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  • Sure why not? Ive teamed with kosmos before and it was SOOOO much fun. I got 2 rules you gotta follow when you team with me.

    1. DO NOT HELP ME RECOVER. I am Samus........im coming back to the stage.
    2. if i grab some one, do your most powerfull un-charged move.

    other than that, we should do OK. i can build up damage quick and tank while u KO. i think it will be fun.
    Yeah dude, I've got a ride set up, so you can expect to see me there.

    $2 best of three, all neutrals and you got yourself a deal :D
    Hehe, lurking gets dull, I need to troll now and again.

    I'm staying in Galveston right now, if I can get a ride in, I'd really like to attend. If I do, $1 MM Wario vs Peach?
    Thanks bro. You guys have a lot of fun at your tourney and tell your little bro that the Fort Worth thread says happy birthday....if your attending the next phase or HOBO i'm gonna donate a GC controller to give to you to him the next time we meet.
    Oh wait nevermind...we won't be able to come....if you do another one next time let me know weeks in advance and we might just show up buddy. We'll be in oklahoma when you throw your tournament.
    I'll bring this up with Denti and see if he's willing to go. It doesn't show when the tournament is...
    You see, it's people like you and me that make this game as enjoyable as it is man. Denti once talked about playing MK but I gave him the benefit of a doubt that you won't progress the metagame like you said before. It's up to us to make sure people play this game for enjoyment purposes....and winning just happens to be a secondary effect because of that drive...that passion. This is the reason why Espy, you, me, Denti and other people have a name for ourselves...we excel with the characters that we stick with, and aren't easily pressured by results. Infinity has always played MK and he's doing a **** good job. He's not a sell out by any means. But not everyone can main MK and be as good as mew2king.

    But dont' worry they will all learn how to progress in this game without having to sell out.
    He's ok. He just campy because he has to. He switched to MK like everybody else but I still main CF. If you can be a beast with Peach, Espy with Sonic, Trela with lucario.....i'm sure he could of been a great link...but he's obsessed with winning so much he doesn't have that honor you know what I mean? I thank you for your determination with Peach man.
    My man Illmatic...what's happening bro.
    Just refining my Captain Falcon for this oklahoma tournament.... :)
    It's not even a joke, I don't read his speeches anymore but I bet they're word for word copies
    I'll prlly go to this since its cheaper and closer, and more competition if the houston crew is gonna be there. So unfortunately for everyone.. I'll be getting first here in houston xD
    haha, well, I dont know. Some of us was planning on going to a san antonio tournament sat. Me, gnes, p4, maybe razer. But I guess we might go to your tournament instead, gotta check with them
    Sweetness I could use the experience. I got you on those mid tier money matches. Sonic is so beast.
    Hey Illmatic do you want me to help you organize Kadin's tournament? I got the tournament organizing program and I need some practice organizing tournaments and stuff. So there's just a venue fee of $3 for the tournament right?
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