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  • I can change colors, like a chameleon.

    Watch this

    Wow that's very close. I don't really play Peach anymore but the other 3 are spot on lol
    btw, you have a doubles partner for gauntlet this weekend? i have amazing g&w teams experience and we can take first easily :3
    Really? So desyncing isn't as hard as it looks, eh? I guess it's a blessing, because their desyncing is what makes them even remotely winnable in any sense as Ganon, since it makes Nana easier to separate and kill.
    Hey, believe it or not, I kind of respect IC mains. :p They do take a lot of skill to use effectively. But still, you got first in a tough-*** region. Too good, dude. XD
    Thanks, man. x)

    After the boards died for a while, everyone proposed a vote for the new King of Evil. After a couple weeks I was voted in. I was so psyched. My only goal left is to make NE PRs. :p We'll see how that goes.

    But really, thanks again for the encouragement, man. :p
    Definitely. The worst part is when it's last stock/last hit. Ugggghhh. Trying to land ANYTHING is like... I dunno... doing something really hard. >w>

    Also, I could never! ;-; Ganon is my one true love. Also, I thought I'd tell you, since I was talking about it at GECT#3


    Check the tier list!

    Ganon is just so weird. His kill power is what makes the MU ratios seem like less than they are, but then his kill power means nothing when he can't get within 30 feet of someone. xD So it's tough to classify him.
    I remember you telling me about that. XD

    Also, the first gimp in that vid was sexy. Tipman > bair. :D But yeah, it's actually a pretty hard MU for Snake. Not terribly hard, but if the Ganon plays really well, I'd say it's 70:30.
    Yep. So far this season I've only lost to Falco and D3. >_< Even though they were friendlies, I ran pretty close with Bizkit and Fatal, so I'm dying to be seeded with some Snakes. xP
    I wish I could! D: Seriously, if I could get a seed away from characters who can CG me (Falco and D3 primarily [although I did beat Prawn last week XD]), I'm really confident I could place top 5 or 7. Bizkit just hates Ganon lol.

    As for the CG spike, Ganon can't unless it's Castle Siege or YI. So, one grab = stock. Even then the MU is godawful lol. But, I still think with enough skill it's doable.
    I saw that thread. 1st place, man. Good stuff. Maybe one of these days I'll make it to payouts again if I don't get put up against a Falco or D3. I get Bloodcross every tourney in winners and losers. **** chainspike lol.
    Yessir. I couldn't enter due to lack of funds, but I'm still going to play everyone I can. XD Rep the 'Dorf!
    i can go to cali in like a year or 2, have fam there in both socal and norcal.

    and going to texas maybe next year depending on how i feel. (cuss'd out at my family idk if theyll want me back LOL)

    fl ill prolly go, we hsoould make a road trip to disney land
    **** i forgot i wanted to have bday thinggy **** i should plan it now lol

    too focused on graduating high school *** that shizz lol
    hey newb if u think i was raging on the interwebz, sorry i wasn't , and sorry if i got mad at you, (already apolgized to john) you should know i autopilot and rage post without putting any thought into what i write (if you didn't know that then now you know.)

    i just want to get better that's all kthx broski. if it makes u feel better ill steal cheeses controller loll
    so does that mean you completely ignore the whole ego attitude thing ? and your definition of confident? like " oh i'm definitely gonna do good in this tourney!" etc
    only saying this cuz its on my mind now and i dont want to forget and i know your out with yo homies at the mall today xD

    just wanted to know,when you go to tourneys and what not, do you ever think to yourself "i'm vinneh best GaW in EC, l fight top players and beat them, so i should be doing good" or do you just completely ignore that and drop it and just keep yourself focused in the tourney and your matchs, doing whatever you usually do in a tourney set " like oh hes doing X, so l should do Y okay" etc

    wall of gay post

    also p3nis head
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