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  • Yeah, programs like that exist. Do they really not trust you guys? I remember back in high school, they tried blocking sites like addictinggames, (lol slime volleyball was the ****) facebook, and YouTube but we got around the filters.

    Who doesn't go on Smashboards while they're at school? I do. :D
    Cause what they're selling is not legal. The original online shop where I ordered mine stopped selling them as well for the same reason.

    Let me know when you get yours. I have lots of DS game recommendations. :)
    Oh yeah, the site I have you to order yours has been forced to stop selling them. (You can probably assume why.)

    Just Google a site which sells them.
    Thanks! Have you made your decision yet on the card you'll be getting? So many good DS games to play right now! (Pokemon Black, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, Super Scribblenauts etc.)

    No, but we're getting a tech guy to come over on Saturday to take a look.
    Oh man. Good luck with all that bro. Though I don't doubt you being able to go.
    No, my ISP in my hometown has been pretty unreliable lately. Sometimes my Internet randomly stops working. Might have to call them and get a replacement for the modem. (They don't last very long...very poor quality.)
    You're effing pro if you were able to do that.

    Pound 5 shouldn't be that big of a problem.
    Sorry, my Internet briefly stopped working. My ISP is run by a bunch of incompetent idiots.
    Ah I know how that is. I had to explain to my mom a **** ton of stuff before I could go to OoS tourneys. Like where was I going to be, the cost, where was I staying, who with, yada yada yada.

    Eventually she just warmed up to the idea that I'm playing putting my time towards a videogame rather then drugs or violence.
    Haha I'm not that good. And I main a low tier character.

    But I can try. It's not that hard to learn the game. But to master is freaking difficult.
    Melee. I don't really play Brawl. Though I don't mind it. It's fun every once in a while. But I'm not competitive.
    Yup 100% going.

    I live 3 hours away from the venue. If I don't go then I'd be shocked.
    I see you joined my XBL party this afternoon, was in game chat with my friends playing MW2.
    Forgot to mention, I have about 5 clips in my file share that can go in the Dualtage. Got a random Tomahawk across Radiation :D
    Lemme play Zombies witchu next time!
    We're gonna make a dualtage. LES GOGOGO
    So uh, I tried opening the 32 Bit demo of Vegas this morning, and it worked! I'm at a User Agreement part, and I'ma leave it in case I screw it up somehow.
    No, it's Kamitsure, the 4th gym leader in Pokemon Black. (Raimon City)

    And you live near Icy? I don't know if that's a good or bad thing... :p
    Yes, about 90% of the whole game is now translated into English. I'm currently fighting the 7th gym leader. The game's a blast!

    Let me know when you get home and can talk on AIM.
    Good call. :p

    Alright, I'll see you on AIM this afternoon. (I see you online on AIM right now but you probably leave it on at home, am i rite?)

    And I just downloaded the latest version of the Pokemon Black fan translation! w00t!
    Sorry, had to do something important last night. Let me know if you can talk this afternoon or whatever.
    I get home at 4ish. I'll have a good bit of uninterrupted peace, so TODAY WOULD BE IDEAL! :)
    We're not allowed to discuss that sort of thing on SWF, I added you on AIM.
    Oh man it was a while back, I swear I heard someone talk about it in a video (like, an "official" video, not fan-made)

    Try looking on the official CoD youtube account. I have a feeling I saw it there.
    Btw, the vimeo video I posted yesterday in the Black Ops thread basically showed 2 guys in a private game lobby and one guy got all the challenges and stuff in a matter of minutes from the hack.
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