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  • I love you the most. I'll print this out, then I'll look at the animations in training mode forever... I can learn like that.
    Any chance you could send me that list of ledge animations/sounds?
    If not send, print one out for me at WABA~
    Hey man, me and neo need housing for WABA. Do you know any one in GA who can house us?
    Can you unsticky Pado's MU thread and sticky xzx's? Also Labernash quit so we need a new manager of the Wario video thread.
    reflex my stomach has been hurting all day from this hangover.

    what do I do

    Aww, you got rid of the Mirror B avi?

    He was like, my fav char from XD GoD when I was a kid.

    Always looked like his ludicolo's were dancing to the battle music when he finally sent them out xD.
    That's fine, I'm super busy as well this year both in and out of school so it goes both ways haha. Still need to do MU chart stuff, bleh. But if you ever want to talk Wolf stuff you know where to find me :)
    The rating system doesn't work, there's not much convincing him because he thinks the same about the matchup as you, DMG or myself (I would know, I've played him a lot the past 2 years). If you view everything on a relative scale the +1-4 system is a failure, I've posted about it before but I'll just assume that you agree with me on that regard.

    At any case, Orion understands and acknowledges that the MU is mad hard for Wario. I can't help but agree on the fact that it's hard for MK to maintain the technical and tactical perfection that is necessary to make this MU unwinnable. Same as with Marth, really. It's a rather unexplored top level matchup so it's hard to make concrete statements everyone is willing to believe.

    Also he's salty because he lost to spotdodge-gimmick Anoer because he was already salty for losing Winners in some French tournament.
    I'm not interested into the gameplay at all, that's the problem, I guess? :p

    But yeah, he is beyond ridiculous, such a random design haha.
    hey man, whats the best source or way to find venues in my area for tournaments.? ive been using craiglist but havent had much luck with that.
    I'm currently the most active in the thread, so I will assume responsibility. However if there is a problem, we bring all problems to oyu.
    Reflex who would I talk to about getting a thread handed over to another person. The person who made the South Carolina thread hasn't been on in forever.
    Haha. I wish I would have stayed longer to see that.

    I won't be at the Salty Spitoon. Maybe next month or whatever GA tournament is happening in July.
    Hey congrats on winning first in Brawl and Project M

    Along with the replay we had, I also saved a friendly vs Ryker. Dedede vs Falco on PS1. Kinda sad we didn't get any friendlies in, but it was still nice talking to you.
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