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Blazing Arrow
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  • sup man, tourney around Feb. check out the thread soon for real date. $2 venue fee this time (I'll make an exception for your bro since he's young =D)
    It's just meeting up and playing melee casually, free of charge of course since it will likely take place in either my dorm or the Den.
    Yeah, good stuff at the tourney. Falco vs. Puff is just a hard match-up though. Keep practicing, you've already improved a lot.
    lololol See ya there (I might change location of the tournament to another building. Just keep checking the thread!)
    So hes like a co-main how cool. Strange you do good with him. I hope this is the same when you verse Jason and the guys up there =D I moved into my dorm like a week ago so I didn't get to read your message.

    Captain Falcon is good.
    I've been to Merced to visit Jason(Bizzarro Flame) and the guys but I don't think I'll make many; maybe one and that's a slim chance.
    Blazing Arrow are you one of the guys who will be going to Merced?

    I think you are so that's why I think your sending me a friend request. Maybe you just want to become friends, that's find too. Just let me know why you want to be friends with me by clicking on my Name and leaving a message on my public profile like I did here.
    hey man

    yea i think i remember playing you a while back. just shoot me a text at (408) 646-7774 whenever you get a chance. i'm free usually all day so if you wanna play just text me.

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