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DP's Mario
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  • Hey, I was looking through the controller paint tutorial, and I saw your work. I think they're great, and I was really wondering what paints you used to pull them off. I was actually thinking about making something along the lines of this one:


    I think it looks fantastic. I'm personally going for a metallic look, something like a multi-tone black/silver/blue (mostly black and blue, maybe silver for buttons?), and I thought you would be the right person to ask. How did you pull it off? Thanks in advance!
    We gotta play some at TO6, brah. And you play Maple? That's cool as ****, haha. Play my good friend, CO too. He's a Mario main and he loves Mario dittos. :D
    Sure dude- you can bring it. If there are complaints and we have an extra TV to switch out, we probably will.
    Also you should know that bringing a full setup only gets a half-off door fee discount. The owner of Waba didn't go for the complete waive.
    So I wanna come hang this weekend.

    Gimme a holler back on here. Or something. So we can get together and smash it up this weekend. Brawl+, Melee, what?
    Hey there, I was wondering how often Columbus has tournaments in brawl. Since I've never been to one yet.
    Hey man. I'm somewhat playing PSO again if you ever wanna play. We need to get on sometime and exchange guild cards. I've been playing the new one for DS though, so I might not be on too much. Just saying.
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