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The Phenom
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    I found the video I can't say anything other when you see the knee coming you have have more eletric than C. Falcon like pichu's fair(best couter to the knee ever) good stuff m2 is my worst charcter
    dude you ok? Everyday something new happens to me right only bad (so it seems) I am grounded from everything because I missed a few spot on the floor when cleaning,my dad has been insulting for every little because of my step-mom,My dog died(I did feel pain for some reason)which I loved,, I set my hand on fire the other day,I am failing chem. even if I passed course 1, my friends are being biusted for smoking pot,I have no money,I can't get a job till my mom finds my number and my speech teacher is out to get me.

    I am tpying with a brunt up hand telling one of the most important things in life
    BULL S*** happen to people who don't desere it at all. when as little was there any reason I should have been ***** when I was a little older was it fair that I when 2 years without any friends(that didn't jump me) and to be jumped because I was small and white?

    I can go forever man, but keep in mind this if there is bad then there is good, Everyday I look out and see an amazing world that can be changed for the better.

    I can't see the m2 video because it's in the melee boards and tell me if you ever need mental help(super LOL) sorry I couldn't post back till now

    Also, I can play some wifi with you, but realize I play extremely gay because I hate wifi and I by not taking wifi seriously is the only way I can enjoy it. <3

    If you can tolerate that, I can play wifi with you.
    wait I know if he CC any thing I will just jab him. And geuss I need to use thunder and thudner jolt more I only them about 4-6 times a match, yeah I should chain throw more (ice climber main, what have you started) I did read A little guide on what to do with a grab
    WTF he grab me out of that that work is he missed and didn't CC and I have about master Up-B on the stage, off the stage not so much all he does is grab,CC and sometimes throw out a kneeI think I am have jump up into UP-B

    The main he is doing good agaist me is he knows me and the grab srew it I will just spam thuder(1st time ever I spelled a word wroung and meant it) till he comes since he plays on FD is should be easy
    Fake sffl it then! Just land infront of him and he will think you are going to nair him but you actually don't and back off.

    Have4 you tried upB to Nairs?
    he grabs me out of nair most the time not that it is my main move and how I see it nair has the worst range vs his other air moves
    Hey, in matches I suck at thinking(WTF) When I play I basicly run around and use an air move doesn't matter which and my brother CCs or grabs me out of the air I started FFing with it but it didn't help when I use A B move he rolls and spot dogdes and pichu can't really appraoch on the ground even if you tryed or go swich to defence even with his great shield game.

    I can rarly go to platforms because he loves FD and he can normaly see the up-B approach so I am lost worst of all he plays as C. Falcon so he only needs a few hits I can combo him but He's goten better at DIing all I know is he is afraid of up-smash (I can tell).

    I know you can't really give any pichu advice but I tryed thinking in the match and I got 3 stocked so I nee to think in the right mindset(read alll the guides) I don't get mad or up hope in a match or think hey their is no way I can lose and I can break habits (other than when I get A get a grab)I need to learn how to read them because sucks when You fight A C. Falcon how doesn't combo much
    2 new things for a fact 1. If you 50 matches with only C. Falcon you unlock his torfy(fail) and I think I got The pichu idae pillar down you 7 frames of stun you can attack after fair so you can combo into Any tilt, d-smash ,A grab and A nair In theory and you can combo bowser after up0tilt into another fair(idea pops up) But it takes insane timeing and It's hard to keep them in the fair hitbox because of the short range.

    Pichu has become A very hard person to master now, You need the basics ,he has A hard SH to use,very nimble,upair to WD,the UP-B thing grab game,his shield pressure, and now pillaring And most of this can't work with pikachu so I am A beast. D*** I need to make A how to do video for pichu.

    Hey Is it just me or is it really hard to WL after A SHed up-air Because you can combo fast fallers into f-smash with upair(fox works till 60%) and it's sweet to combo into the stongest f-smash in the game
    cool. We'll my friend and I are going to have an STD. Yup smash till don.

    We are going to upload videos. For critiquing. My friends from North Cal are driving down with their friends and families. We will assemble and go to some guys tourney tomorrow.

