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  • I watched world of wars. I looked causal when watching it, but I was freaking so bad I freakin aliens. 2nd srcayest movie I,ve ever seen 1st is the wall.
    I need help w/something, if you or anyone you know can get me help w/some music related things.. I'd REALLY appreciate it.. I need some music suggestions/ideas for Axe Effect. If you wanna know what kinda music PM me or somethin, I also have Aim/msn.. I can show you a quick, ... well...maybe i can, lol but if you know anything PLZ.. I'M DYING HERE!
    wow thats cool and nice of you. and na i like him he's not cheap like in brawl and some odd reason i do good with him not pro but ok. and he's like co main with captain too.
    just what I was wondering; heh, you said you picked up Game and Watch so I guess I should if you have any questions that you want to ask me directly.

    Just remember you could change your main whenever. =)
    LOL actually i live in merced and i was on youtube lookin at bizzaro flame play and ur name was on the side vs dannyx i think and i started to play G&W too. Your game and watch is real good. just wondering are u goin to the UC Merced tourney?
    Crap I have been trying to combo with pichu's B-up attack by hitting them then zipping to were they are going so I can just them in the face. I tryed nair and got there right when marth hit the ground and I just got the jab reset thing.I,ve tryed his smashes,B moves f-throw(might work) and B-throw. So i,m geussing they always have to di up a little bit.

    heck any ideas because this cause really help pichu think nana all you need is that hit nana goes flying into pichu's up-smash and popo is like dumb *****. Then pichu is chain thrown to death. again.

    His up-B has to be amazing for something other than recovery. 6 frames of movement and it goes far with 1 frame of lag if it's lag.
    Hey man, just wanted to give a "personal thanks" for the comments and stuff.. it was my first vid so it meant alot to me... ^^ thx again and prolly be seein you around ^^
    I played fox dittos with my brother today. He was so P***ed that he couldn't move nearly as fast as me I punished about every mistake he made. He learned to mostly use the up-throw because teching D-throw is just to easy and didn't help him once. He couldn't figure out how I shine spiked him easily. He learned not to touch fair or side-B on stage(I love them grabs).

    But he really wants to be good now he's even trying to figure out how I waveshine him to grab when he is falcon.

    I can do shine turn arounds perfectly to the point were I don't have to think.

    Mother F***er I learned all the fox(not saying ALL but important stuff, you know because I don't want to sound like I am perfect which I,m not but you know what I,m saying) fast. one day I just started waveshineing and shine spikeing even if I never tryed. Plus I learned to wall tech fairly well thanks to Jigglypuf's target test.
    yeah but, wait what can pichu do to stop jigglypuff? they come back fairing and that beats his air moves unless pichu times it well. F-smash is just plain dumb vs J-puff, d-smash is useless,B can be beaten with her fair or just pounded or jumpoed over.

    Down-B knocks her up. So I geuss maybe dair?because J-puff doesn't want to get very high vs pika/pichu
    OK? pichu's jab is disjointed and has the most downwards range of all of his moves. I discovered this playing as J-puff vs G&W. go to battlefleid with pichu and j-puff, have J-puff under the stage and have pichu start jabing her it's amazing. Plus this means pichu's jab can work better for edge gaurd

    G&w's d-smash kindof spiked me

    PLus during his d-tilt he loses his clothes. but only for maybe 2 frames
    I,ve been trying to abuse pichu's small size lately. I was thinking that I could duck under some get-up attack.(to cut down what they can do) but he can't G&W can avoid a FEW, kirby be able avoid more but for him it would be useless due his slow speed. vs G&w's Wd and pichu's run. figured it might help somehow to tell you. I only saw it work vs gannon and fail vs roy,marth and samus. which all have higher get-up attacks.

    I double read mango's stuff about puff's 1st page and it talked about how just because they are camping you doesn't mean you have to approach. pichu can run under some stuff but still he doesn't have a falco appaoch or anything like that.

    Hope you got idea at least
    nair=<bair<dair for knockback. look at KDJ's matches vs luigi. I bet there is some kind of combo set-up useing the moves with ground move.

    Yeah quad blocks for my ice climber I got it in about 15 minutes of trying, I love all of their retarted tricks, hey I need to be able to hold A jump with X and use the C-stick all at once any ideas how I can do that and I have F***ed up hands so I can turn one at a time in a 360 and it doesn't hurt unless I hold it for a minute.

    I want have nana chagre F-Smash and have popo SH air moves. like Down-B or bair

    Hey what does a non-ice climber player think of the ice climber? like when you first played a level 1 cpu what did you think? I throught teamwork moves=massive **** then i discover smashes and I stuck with them for the D-smash. And remember how trained myself till my fingers nearly bleed.
    I guess it's hard for you to constrain your emotions since you practically live in the middle of nowhere and also because of how hes so shallow in the game.

    Umm...hmmm...If hes jumping into your attacks a lot go Marth and spam the Forward smash so he can see it has range. When I mean spam, I mean to spam it each second so you can try and force him to think how to approach.

    If hes just going to jump into it repeatedly, then hes just having fun with the game and will never get serious with it.

