7 Things to do in Ultimate When You're Bored


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a very large game, but after multiple months of quarantine even the most dedicated player can get bored. Here are seven ideas to stave off Ultimate boredom for a few hours!
  1. Play a “traditional” 2D fighting game! Set match rules to heavy gravity, Stamina to simulate the heavier style. For extra immersion, limit character choices to Ryu, Ken and Terry, and limit stage choices to Omega-style stages.
  2. On the Spirit Board, beat a higher-star spirit with a lower-star spirit! This is an unpredictable challenge, and it’s a different experience for each spirit battle!
  3. Train an amiibo! There’s many amiibo tournaments being conducted through Battle Arenas, so you’re sure to find some fierce competition should you train them for competitive fighting.
  4. 100% complete World of Light! This task usually takes about 25 hours to complete without any outside spirits, but won’t be nearly as long if you already have three and four-star spirits.
  5. Turn off your Preferred Rules on Quickplay, and embrace the chaos!
  6. Make a Mii Fighter based on a celebrity, cartoon character, or someone you know! What sort of Mii Fighter would Snoop Dogg be? Would he be a Suplex-based Mii Brawler, or a Flame Pillar-focused Mii Gunner?
  7. Create your own Classic Mode! Using a Mii Fighter of a character you want in Smash, imagine the character’s Classic Mode route, and try to create it using CPU opponents, different skins, stage choice and match rules.
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Another thing I do: create custom Event Matches (in memory of the real deal). Here's one I made:

Yoshi Attack!
Description: These Yoshi's don't appreciate you invading their turf! Camp's not around for a couple miles, so you'll just have to fight your way back!

Any character (preferably a Smash 64 veteran)
Yoshi ×6 (3 stocks each, 100% handicap, first 6 colors)

Stage: Super Happy Tree
Music: Yoshi's Story (64)

-Poké Ball
-Maxim Tomato
-Heart Container
-Super Star
-Beam Sword
-Star Rod
-Home Run Bat
-Ray Gun
-Fire Flower
-Bob Omb
-Motion Sensor Bomb
-Green Shell

This event is a homage to Smash 64's 1P Game, where you faced a team of 18 Yoshi's.
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You could get every spirit in the game right now! That's what I'm doing to fight boredom right now and so far so good!
Try beating 100 Man Smash with every character, on a stage that fits the character you're playing as. If you're confident in yourself, you can also do the same with level 9 CPU's
Other fun ideas,

Stage builder can make fun maps, like recreating locations like Bowser’s Castle or making minigames like smashketball or soccer

“Squad Strike Elimination” for more than 2 players:
Make teams with the same number of fighters
Play 1 stock matches
Losers swap out characters until they run out of characters and then they’re out
The game ends when only one player has characters left

Another fun elimination minigame
Make a pool of as many fighters as you want
randomly select 4-8 fighters
the bottom one or two fighters are out
repeat until only 4-8 fighters are left who are used in the final fight
I've basically been alternating between Smash Ultimate and Super Mario Maker 2 during the pandemic lockdown. Of course, for the former game, I did have to resort to modding it (including modifying the fighter attributes), just to make things more interesting.
Another thing; do different combinations of characters for 2-plaeyr Classic Mode, because characters whose routes normally end with Master Hand fight bosses on the P1 character's route when they're P2.
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