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  • there I geuss I love speed,combos, mindgames and edgeguard. pichu is too good. I needed to us use less d-smash it's his worst smash. Other any advice?
    Oh sorry to get you exicted over getting exrta mail , my dad found a slot machine from japan that flashes and makes you want to gamble, and we could go to jail because we live in IN. WTF
    yeah a few days. But you they would have them in Indianapolis, but no I geuss, best spot evr butno I geuss. I might upload a video today.
    No one ever wants to play me :cry: . And no one ever gives me a ride to anywhere so I would basic have to bike it. My brother always B****s and I would love nothing more than to get ***** by a fox all day as pichu. but I have never played a fox. WTF. Right now I am trying to talk a near by brawl tourament to let in melee.
    Still I try, I am even making usefyul video guides if you ever want to see one to go to the carzy for pichu thing. The thing abot me is I don't quit I endure and incourage and inspire myself, come on I did about 50 something belly flops off A diving board without A reason. I would have done bad because I in my mind I suck at everything and I still think I am smaller that everyone.

    And I need to go to more youraments so I can get a better feel. wish someone would give me a ride or I wasn't in IN.

    I could be good I know alot of pichu tricks that no one has ever used
    I hate pokemon mystery dungeon, it's retarted I got to the 85 floor in pure forest and died in one hit from a paras, freakin pokemon. But what kind of tricks does G&W have? other than for fox stages
    cool, I have always thought G&W was very limited due to lack of L-cancel for some airmoves and he lacks tricks like fox, marth or yoshi or whoever. but he has range,combos, and a great wavedash. Still fun to play as sometimes. Does he have any tricks?
    I saw it before and this could be really cool. Just think of how amazing the stages will lookThey could make the ice climber syage the pits of h***
    Wow. Kinda exciting to find another 818 smasher. Though I'm getting one of those apprehensive feelings you get right before you face someone who you think is better. But man - it's summer, you down to chill somewhere?
    wait he wasn't played offensive? huge range,great WD and bacon. I know he can't hide behind his sheild. I geuss he is just predictable then.

    I was trying to open my mind to how to play as pichu. take pichu's fair it's an auto win vs a sheild or someone not CCing(has to be decent) that move sets up ______ (ground move other than F-Smash, which is pretty broken if you ask me) and all of his B moves can too Up-B is like a uber fast WD Down-B covers the high points, S-B When is he going to release that and his jab can go unpunished vs peach and zelda,s sheild.

    and coupled with a very hard to punish recovery,one of the better defences in the game(small with great sheild),combos exist ,powerful kill moves, I think pichu is perfect for a high pressure play style

    I am trying to work out how to play with high pressure, It can just tear someone down, making them really easy to finish. And when I play the ice climbers I know I can't take that.

    Or i could be passive just throwing a thunder jolt in every now and then, waiting and avoiding moves. But thats how most people play I, form what I've seen
    sorry about the last post thought it when somewhere esle.

    Q-what kind of play slyles does G&W have? like you know how fox can be played a number of ways like a campy fox who just spams , get a grab, combo fox,etc. Because everyone needs a few ways to play
    Thinking again... since I am going to be recording and putting up a video of the lightshielding trick, having two videos of the same thing seems to be redundant. Unless you're already done making a video (or almost done), I'd like to make it myself and post it. If you're already done, then post it. No point letting all that work go to waste. I'll make a video anyways, as I've experimented enough with this trick to post many advantages and disadvantages... including yoshi lightshielding on a walk-off stage... :p

    Sorry, just thinking it over again made me see a flaw in both of us making a video.
    Sorry, just saw your message. I've been away from the computer since Saturday.


    I'm planning on getting recording equipment. Once I do, I'll post this, along with info and such. It helps mainly GaW and Yoshi, GaW for actually having a shield, and Yoshi for shield properties.

    You can record it if you want, but I'll be recording it as well once I get the recording equipment (i.e. once I stop being lazy and get it lol)
    oh the only plus range pichu has on pika is his grab and the knockback for fair isn't increased and if it was that would make pichu worse. pichu had a much better sheild
    3rd time or is it 4th whatever. It will be on youtube (got a hour and half wait :) ) and it took about 6 hours for my computer to make it playable.

    What did you first think when you saw my new avatar? I scares me when I log in
    I think I figured it out, get a better program. But the new works good. LOL I am learning from this guide a few times I was wordering how could pichu do that like run under most of samus's missles but he can't just DD and avoid them

    All I learn is every pichu player can for a fact learn something new about pichu if this works out.
    bad news my coputer destroted all my work for the pichu guide, so I have to start all over, but I am going to take my time to make it much better than want it was going to be
    O.o thats... interesting. I suppose you could download some stuff of my M2. Can't hurt after all...
    I'll try to make a video of it. I don't have recording equipment, so it may be a while. I'll see what I can do :)
    Good news, I figured out how to edit videos and put them on youtube so now I can make a pichu guide, any ideas what to put in it. I will have a few stage tricks,up-B stuff,thunders uses in combo starting and edge gaurd(they can go together), and sheild pressure.

    I begin on monday and I should finish it that day
    Hey do you know where to find a movie maker free download or something. Because my thing won't let me put the videos together other than a slide show
    Crap my head is f***ing up again. Man i hold myself back from doing things I enjoy and want to do. and I am freaking out. I am crazy but not in a way will hurt anyone.
    Drum Roll *****es. I Plan To Be The First To Postsome Thining. I Can't Msake No Scents

    Edit Ver.
    Drum Roll *****es. I Plan To Be The First To Post Something
    I doubt I will make it to Gen. bacause lack of money and I can't get a job because my parents lost my social number so I really can't get a job and I am only at $175 so yeah.

    when I play as fox I like to SHFFL upair and only land the first hit for a grab and you could use it for chain throwing so you can rack up more damage and I think people could find more grab set ups with air moves look at pichu all of his air moves CAN set up grab at some point I think think G&W can use his jab, and upair for a grab
    dude you 64 that game is to good and that why got melee not that I played before melee and why would your sheild freakin break?

    when I come back I am going to try to figure out my video crap and maybe I can do it myself(combo video)
    I'm part of the Brawl+ backroom now. Thats whats with the name.

    And no problem. Enjoy B+ as much as possible. <3
    I was wasn't looking for a theme song but this would sweet but short.

    no I just love musik like a drug and I am a jerk about it, like I will ask little kids to stop murdering the songs lyrics, partly why I don't like guitar hero(****it stop missing notes)
    I am pretty random sorry. I saw the video you found cool. I was looking for a FoD theme one(best musik in the game) that or a ice climber or pichu one
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