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  • ROFL!!

    Dude no worries. As long as you are willing to wait, just send me what picture you want and what video you want as your gif and I will put your name in line =D
    thanx bro, the upb thing is prob best, mayb throwing a key will also stop her on the way up
    dude i need ur help bro, please look at the gaw boards question i posted. I would really appreciate ur help.
    Fun teaming with you, didn't do too well, but I think we got some hard teams. All the matches were close too.

    I tend to eat a lot of **** while in doubles, we are both light characters with unreal momentum cancelling though.

    I am going to take it a bit slow, and watch some doubles matches tonight. :)


    What's our team name?

    "Lookin Cute Feelin Cute"
    "Givin the business"
    "i you aint do work, we aint gonna flirt"
    I have had bad experience with some doubles partners, like at viridian, i teamed with a random G&W player who couldn't bucket cancel, then we got m2k and ally first round. I know you are good though haha.

    Don't worry I am confident, I am like the ****ing god of being confident. By the transitive property of confidence, whenever I think confidently, it boosts my confidence score, 10 fold. I will always do my best, and willingly play the gayest way possible to enhance our chances of winning. :)
    Yeah I will team. I am not the best doubles player, but I have been playing melee doubles a lot lately, so I guess that has probably been helping some. We can definitely get some doubles friendlies in beforehand, I will be there by 10:15am.

    I personally love jiggs in doubles and ness is legit as well :)

    Should be cool, hopefully we do well, and if not. Oh well :)
    I will team for koshaboy, I am not "really good" but I think i am okay, if you wanna play LOLwifi to see if im okay or not?
    yep, snake, heh. it could've been worse. how was the tourney? i might go to next weeks in mineola, depending if my partner can make the trip to LI for it
    Hippiedude joined Smash community in June 2008 as Wi-Fi player and joined the NY smash scene in February 2009. Hippie mains Luigi, Mario, and Marth in dreams of becoming the next Boss. He is constantly improving, some say that he is a underrated player and is willing to play better people than him for improvement and advice. Hippie comes from ghetto area, always speaks ghetto and loves watching Jackie Chan Adventures his favorite character "Uncle".

    As for the city put "Floral Park"

    and if ur kind enuff, put mario and marth next to my luigi icon pls =D
    That's not genius! That's the spirit of the 20th century! You kids know nothing about it!
    Last time I stole an idea, was in 1939! The war had just started, and Buck McRidd had just invented the first flying car! It worked like s**t, and left you with fumes of carbon monoxide and sugar in the lungs, but that didn't matter since it was like a money prining machine! I beat him down with a very, very old loaf of French bread stuffed with marbles, and started his car which immediately exploded, leaving me with burn damage from my waist down. Anyway, as I was about to change my custom title, I remembered how the band I had back in '63 had recieved 6 out of 1,000 points in the Association for Schoolboy Singers (A.S.S.), since we didn't really play the instruments. Due to my severe dyxlescxia, I misspelled the word "band" and wrote "banned" instead.

    And that's the story of how I met your mom.
    Something Ema Skye always eats in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.

    It's some fried dough cake thing covered in chocolate.
    for GT, yes, gauntlet, doubt im going, knightmares, pretty sure i am, and battlegrounds...ehhhh...imma keep searching if im even going
    Cool, if there's some + or fighting game side tourny I'll try to make it (Brooklyn in the summer).
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