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    Does anybody think the current melee tier list from 2013 is outdated?

    tier list discussion exists here:
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    Melee Scene at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

    you can find out more about region events and communities by looking here: or for the facebook groups by looking through here:
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    Texas Melee Community

    In addition to those resources shared by Massive you can also check out the Regional Zones here on Smashboards as well. Although generally speaking communities have for the most part moved to facebook groups.
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    differences between pm and melee

    does anyone know if shielding dropping properties in PM are the same as they are in Melee?
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    Captain Falcon Match-Up (MU) Discussion

    mu thread has been stickied
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    There have been tournaments in Red Deer in the past back when I used to lived there, but ever since I moved to Edmonton the Red Deer scene has been more or less dead. If you're interesting in running tournaments in Red Deer think we would be very receptive and supportive to that, because it is...
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    Ron's House One (Edmonton, AB Canada)

    we're back on smashboards boys
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    Ron's House One (Edmonton, AB Canada)

    thanks ron for the great tournament
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    best album

    best album
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    Edmonton is DEAD....

    Yeah you are severely mistaken, Edmonton probably has one of the most active communities in the world. We've been around since before 2004 and we have some of the most talented players in the world. I'm not too sure where you got the idea that our...
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    Character Competitive Impressions

    This is awesome! Have you shared this in the falcon boards also?
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    Captain Falcon Skype Group - JOIN TODAY!

    this is a good idea, I wanted to set this up but never got around to it. victrafalcon
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    Tech chasing like a man, complete breakdown.

    omg Gravy you finally got around to making that god bless
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    Detailed Guide for a Tournament-Level Falcon

    haha i'm actually in the process of gathering a bunch of guides and putting into a single sticky!
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    Show Me Your Vids! Falcon Video and Player Thread

    @mlorenzo are you still updating the OP?
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