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  • we're going to my place cause we dont like it there. if you need a ride call manko
    We'll talk tomorrow about the ride to Tally. I have to talk to my parents but idk what I'll tell them. I'm 19 and I can take care of myself? Maybe that works, lolol
    from an anime convention but i think you can google icy plushies online and u can get it, but im trying to get this girl to make me some other ones ill let u know how much she charges..
    on another note check this out..
    Ok cool i'll try working on all that. I'm really gonna try to keep my eyes open for nearby tournaments cuz i wanna boost my game. My only competition since melee came out has been kiggy so i figured that playing other/better smashers was the only way to get better. Are u going to that mobile tourney in a few weeks?
    Yo thanks for the a$$rapeage the other day. Any tips you can give me besides "don't get grabbed"?
    That. Is my mistake man. I apologize. Don't worry about the credit. Bad memory.. =/
    And I am picking up the Ice Climbers and saw your post on some thread.
    So. Dude. If you use someone elses sig animation *cough*TheOneIMadeOfTheICsCG*cough* It is not right to use it without permission and not give credit. It's cool if you use it, but atleast give me credit if you do.
    happy birthday holychef, I LOVE YOU!
    I really can't say to be honest. I would say around 5-6pm, but I would hate for you to come too late and things get messed up for it or come too early and have to wait for so long. Really your guess is as good as mine, so the best advice I can give is talk to someone who's been to a lot of tournaments as to how long it'll take.
    yea im so bad in teams. lol i like singles a lot more tho. i shoulda beat hylain dude u shoudla been how gay thigns got last round last stock high %. i woulda goten liek 17th at my first national tourny. i had first seed in pools so im happy i got like 33/200 in the end. i probaly wont go to terrabyte cuz cant find a ride atm
    LOL we can switch then, I play ICz LOL.

    That way I can take 2 shots per trip =D.

    We would have to do this sometime in the summer... obviously LOL.

    Are you taking Crismas to Apex too?
    Me and you should like.... drink and play brawl.

    I bet it'll be like 80000000000000x more fun that way =D

    Shot everytime you trip?
    Hey Jeremey, can you take me and Jaden to Apex on Saturday?

    You are in NJ right?
    what's up man, how've you been?!

    i'm thinking of going to Apex for day 1 only (because day 2 is mother's day).

    but yaaa, let us know when you get back in the tristate so we can hang out or w/e. i like teco's idea.

    and glad to see you picked up melee. it's pretty good. I've been keeping up with the brawl curve so they'll be good matches all around. oh and i got featured in a Brawl+ combo video on my first day of playing it :chuckle: you should watch it when you get a chance.

    Yooooooooo Jeremy =D.

    I'm in Newark right now for finals and stuff, BUT I am indeed going to Apex. We could probably hang out and play like Friday the day before Apex or something. Right now I haven't thought of what to do for next week.

    Keep me updated on where you are, I go back to Bayonne like every weekend anyway.
    Lol Holy. That spike was like me playing against a 3 level computer. (That only thing I good at). Seriously me practicing against computer got me into to sooo many bad habits, but Im got out of most of them last night. I was just really inconsistant. Fun matches too. Awesome climbers.
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