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  • I would say yes but my phone is messed up man. Ill be there sometime friday evening. About my phone, the screen went out it still works but i cant tell who is calling or what lol. If you call at a specific time of the night i will pick up cause i know it will be you lol. Just call me at 9pm sharp or something and ill pick up
    Lol I can't say I'm surprised. XD

    I'm not sure how much of that is just talk, but it'll be fine either way I'm sure.
    oops, actually i was talking about the Nov 15-16th one b/c im stupid and didnt read all the way. anyway whats Mankind or whatever it is?
    [edit] oops again, i cant go to a melee only tourney yet so nvm.
    Hey!! wanna go to the next billfest since the App tourney was cancelled? if you help pay for gas ill gladly drive us there.
    found out that my Wii only plays gamecube games...so its the laser, its out of sync. and its stupid that it costs 75$ to fix!!! 75$ to play brawl again...or just get good at melee, im going with the later.
    sergio, even though im sitting across the table from you i want to ask you if you could possibly remember to bring your capture card so we can record some matches or compose a combo video or somethin. wont that be fun!!!?
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