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Steve from Minecraft is coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  • 7,802
  • 65
Breaking brown bricks and exploding TNT, Steve from Minecraft comes to Smash! Learn more about the reveal here!
Smash Underdogs #6: Hat Kid
  • 4,627
  • 13
After a long hiatus, the Smash Underdog series is back. Learn more about what kind of content Hat Kid and the tribute to 3D collectathon games known as A Hat in Time could bring to Smash here!
Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct Summary
  • 1,774
  • 21
It may have felt like an eternity to many but Nintendo has finally dropped some news relating to some first party titles. The focus for today's news wave was none other than Nintendo's mascot: Mario! Ranging from 2D to 3D news, there was a lot to see in this Direct so make sure to get caught up on it here!
Nintendo Partner Showcase News Roundup 8/26/20
  • 1,747
  • 13
A shadow dropped Direct appears! Learn more about what was shown off in the second partner showcase of the year here!
Smash Ultimate to Receive Tournament Event Featuring Smash 4 Newcomers
  • 2,800
  • 21
Although you probably won't be getting instantly killed by Diddy Kong or Bayonetta in the latest Smash Ultimate online tournament event, you WILL be seeing all of the characters that made their debut in Smash 4. Learn more about the new online tournament event here!
EVO Online Has Been Cancelled Following Sexual Abuse Allegations
  • 9,788
  • 84
A multitude of very serious allegations in the FGC has led to the cancellation of EVO Online. Learn more about everything that has unfolded here.
ARMS Character Reveal for Smash Ultimate Announced for June 22nd
  • 2,638
  • 37
After a long period of waiting, the ARMS character will finally be revealed next week. Learn more about next Monday's Smash Direct here!
Smash Underdogs #5: Mike Haggar
  • 5,929
  • 22
The Smash Underdog series is back with a look at an underrated Capcom star. He may get his hands dirty when it comes to dealing with his city's crime, but he certainly gets the job done. Gang members beware: it's Mike Haggar from the Final Fight series!
EVO Online Revealed
  • 2,994
  • 24
EVO 2020 is officially gone and from its ashes comes EVO Online. Learn more about the first online hosted EVO tournament here!
Smash Underdogs #4: Neku Sakuraba
  • 6,835
  • 23
The Smash Underdog series continues with a look at an amnesiac headphone-wearing teen. Filter out all of the noise happening in the world by learning more about Neku from The World Ends With You!
Smash Underdogs #3: Poochy
  • 5,469
  • 23
The third Smash Underdogs analysis has finally arrived! Learn more about Dino’s best friend here as we take a look at Poochy from the Yoshi series!
E3 2020 Has Officially Been Cancelled
  • 2,044
  • 17
After days of speculation, E3 2020 has just been cancelled due to coronavirus concerns. Learn more about E3 and what led to the cancellation here.
Smash Underdogs #2: Axel Stone
  • 5,741
  • 18
The second analysis of underrated potential Smash characters is now here! Take a trip back to the early 90’s with the street brawler who has recently come out of retirement: Axel Stone from Streets of Rage!
Smash Underdogs #1: Quote (& Curly)
  • 5,055
  • 27
It’s time to discuss some underrated characters in Smash speculation! Our first analysis will be the robotic heroes of Cave Story, Quote along with Curly Brace! What sort of content could they bring to the table in Ultimate?
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Ver. 7.0.0 Released
  • 3,243
  • 15
Byleth from Fire Emblem: Three Houses will now be teaching lessons in Smash! Learn more about what else has arrived with the Ver 7.0.0 update here!
EVO Japan 2020 Has Concluded
  • 927
  • 0
From the Leroys in Tekken 7’s Top 8 to the prized Smash Ultimate controller being dropped on the floor, EVO Japan 2020 was certainly a memorable event. Learn more about who won each tournament as well as what was announced here!
EVO Japan 2020 Begins Today
  • 944
  • 2
Japan’s own version of EVO begins now! Learn about which fighters will be appearing at the event as well as more info here!
A Look At Thunder Gaming's Problems by Omni
  • 1,833
  • 5
Despite becoming more well-known throughout the eSports scene, Thunder Gaming has come under a lot of fire over the past few months due to a variety of issues. Is the hatred for the company warranted or is it greatly exaggerated? Well-known Smasher Omni provides his thoughts on the state of the company and explains why he stepped down as a content creator for them earlier this month.
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