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  • Hey man whatever happened to those videos you recorded at FLG a long time ago, do you still have them recorded to your laptop?
    Hey I heard you were recording at FL gaming and I wanted to subscribe to your youtube to watch the vids, or if you are making a thread on here that works too.
    ok well i'll keep that in mind when scheduling, we're trying to give opportunities for people to come that normally can't
    alright so you'd beable to make a 28th tourney? Toasty would hopefully be going too. More ROBs at one tourney than any other ever? <_<
    haha, I might not know her then, I'll try to be nice to her if I meet her though -- high school rivalries aside :p

    first, there are no MAJOR tournaments. Though Rayku and I are thinking of hosting one on the 28th...( a sunday )

    second, Woodstock is a great place to be. Both myself and Rayku live here. Additionally he has the house to himself for a couple weeks so some ridiculous amount of smash bros will be going on at Rayku's house these coming weeks.

    Anyway, inform me of your time constraints/when you would like to play bros, and odds are something could be going down. Hell, maybe I know your GF :p
    Just curious: who's the Pika mainer from FL you talked about in the ROB matchup thread on Pikachu?
    Deadfreakinweight! Good job at the tourney. You're fun to talk to, lol. I'll see you next month. Or maybe you can come to one of my smashfests I have at my place. That would be cool too.
    that PR is junk, you underestimate john and groceries man
    the only person john loses to is drew, groceries is an owning machine, and you forgot justis.
    Awesome! I heard Rob and Pit make a really great team. Both great at camping with projectiles. Any ideas on stages?
    yea dude most deffinitly,, since drew is not going.... I need that ROB... we gotta own. !!!
    i dunno yet, the thing is... that i got to be somewhere else on thursday maybe i will pick you guys up and drop you off at fortress at around 5 or 6... i got a poker game at 7 that i was planning on going.... so i dunno yet.
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