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  • Whether it's in this game or the next one, Crash has to be my most wanted Smash character.
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    He was my most wanted for Smash alongside Eight from DQ8.
    That's awesome, Banjo-Kazooie and Erdrick were my two most wanted for Ultimate's DLC, so when they became a lock and were revealed, I was heaps happy, and it's awesome that Eight is there too! I've heard Dragon Quest VIII is great, so it's awesome that the protagonist of that game is in, I can only imagine how it must have felt to see him!
    I don't know what happened, but all of a sudden, I'm hyped for Erdrick! Not long ago I thought he'd be a meh choice compared to Chrono or Sora, but now, I can't wait to play him! I am looking forward to his reveal!
    I've never played a Persona game (I've wanted to play 4 and 5 at least for ages though), but the fact that Persona music, and a (knock-off) STAND USER is in Smash is ****ing crazy!
    Also, Pack #1?! Confident DLC is going to be great this time round. I can actually see Banjo-Kazooie, Crash and maybe even Travis Touchdown having a chance to get in, this time.
    Heaps happy with this. I'll wait for one more character reveal, and if it isn't Steve, I'm buying this pack!
    **** yes. SMASH IS HERE! Just gotta deal with one day of school first.
    Driver Of The Aegis
    Driver Of The Aegis
    Driver Of The Aegis
    its so painful. Might stay up to midnight just to play a good 20 minutes before bed
    I have it, and I'm so excited, but I'm going to go to sleep now so I can stay up all night playing it.
    Just started F-Zero GX yesterday, first game of the series that I've played, and as far as style goes, it's one of Nintendo's coolest IPs. The gameplay is amazing too, I've been a fan of all kinds of racing games since I was a young child, and this might be the best racing game I've ever played! In an ideal world, Nintendo would just drop Mario Kart, given the state that series has gotten in, and just make a new stunning F-Zero (possibly with some kind of Mach Rider crossover?). Black Shadow is the best!
    Ranking the newcomers in base roster.
    11. Chrom - Ike's recovery is heaps of fun, but I prefer Ike.
    10. Daisy - Shame there's no "Hi, I'm Daisy!" taunt.
    9. Inkling - Kind of easy to forget that Ridley was the third newcomer, not the first. Inkling's the least interesting newcomer, character wise, because everyone knew they'd be in. However, they look absolutely great, and fit home in Smash, just like they did Mario Kart. Love the animations and the moveset/mechanics seem interesting. I think needing to gain ink during tense moments will really screw them over though.
    8. Richter - Awesome looking guy, but I think I've finally decided that I'm going with Simon.
    7. Dark Samus - A better Samus! Looks awesome! Will choose it over normal Samus.
    6. Incineroar - While I was initially upset to see them, representing team despair rather than team hope (the side I was on. Rest in piece, Grinch), it wasn't long until I could rewatch Incineroar's gameplay and see that, while he isn't a fan requested character, and he is obviously just in because The Pokémon Company chose him to be the Sun/Moon Pokémon to really push, that doesn't matter, because his moveset is absolutely awesome, and he's super expressive too, which is a huge plus. Sure, seeing Sceptile or something may have been cooler initially, but in the end, I think Incineroar is the best newcomer for the franchise we could have gotten. I don't think he'd have any chance being added as a newcomer in any future Smash entry, and he's shaping up to be special.
    5. Isabelle - Really cute animations, and looks like a more fun Villager, to me. I like certain moves Villager has, like Pocket, but I'm not really a big fan of playing him. I'll definitely play Isabelle more than Villager, but she's not main material or anything.
    4. King K. Rool - Awesome trailer, awesome looking character, but, I'm simply not the kind to play a heavy character heaps in Smash. That being said, he seems like he might be one of the best.
    3. Ken - A better Ryu! Looks awesome! Will choose him over Ryu. I've always been more of a Ken fan, anyway. His personality makes him really likable, and I like his design more than Ryu's. One of my most wanted Echoes, and he's in, and looks great!
