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The MC Clusky
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  • Yes, everything else is fine. However, I'm just going to need you to sign as a volunteer. It's probably going to be on site, but you'll get a free badge in the process, Batou can do the same. If I need you to email the staff, I'll hit you back ASAP.
    NO PASS NEEDED IF I BRING A SET UP?! You're me hero mc clusky. anything else changed? still same entrance fee and pot and such?
    I see you added a Project M tourney to your thing. I don't know who hooked you up with access, but if your going to be hosting things, I want to make sure, are you at least using the svn for the most up to date builds?
    No johns! :p

    It's totally cool. :) They'll be around next month... And the month after... And so on. :p Just make sure you come in May for our national tourney. :)
    Oh... Sometime in Feb maybe. Since Febs a short month might have to wait till March.
    hey, im starting a tx circuit and i would like to know if final smash 9 can be an official circuit event. if so, answer back and we can work out details.
    Hey man, me and SrsC@ need housing for Saturday night of FS8; can you help us out or point me to someone who can dude?

    See you this weekend :D
    if I come to FS8, I don't think I'll bring my livestream stuff. It's my first tournament outside of Houston so I'm gonna go easy on myself. Sorry D:
    **** sorry for not being able to make it. I apreciate the effort, in trying to make it. Hopefully next time.
    Sethlon will be there. He lives in the same complex as me. :p If he isn't I'd be super surprised.

    And the venue is at the apartments, hence the statement about the complex. >.>
    We have a group of 3 that want to go for sure, maybe a fourth. Keep us updated on the ride situation. We should exchange friend codes...
    I'm not sure. Pound 4 pretty much stole MLK weekend from me, so I don't feel compelled to make it in January. I think I will aim for Spring Break 2010. I really want to aim for over 100 people.
    Hey do you have kinda an estimate when Final Smash 8 is going to be?
    And sorry, I'm too lazy to read the San Antonio forum :/
    Right now Gamelot is an iffy venture. The guy running the Lan Center feels he can make more money off the LAN center and is whining about his expansion project.

    At this point in time he doesn't want me to schedule anything. He plans on having a store meeting with all the TO's that work with Gamelot, and hopefully something will happen that will let me get back to a monthly tournament.
    just curious i might be wrong, but it's been buggin me; is that a Mcdougall brother as your avatar? outlaw star ftw( i hope )
    By radio transmitter you mean something I use to put through car stereos? Sure.

    And I'll be seeing you either in Houston/Tomball or mayhaps that Dpad tournament come Feb 28th.
    hey, last tourney I saw you had a zune.
    Well, mine broke :( and I have a left over radio transmitter for it. It was like $90 new.

    I figure I will see you soon enough at a tourney. You want it?
    No charge, don't care enough.
    Hey, thanks for being the only announcer EVER to come get me while I was outside smoking when I was called into battle.

    I don't live here, persay, but i visit often. Was here this weekend and was bored at home. Just wanted to know if you wanted to play or something. I live on the north side as well; Near the Scout bar n___n
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