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  • just watched some of your fox vids, ryan.

    man you're mad good. i'm sad that i didn't get to play you a bunch at rom3 =(
    I own all three MOTHER games, it's my favorite series.

    Therefore, I decided to name my tournaments after a move from them. "Brainshock". :p Thanks for enjoying it!
    the turnout was okayish, considering the tournament was very sudden. a lot of people were poor/johning about money so they decided to do a free tournament. kirbykaze was cool about it though.
    saying i did well would be an overstatement. he adapted quickly to my straight forward gameplay and i managed to take a game off him in the 5 games we played because he said i became unpredictable for that one round. they were around 1 stock games with a 2 stock not being a surprise.

    i also told him that it was the first time i felt like i was going to die for sure when i was thrown off the ledge.

    he's a really nice guy, though. he told me if i knew the matchup better, i'd probably do a hell of a lot better. though i can vouch that i don't know the matchup, no johns for me.

    and one more thing: he has inspired me to train and get a lot better.
    unknown, you weren't kidding about kirbykaze LOL

    i swear, i got grabbed and i couldn't get out and it lead to death at least half the time
    Ryan, i was watching your sets vs Imadh from smashturbation and one thing i noticed more than anything was he caught you out of your double jump and then death combo'd you WAY to much

    i mean, in situations where you were both at a neutral positions, or you were on a platform or something, you would quickly DJ as a means of moving around, and he'd just react and upair or fair, and it cost you big time.
    just somehting to consider.
    are you sure you can't CC a drill?? i mean if you held down the whole time, and just mashed b wouldn't a shine get off before the grab? drills don't have a lot of stun, and the last hit of the drill would be CCable wouldn't it?
    alright, gave you access and stuff on smashmods, lemme know if you have any qs or hop on our irc
    yeah, it's hard to switch to someone that can't be as aggressive as spacies can.

    i can imagine gay stuff in melee getting to you (it gets to me too), but it's definitely good to see you have made a change for the better. you seem like a real chill dude, so it's all good. it seems like you didn't have a huge choking issue, so it's probably a natural thing that people either get sucked into or nautrally don't go in/get out of quickly. i'm certainly determined to be great at this game, so i hope it helps.

    regarding catacalysm... not sure if i'd be able to make that 'cause rom3 is in nov and cata would be in oct? i'm not too sure about 2 ooc tournaments at this point, but i'd probably have an answer by the end of this summer.

    also, what of ec tournaments? i don't see many of those and i'd definitely like to make it out to an ec tournament
    as a fellow space animal player, sheik can be fairly hard to switch to just due to her build. either way, good luck with sheik!

    what IB thinks does go through my head, so yeah, the thought of losing really cripples me. whenever the thought even comes across my head, my thoughts become full of stuff (not certain as to what), and it certainly blocks me from thinking of what i'm doing in smash. i've been constantly looking for ways to get around it, but to no avail, nothing has worked. i've even tried to stop playing and "try" not to care about it, but it just makes me worse lol.

    no, apex was way too near when i found about it. i'm definitely making it to rom3 though.
    so sheik is your main?

    i'm actually only average. i have confidence issues etc. even if people were to say i improved, i've only improved in theory.

    to cope with this, i plan on doing a bit of traveling. seeing as ec canada travels a lot, i was wondering if you guys could let me know which tournaments you guys are attending, if it's not too much trouble of course. i want to get out there and learn the tournament environment, but bc rarely travels, so it's makes it even harder for me to get oop/oos.
    did you ever get around to making that smashmods account for Project M access?
    yo whats up ryan.

    its technically 18.

    but the law is VERY slack on actually holding to the drinkin age. the bartenders serve pretty much everyone lol
    about your ontatop player finder thread

    i want to be identified with mississauga, and i only play samus now


    I'm picking up Melee again, and I still remember you from MisaMeka's tournament, that talk we had was mad inspiring for me to play Melee again.

    I main Samus by the way.
    Hey i just wanted to say thanks for the friendlies in melee yesterday.... you were the only one I played lol and i felt kinda stupid for asking you if you attended a lot of tournaments cause shortly after our conversation i found out you were really good or something. At first I was liek really discouraged that I was getting 4 stocked by a mario heh
    That's because you're amazing lol. Ah, I guess I'll just have to win some nationals -_o
    Yo unknown hows it going. I know I'm not a particularly amazing player, but what are the posting requirements to become a back-room member. I know one of the requirements is to post intelligent and relevant towards the game.
    Yeah I dunno either. He comes down here at Christmas to smash with us.

    He's definitely not as good as I remember though. I used to think he was good back when I wasn't good, now I can 3 stock him pretty consistently lol.

    I asked him if he played you guys (like Raynex, you, KK) and he said he did and you guys were really good.
    Hey man, you know Beeble? He managed to come down to Alberta this week to smash with us. I think he said he doesn't even play with you guys anymore or something?
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