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  • Nah, it won't go away. They force you to use it now. It's a complete mess.

    Not for me, I'm forced to use the new layout. It's horrible.

    I was also forced to change to the newest Facebook layout too. =/
    Get a DSTWO, the team says they're confident that they can update the firmware so it'll work for the 3DS.
    You should. There's a rumour that the 3DS has already gotten hacked and companies are already creating flashcards for it. :)
    Archfiend is MY deck really. And my Dark World deck isn't really complete yet. And the other 2 me and my bro share.
    Indeed I do.

    Archfiend Deck.
    Morphtonic Deck.
    Water Deck.
    and Dark World Deck.

    It's the second best Yugioh character ever created.

    First is Marik.

    Yes it's Crow. Haha.
    It's made by the same guy who made the Phoenix Wright series on the DS.

    DSTWO yet??? :p
    IIRC, it's only affecting the PS3. MW2 is perfectly playable on the 360/PC.

    Oh yeah, get Ghost Trick for the DS. It's awesome.
    I've been thinking that for the past year. I've just never gotten around to finding a venue.
    You better show up to KTAR. I'll be leaving shortly to be housed and then arrive there in the morning. Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.
    Good luck on the team battle against Hamek! I'll be rooting for you guys on the sideline cause that's all I can really do since I don't have the game. xD

    And how's your graduation project coming along?
    Nope, they just get early access. I'll update the Gears of War 3 thread in the Light House when I heard more on the beta.
    It's going to be a public beta. Everyone will be allowed to participate in it at some point this year. If you want early access to the beta, you have to buy the special version of Bulletstorm.
    Haha, it's okay. :p

    I'm already out of codes anyways. I had like 50 codes to get into the MoH beta a few months ago. ;)
    No, I told you last night that I got some codes for free. I already have 2 controllers for my 360 anyways.
    I just learnt that the only way to get a code for the halo banshee avatar prop is to buy the limited edition of the Halo: Reach controllers. :O
    Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl, Shien's Chancellor, Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, End of Anubus, Scapegoat, Cyber Twin Dragon, Divide Dragon Excellion, and Winged Kuriboh (also not for sale)

    Very crappy list but its all the good stuff I have.

    Stop getting cards 2 years ago.
    I have Dark Paladin, Gene Warped Warwolf, Chimeratech Overdragon (not for sale though) Red Eyes Black Dragon, and I think Right Arm of Exodia also shiny in gold text.
    Check out the MW2 thread, I posted a pretty sweet rumor I found on teh internetz.
    Did you know that you're spelling his name wrong?

    It's "bieber", not "beiber".
    Thanks Thunder!

    And yeah, that's the one. But remember, ShopTemp doesn't sell DS flashcards anymore. You'll have to find another website which sells those sort of things.
    Yes, it can. GBA and all the other consoles. (i.e. GB/C, NES etc.)

    There's no real difference in both games, I think the only differences is some different Pokemon and one different locations. (Black has a town, White has a forest.)
    And Pokemon White/Black finally has a release date for NA: March 6th!

    So you'll still have a few months to play it early! :bee:
    Get a DSTWO, you won't regret it since it's the best out there. If you don't feel like spending $30, get a R4 or Acekard. There, problem solved.
    Cool, which SDHC card are you going to get? I use a 2 GB one, I can hold plenty of games and other stuff on it. They're pretty affordable these days.
    Nah bro, search around. They're easy to find. Ones that have free shipping are a huge plus.
    Glad to hear that, all you have to do now is to find an online store which sells them.
    Yeah, I just beat the game actually. It has some good music but it's kind of glitchy. Overall, I'd give it a 7/10. CoD4 is still the best one on the DS and MW2 wasn't that good.
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