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  • Hey, great commentating last night, I was able to catch the very end of the tourney, plus the money matches/friendlies that followed. My magic/yu-gi-oh friend was interested in visiting WNY sometime to hang out, and I will definitely want to attend the next Battle for WNY personally. I play magic/yu-gi-oh/melee/brawl, so I'm up for anything. The name's Will =)
    p.s. just kidding about the yu-gi-oh MM lol just joking around =P
    I'm too lazy/busy to get to arena. lol
    I like it when people come here. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Also tell Neil I still love him. ):
    Yo dude! I found a truly damaging combo for yoshi. This works best on certain platformed stages too. You'll be enjoying playing on these stages if someone counter picks you to some of them.
    Hey, buddy. Not to be a pest, but are you still up for some matches? ^^;
    I'll most likely be available anytime after 9pm tonight, after I make myself some dinner. Just send me another message whenever you're all set up! ^_^
    Hey, Shiri. This may seem completely out of the blue, but I was curious as to whether you felt like playing today or anytime in the future over Wifi. Please shoot me a message if you do feel like it.

    Thanks! ^^;

    O =(

    Dont u live in NY or something?
    Im taunted with the fact that i cant travel out of city when most of the top socal players dont come down here.
    Hanenbow is legal here for doubles XD
    Go to more tournies
    Ya dude, usmash does **** jiggs, but i think it wouldve been a little easy to maneuver around it without all that lag XD

    Fox vs pika on bridge=RAAAPE
    Lolol XD

    Those were ********, good **** XD
    Wifi sux =P

    Tomorrow good for ya?

    I'm warning if ya want Yoshi dittos. I haven't played him since November. XD
    Well, in true honesty, when the tech first came out, I intensely practiced the move nearly everyday. That happened for about a month of two, and each time I was in matches, I just tried to use it as much as I could to ingrain the feel of knowing when to do it, which is why I'm really good at it now. After your first month or two (not like my kind of practice lol), it'll come together easier. (I blame sinlent wolf's combo vid =P)

    We can get at that Yoshi vs Link IRL. I know how to play Link's spacing. It's his uncanny speed and range when he's upclose that annoys me.
    Hey shiri wanna wifi =P
    I dont like wifi too much but it could be fun

    1805-1901 4468 if u wanna =)
    lol only online Link >>>> Yoshi. Plus, I'm trying to "spam" the wavedash so I can learn when and where to use it more efficiently. So I did alot of stupid things in those matches with yoshi.

    Online >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Yoshi's techs ;_;
    Yeah, I've heard but it beats anything around here which is 0. you couldn't pay Azen to take a piss in Chatt.

    And anyways, you met Scat last year?
    I wast just wonderring, since I knew you were up north before. Your really close to Scat now cool. you know of any tournaments down there anytime soon?
    hey man, drop me an email at aeronaut.wings@gmail.com

    you wanted to ask some questions.
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