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  • Haha, thanks. =D

    Though I don't really know what area you are in and I'm from Europe, so it'd be a little more difficult. Haha. But yea, thanks for the offer. I hope I can become an acceptably good player by the time I have time and monehz to fly across the pond. <3
    Hehe. Thanks for understanding. You're a very great player, and from what I've read from you, seem to have a very grand personality.
    That's one of the main things I really love about the Smash community... there are rarely top-level players who look down on players who are not that good but trying to learn. You're no exception, quite the contrary.

    I really hope that, if I should ever be able to come to the US for a tournament, I can meet you in person there, and maybe play a friendly or two. <3
    Heh. Well, as said... I'm starting to discover more and more stuff. I know it must sound awful if you're on such a high level, but I was pretty happy when I started to being able to implement spotdodging and airdodging regularly in my game. I have this feeling I'm getting better and better. Which is what makes me very happy (you know, this happiness you have when you feel success) and confident in that I am on a very steady path.
    I've watched quite a lot of videos of you, and it's kinda funny how two Wario players (you and Fiction - in his interview with Sky) motivated me to pick up the game up and start playing again.

    Oh, and sorry to ramble all over you now. XD
    Yea, but you're pretty much one of the best players already... I still suck balls. Haha. But yea, it can only get better. I've became a lot better during the past few weeks, so I hope I can one day actually compete with players like you. ;p
    its cool, yeah it was all loud in there and i saw you sleeping on the ground and didn't want to disturb you :-P well with PT i usually use X to jump just cause its really close to the A and im jumping around, and hitting its a lot easier. But other then PT i play G&W and RoB. but yeah if i have anything i'll let you know. Yeah that match vs Radix was awesome(you played him in the back room he was MK and Snake)...learned some new stuff just watching. like seems you play really smart just knowing what they are going to do and a lot of jabs.
    Hey man it was cool meeting you and nice talking, thanks for the advice too I was practicing earlier and trying some stuff out. Do you change your controller scheme...like Y to grab or something like that?
    yeah man you can get in. you really need to start beating m2k in tourny sets :p
    I think you should come visit me in Texas around April 10th in Houston >_ > <_< >_> <_<
    lmao, is that you in the display pic?

    Yeah. I wish I could face your Pokemon Trainer sometime...
    whats up man, forgot to ask, but how did Cot4 go? Any big name players that you beat? w/ PT!?
    Hey, what do you think about Dededee and PK Trainer on teams?

    Squirtle can water gun an opponent into Dededee's slower killing moves, and Ivy can make a wall for 3D to chain grab off forever.
    lol make sure to make it after Gigs of march where you will be facing me in sometype of ____finals, from quaters to semis to grand somewhere we will see each other i know this, I do.

    Now you have room to stand up =)
    goodluck @ COT4, i hope you & your crew can reach the top. I know the competion will be fierce, but im sure you'll do great. Are you entering the low-tier tourney?
    I would definetly appreciate it. I am very willing to learn if you and calvin are willing to teach me some stuff.

    I'll probably be visiting columbus on friday. let me know if you are able to make it to CSU. We could start the brawl practice then :)
    aww dang cuz i will be moving to alabama so i can go to tuskegee in a few years. maybe it will improve by then.

    where do you go to tourneys and play brawl at here in GA? I'm trying to find more places and people to play.
    Hey, what's the name of your brother? I'm gonna use a few clips I got yesterday on him, and I want to give him thanks in the video. His tag name will do.
    O.... Wow..... So thats why it'd B so hard to get GA people to wanna come out. We will only have like 12 people Playing Melee Singles at Max :-/ Brawl will Always have at least 32(with U and Kismet we are guaranteed 32).
    Sup reflex?! You gonna be at the next impact clash right?
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