    2. Simon - Knew he'd be in, but seeing his trailer was still an absolute blast! Drove me to finally play Castlevania, and I started with Super Castlevania IV, which was amazing! Truly makes you feel heroic. I'd like to get good with this guy, as I love his moveset, and the setups he can do. However... I like close ranged play, and I don't think he'll be the best for it.
    1. Ridley - Wanted him in Smash 4, and seeing him finally playable, and with a perfect design, menacing, bad-ass animations... Sakurai and the team really did this **** justice! I'd love to main one of Nintendo's most evil characters. Shredding apart Villager, Inklings, Yoshis! He looks so fun to play.
    Well, now the game's actually out!
    13. Piranha Plant - Mostly unoriginal, but what it does bring to the table, is mostly awful. Easiest character to destroy in a duel.
    12. Daisy - She's a worse Peach.
    11. Dark Samus - She's a better Samus. Great.
    10. Richter - Cool fella. Reminds me of the first two Parts of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
    9. Incineroar - Good moveset, but come on, there would have been so many cooler additions. Imagine Hawlucha instead! The down special would be the only thing they'd have to have different, but he'd be an exciting addition, compared to Incineroar the sweat cat.
    8. Isabelle - She's not as fun (or good) as Villager, in my opinion. I like her animations though. She's a cute character, but not too interesting.
    7. Ken - Don't really play him that much anymore, but had lots of fun playing him in December.
    6. Chrom - Like Ken, this Echo really stands out, as he feels really unique to play. Super fun character, super ****e recovery.
    5. Simon - I don't find him as fun as Ken or Chrom, probably because I'm not fantastic with him, but I think he deserves to become a veteran! His tilts and specials are great, and he's an iconic character who belongs alongside characters like Samus, Pit and Mario.
    4. Ridley - Not nearly as fantastic as I was hoping, definitely not going to main him, but he still looks and sounds as bad-ass as he deserves to, I just hope his moveset gets an update in the next game.
    3. Joker (?) - What a fantastic addition, I wish I was a fan of his game before the announcement, but either way, it's a celebratory announcement that he's in Smash!
    2. King K. Rool - Brilliant music, hilarious personality and the third most fun moveset of any heavy, following Snake and of course, Ganondorf.
    1. Inkling - She adds the most to the game, I think. Sure, the idea of Inkling getting into Smash isn't nearly as surprising or exciting as Ridley, Joker or King K. Rool, but that doesn't matter. Her moveset is fantastic. I'm still getting used to her jumping, but I think she's a really fun character, as well as being really good. Really, really ****in' good. Her personality and animations are great too, very expressive character, amusingly evil. If there's one Ultimate newcomer guaranteed to return alongside Mario, Link and Pikachu in the next game, it's Inkling.
    If anyone feels as if they haven't been hyped for Smash Ultimate due to the lack of any news recently, I saw a couple of videos today that definitely rekindled my excitement, not that it died, but this made me forget about the drought!
    An amazing Ness player previously unheard of, who I'm hoping to see make a name for himself in future tournaments. Ryon is heaps of fun to watch! Here was the first video I saw with him fighting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fbzt80-Zo1A
    He knows everything to do with his character. While some of his opponents aren't particularly great (this isn't a pro tournament, just teenagers), you can still see how well he's doing with his juggling, combos and predictions. There are some parts of this fight with Snake that are just a blast! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4u0yS7yqcE
    Had heaps of fun watching this guy. Also, the balloon knockback has gone from really good to ****ing great, to me. It's just one of the many things that make the fights more engaging to watch in this game then they are in Smash 4!
    I can't wait to play this game.
    My excitement for JoJo Part 5 rivals my excitement for Smash 5.
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    Fell God
    Fell God
    3DS version is just a port (:<
    3DS and Wii U games were made together. But it's up to you, and truly doesn't matter. I agree with most in that it's Smash 5. Guess the Wii U Smash can be called 4.5 or something. I just consider both 3DS and Wii U to be Super Smash Bros. 4, myself.
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    Fell God, if it were a port, it would've, yet again, shared all it's content. it is no more a port than Ms. Pac-Man to Pac-Man.
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