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  • Dark.Pch, I think he be troll'n.

    That, or he really is that ignorant/thickheaded.
    Hey I've been looking for "boom Melody" by freezepop and I can't find it :(

    do you have an mp3 or anything ?

    thanks >_<
    july 25-26. 2 weeks after genesis

    mango and m2k are already confirmed for melee, and I'm hoping we can get Ally for brawl...so then there will be mad hype :laugh: at least melee will be good at the very least...
    When I saw that I had a new notification "freezepop" popped into my head and then I read your comment LOL

    whats their song that had "bomb" in the chorus or something?

    Boom boom boom or something

    I used to LOVE that.
    The Girl in your Avatar!
    What's she from?
    I'm sure that I know that band that shes in... (in a band right?)
    Hey Reflex! Pyronic Star said that you're going to ECRC in August. He said I should go, but I didn't have a ride. He told me to ask you if you can give me a ride there if you're going. What do you think?
    I just listened to a few songs of Freezepop now that I heard of them (from you), and they're really good.
    Yeah he asked and Nu said it was alright for him to come. Btw, I just beat Cynthia's team with my Lv. 56 Gyarados alone, get at me. But yeah now I have to see what kind of team I should get and start breeding for abilities and natures. Also, what's the best way of getting EVs for my pokemon? And should I get more of the same ones to check IVs?
    What time should Lounis come down to your house on Friday? Like ten in the morning or what?
    Hey, you got any space in your car for maybe 2 people? Deo and I really want to try to get the Louisiana tourney.
    That'd be sweet. I normally am more of a singles battler, too, but Pokemon USA tournaments are ******** and always go double battles. At least this time they're actually paying attention and using the uber list. XD I will be sure to bring my singles team, too.
    Awesome. We should get some D/P/Pt battles going, too--I gotta practice with the level 50 doubles team I raised for the National Video Game Championships.
    Sweet, thanks, Reflex. Pokemon is my main competitive game, and I ran a Pokemon of the Week section on a former site, so I'll definitely post some strats sometime.

    I definitely am looking forward to getting some friendlies in with you at LasT Smash, Reflex. I'd love to get a chance to test my Pokemon Trainer against yours.
    Hey Reflex, how do you become a Pokemon Researcher? I apologize if this question comes across as noobish, but I'm having trouble finding the answer on the boards.
    :( We need to play, I'll try to make it to Herb 2 so we can play if your going.

    But good luck on your exams dude
    Ok by using your videos as well i may be done very soon, but i have a question for you, can you think of a good name for the video??
    also if you would like, what is your youtube account name and i could show you the clips i have so far.
    Hey reflex im making a combo video, want to be a part of it, im about 50% done but i just dont have enough footage so basically, can i use your clips?
    Hey Reflex! Just in case you want to fulfill any of your Pokemon Trainer-ish needs, feel free to request anytime atThe Custom Pokemon Shop! in the Poke Center!
    I'm still practicing with Pokemon Trainer. My Squirtle and Ivysaur are pretty good, it's just my Charizard that seems to be getting manhandled, which eventually loses the stock for me Dx
    You got a purple name!!!!!

    I'm...so...happy! :D

    PT in the SBR.
    Make things fair for us. :colorful:

    Next step...Mawdship.
    sup man, yeah I'm still having a hard time w/ observing but its getting a lot better ^_^ So first stock in a match...what goes through your mind? like find their habits immediately? then make up a strategy in your head to counter & then its counter for counter?
    He's pretty awesome.

    Can be a coward but that doesn't really matter :p

    The manga us really good I heard. I haven't read a lot of it since I'm more of an anime person.

    Also, congrats on getting into the backroom.
    Congratulations on becoming an SBR member, Reflex. I'm sure your insight, experience and knowledge will greatly benefit the SBR. =)
    Congratulations on B-Room, Reflex.
    Sorry this is sorta spontaneous, I love to follow your Pokemon Trainer Results. I'm so glad you use him seriously! I'd love to see him move up in the ranks D=
    Keep being awesome! =D
    I cant help but say "Waaah Waaah WAAAAHH" when ever I hit Warios Down Taunt. When Geoff told me the story I couldnt believe how they reacted to such a stupid thing. Im on your side of this though, they over reacted.
    This is Fast I was at the tourney >_>
    (I taunt in real life to)
    I dont get why they are mad at it its just like fun ^____^
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