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  • lol if you're going to start playing Mewtwo you'd better be ready to lose a lot. lol

    Seen it. That's quite a waty for them to announce their existance isn't it?
    Lol ya i was like uh wtf? It kinda spiked me lol. Too bad im a sheik main:(. Maybe you might have won if i was like a marth or fox. Hey btw im smashing in la this week you and danny should drop by. You can catch the train there. Sucks though i wanted to go to the 949 tourney. You got aim?
    come on man! we've gotta keep my vid on the first page to keep people watching it. I got 100 more veiws cause I bumped it! T.T
    I live in the corn circles of Indiana, so it seems there is more corn than smash here and worse there is only cornly jokes xD. I wish there some in Indianapolis(where i am) and they are all 3 hour drives and i don't have a car

    Keep up the work.

    Tell me what you think of my Pichu http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBQYSLWBBR8 and if you could can you put it on the pichu boards to be rated?(Let's talk about pichu)
    i am not banned i just can't go into the melee boards and i knew someone was going to to pull an INSANE CARZY ____, dude you play as yoshi right.

    you know how you can run off the stage and grab on, well somehow i did that with pichu without pressing any buttons and the only way i can make sense is i poivted when the tree blew(dreamland 64) but the tree can't knock you off the stage. i would make a thread but yeah i can't and i have never heard of anyone doing anything like this
    advice: never jump out of a go-kart going top speed at a wimp. you may crash and take pot 20 feet of fencing. sigh good times

    oh and it looks like i have been temp banned from the melee part of smash boards, so i will be ___ing it up (___ is to mess with you)
    thanks i looked and it gave me a lot of options, like do you want it on with of 4 different dvds. i love how this crap keeps happening at me and in fact sometimes i laugh out loud at all the randomness of my life like i can't snap with my left hand and OTHER RANDOM INSANITY
    You need a video editor like windows movie maker, sony vegas, stuff like that and insert both video files into them then save, publish, render and start uploading I think.

    My friend Daniel does this for the group of smashers we play with and when we go to tournaments.
    hey i figued out how to add youtube youtube, but how do you link 2 video together like in a combo video. because i want to put a video of me chugging hot sauce on youtube
    Heheh, thank you.
    And I understand, what I was trying to say was, yes, learning the trajectories can better the overall probability of landing the projectiles, but it isn't necessary to make them effective.

    Its nice to know someone else who finds chef useful in G&W's game, :].
    Haha yeah. Playing low tiers always makes me try hard. You have to compensate for your characters flaws by playing more fervently lol
    No problem, man. And if you have any useful G&W techniques, I'd love to hear them. I'm working on him as my main low tier.
    Cool :D then we can play Brawl+ on wifi :D

    also, you should cut the habit of posting messages on your own profile;) :p
    So do I B+ !!! Maybe we should play sometime! My goal of playing with people is to be the most EPIC and ENTERTAINING for my competitor. That's what I'm all about. Yeah my preface if you want to play sometime =P
    hahahah epic shiz man, epic shiz.

    and thanks, I will :)

    I play brawl+, if that counts XD
    dude :X

    Thats my girlfriend..









    Nah I'm kidding, but that girl in my avatar is christina aguilera man;) she's hawt.

    and cool you had such a dream XD I'm kinda jealous lolol;):)
    Also, you posted your post directed at insane crazy guy on your own profile.
    I'll be nice and give him your message.
    cool, glad it is processing now! I might aswell watch it later on tonight. I have to go now and do homework, bye =) !
    thank you good sir it saying it's processing, but if it works , back when i first picked up pichu, and if you fight my pichu at the gensis watch out are the taunt, really watch out for it because it's the only taunt that can ****

    yay it works
    it depends on the length of the video, and on the speed of your internet connection. For me or my friend...a five/7 minute match takes an hour; that's right, an hour.

    for 3-4 minute, like 17-30 minutes; DSL speed.

    Sometimes it says unable to upload because of the quality setting and because of the title name simply; try changing the title name. Change quality setting to dvd quality/high quality /normal quality to see which one works.

    Hold up...I'm going to call my friend again.
    i wish there was a little guy in a staight jacket laughing like a madman i could add to everything oh well :chuckle: :chuckle: :chuckle: :chuckle: :chuckle: :chuckle: :chuckle: :chuckle: :chuckle: :chuckle: how long would it take to upload and process, please tell me it's about 10min. because this is my 4th try
    thank you dude tomorrow me and my brother will be cranking out our own tribute to melee, all day ***** and dude there is a simple test to tell if you are good or great as pichu, be stupid fast, i will tell you if it works
    Title could affect it being uploaded on youtube sometimes; the title you want to name it on youtube.

    You just save/publish/render depending on the video editing software, then upload it on youtube. Youtube will do the converting of the files to flash player which is what Youtube uses.

    Remember that it depends on the video editing software on how to save it, render it, publish it. I hope this helped a bit.
    dude i need help uploading this video onto youtube, it's an old vid when i petty new to useing pichu, but it's still bad*** taunt to power sheild =super ****. but how do you get i vid on youtube, starting from haveing the film on your computer
    It's because we shouldn't keep it alive; it's their will that's stronger combined than yours and mine.

    They probably know everything they need to be successful; they are probably now on the regional zones. I see many people from my community there. They only post there and not in the Specifics because they know there ****.
    hey what happened to all the melee posters they all just dropped like flys. i can think of about 6 people who post at least once a day. and dude someone needs to make nitendo add melee to th wii coscle like pikmen(same for 64 and that's the only way mele will come back stronger than ever

    i mean dude couldn't people beg for nitendo to release melee again. i would buy a thrid one

    really easy money is easy money.
    oo that explains. So your probably 16-18 like me. Yup so I'll AIM tomorrow to see where you at.
    Wow I feel horrible. I just had my exit exam and stuff and totally forgot...You should really just message me on AIM, it'd be easier to contact me.

    And yeah sometimes I just leave my browser on.
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