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  • i'm bored as fuuuuuu

    applying for colleges atm but frak that.

    Tell Nakat and Pwii to get on some wifiiii with me and you

    ya dig?

    For a second I thought you were ACTUALLY coming to Texas again.

    I almost lost my mind.
    yeah, me too probably - but times have changed!

    please please please please do it - if we both get in it I would be soooo happy.
    ummmm. I'm pretty sure we could team for LT teams too. We should do pretty good.

    I'm good versus Metaknights. It's one of my strongest matchups, it's just that I've started getting REALLY good at it recently.

    As far as Lee/Atomsk goes, I'm really good at stringing both of those characters (assuming it's MK and DDD), and I would much rather go against Metaknight and DDD in doubles than singles because there is less space for Metaknight to air camp, and less space for DDD to chain grab. I'm really good in close quarter fighting, and I'm good at staying alive (horizontally) too.
    dude, yes.

    I've been thinking the same thing. A top Peach and a top Game and Watch sounds RIDICULOUS. You have a pocket Metaknight too right? I teamed with Esca at the last HOBO and got second with his Metaknight and we took Gnes and Razer to game five. I don't want to sound cocky, but I'm one of the few Peaches that is extremely good at racking up damage and I can commit to really good reads. Since we are in doubles, it opens up more mistakes, and more mistakes means more damage. I usually 1.5x or even 2x my partner's damage output in teams. Also you are freaking GAME and WATCH and you can kill most characters near 60-70% with good reads. I know you have really good killing ability because I've been examining your recent doubles videos.

    I'm super hyped for us teaming.

    Duuuuuuuuuuuude. I main Mario in Low Tier :awesome: .

    Fireball -> PSI Magnet

    I we were meant to be.
    Hey, sorry about that. I meant to unlock it yesterday but I got sidetracked by family/weekend plans.
    Hey, This is RJ from NJ. Seeing that you are one of the higher end people of NY, I was asked by Alex Strife to inform you that there will be a meeting this evening with the higher end TO's and panel of both NJ and NY to discuss a variety of issues and changes that might affect you in the future. If you can, will you please attend the conference that will he happening this evening around 8 PM? If so, please add my screen name on AIM and IM me when possible.

    Aim: RJRawrr

    We will also be discussing the matter and possibilities of NJ/NY combining together, and since you brought it up, we feel you need to be there for it.

    Sorry for the short notice, and I hope to see you later this evening.

    Edit: Also, in the event that HelpR does not see my MSG, can you inform him about this also?

    Thanks in advance.
    lol that sounds funny. You may be in luck!! I should be making it tomorrow for ya :D
    Hey man, you said you'd IM me later to continue talking, but you never did. Just wondering what's up.
    Hey Vinnie, I'm gonna start requesting vids now. So if you got any replays or vids on YT you want in the CV pm me.
    Yea , I started working and haven't been able to attend anything :(.
    You've been doing really well though! I heard you beat Shaky and Seibrik.
    Not usually because,

    1. I have to DL the clip or the files bigger.
    2. It's better quality str8 from cam.
    Yo, I'm making a CV for the Holidays and I'm trying to get mainly Top players. You down to submit some clips?
    I noticed that doubles usually drain me so I do horribly when singles come around. My mental stamina just isnt that great lol
    yeah that's fine. I'm actually thinking about dropping doubles anyways
    I used to be able to do that, they deemed me not helping enough so I got kicked out. I had good ideas too, like mapping projectiles in depth and getting more ledge info.
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