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HERB3 Greensboro, NC! Date: March 27-28 2010 RESULTS!


Smash Master
Jul 28, 2007
Raleigh, North Carolina
Brawl Singles:
1. Reflex (Pokémon Trainer)
2. Kismet (Falco)
3. Billy (Snake, Sheik, Falco)
4. Logic (Olimar)
5. Biglou (Luigi)
5. Godismyrock (Ice Climbers, Falco)
7. Foxy (Meta Knight)
7. LDPK (Pikachu, Pit)
9. Jon (Falco, Snake)
9. TurtL (ZSS, Falco)
9. Ilove (Dedede)
9. Ragnar0k (DK, Metaknight)
13. Scatz (Yoshi)
13. Arc
13. Heatstroke
17. Frozen Hobo (ICs)
17. Roxy (Snake, Falco)

Filled in a few more, and some characters.


Reflex - You are my total favorite smasher. It was really nice talking to you and I enjoyed our tournament set a lot. Watching and commentating all of your finals matches was a blast. Looking forward to seeing you at any events in the future!

Roxy and TurtL - Fun matches with you guys. <3 And good chats. Sorry about being a bit of a dooshe with getting hype for our sets but it was still good. You guys are both really good players.

Stockfield - wtf $1

Ilove - No D3 ditto =[


Mar 16, 2007

Bill: Sucks you didn't do so hot in B+ doubles. At least you got high.

Cam: I give you too much ****. I don't know why. I guess your reactions to it are always the funniest.

Hungrybox: I enjoyed dancing with you.

Yay: Y'know, I would've been cheering for you, if you hadn't been playing LoZR.

Dogysammich: YOU! YOU! YOU! YOU! Seriously, you are an amazing commentator, why don't people put you on the mic more often. It was really fun being up there on the mic with you.

Kevin: I am so proud of you. Best Falco. Hands down.

Vilt: Gooooooooooood ****. Sorry we didn't hold up so well in teams. :(

Smith: Were you sober at all at this thing?

Reflex: Win or lose, you are absolutely the most fun guy to play against. Can you just move to Cary so I can play with you all the time?

Snap: Such a funny mother****er.

LoZR: Third in a lineup like HERB3's is nothing to sniff at. You are seriously one of the most underrated smashers in the US right now. Not in the least because you're the gosh dern best.

VGBootCamp: Thanks for the food. It was soooooo good.

Man, I wish I could have been here for both days.

everlasting yayuhzz

Smash Champion
Aug 12, 2007
swaggin' to da maxxx

LoZr/Adam/da best - You're basically one of the coolest dudes ever, good stuff on winning teams and ****** face here. Also, thanks for playing that best of 5 with me, even though all of NC was against it and telling you no. We got one more epic match recorded with you going ape**** on your last stock. 2guhd

moTT - THE YOUNG ONE IS TRYING TO GET BEAST MODE OR SOMETHING. Good stuff, you greek *******, you did me proud. I'm still going to **** your Falco with Fox, though <3

PP - You finally did it, you **** catfish. Good seeing you and good watching you go Super Saiyan 5 in finals. Dr. Quailman is in the house.


Josh/Darksyde - "You're like... the most deceptively nice person I know"

TRUER WORDS HAVE NEVER BEEN SPOKEN. Keep up the good work on da Falcon sonnn

Husband - You're probably the coolest dude I met here, seriously. Thanks for letting me crash in your hotel room on such short notice. You need to come out more often.


SleepyK ***** u gay - Buttsex niggggaaaa.

Tope - One day... one day I will have my revenge on that Sheik. Until then, it was fun hanging out with you and shooting the ****.

Dogy - Thanks for cheering me on in my sets, you loud ****er. It really helped.

Fullmetal - Baybeeeee work on that Falcon game. You can't be letting me run around looking American like that. It was good seeing you, you cheeky *******.

