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Recent content by suinoko/Jade Stern

  1. suinoko/Jade Stern

    The Peanut Gallery [Diddy Board Social]

    Diddy vs Snake?
  2. suinoko/Jade Stern

    The Peanut Gallery [Diddy Board Social]

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uCQc5zy9M8 plz give me some advice(^-^)/
  3. suinoko/Jade Stern

    The Peanut Gallery [Diddy Board Social]

    Gnes lets meet again at apex(^-^)/
  4. suinoko/Jade Stern

    Japanese Video Thread

    http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcq4Q0qUnc3PuWP9s-7pIfGKmYVhDpDEr&feature=edit_ok SumabatoX17 videos are uploaded
  5. suinoko/Jade Stern

    Japanese Video Thread

    I mistook, sorry. he used Snake
  6. suinoko/Jade Stern

    Japanese Video Thread

    Mikeneko won! how fantastic! 1st Mikeneko#Marth 2nd Otori#MK 3rd kakera#MK 4th Shu#Snake 5th Brood#Olimar    Abadango#Wario, Olimar, Falco 7th Daiki#Sheik, Snake, MK    hazureimu#Snake 9th Rain#MK    Michiko#MK    Kamemushi#ZSS    tamanyaso#MK
  7. suinoko/Jade Stern

    Japanese Video Thread

    http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv112623834 piosuma
  8. suinoko/Jade Stern

    Apex 2013 - Pools up in OP! - Only at the door for FGC!

    Japanese army corps Rain-Kurobi Otori-Abadango Kakera-Suinoko Mikeneko-Kairo Earth-fuwa voltstorm, shimitake, and 9B will go 9B maybe team with Atomsk and i heard vinnie wants
  9. suinoko/Jade Stern

    【Japan】SumabatoX 13 05/05/2012

    67 players entried rules http://www.smashbrothers.info/tournament/x/13/event_rule.php results http://www.smashbrothers.info/tournament/x/13/ videos(Playlist) http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6C3E3A0339655A46&feature=plcp ■Ranked Match (I dont know the title, so please tell me the...
  10. suinoko/Jade Stern

    【japan】 srbt 1-3

    Singles 1: Nietono#Olimar,ICs 2: Brood#Olimar 3: Yui#Fox,Snake,MK 4: Otori#MK 5: Kakera#MK 5: Rain#MK 7: Daiki#MK,Sheik and more 7: El#MK 9: Mikeneko#Marth 9: Shu#Snake 9: Aile#Falco 9: TMNS#MK 13: Papepia#MK 13: Kurobi#Snake 13: KENT#Link,Koopa 13: Luminous#ROB and more 17...
  11. suinoko/Jade Stern

    【Japan】SRBT 1-1 and SumabatoX 12 02/11/2012

    ■SRBT 1-1 1st Rain#MK 2nd Nietono#Olimar 3rd Mikeneko#Marth 4th Kuroobi#Snake 5th Brood#Olimar    Shu#Snake 7th Yui#Fox,MK,Snake,Falcon    Otori#MK 9th Kakera#MK    Shikkoku#Falco    Selcia#MK    Abadango#Falco,Olimar,Wario 13th Daiki#Sheik,ICs,MK,Pikachu,DDD,Diddy    El#MK...
  12. suinoko/Jade Stern

    The real reason Japan is better than America

    Some Japanese think American players are strong because of money(honor) which is exact opposite opinion of foreigners lol and I think Japan have better wifi network than USA because Japan is much smaller. and I can say there are no difference of strength between Japan and the others. but...
  13. suinoko/Jade Stern

    The Official APEX 2012 Results Thread! ALL RESULTS UP. International takes it all!

    I think so too. the quality of top players in Japan is same as that of America, but there are many players in America. but this time, Japan won! I wanna see that America and other countries players come to SRT to revenge^^ congraturations!!
  14. suinoko/Jade Stern

    【Japan】SBRT- Doubles - 12/23/2011

    【Doubles】 Best of 3 in pools and winners brackets, best of 1 in losers brackets other rules is same as APEX 2012 1st Misaka&Maguro 2nd Brood&Yukhoe 3rd Kakera&Otori 4th Rain&Nietono 5th daiki&Raoh    Mikeneko&Kuroobi 7th Earth&fuwa    Tige&Abadango ・brackets image...
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