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  • that cuz i have screen caps from like EVERY SEC of all 6 eps I love it that much hahaahaha.

    umm I had no idea it was a long continuous one. It just seemed like a staple this year. but if its gonna be like a million eps then I wont even check it out. Darker than black i watched a few eps and the idea seemed pretty cool. I cant recommend anything more recent than soul eater(cuz thats the last thing I even heard about /saw for a ep or so.)

    I can recommend things from about 1-2 years back that had good reviews but like u probly saw them:

    NHK ni youkoso
    Gunbuster 1 & 2
    Gurren Lagann
    lucky star(oh wait!!!!!!! LOL)

    I havent sat down and watched a recent series in a while actually I kinda wanna get back into having a few regular series that I watch on a weekly basis but I havent been active to go looking. I wont say that anime sucks like many do now.....i just feel like I havent gotten up and looked.(just not as active as i used to be) also I feel liek theres alot fo stuff that i'd appreciate if i went back and watched so thats kinda hindering me too.

    stuff like:

    ghost in the shell(which im doing now)
    angel cop
    tenchi universe
    paranoia agent
    u wont like that answer.

    My avatar is ninamori from FLCL

    May I recommend soul eater, or darker than black fi you havent seen them already that is........
    theres a a good chance of me coming back up during the winter break. IC's cg's are fun cause thats as technical as ur gonna get in brawl.

    tell me why the next two tourneys im going to are banning metaknight. i dont agree but dont care cause now i dont have to worry about the b button.
    LOL yea right? He said his school is only like half an hour to NJIT. *shrugs* I'm inviting him its been forever since I played him :)

    I'll try to think of someone else too maybe doyoung if we're lucky.
    Vanz lives close to you? LOL The bronx is close?! XD well I'll see what I can do. But invite Vanz anyway cause I haven't seen him in FOREVER! =(
    nah dont worry about a wiimote i got that. I'll see who I can get to come with me :) if not you should invite ppl cause you're better at that than i am LOL!
    summer was too good. wish the whole year could just be chill like that. i went to my first of many FL tournies which was THREE hours away. o well i got a ride.
    i'm soo mad u'r a member of the peach mainer's group.. ur so false
    Yeah, there will be because I definitely want to go to NJ to hang out with him and his friends... I have no idea when we'll be able to though. T_T Hopefully soon.
    I was going to go to NJ with my friend and chill with his friends, but then he couldn't go so everything got screwed up. Sorry man. :(
    My avatar is Code Geass, surprised you didn't know o_O. It's a must watch anime for sure and my favorite now.
    if u are coming, which u probably are, do u mind meeting me at JSQ at 8:30. i'll give u a ride to ur house on the way back but u kno im mad late whenever i pick u up in the morning. so yea
    goto princeton some other time lol. u gotta go saturday. if anything there has to be a bunch of people from the princeton area going.
    Get on AIM you fawken scrub. As for would I go with Montage, I guess if I'm not sick and there is space <_<.
    sorry but plainsboro/princeton is pretty far off of the way to this tourney. i might be able to take u if its from ur place
    Sure, np. I'll buy it when I buy mine. But I'm prlly not gonna be buying till the weekend.

    It's $67 for the hotel (for 3 nights...pretty good deal)...that's all you really need to give me. The bus ride you can take the chinatown bus or greyhound and both are fairly cheap round trip. And you need to pay for the Otakon ticket as well.

    The hotel is in a great spot, directly across from the convention. And everyone staying in the room are people you know (minus two people but they are very nice and I know them from school).

    Let me know if you have any other questions I can help you out with :)
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