Alpha - Also, thank you for helping coach me in my set vs Doll, I probably would've lost without it. <3


HungryBOCKS - Good stuff on second, sorry about the pot thing. It was good seeing you and that bair hairstyle you have anyway. <3

Snapple - ***** U GAY

Foxy - I don't play too safe vs Peach, I play to not get downsmashed.


Chris mother ****ing Knorr - It was good seeing you, my handsome friend. You're still one of the coolest mofos out there

David - I heard you cheering in the background too, you Spartan King. <3

Vilt the stilt - Thanks for hosting, it was one of the best tournaments I've been to.

NisP - You still have my hat :v

DP - dat mario is a beast son

DashDanceDan - Christian Bale. :|

T.C. - Play smash again you *******. :|


Okay, I'm getting lazy now. If I missed you, feel free to scream at me. :(


Smash Obsessed
Oct 21, 2006
Raleigh, NC
shouts to everyone i met:

sleepyk: you're a chill dude.
hungrybox: ness' metagame is screwed. better hope word doesn't get out about you-know-what
dashdancedan: talk more fool
jim: fun friendlies man, we should play again sometime

awesome tourney

Winter Storm

Smash Rookie
Mar 13, 2010
Winter Storm: This is my first tournament.
Husband: Alright, I'll take it easy on you. (OWNAGE)
Winter Storm: T_T
(Husband probably WAS sandbagging me...)

And that's pretty much what happened. Though I'd like to thank Husband for being such a good sport about it. Looks like I need to step up my metagame and change up the way I practice. Maybe even switch mains. I'd also like to thank those who gave me advice and words of encouragement. I don't know who all it was, but I know HungryBox, SleepyK, and Dogy are in there.

However, I don't ever remember being four-stocked, whether it be the other player's mistakes or if I had juuuuust enough skill to take them down at least once. For not winning a single match, even in friendlies, I'm at least glad about that.

One more thing. Sorry I never got to play you, Vilt, but you would've been disappointed anyway.

(They thought I was Armada...)


Banned via Administration
Sep 14, 2006
Piscataway, NJ
I save multiple versions of the bracket and usually save the bracket about twice every hour. The TO should attempt doing that next time instead of hoping for autosave.


Aug 8, 2005
Richmond, Virginia
I was the other melee singles 13th placer, not like it mattered ;D

Too goodz, thanks to everyone I played, need to go to more tournaments and learn to play Docccc (dogy2good)


Smash Cadet
Apr 4, 2009
Yay: put a sub on it.. nah, nah. i usually take your advice, but i'm glad i didn't listen when you told me not to try maining falco less than 2 weeks before the tourney, LOL. i'm also glad i made you proud, and you made me more than proud. jonesy just got the momentum shift on you, don't sweat it. you did so amazing at this tourney. and don't worry, i'll never let you down in teams like that again.

PP: so.. yay and i still don't understand how you were punishing hbox so consistently and quickly out of uthrow. it's ****ing insane, man. you're the best! and thanks for the encouragement.

husband: what yay said. one of the coolest guys i've ever met. your peach is ****, and i'm sorry i couldn't give you a greater challenge. no johns, but i'm completely ignorant on falco vs peach. thankfully, i was able to kinda learn it during our set. you've broken me of a couple of things: never try to be ballsy and illusion through a floating peach.. and don't forget to dtilt for a kill. you definitely need to come to more tourneys in nc if they're big enough. it was awesome that yay and i were able to kick it with you. i don't feel bad losing to you at all, because you're mad legit. keep it up.

sleepyk: YAR WE GOT FRIENDLIES IN THIS TIME. your hacked wii is so good, brayybehhh. you're the other person i lost to, and like i said before @husband, i have no problem with it at all. you have such a good falco, i didn't even want to try falco dittos yet, and went marth. my bird's **** ain't that big yet. but i'll improve so that we can have epic dbz dittos. and btw, i think you cracked one of my ribs whilst mauling/humping me after i told you i beat DP's mario. :(

