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suinoko/Jade Stern

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  • Hello Suinoko, is there a way that you can communicate to Earth and Masashi that the American Pits need their help? We really need help on viewing how they play Pit and what works best with him.

    *Can you ask them how they predict and punish moves with Pit and in general?

    *How do you read your opponents and punish their habits? What do you look for?

    *What type of playstyles work best with Pit?

    *How to use arrows effectively?

    *How to approach different matchups such as MK, Snake, Marth, Diddy, Sonic?

    *What we need to practice on to become great with Pit?

    *Also, some interview type questions, like how did they get soo good with Pit and what would they recommend to mid-level Pits trying to reach their level?

    Thank you so much Suinoko. If you can get both Masashi and Earth's take on this, please send it to me or post it on a new thread on the Pit Brawl forums or on this thread: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=230952
    Hey suinoko, I was sitting here wondering, what is the Japanese tier list? I tried looking for some, but they're all old and outdated. If you could enlighten me, that'd be great. :D
    THANK YOU for calling him to change the phone thing. I've been trying to find a japanese smash site for MONTHS. :D :D :D
    Hey whats up, im currently at Tokyo and id like to play some melee with the top players in Japan :) how and where can i contact you guys??
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