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  • I hope that you're talking about the regular perfect wave-land.

    It is way easier to do by double-jumping, fast-fall, then perfect wave-landing onto the stage. The double-jump allows you to input your air dodge into more frame possibilities to perfect wave-land.

    It's not stage dependent but it is easier to do on an up-ward slope like on Yoshi's story.
    I KNOWWWW!!!!! I just want whatever ISO is available, and then I'll put more in,
    I'm not a techtard =/

    I know I could easily go and find a melee iso, but you said you knew of one with at least, SOME hacks already in it.
    yeah, I did! I've had it on there for awhile, lol.
    Now I just need an ISO! And I'd rather have a premade one with textures, and then swap what I want out from there rather than having to put them on one-by-one.
    do you think you could pm me the link to that premade melee iso??? =D I got muh dvd'sssss.
    yeah that's where i live but go to school in irvine.
    i randomly come home, i just happen to on break.
    i rarely use skype but i'll get on. i'm usually always on aim.
    i'm in palmdale for the week, we should play melee.

    i'm free during the weekday whenever.
    yup so if I were to go over there I'll try contacting you those days I'm there.

    There are stil a couple of groups there who play smash.

    Nublet06, Emerican, Nocturnalist, and others; have you tried contacting them? I don't see them post very much but lately I saw some of them post so they still play smash. I just think they are using AIM more than Smashboards and other stuffs; they either live in Palmdale or Lancaster.
    hey dude your the guy who couldn't make it to Life Ruiners sleep over; parents didn't let you.

    you live in Lancaster; I know some people who live over there; if I go over to lancaster I'll hit you up so we can play smash. I don't go to lancaster much however. Just saying.
    pichu group You may want to join. But pichu is faster and more techical than pikachu so keep in mind he isn't a pick up and try to learn just combos unlike marth.
    I honestly do think Pichu > Kirby.
    The thing about Kirby is he has like no good approachals...
    I'd love to Main Pichu and TRY to get his Metagame up but. Eh.

    sorry I can't post in the melee boards. Have you ever heard of up-B approch? Did you know you can geta grab with any air move with pichu (upair is only for F names). B-down up-smash works and it isn't hard to time. Do you know why you don't know it? Because no one cares or trys other than a very few people, how much I don't know.

    Look up pichu guide on youtube and you will think pichu should go up even higher. I have been worked with him for nearly a year discover super useful things that are just to good for him to bottom.

    Oh yeah I ended up getting banned from the melee boards due to the pichu boards.
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