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  • I have been pretty good just been not playing smash. I told Hrnut I was taking a break and will not enter any tournaments this year. I have been playing though just, not in tourney and only occasionally. Been preparing my mind for better. A lot of finding ones self... I have been studying music and making websites.
    I hope I can go... I heard if between 19th to 21st and during work -- that's a blackout time. Meaning that my job wants me to be there due to the holiday rush.
    Nope not retired just taking a break that may go into retirement. I'm really into TvC right now I can't wait for that game to come to north america.
    whole sets weren't even saved so I was a little pissed.
    ill see if the quality is aight then ill get back to you whether its worth me posting or not.

    I'm trying to get more into brawl, so whenever there isn't a melee tourney, I'm gonna try and go to more of the local brawl ones!
    Indeed :) ... I dont visit very often and really dont care that much for the technical part of brawl lol
    Alright man, cool ^.^. Gotta keep your priorities straight. Y'girl always comes first. Good man. See ya soon.
    I know. We havent gotten to 1 v 1 yet. Dont worry man we will...IF you come to the fest. So you should come. Because I want you to. Good enough reason.
    Your Pit is to beastly ;)
    Lets do a friendly at gigs to see if I got any better!
    Thanks a lot :) yeah I was killing him and know i could beat him. The thing that killed me is he chained grabbed Ivysaur and gimped me. If it were charizard of squirtle he would of been dead. Now I know just to switch out fast so next time he's goin down. Yeah you were doing good at the tourney too, had to put on a good show for the lady ;)
    haha thanks! Yeah, i don't feel too bad tho, lost to the winner. Wish there was a loser's bracket...

    Yep I'll be at gigs I think, not 100% sure i want to enter tho.
    :[ nah im not going to this gigs, i'm going to the PnT tournament near my house...free money :), gg's to you as well, really good pit mang.
    no, i have to goto Georgia that week ;___;
    maybe the gigs in April though..
    Ha, yeah I didn't realize it till justin said how serious we were. Maybe ha, Once you've been to as many tonyfests as I have you'll have plenty of tony exp =P

    I believe I'll be going, was 100% sure but now it's about 80%
    The reason I wanna go to Monk as a partner is that we D*** near took out Afro and Seibrik, we actually made the mistakes that cost us.

    Ric is a great partner but at the same time, it's a roller coaster and if he's going bad, then it's really bad lol. Same with the good lmao. I'll see how me and his Kirby work.

    Definitely, you did very well at the last Gigs, you gotta stay for this one lol! I'll probably end up taking us all to Gigs in the morning or something like that.
    You Betcha. I'm gonna be at Jay's on the 27th (My Bday!!!) and then I hope to crush people at Gigs. I definitely could use some Pit practice since I recently lost to JSSN at Naples. Yes, bringing Rick, cause we're teaming and for perhaps the final time because he's switching his main to Kirby. Plus, me and Monk are a ridiculous team lol.
    Heck yeah man! We were killin lol. I'll get up with you whenever we do that junk again. Man I wish you could have stayed because we had crew battles later on in the night. That junk was fun ^.^
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