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  • I use Peach in a lot of friendlies. People know I use her. I mean, where am I gonna use her? I'm not gonna use her in tourney. >_>
    No, the way you typed it out, what I said was exactly what it sounded like happened to you.

    Next time make a thread with either a video or a decent description of the event so there can be some sort of legitimate discussion.
    My family didn't tell me but they also wanted to go to Inception on Saturday. If you can go, they'll be joining us, lol.

    Also, at 11am, the tickets are $4 cheaper. Would you rather go earlier?
    Oh yeah, i didn't doubt you couldn't come here

    Austin is FAR. Personally, I sorta think you're still SUPER early in the scene. When I first came to the scene I would never in my dreams go ooc, xD.

    Ask yur mommy again.
    Yeh, I'm the opposite. They say they trust them 'enough' but I'm not old enough.

    ...or we could have a smashfest at my house. whahahahahaa
    Eeeeeek, i get nervous when i ask my parents about stuff smash related. i usually ask in the last minute situation.
    Yeah fair just gets stale kind of easy. Plus you never want to over use it.. It'll make it that much less obvious when you do kill with it.. Also yes i had never seen you ground float nair so I didn't think you knew how or something. lmao i did it to you and you did it back i was shocked and went back to Toon Link sad face xd
    Haha. No Actually Peach and Toon Link are my secondaries. Peach is my favorite video game character of all time.. lol. All I practice now are Mk, Peach, and Tl. Also a lot of the times when you are fairing you could space a double nair at low percents or double bair. You use bair really well though. I think you could jab more too though. If anything what I do with peach is only use fair as a spacing tool. I don't try to hit them with it. I just do it and retreat to but them in a bad situation. I always use it super close to the ground usually. to jab or dtilt (bc it hits so freaking far) then spaces you away.
    Well i personally think Snake ***** peach. Only thing I could see is finding ways to get into his spacing and dair him after a turnip toss. other than that never fair him. space your nair. you'll REALLY need that fair to kill him. if you can juggle him in the air and get him to land with a nair or airdodge you should be able to punish it with an upsmash. That is about all I got really. :/

    Fun friendlies btw.
    The entire Peach boards communicates with each other via aim. There's only like 4 who aren't always on it xD
    I can't reveal the maker here (i can on aim where its not readable by public eye xD) but all of it were fairly common patterns a year ago or so
    You call that little scuffle in the tournament thread drama? Son, you're looking at the winner of Dark.Pch Bingo
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