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Crazy Smash fighter ideas


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Oct 29, 2018
the building from smash mouth's astro lounge
I've been deliberating on this sort of idea for a while because I have quite a few ideas for fighters that'd raise a few eyebrows, but one that I think would probably raise the most eyebrows of the bunch despite, in my opinion, being a pretty obvious fighter in a Smash game, is a pinball.

Literally just a pinball.

Okay, that probably sounds stupid, but the thought process is this - whether you believe Smash is intended to be a celebration of gaming history, Nintendo history, or even just a big marketing stunt, I think that one of the most overlooked elements of the arcade in the modern age is pinball. Because, like, pinball was the original "arcade machine". It's one of the most well-known types of amusement machines out there, video game adaptations of it have existed for almost as long as video games, and it's a pick that'd turn heads but has more than enough potential to work. Sure, we do have the Bumper item already in Smash, but I guess that's not quite what I have in mind.

"But pinballs don't have limbs!" True, which is why I reckon it'd predominantly fight by "summoning" different pinball table elements - anything from flippers to bumpers to slingshots to pathways and so on and so forth. It'd be a character with high fall speed and decent aerial mobility, as well as being decently fast, but struggles a little with precision and so forth.

Also, with this being a Nintendo game, you could always include alts based on Kirby's Pinball Land, Mario Pinball Land and Metroid Prime Pinball if you wanted. Just saying.
Aug 14, 2021
Bloodsauce Dungeon, Pizza Tower, ???
Alright, I know this sounds dumb and it will never happen for obvious reasons, but...
Assist Trophy Jar
Yes, I know adding it as a playable fighter would destroy the purpose of having assist trophies in smash and it would be huge slap in the face for future fighters like Waluigi or Lyn, but hear me out...

Assist Trophy Jar debuted in Super Smash Brawl (2008) and it's purpose was to summon various video game characters that couldn't be playable (it's like Pokeball meets non-Pokemon video games overall) and they would do couple of attacks to opponents.
It appeared also in SSB4 and Ultimate, but with new assists (because some assist characters got promoted into playable).

"But wait, how it could work since it's just a tiny humanoid trapped inside a jar??"
Well, as a fighter, the "humanoid" would "break" it's limbs out of the glass cage and they would look so monstrous (this means it's arms and legs look demonic due to having buffy arms and claws).

It's moveset could use assist characters' attacks, ranging from normal attacks to final smash.
Here's the example for it's specials:
Neutral Special: Tile spit - The jar morphs into Andross and spits the tiles in front of it.
Side Special: Kapp'N bus - It morphs into bus and drives straight at opponents like Wario Bike. It can even kamikaze itself when trapping an opponent inside the bus.
Up Special: Metroid float - It could fly for while and while pressing A, it can leech on opponents like Metroid AT.
Down Special: Bomb spawn - The jar morphs into Bomberman and spawns bombs, on ground and in the air.
Final Smash: Assist Trophy Throwdown - The jar explodes and causes all assists to come and wreck havoc on the stage, causing the players to suffer the getting beaten up by assist trophies.

It would be a middleweight mix-up fighter with no additional movement options.

The alts may be the issue, but the "ghost" could be colored in 7 colors while jar is untouched by alt colorization.

Like I said, he would be an unlikely inclusion for the game, but since we haven't got a proper playable Smash rep (Miis don't count), then Assist Trophy jar could work as fighter.

Geno Boost

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Jul 25, 2014
Star Hill. Why do you ask?
an extremely unexpected Microsoft rep but very iconic
Smiley from Minesweeper as Pac-man clone specifically using minesweeper pc engine design

how would that even work?
simple minesweeper is a luck based game so Smiley can be a luck based fighter
moreover if Pac-man is a fighter that uses classic Namco arcade games for his moveset then smiley can basically do the same by using Microsoft entertainment pack as moveset references and it makes sense since pc gaming started with Microsoft entertainment pack which had minesweeper in it

also sound wise he can have mostly windows stuff sounds

now for his moveset

his smash attacks can be like peach side smash which comes in 3 forms
bomb, flower and empty

bomb deals high damage while flower is multi hit as it spins and empty has nothing but you can move out of the attack end frame
replace pac-man ghosts smash attacks with block that spawns these objects from bottom

his neutral special dont have the fruit cycle that pac-man has but rather a random number spawns from 1 to 8 which can be thrown each comes with different effect like mr. game and watch side special with number 8 dealing the biggest damage

down special can be similar to Isabelle but smiley will place a flag and anyone who would walk on it will trigger a bomb that comes out from the bottom

side special he can throw a barrel that will roll on stage and explode if it hits something

up special will be like duck hunt but uses ladybug to fly

up air will throw random solitaire card each with different attack power with joker card dealing the biggest damage

down air is basically like kirby down special but will use 4 random faces on a block each has different damage and effect


dash attack he can use a sweeper and sweep the floor as he runs

for grab he will use cursor

grab attack will be clicking cursor
down throw would be like sonic down throw but uses the loading cursor
up throw will use vertical arrow cursor
front throw will use side arrow cursor
back throw will use 45 degree arrow cursor

final smash can spawn yeti from skifree and eat up a fighter

rest of his moveset can remain same as pac-man and some can be him swinging flag as a weapon
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