DP: keep the legacy alive. your mario ALMOST makes me forget that Nintendo always makes him mediocre as **** in every multiplayer game, and it's very unfortunate. 17th at herb3 with all-mario? someone get at 'em.

a275: man, i tried to tell you that that set wasn't gonna be epic enough to be played on the projector. but in your defense, you waited to be able to play your sets up there, so now you get to see what you did wrong adn improve from it. man, i was so NERVOUS, lol @ our 2nd match on FD. like you were saying to Yay post-tourney, just stay your main. your link's much mo betta.

darkhart: wow. such bad luck in singles, that's all i gotta say. you're pretty cool, and kept me re-assured every time we thought mr hudson was going to run off the god **** road. btw, did that MM with slasherking or whoever happen?

lozr: didn't really talk to you much, but ****, you can hold your beer. and you also got my boy this time, too good. honestly, the matches you two put on are comparable to that of goku vs vegeta, no lie. you definitely worked hard at this tourney, hopefully enough for people to regard you as more than just 'a **** teams player.'

briana: lol @ me telling you not to bother maining falco, then i decide to be a hypocrite. :p it was nice meeting you, my fellow greek. keep the dynasty on lock for me in nc.

lord karn

Smash Master
Jun 18, 2004
Raleigh, NC
You should put the b+ results up

Teams (8 teams):
1. Kismet and BigLou (Falco and Luigi)
2. Karn and THO (GW/CF and Peach)
3. Foxy and NC Echo (DK/Jiggs and CF/Olimar)
4. Reflex and Billy (Link and Sheik)

Singles (26 entrants):
1. Reflex (Squirtle/Link/Charizard/Ivysaur)
2. THO (Peach)
3. Karn (CF/GW/Jiggs)
4. Kismet (Falco)
5. BigLou (Luigi)
5. HeatStroke (Ike/DK)
7. Foxy (DK)
7. FrozenHobo (ICs)


Smash Ace
Jan 7, 2010
North Carolina

Cam - Too bad I didn't entangle in some cookies n' cream with you guys. I probably would have won the tournament if I did. Your commentary is some of the most oddly, ****ed up entertaining stuff out there. RAPDUD

Eddie - lmao, good job acting like you were much higher than you actually were for the entire tournament. I barely saw you.

PP - <3... </3... jk, <3.

Josh - It was mad fun teaming with you. Our team will get the **** off in the future with a little work.

Lucas//Seven in teams friendlies - Get ****ed up

Adam - ****, good games in tournament. You kicked my *** pretty hard. You know you liked that 3-to-1 comeback in the second game, though. I'll get you next time in Falcon dittos.

Husband - Our tournament set was pretty heated, ggs man. Tell me how you got so ****ing big btw.

Bryan - You're getting a lot better, you scared me a little. Thanks for giving me the pinnacle of my Falco practice at this.

Spoon - *techs*

DJ - I have nothing to say to you.

Theo - The night before the tournament was pretty ****in' weird.

SleepyK - We're chillin' at Airship or The Last Bill if you (and I) can make it.

Snap - You are hands down my favorite person that rides my ****. Keep on doing it... I love it. Dexter 4 life.

Foxy - Stop not playing me, and stop going Puff on Josh in tournament. Stop playing Brawl, too. ****

Dogy - Thanks for being the loudest mother****er in the entire city of Greensboro. HUNGRYBOX! TOPE! HUNGRYBOX!

Yay - Our chats are always pretty pleasant. Where are the matches you recorded from SOS, btw? I wanna see those.

Charlie - This tournament was a big improvement from the last HERB running-wise. Thanks for being the best commentator ever. It's done.


Smash Apprentice
Mar 8, 2007
Asheboro, NC
Uh.. I guess I'll do formal shoutouts... I'm so bad at these though, and I always get the feeling that I'm leaving someone out. Well, here goes.

Vilt and NisP - Good tournament. It's a shame so many dropped out, but it was still pretty fantastic.

Mott - Good games. You were really cool, I enjoyed playing you.

