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  • thanks man, yeah i haven't played typh yet, im not to sure where he is at...who knows, maybe he'll be at the tourney in San Diego in Jan
    Finally updated the Hall of Fame with your 2GG results!

    Have you played typh yet? He's not far from LA.
    Finally updated the Hall of Fame with your Holy Smash results. Thanks for waiting!
    Same to you man. It was nice meeting you too. Glad to meet another pokemon trainer finally lol.
    I do change my control scheme, but none of it is for Pokemon Trainer.

    I change my R button to Attack, because I find it easier to Boost Smash with Wario that way, and I don't ever use my R button otherwise.

    Recently, since I started picking up Lucas, I changed my X button to Special, because I find it easier to Zap Jump with Lucas that way, and I don't ever use my X button otherwise.

    So, nothing that really affects my PT play at all.

    By the way, sorry if I didn't talk much at Gigs. If you want any more advice, feel free to IM or PM me.
    Sup! You have got to have the best PK trainer that I know. I loved how you were beating the D3!!! Even tho you got robbed and lost that match, I say you won for making it that close vs D3 LOL! Oh yea squirtle is too beast!
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