    I think a Pichu can be effective enough to win a good number of matches if they only Nair/Bair/Uair throughout matches to built up damage then killing with a Nair/Bair or any other spare attack that kills.
    Mother F***er I am F***ing tried of everyone bashing pichu when they have not tryed. Everyone knows his flaws. EVERYONE. Sorry but I am just P***ed after dealing with this for about a year.
    D*** it's so hard to play gay. I rarly chain throw and I main the ice climbers WTF. man I couldn't even play as sheik. i hate my honor system i know he could chain throw me But that doesn't mean i need to chain throw him.

    I geuss I will just punish him as hard as I can when he goes gay or when he messes up bad like useing falcon's dash attack.
    Well I've added ROFL on AIM and talked to him about me playing Smash, He's whatever about it. If I remember correctly Emerican's post said Life is more important then Falcon Combos... So yeah. Never heard Of Nocturnalists though. School is starting so I gotta chill a bit about Smash. D:
    He refused to try falco. So I just when fox and **** the S*** out of him pity he didn't learn fast enough to stop using falcon's dash attack he didn't john and only I seemed to get better and I can dair shine wavedash grab easily now.
    I use to try it when he played as mario but he DIDN'T try any combos which is a huge WYF for mario. heck I didn't even play as mario I only seen a few mario combo videos and comboed him in dittos and he quit on mario.

    I will still try it but I doubt he will play smart anything time soon he edgegaurd with f-smash as falcon alot.

    Again thanks Maybe after this I will never not be able to enjoy the game because only a few things P!ss me off CCing every time and Whining when there is no point to whin

    Oh for G&W shouldn't you start the game by useing Side B to increase your chances of geting 9? unless of course they can hit you before you finish or the can charge something. I think i read somewere you can't get 9 when you start.
    Thanks, It's kindof hard sometimes because my brother plays a really gay C. falcon that relies on chain throws and CCing and is a douchebag about losing and i tell him to just get better and he says how can I get better it you keep beating me. At that point I call him a retart heck I,ve played people at level 1 who never whin about me being much better and 100% argee with me. I,m going to try to get him going with falco.

    most of the time I try to beat him with my higher priority why I abused up-smash.

    Really I,m dealing with A whinny little b**** who doesn't try very hard. He used to always tell me pichu was better than mario... why he switched to falcon, easy knee kills. I need to fight more people. His best skill is hes got a really fast dash dance(he's left handed) and he brags about it but doesn't know how to use it or do it as fast as possible. vs me with a decent little and gets something out of it.

    I,m thinking he should play as sheik

    I geuss I will try to get him to play as falco and me fox it's 50-50 and skill/chain throw based

    But I love fox's speed holy crap I love speed I mean In genarel I am much faster than most people at most things from reading and walking to doing math I don't use calultors(can't spell) and i sovle the problems much faster than everyone else but of course they get mad how I never show work and then i fail and WTF.

    No I don't use pichu becuase he is at the bottom or anything like that, but he's not easy and WTF like the ice climbers. So i geuss i will play as fox much more my biggest problem is nair to shine on sheilds and I like to use the first of upair to a shine or jab.

    Sorry for being everywhere all at once
    Found a different computer. It's going to take another 4 hours began it funked up and I have to restart it but now it's edited better and there is a drum roll thing when I spam D-smash on PS the part where pika can jab them to death. There will be mindgames up-B use, a little bit of edge guard and it's mostly combos.
    Hey I just made a combo video by mistake lol. BUt when I have it up and can you please tell me the 100% true of what you think of it and if it's decent or better can you make a pichu thread about it? sorry but I won't be able to post for 6 hours because my computer jams up when I make videos. The worse part is d-smashing their recovery and pichu taunt cancel to a powersheilded fireball.
    Dude WTF I can waveshine/pillar with fox when did that happen? I was in training mode as fox to see if pillaring was broken on brinstar dephts. And I was going to go 1/4 speed but i didn't I was just waveshineing/pillars people, like i was use to it. And i haven't even touched fox in a few months. and before nair to shine was impossible.
    I still can't say. I'm having all kinds of weird problems although I have recently gotten some more footage. I don't yet have enough for a full video. Hopefully a month to two months.
    hahaha very observant of you, nah i just found that pic on google and i thought it looked pretty cool actually. thanks for the consideration though lolll
    yeah it f***s your head up sometimes to play as them but you get a lot of metal skill.

    I have been thinking about it. maybe today.
    yeah, ice climber de-synced smash cancels or de-synced resynce sucks like fox's fair. de-synce any smash for just nana and have popo use up-B or down-B and nana will cancel her and join in.

    ice climbers are to fun lol 4 ice blocks. I think there should be an ice climber tech skill video. because mother ****er they are techical and take alot of mental skill. No one will ever let you in. people will spam you, you will get johns, you have to watch a lot more and think up plans faster. should you di or not because nana can't di,remember everything,no one in the game is as gayed as the ice climbers in CPing rainbow ride= auto win alot,not getting mad (wobbles).

    I think they are they most techical charcter in the game by far.

    sorry no one ever listens to me and I can't talk about my ice buddies in the melee boards.
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