Big O - Wow, I don't think I've played closer games before. Good stuff.

Slasher King - Good matches. Had a lot of fun playing. Hopefully I'll play you some more at stuff around here sometime.

Seven/Dark Hart, Karn/Foxy - Teams matches were really cool.

Husband - Thanks a bunch for explaining some stuff to me. You're crazy good.

Alternate275 - I appreciate you teaching Zotr. He said it helped him alot, so i'm kinda worried that he's gonna start ****** me now. <.< Oh, and thanks for the friendly, too good.

Daft, RTF, Face (I think I friendlied you all) - Good stuff. Always appreciate the matches.

PP - Yes, you did it. You're amazing bro. Keep stackin' it up higher.

Lozr - Your matches are way too fun to watch. Well done.

Yay - Good work. :)

Tope - I enjoyed watching you destroy JMH! in bracket, lol. Also, good job placing as high as you did.

Hbox - Good stuff. You're pretty amazing.

Ocean - Thanks for hanging out with us and stuff. That money match was really fun to watch by the way.

JMH!, Zotr, and Spaz - Lol, you guys suck almost as bad as me. Keep it up...

Everyone - thanks for making it out. Wouldn't have been as great without you.

Dark Hart

Rejected by Azua
Mar 25, 2008
Death Row, North Carolina
So like shoutoutz:

Yay: We took you you were going to get pulled over lol thanks for the ride, bro; and thanks for being a bro, bro; and thanks for showing me the light, bro; and thanks for showing me and my teammate we're not that good lol; and thanks for the BIG LEAGUE CHEW!!!

moTT: lol at me getting unlucky, I just need to get better. (As gay as play two jiggz - my worst matchup - back to back...) I hear you main Falco now? I foresee a bright future for you... your and yay's stories in the car get me laughing for hours man, hours.

Smith: bro, I miss you already, toking with you was fun fun fun. EPIC ZELDA VS YLINK MATCHES FTW!!!!!

Dr. Quail: OMFG YOU ****ING **** SO MOTHERFOUCKING HARD!!!!!! Seriously though, you were ****ing crazy. You and Adam are just so ****ing good as a team and in singles it's just mind-boggling. keep getting better, bro.

LoZR AKA Adam AKA da durn best: No one smasher will ever impress me more than you do, Adam. You are just the best player in the universe. You do things in this game that don't make sense. Magus wouldn't even be able to explain some of the **** you do. People are starting to realize you are definitly one of the best fox's in the country. You are Goku, now UNLEASH!!!!

Fiz: you're really good at this game, bro. You've gotten so good in such a short amount of time. just keep playing with LoZR

Husband: omg by far one of the most chill people I've met. You're just really smart, and adapt and learn so faST. you were losing to my Falcon, watched... 2 sets? and starting 3 stocking it. wth?????!?!?! good stuff in teams and singles, bro. hope you visit soon!

Tope: I love you man. You are the man. Zelda ditto MM since we didn't here.

KNORR: ****

Bill: Vape

$Mike: you are so ****, please get better and **** more

Josh: l2peerpressure better, I didn't drink to much so take that

JMH: sorry I was really gay in our tourney set and shinespiked you like 12 times...

TC: Enter

Ocean : You're cool, true story

Maria: I'm sorry Manley didn't go, but I'm doing my best to make sure he's at The Last Bill in Chapel Hill. You're an awesome chick, and you got me to drink a bit before I remembered I don't drink anymore lol I hear you smoke? billfest?

GofG: mollies? ... maybe at the billfest lol good stuff taking a match off of lozr

Bri: "DARK HART!!! I LOVE DARK HART!!!," lol you said that right after I'd lost to a random jiggz, made my day lol.

SleepyK: we should talk more at tourneys so I have better shoutoutz for you

Dogy: straight **** on the mic. you're a cool bro, dude. so smart, so informative, so totally got 7th ^_^

Alpha: you're pretty dark my friend

Tom R: sorry Foxy and I made you laugh during your set vs him. hope you had fun in NC, bro.

