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    The Official PGH/NEOH Grime Power Rankings

    Current PR: 1. :089: :088: :088: :088: :088: Sweet 2. :088: :088: :088: :088: PGH Carroll 3. :088: :088: :088: SilentSwag 4. :088: :088: Vidjogamer 5. :mad088: Dempt TOP FIVE GRIMER'S ARE IN ORDER. AFTER WHICH, GRIMER'S ARE IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER. Sweet: Stole Michigan’s idea to make a...
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    Q&A Sheik Strategy & QnA

    There isn't really any. At like 80% you can DJ out. Any good Ganon won't let that happen. He'll dthrow fair/bair before you get to that point.
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    The *Official* Pittsburgh Melee Weeklies Thread of the LoL WoW Love
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    Midwest [Mar 10, 2015] Tuesdays at Taz's! // A NEOH Melee Bi-Weekly (Alliance, Ohio)

    Rob Taylor is actually an idiot and no one should listen to him ever. It's 1/2/2/1, which is the order of stage strikes. Player one, player two, player two, player one.
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    Sheik Skype Group?

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    Guide Pichu with DerfMW (Video Guide)

    Is this what you do in your spare time, Derf.
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    Needle in hand

    Image is broken.
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    Data General Match-Up Discussion Thread (ask about matchups here!)

    Got third at a pretty good sized tournament over the weekend. Got double elim'd by Mario (2nd place). Lmao. It's really hard to do anything if the Mario is willing to sit back and play the fireball game. Since almost all of our moves take a little while to start up, he can just shield grab a...
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    King Dedede 1.0.6 Patch Changes

    Did the forward air hitbox get cleaned up?
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    What skin do you use?

    Purple is the best. Also no one use purple because it's mine.
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    Approach Options?

    I wish I knew. On the real, tbh you can just space bair towards them I guess. You've already named two approach options. Dtilt isn't that bad either.
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    Super Effective! Ivysaur match-up thread. [Updated for 3.0+]

    I think Luigi is even at best.
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    The Teachy TV: Ivysaur Video and Critique Thread

    We need to revamp the OP of this thread.
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    Official Sheik Match Video Critiquing Thread

    Hi guys. Winner's 16th's - Sweet vs. TheLake - (TheLake leaves and let's me continue) Winner's Semis - Sweet vs. Taki - Winner's Finals - Sweet vs. Vudujin - (pay...