    Well I'm going to the regionals to make a post about a carnival that is behind my house. I want to invite my community about it. then I will go to the carnival after the post.
    You are only afraid of death if you are afraid of life. Then IA again who jumps out of a go-kart on a whim (it took out 20 feet fenceing). Hey I never ever plan anything I just sound I like I knew where I was going with it and many times I randomly start talking about things other people care about without knowing

    Some times I know things without knowing like once I had A dream about someone's childhood and I didn't know them till high school and I told them every little detail and I was wierld(can't spell)
    I've had many perceptions at life. I grew up a thinker =)

    Hmmmmm. funny how you mentioned your not scared of death; my teacher mentioned this just yesterday and had the thought lingering with me throughout the week; there is no such thing as a coincidence.
    Think of my voice as A really calm right now. The next time you are outside stop and look till you see what your looking at(best if you walk) look at it in new eyes and I wish to god I could show people the things I see in the world Because I am not afraid of death or life I can find good even In the bad and well I understand life and I have become enlightened and It is painful to be unable to tell how it works and whatnot. Peace
    too good. Dude I think I take all my anger out on melee(not that I get P***ed off when I play) because I haven't played for a week and I am madder than }{ell over nothing and is is very hard to p*** me off. Right now I feel like kickin some A** and I am not addicted because I can go 2 weeks without playing it and normaly I am fine
    I love my life look at my speech ÐÏࡱá and it goes on for miles like that. good thing I am kind of pcychic and that's why I posted It here. and the parts I didn't post didn't F*** up. I am making a pichu combo video now thanks to.. can't remember his name but.. ??
    LOL AT SHEEP, I have 10 minutes of Game and Watch COMBO!!!!! Material. But I need variety of clips vs. other of my friends more.
    Thanks. Like in the song money(pink floyd fan) It is the evil of all evil today. Sorry i meant speech not sheep I suck
    I have this speech I need to get done and I want you to tell me what you think and I will edit it some more later and well something in the future

    Who in here likes money? Ok. Who wants some money right now? Would You sell your brother into slavery for a quick buck? Or you start an unjust war with a poor country so you can rob both counties for billions you already have? I show you the problems of greed today. I will show how it affects you, I will illustrate the benefits of my solution, and I will tell you what you can do today to help end greed.

    The economy is bad right on and people are losing their homes and jobs, but the CEOs of big businesses make on average 500 times more money a year than the average worker. This means by the time of lunch they will have made as much as your whole years paycheck. They could feed and house a family for a year everyday and still and still make millions of dollars. What’s worse is the fact they invest money into to things that destroy the Earth like oil drilling because it’s the easy fast way to make a quick buck. The same thing is going on in third world countries like in Africa, 70% of Nigerians make less than a dollar a day when the owners make record-breaking profits off of oil sells.

    Look at our last president Bush. He lead us into a unending war and watched as young men and women gave their lives believing that they would help their country, their homes, their families, and everything they believed in. They fought in a pointless war for the gain of a greedy billionaire who didn’t care about them. And if that wasn’t enough people began losing their jobs and homes, because of how we were set-up. As a finally insult to future sons and daughters of the world, will have global warming to deal with because he refused to do anything because it would affect his money income, he worked for the oil business and well he needs his billions of dollars more than we need our world.

    That was 1 greedy mans work. It took 1 man to cause thousands of people die, people to lose their homes and jobs, and cause future suffering. We need to teach the children not to be greedy and self-centered. We must not let these leaders gain power. We need a government system that doesn’t let the evil greedy men in.
    I have no room; it's plain and simple. I am very open minded I look at all angles/all of the spectrum.

    Yes, I invite the pressure; ****.
    Back in 4th grade I was an ***hole(I paid for 2 years) but now If anything I should get a break because really I am just a open minded peaceful guy, Tell me if you can fall asleep on the floor whiole someone is kicking you in the head and not care. Not saying I won't get in a fight about something.

    I have learned how to deal with stuff.
    ****it i'm not banned. It's better (one of the scents, i fail 6 times) I just got a good controller. But I nearly got kicked out of schoolfor wearing a leather jacket... Not as retarted as getting punched in the balls and getting a wosre punishment than the guy who walked up and punched me in the balls for no reason.

    hey, where would i start linking videos together. set by set - the numbers If it helped me I will tell you my bush story.
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