Foxy: Why haven't we gotten better?

Cam: omg man you are funny. can't wait to hang out with you during the billfest.

Behr: get a lower tolerance

Boss Hog: I doubt you remember me

DAftFlip: Bro, you're too cool. I feel we didn't chill enough, please tell me you're coming to the last bill

Snappy: don't take offense for being last on my shoutoutz, I did them in order of appearance in my eyes. our commentary in ****, but you kinda need to learn melee before you do it again XD


Novus Ordo Seclorum
Sep 22, 2008
North Carolina
Thanks, Ledger. My **** spirit is strong, but it needs more experience and skill to go with it. Dude, I support you maining Peach, btw. You seemed be a good fit for her. Good games as usual and sorry to hear about the Wii.

Dr Peepee

Light and Love
Sep 29, 2007
Raleigh, North Carolina
Lol I know I'm going to forget people, but shoutouts anyways!

Vilt/Nisp: You guys are awesome for hosting! The HERB series is actually growing(for Melee), and I predict that, if we hype it right next time, then it could start to be raaaaaaaaaaaaape. Keep up the good work!


Tom R/Matt R: I feel really bad for not playing you guys. I'm definitely gonna hit you up next time I'm at the same place you are. Great job in teams by the way.

Husband: Wow you're awesome! Buff, educational, old school smasher, what more am I asking for here lol. You were hilarious and fun to be around this weekend, and your smash talks and stories were really enjoyable. PLEASE don't be a stranger bro. BLOT

Hungrybox: You made HERB 3 for me man. Our matches were extremely difficult for me, and I learned tons of things from our friendlies as well. I definitely respect you as a player and a dude, you're smart. I'm sorry things ended on a sour note for you, but I hope that didn't ruin your entire trip. I had a good time chillin with you at Taco Bell and when you put on that techno and broke it down LOL. Basically, you **** bro. See you around.

Tope: You need to stop being so tired when you come to stuff! Either way, you did an awesome job in teams(even if you don't think so) and your singles game wasn't half-bad either. I just think the crowd got to you a little, but I guess that never stopped you from coming down here before haha. One of these days, we need to get friendlies in lol. You ****.

Doll: Wow your Peach is tricky lol. I wish we could have friendlied so I could learn from you haha. Either way, good stuff this tourney man.

Redd: Good stuff in teams. Wish we could have friendlied.

KP: GJ teaming with Husband. Shame we didn't get to friendly either lol.

Dogy: The designated hype man! Why you so good bro LOL. You definitely liven up a tourney man, and your doc ***** too(it does, so quit being silly =p). Shame we didn't get to friendly, but next time that's a matchup I need to learn lol, so hit me up. =)

Soft: Didn't see a lot of you this tournament, but I'm glad you ended up making it after all. It's always fun to hear someone frustrated at this "gay puff" they don't know, and I always smile haha.

Fullmetal: We never did our MM or friendlied! =( Next time though, it's goin down.

SleepyK- I wish we could have friendlied! =( Also, diggin the mad cute short hair. <3
But seriously, I heard about the **** you were dishing out this tourney. Great job man. Falco forever. =)

DP: Good set man, and I wish we could have done more Mario dittos! You're good at them haha. Definitely more next time!

Alpha- Good stuff in teams dude.


Yay: Don't ever quit! You're too good to quit lol. But yeah, baybeeee, UHHH(whatever that noise is you make lol) seriously had me rolling all night hahahaha. Teams were too good, and your singles matches ***** too. Also, I liked your commentary with Dogy. Mad ****. See ya at bill's!


Mott: So I heard you repped the blue bird. Good shiz. Husband's room Saturday night was too good haha. See you around my bro.

Dark Hart- Shoulda MM'd Slasher. =p

Slasher- So I heard your friendlies were ****. I know ours were lol. More dittos in the future!

Sengin- Good dittos bro. I hope you learned a lot from them.

