow and Waluigi. Other characters would include Mii (based on Tomodachi Life, not any of the three templates), a Rhythm Heaven rep, Jibanyan (if Yokai Watch is still doing well over in Japan) and Mach Rider (I know it will never happen, but I can dream).
Jul 31, 2012
I already did one, but I figured that I would redo it. If Smash was rebooted, I see this being the potential roster. I don't think that they would remove an entire franchise of its playable characters, because the only times that this had happened were the :ulticeclimbers: due to the limitations of the 3DS and :ultsnake: for some never revealed reason (my guess is something to do with Kojima and Konami splitting up and Snake having been a personal request). I also took into consideration on why each of the characters were added/ when.

Reasoning for Each Characters
While most people believe that the 'Original 12' gives the entire cast of the original Smash Bros safety of returning in every installment, I only really think that the starting roster of the game holds that title. With Ultimate, we don't see Luigi, Captain Falcon, Ness and Jigglypuff already unlocked at the start of Ultimate, nor are they present on the Smash Bros Ultimate version of the Switch. I'll get to those four later in my reasoning but the original 8 are untouchable.
These characters are the sole playable character from a Nintendo owned franchise. As I stated before, I feel like Sakurai doesn't like to remove a series from Smash unless they have to, and if they do they remove the franchise entirely.
I think that every Nintendo series would have at least one returning character. Pit doesn't really need an explanation on why I choose him over Dark Pit and Palutena, but the other two might. While the Villager was added to Smash first, Isabelle has become the mascot of the Animal Crossing series ever since her debut in New Leaf. If Smash was rebooted, keeping the Villager over Isabelle would be like keeping the Pokemon Trainer over Pikachu in my opinion. I choose Ness over Lucas due to the fact that Mother is refereed as Earthbound outside of Japan, and Mother 1 was refered to as Earthbound Beginnings for the Wii U's virtual console. Ness being the protagonist of Earthbound means that I feel like he was a global appeal over Lucas. Give us Mother 3 you cowards. Marth is the face of the franchise and his popularity in Smash Bros was what brought the series over to the west.
See what I said about the solo character franchises, but as 3rd Party characters, I can see the possibility of their owners not allowing for Nintendo to keep them in a reboot for Smash. I don't see it happening, but there is a possibility. I also assume that if a company has multiple of their IPs in Smash, that they would be okay with both of them being in. And Simon and Ryu also fall into this despite having two characters from their series.
These characters might not represent their own games, but their iconic status put them above the others, to the point that some of them are so recognizable to even people who haven't played a video game in their life.
These characters are fully unique characters that I see coming back, but I wanted to note that I don't feel like they are on the same level as the group above.
Clone characters always exist in fighting games, and were added because they would take less resources than a fully unique character. The level of cloneness varies in them, and I see some of them returning in the reboot for Smash, but they would receive more of a tweek to their movesets to different themselves from their originals.
I threw these two into their own catorgie because while they are echoes, they are also 3rd Party. That might make them the exception compared to the other echoes, but that would only be based off how Capcom and Konami are when it comes to the negotiations.
In a Smash reboot, I can't really see Piranha Plant returning over any of the other unique characters. If the team really wants them to come back.
These two wouldn't be coming back in a Smash reboot. Sheik and Zero Suit Samus were originally part of Zelda and Samus movesets before they were split from them due to the limitations of the 3DS. Unless they were readded to Zelda and Samus, I don't see them getting in on their own merits.
Really it depends on if Sakurai is returning or not. I can see Palutena being one of the less priority characters like Jigglypuff in Brawl.
Yeah, Isabelle is the mascot of the franchise now. Villager really benefited on Animal Crossing not having a mascot until New Leaf. Had Tom Nook or K K Slider been a definite mascot, I would see them getting instead of the Villager.
Pokemon is weird. They generally add a Pokemon relevant to the latest game, but if Smash is rebooted I can still see the merits of Greninja, Incineroar, Lucario and Mewtwo returning. But I don't see all four of them returning. Jigglypuff really only exists in Smash because of tradiontion, but that doesn't mean much if they are rebooting Smash.
Fire Emblem is weird. Much like Pokemon, they add a new character based off the newest game. I see the merits for all three, but again if Smash is getting a reboot, they might not include them all.

The Reboot Roster


Jun 28, 2013
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I tried to make a reboot roster, limiting it to thirty characters, but I'm not a fan of how it turned out.

This was the absolute minimum that I could trim it down to, and even then, I couldn't fit a single newcomer in there.


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Sep 6, 2018
I tried to make a reboot roster, limiting it to thirty characters, but I'm not a fan of how it turned out.

This was the absolute minimum that I could trim it down to, and even then, I couldn't fit a single newcomer in there.
I like it, but I'd suggest cutting Lucina and Corrin. Not sure about Robin, but Marth is definitely more worthy of being in the game over Lucina, and Ike would be a better third character, without a doubt. Diddy Kong could be replaced with King K. Rool, so there can be four heavyweights. As for newcomers, I think Duck Hunt (as much as I'm a fan of the character) could be cut, and Ganondorf can be swapped out for say, Ganon. Charizard doesn't need to be in as a standalone character anymore. There's Bowser in the game anyway, so for moveset diversity, Charizard could be cut, and would likely have a new Pocket Monster fill his shoes.