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The Phenom
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  • ok because i was thinking about that . i have seen brawl and 64 messed with. and i was thinking that would be bad a** and dude everyone would say he's a beast
    hey have you ever heard of someone hacking melee to make the character look different? because i want to make pichu wear my signature leather jacket i love that jacket sorry if that sounds weird
    here you can use down smash to down smash to up smash if you use up b right and i never thought of wave dashing after upair, and could help with fox

    and if you master the timing of down smash it can edge guard really good for fox ,roy , mario ,DK , mewtwo, sheik ,zedla and their clone(fox is the easiest by far and i haven tested it on other charters
    i once heard you like pichu and you could look at my pichu grab guide and tell me if something does make since i am delexic

    and i makes since to me and you may learn somrthing like you can kind of wavedash with pichu's up b if you jump fast and if you master that you can d-smash to up smash at 70% or D-smash to D-smash to up smash with up between them
    the ufo thing it's hard to say because i didn't know who far it was and i was only 6 so yeah and just an idea you could use pink floyd anybody there and stairway to heaven just for fun and if i make it to the Genesis i will have a pink afro and i may be asleep on the floor depending on the rime
    10 minutes; I think it might go over though.

    The music is already decided on by me. I music will hint to the viewers sublimable messages.

    wow someone actually believes me; thank you for believing. That's only half of the story I told you. My smash community some of them don't believe it so they tried to treat me as a troll. Hay, they troll alot so I wanted to see what would happen. You saw a ufo in IN; how long ago was this?

    If my friend get's insurance for his car, or if I figure out/learn how to get there by amtrack(train) I'll be there. Zack152 is also asking me for partners. Because I'm 18 now I have the decision to do what I wan't.
    hey i heard that from you before and i believe you a bout the alien thing i once saw i ufo flying over a corn field and i live in IN. and think crop circles or lines or whatever and 2 things 1. how long will it be and 2. do you need a parter at the genesis because there is a 70% chance i will go
    hey could could give me a private message for the name of your combo vid and i could add musik ideas and if you are going to the genesis we could team up i am good as in order ice climbers , pichu , bowser , gannon , j-puff , falco and i am good as more people i don't often like mario ,i upair blinded my brother and he mains him
    I MADE my new avatar. what do you think and hey who it , i'm good at photoshop and i have a pic of paper mario going though a paper shredder if you want it(you have to mess with the size if you want it)
    lol. ^_^ I wasn't expecting you to message here.

    There are footprints on the ceiling; say this to someone! hahahaha!!!
    you might be crazy if you think a insane guy is sane, you might be really crazy if you think a INSANE CARZY GUY in sane
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