Sergio- I was definitely impressed with your skill considering how much people experience you had. With some fine-tuning you'd get off imo. Don't give up hope!

Ape- Stop having bad stuff happen to you. =(

Boss Hog- I didn't get to see much of you but I know you were stackin it up.

Travis- Good set bro. Friendlies next time would be cool with me.

Daft- We need to friendly eventually lol. Good seein you though.

Seven- Dang bro you're getting off! Must be the dreads. XD

Smith- Last time huh? I'll hold you to it. =p Good stuff on the sleep+eat+bum combo you pulled off all weekend LOL. Nah, but thanks for having your mom help out. That was **** of both of you.

Chris- YO LANGUAGE IS STILL PRESUMPTIVE! =p You're gettin better. Stay focused!

Karn- Don't stress about Melee man. I still can show you the ways. Good stuff running B+.

Cam- I don't think you entered due to controller johns again, but that's fine. I'm just glad you had a good time and hopefully learned some stuff. Your commentary was awesome LOL.

Mike- Duuuuuude why you so good? That set was Husband was raaaaape. 3 stock comeback on Adam was aight too. =p FRIENDLIES NEXT TIME. <3


Ph00t- Your dances are always amazing lol.

David- Lol you ****. Good stuff MM'ing Doll.

Knorr- Lol you're hilarious. Only you would make half of the venue gather outside about some drama. XD See you around.

Bill- Thanks for keeping tourneys exciting lol. Nah but really, it was good to see you again man.

JMH- Yo gooooood shiz with the crowd combo looool. Makin Samus look fun and junk. XD

Ocean- Your camera is beast. You're awesome for recording bro. Take your time on the montage, I know good things take time to make.

Josh- LOL you are one hilarious drunk. I really have no other words besides that hahaha.

Maria- It was great to see you again, and DANG you can hold some beer girl. **** lol.

DJ- Keep on larnin.

TC- Lol I wish you entered. You're too smart. Good times in Husband's room though LOL.

Gofg- Good stuff with the ICs. Keep improving bro.

Foxy- I hope you feel better soon bro. Until then, stop sandbagging you will goose. =p

ZIO- Good to see you again.

Fiz- Sleep with one eye open.

LoZR- You, my friend, are too dang good. You polished off teams when I couldn't hold it down, AND you got revenge on some fools. You are practicing again, and it is paying off. Good shiz getting a WEEGEE and Randall chant going LMAO, you're too ****. When you move to Raleigh, you better believe I'm hittin yo A up for prime experience. Stay awesome.


Smash Ace
Jun 6, 2008
North Carolina
Dude PP I TOLD YOU man. Great job, Lozr too, both you guys are briging the heat in melee. Where is NC brawl at? We gotta step up our game, and alot of us should start showing up, myself included. good **** foxy, rag, and LDPK


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Sep 14, 2006
It's a likely possibility. And that sucks for me since he's the only one I hang out with here in Rocky Mount.


DtJ SmithZzz

Happy Birthday Kjell
Oct 4, 2009
Raleigh, NC
I guess I ought to do dem shoutouts.

Husband - Sorry about not being able to pay more for the room, I feel bad, because I probably slept the most out of everyone there.

PP - MAGIC EIGHT BALL WHEEEEEE. Sorry about the ride being...uneasy atmosphere wise, good stuff against Hbox, and hold me to it!

Lucas - We played Zelda vs Ylink for the longest time, crazy fun, and enjoyed toking with you.


LoZr - I did the comeback for you bro! u da bes!

Yay - Sup Dad?

Tope - You're pretty chill bro, I enjoyed hanging with you the little time I did.

Bill - Had fun, and what happened between you and Knorr THIS time? :/

Behr - You were gone after like 3 times.

Cam - Nice commentary you got there.

This is it...I think
I slept out on everything.

everlasting yayuhzz

Smash Champion
Aug 12, 2007
swaggin' to da maxxx
LoZR in Raleigh? Ohhhhh snap. That's like less than two hours from my current residence. You best believe I'm going to be going there to lay the smack down on Keith. And play Adam.

