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Amiibo Doctor

Amiibo Doctor
The Secret Reason for Patch 11.0.1
  • 2,688
  • 10
Nintendo didn't tell us everything about the recent patch! What did they hide?
How to Train the Banjo, Terry and Byleth amiibo - From an Amiibo Training Expert
  • 3,570
  • 11
Amiibo Doctor teaches you how to train the Banjo, Terry and Byleth amiibo using the competitive amiibo scene's findings! This information extends to Raid Boss amiibo too!
Update 9.0.0 Released
  • 3,961
  • 11
Update 9.0.0 has released with Steve in tow! Find out the contents of the whole update, including patch notes!
A Loophole in Predicting Updates with Amiibo
  • 2,169
  • 6
There's a loophole in Predicting Updates with Amiibo! Come learn more about the amiibo theory of update prediction!
Do We Still Need IRL Melee Tournaments?
  • 2,305
  • 17
New technology has opened the door for Melee tournaments to occur entirely online. Join the discussion - should we adopt online tournaments? Do we still need IRL Melee tournaments?
Captain Kidd Hosts Largest Amiibo Tournament in History
  • 4,173
  • 1
The largest amiibo tournament in history goes down on Saturday, courtesy of Captain Kidd!
7 Things to do in Ultimate When You're Bored
  • 7,738
  • 15
We're all bored! So what else is there to do in Ultimate?
Amiibo Tournaments - the Hidden Meta
  • 1,753
  • 2
There's been a very hardcore Smash meta right under our noses all along! Who would've thought?
7 Tips to Stay Sanitary at Tournaments
  • 1,384
  • 3
Given the recent concerns over the COVID-19 virus, Smash competitors have a responsibility to maintain our own hygiene and behavior for ourselves and the health of others. Let's talk about what we can do to keep everyone safe!
Are small tournaments financially viable? - Interviewing Zagnes
  • 2,594
  • 1
Can small local Smash tournaments stay afloat? How do they do it? Would we be better off with Nintendo sponsoring the scene? I sat down with Zagnes, a small Melee TO, to ask him these questions and many more!
Was Piranha Plant planned as a non-DLC character?
  • 3,940
  • 18
It’s no surprise to diehard Smash fans that Smash development is an arduous process. Planned characters are cut, others thrown in at the last minute, and occasionally entire modes are withheld for a DLC release. With this history in mind, I propose that Piranha Plant was planned for Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s initial fighters roster, but wasn’t finished until later.
Predicting Updates with Amiibo
  • 3,542
  • 10
Amiibo researchers are almost certain that the next DLC update will come before the Dark Samus and Richter amiibo release on January 17th. Let's shed some light on the subject!
Do we still need IRL Melee Tournaments?
  • 5
  • 0
The release of Project Slippi, the rollback-enabled netplay option for Super Smash Bros Melee, has opened up the possibilities for online tournaments. Project Slippi enables nearly-lagless online play across internet connections, with little regard to the actual internet speed of each competitor. This demands the question: do we still need Melee tournaments to be held in-person?

In order to start this conversation concisely and with precision, I’ll list out the negatives of the two most obvious options - in-person tournaments on traditional Melee setups versus online tournaments on Project Slippi setups. There are alternatives in-between these two, but beginning with binary options allows for a common reference point.

Issues with In-person tournaments
  • Will be delayed due to COVID-19 pandemic
  • Requires travel, resources and housing for players at long...
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