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  • Teczero I need advice vs Falco with Fox. How do you do it? Or do you go Sheik and **** their face?
    Oh Kyou from Clannad... lol tsundere-ism overdrive! lol
    Yeah, I'm writing a novel, its called Kyou no Kami. The main character's name is Kyouta, Kyou-kun for short.

    Btw, I have been using that tag as well when I play Brawl/Melee.
    Haha you are using my novel's character name as tag.

    Well, I had a short time into Brawl, actually I was playing from February until August. Now I'm focused in Melty Blood.
    hey im comin back for the winter break so i looking for tourneys up there on the weekend of the 20th and 27th. we should hit some up. i only see chu dats biweekly for the 20th but cant find a brawl one anywhere for the 27th. let me kno if ur down for that biweekly or any other tourney in the area that day. and u should definitely hold smashfests during the break like the summer. they were too good.
    I often plan to go to his tourneys but then I have schedule conflicts that suddenly come up the day before. Transportation is also a problem sometimes since I can't drive for another few months T_T Hopefully i'll be able to attend one soon.
    Sort of, i'm pretty bad. I only really got into learning the AT's and such once Brawl came out and I learned more about the competitive side of smash. i'm much better at brawl, unfortunately that game isn't very good lol
    None off the top of my head, but I asked Kizzu and he said, "Hayate no Gotoku, especially ep 4"

    Kizzu has good taste in anime so I'd take his word for it ^_^
    Yeah, it's pretty new. only 9 episodes out so far, airs every saturday in japan.
    so like

    i'm determined to post in pink from now on, and i know you always post in that sexy sky blue.. is there any way to have it preset or must i do it manually every time i post?

    /random ^_^
    i know!! i wanna play so badly.. but i've been especially busy lately :[
    Your place as in Bayonne your place, or NJIT lol. Btw I def plan to play smash with you more often :) I need to step it up. I'm going to Alu's biweekly this Sat too, I feel like I got worse =(
    Yah try to. If you check out the thread you will notice a lot of cool people are going. There aren't any guarantees for me either but I will try my best.
    Ah yah true lol. I can still play Melee but I suck badly, I've forgotten everything. Well you know DJ is having this uber smashfest pre-thanksgiving and everything so maybe you can show up to that and we can see eachother there. It should be both Brawl and Melee.
    LOLmao I've been around. I've been going to a few tournies actually, you're just never at the same ones at me :-\. Lately though I haven't been going to any, kinda going through this weird phase at the moment where I don't have much passion to play competitively other than casuals and stuff. Maybe I just don't wanna waste money lol. Well maybe things will change when I get my financial situation fixed ^_^
    HEY we should play smash either this week or next sunday...or something...

    lol I'm hoping to go to Alu's biweekly this Sat too. MELEEEEE!
    >_< why do all my friend requests just disappear without me knowing who gave it to me?
    Within almost a couple of days of getting a new phone, you misplace it. Tsk Tsk Tsk. It's k although now I have no way of communicating with u in an attempt to play melee.... there is aim.....
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