@$Mike, I've hardly had any time to upload the tournament matches. I meant to bring the tapes to give to Kevin so he could do it, but then I forgot. :(


Smash Hero
Oct 24, 2007
Cam getting fans. lol


Smith- You were in a nebula as Cam said. lol

im not gunna lie I was stoned.


Smash Ace
Feb 24, 2004
First off: Vilt, you are the **** for hosting and organizing this thing. I know your pain about things taking way longer than they should.

Adam: Nice seeing you again. **** you are too good. Teams was insane. Keep being awesome.

PP: o_O Also, you are a bro. Thanks for the matches. I need more falco on falco experience.

Daft: Thanks for being my teams partner even though you didn't even know me. Falco/ganon was awesome.

Black Chris: Nice ganon - so slick. And thank you so much for the melee setup on brawl day.

Forest: Next time we'll get matches in - it's been years =/

To the guy that played falco that noticed I had no falco on falco experience (I never caught your name): Thanks for the tips.

DJRome: We need more matches. After my first match with you I had to change how I play (I'm sure you noticed it in the second match, haha). People really need to come out to west NC - I've only got one person to smash with and he's leaving at the end of the semester =/

Anyway, ballin' tournament, great hotel, WF and GF melee was insane. Can't wait for the next one.


Smash Master
Apr 26, 2008
Favorite smashers update:

1. Dr. Peepee / Shiz
2. Crystalnite
3. l0zR
4. Jim
5. Everlasting ****** skin


Smash Apprentice
Oct 12, 2008
Ashe County/Boone(ASU), NC
Well I guess I should do shoutouts haha.

First @Vilt: You ran another awesome tourney man! I had a lot of fun this time. I hope you continue to run more HERB's in the future.

PP: DUDE! Thanks a lot for all the help and advice man, it helped me improve my game a lot. Had a lot of fun doing friendlies in the hotel room and on Sunday. You're to darn good man. Gratz on beating Hbox, that's serisouly no joke. Best Falco ever!

Adam(The dern BEST): Good seeing you again man. You played so good at the tourney. Had a lot of fun in the room man, to bad I didn't get to hang with you Saturday night, tired johns haha. You better tell me when you come to Ashe man. I want more friendlies with you!

Husband: You know, I never thought I would ever meet one of the old school MLG players. Never thought I'd meet Husband at an NC tourney for that matter haha. Had a lot of fun playing you man. You gave me some awesome advice vs. Peach. I wish you played more Marth again, I'd like to have some crazy Marth dittos. You need to come to more NC stuff!

Chris: Haha man Marth vs. Ganon is a lot of fun. I hope to see you at Bill's place. Imma win that mm(If I go), you wait and see ;).

Josh(Darksyde): It was crazy fun playing you Sunday man. The friendlies were awesome.

Andrew: Hahah it's odd to me that we play at HERB but not in Boone. You sir need to come to my dorm more often and play me!

Forest: Once again sir we didn't get to play matches against each other. We always seem to be on the same team haha. Next time i will make sure to play you.

Smith: Had fun playing you in the hotel room man. Though you were asleep most of the time haha.

Doll: You were so fun to play against. I used to hate the Marth vs. Peach matchup, but now it's a lot of fun. I hope to see you at more NC tourneys bro.

Ape: You sir need to come over to my dorm more as well. You also should give me a ride to Billfest ^^.

Aaron(sealion): Don't let the lose get to you man, you have an awesome Yoshi! You should have played Bigman before we left.

Fiz: Also had a lot of fun playing matches with you in the hotel room, you're pretty good.

Ocean: I only saw you in the room haha. Wanted to play yah, but you always seemed busy or something. Next time man. Good luck with that montage I know it will be ****!

Yay: You had some awesome matches with Adam bro! Good stuff! I want friendlies with you next time haha.

If I forgot you I'm sorry haha!
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