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  • You're kidding right? Do you know how many times Gladiators are special summoned in the span of a duel? Approximately 20+ times. That's 2000+ atk and def. Grand way to beat a playable Obelisk. I like to make up my own strategies, but thanks anyways.
    Yeah, I just looked it up. It's just the card I've been looking for.... And the field spell is VERY good, too. I don't have that either, sadly. Time to go searching for them!
    Synchros have a lot of power, but Gladiator Beasts (compared to most cards) are just as powerful as them.
    True, but Gladiator Beasts are just about around the supremacy of Synchros. They're pretty much the same, in my sense.
    Aw. D: People here are epic. There's this store where they sell all the newest cards and packs, and that's where we play locally. Most people there have 5D's builds, but I would rather stick to the GX generation cards.

    Ex., one friend has a pure Jurrac deck. Another has a Blackwing Archetype. Another is based on getting a certain Synchro out that dominates with equip spells.

    One of my friends has a ghost-rare Stardust Dragon, but to be honest, I really hate 5Ds.
    Sure do. I participate in local tournaments. I've got a Gladiator Beast deck. I can't seem to be able to beat a deck based on getting out Demise. D:

    I assume you play. You're competitive?
    Yeah...it was a perk which you rarely see other people use. (Just like overkill and eavesdrop.) :bee:

    I do enjoy equipping frag x 3 and chucking them over buildings in hopes of getting multi-kills. :awesome:

    Oh, and I'm almost level 25 in Blops now. Hope to prestige sometime next month or w/e.
    I was playing TDM with some friends this afternoon and we were playing on Villa. You know that one spawn near all the rocks? Well, we spawned there and I put a claymore on the stairs on the left spawn building and a few minutes later, I got a triple kill! :awesome:

    Haha DC...never used that or sonic boom in CoD4...
    Yeah, I like 'em. But I'll probably switch over to the last pistols (CZ275s?) when I unlock them later on.

    I also made the host rage quit today in one of my games. :D
    Currently level 15 in Blops. Using the FAMAS w/suppressor and akimbo dual wield m19s with ghost, sleight of hand and ninja.
    I wish I didn't have ****ing idiots for teammates...(2-20, 3-16, 2-19 etc.)
    I was unaware that people still hosted Melee tournaments these days. I thought Brawl was the rage. Guess I was wrong.

    Who do you main in Melee again?
    I would have gotten away from the grenade too...I turned around and starting to sprint away but he was standing in back of me so I died. ****ING IDIOT!

    We should play sometime this week. I need good teammates so I can rank up and unlock stuff.
    Started playing Blop's online MP with some friends. First game: Nuketown. I died (as in I didn't start off my Blops career with a kill) cause a teammate blocked my way as I was running away from a grenade. :mad:

    But I still went positive. :)
    Your bad CPU.

    Can you recommend me some classes? I'm currently using:

    MP5 w/extended mags
    Some pistol (The first one)
    Concussion grenades

    Slight of hand

    M16 w/RDS
    Some pistol (The first one)
    Concussion grenades

    Slight of hand

    Kill streaks: UAV, CUAV, Blackbird.
    I got a quad MP5 spray today
    in combat training.

    Also, you should stop camping
    in combat training.
    So you FINALLY accept my friend request on FB? :mad:

    Bro, we should play some Crysis 2 MP this week.
    I'll download the Crysis 2 MP demo once my brother beats the Bulletstorm demo. I have to delete it after to make room. Bulletstorm demo = 1.08 GB and Cryris 2 = 1.80 GB :urg:

    Which 360 do you have again? I'm rocking the old 20 GB "pro" model from 2007...

    Sure, link me to it. And yeah, go ahead and create a thread and I'll help out. I'll edit it with new information and stuff and make it awesome. :bee:
    I've read that the graphics are good but the controls are bad/laggy. Is that true?

    Haha. "Mistakes were made."
    I beat the Bulletstorm demo today, it's alright. I mean, it kind of got my all pumped up to play during the intro movie but it kind of wore off in the middle of the demo. It's pretty short, like, you can beat it in like 15 minutes.
    I don't know anything about it either. Ask F8AL if he'll give you a hand with it. I'm sure he'd be more than happy to help.
    Good. You should also try the Phoenix Wright games and Ghost Trick on the DS.

    I can send you a list of my "must have" games for the DS if you want.
    Bro, you need to play Pokemon White/Black early. It's such a great game. I still need to beat it tho. :X

    I hate Doryuuzus...:(
    Thanks! Mudkipz are my favourite pokemon. One day, I want to raise a full team of 6 level 100 mudkipz and own everyone with them. (But you can't use electric or grass pokemon or anything good against them...)
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